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Student Journals for the Cold War Simulation

Cold War Simulation Student Journal: Czechoslovakia

Cold War Simulation

Czechoslovakia, 2, Pre – WAR

The tension between countries has grown extremely large. With the anticipation of war, and of bombings, the world is on the brink of collapse. Since the United States bombed Hiroshima nothing has been the same. There is always a lingering of war, and a wide spread fear of a nuclear attack. As a member of the Warsaw Pact we know we have are a threat to NATO. We have the weapons that could destroy our planet… and they do too. As the leader of Czechoslovakia I have one goal, to follow the leadership of the Soviet Union. Should we rebel we will be ended. I do not support the use of nuclear weapons, but in the name of peace they should be used. 

Czechoslovakia, 2, Day One

I urged the member of the Warsaw Pact to strive for peace. However, today one thousand Soviet troops marched on Turkey. I claim to support these actions because there is nothing I can do to prevent them. The plan did make sense to me. The armies would try to take control of NATO’s missile silos, and if they could, maybe we can avoid the blood mess I fear will come. There where no survivors from the Soviet Union. The Soviets are furious and I know that their hostility will turn to a much larger scale of war. 

Czechoslovakia,2, Day Two

Messages are flying back and fourth between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The threat of nuclear destruction is here. Our forces reached defcon one and in an attempt to save themselves NATO forces have indicated “Launch on Warning.” I can not believe the state we have reached. Could this really be the end? My people have no side root for, nowhere to run. With the flick of a switch and the turn of a key they could all be dead. 

Forces in West Germany are refusing to leave and the Soviets have grown tired of playing games. Their leader has begun begging the leaders to attack with full forces of nuclear weapons. I cannot believe the willingness of these leaders to strike first, to be the cause of such great destruction. Surely no person will survive an attack of this level, or the radiation to fallow. However, I know I must fallow the lead of my Soviet alliances, and that missiles will fly across Europe, Czechoslovakia, and none will survive.

I have given my trust to the Soviets, not knowing what else to do, and I feel today will be the day we all die… 

Cold War Lesson Student Journal: Turkey

Cold War Lesson

Turkey 4 Orientation

As a part of NATO I hereby announce that I will defend my allies and do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe from soviet aggression. I will also influence my allies to take a safer route in the simulation by not being as aggressive towards the Warsaw Pact so the USSR doesn’t get any ideas to attack. I have a feeling that if we make the right decisions we can convince them to keep the peace so we don’t completely annihilate the human race. I have hope in my group that we won’t get aggressive and promote the use of nuclear weapons.

Turkey 4 Day 1

During the year we had a lot of close calls but we were able to stop any kind of nuclear war but we did find out that Cuba was hiding missiles from the NATO allies. At first we were unsure what to do about this situation but after finding out how deadly this could be for the United States, we agreed it would be best to invade and take over Cuba to stop any aggression towards NATO. Turkey would have been willing to do anything to help take over Cuba but unfortunately we weren’t able to make any moves so we agreed that the US and Great Britain would be able to handle it themselves. They were victorious which was a huge victory for us. It seems like the USSR is mad that we did this but they are definitely taking the peaceful side and don’t want to start a nuclear war yet. Tomorrow we will decide what we want to do but it is still our main goal to stay peaceful with the Warsaw Pact

Turkey 4 Day 2

Today got a little heated between NATO and the USSR but they were able to see that by only reaching Defcon 3 we were preparing ourselves for war but as long as they didn’t make the first move then nothing was going to happen. They seemed to be interested in arming and moving troops into surrounding countries but we weren’t too worried about that because we didn’t want to invade anywhere else. At the end of the day we came to an agreement that we were going to keep the peace and not launch a nuclear attack and the Warsaw Pact also ended up being peaceful. I would say this was a very successful attempt to preventing an all out nuclear attack and we completed all of our objectives. The Cold War is officially over and we as NATO, are very happy with the results.

Cold War Lesson Plan Student Journal: France

Cold War Lesson Plan

France, Period 4, Orientation day: A new threat was introduced to myself and my allies of NATO today. They call themselves the Warsaw Pact and, sadly, have access to nuclear weapons as well. They don’t seem very peaceful so far, but only time will tell what will come out of this. For now I must discuss plans with my allies and work out a strategy to avoid conflict.


France, Period 4, Day 1: Decision making is a process that myself and my allies find to be exceedingly difficult. Nobody can agree on one thing or another and everyone has different opinions, yet we cannot do things without reaching a consensus. 

What brought us together (albeit shortly) was a rumor of missiles being placed in Cuba. This would have been a death sentence for the Americans, one of our strongest allies, and we could not have that. Over much discussion we decided to take Cuba. We worked out numbers, sent the troops, and in the end rose victorious while remaining at Defcon five. However, while we all felt relief, the leader of the Warsaw Pact made his anger clear at us for attacking a neutral country. We must be more cautious of our actions next time.

France, Period 4, Day 2: Today was certainly the most tense day of the war. My allies and I could only watch on anxiously as the leader of the Warsaw Pact moved large amounts of troops around Eastern Europe. All we could do was fortify West Germany and hope an attack would not come. Our nervousness got the better of us and a decision was made to launch the submarines, sending us to Defcon three. However, when the leader of the Warsaw Pact expressed that he did not wish for conflict and would only fight if we became hostile, we hesitantly pulled back our subs and moved back to Defcon four.

The war ended with no nukes being launched and I feel only relief. We managed to work thing out with our enemies and now the future seems bright. But I doubt it will stay that way for long.

Nuclear War Simulation Student Journal: Norway

Nuclear War Simulation

Norway 4 Orientation Day (Day One)

We have just been informed of all the countries who are in NATO and the Warsaw Pact. I am Norway so I am apart of NATO in which there Is a lot of us, and we all have to come to a consensus of what to do before we actually attack or whatever the case may be. From listening in to all the talk amongst us and providing feedback we would want to avoid war at any cost because it would just damage us. Our main goal is to lay low until we are attacked. Once we are attacked then we will attack too. There has been talk that they want me to move troops to the top of the Soviet Union to take over air bases. After discussion we decided not to. It has been a very eventful day and tomorrow will be even more stressful.

Norway 4 Day Two

As time moves on, we are still trying to remain friendly. We have been having long talks amongst us so we don’t run into the chance of  World War III happening. We have just been informed that there has been missiles moved into Cuba, it was a secret until it got leaked! So we knew we had to stop that from happening if we wanted any chance to survive. So the US and Britain joined together and sent troops in. The US sent 200 while Britain sent 150. The battle was rough because we lost troops but NATO wins. So are safe for now. I am nervous to see what is in store.

Norway 4 Day Three

This by far is a very eventful day because tensions and the mention of war are being brought up. First Berlin was cut off from the west which cut supplies and made a lot of innocent people stuck. So other countries started pulling in troops incase of an attack. The Netherlands sent 70 troops to West Germany while the US sent 150 troops to Belgium. All while this is happening Portugal sends 20 troops to France, and France moves 30 to West Germany.  Then after all this happens NATO moved to defcon 4 to 3 and then back up to 4. When we went into defcon 3 the United States submarines were in firing position, but we knew if we were to shoot off first all the countries in NATO would be defeated. So in the end we were all peaceful and no war broke out, but there was a lot of tension.

WW III Lesson Plan Student Journal: Romania

WWIII Lesson Plan

Romania 2 Orientation Day-

We decided to meet as a group with Hungary, Czech, Poland, Germans, and Bulgaria.  We are thinking we are going to invite Cuba and china in to help us. We are basically just talking strategies and saving the nuclear weapons for later. We need to fight with our troops and see what we can knock out first and what is too strong for us. My objectives are to follow along the side of the soviet union and work together, but also to have some independence. We need to find someone to keep watch because Turkey could be coming from Bulgaria at any moment we need to be alert and ready for anything. 

Romania 2 Day 1-

Today we are missing our leader the Soviet Union. The Czechoslovakia leader is going to be our over all leader until Soviet Returns. We are all waiting on edge to see who takes action first. Romania and Hungary took over Yugoslavia with 150 troops each. It was an easy battle and we are looking for more and more. We have a special bond with soviet we know that they will have our backs.  The USA turned in the launch warning they are catching onto us. We have to to figure out a back up plan…. Everyone in the Warsaw Pact wan`ted to launch today but I knew something didn’t feel right so I had to figure out a way to take out west Germany. We need to rest for the night but we will get back to you soon. 

Romania 2 Day 2- 

Everything and everyone was very hostile. We knew something big was going to happen. We just didn’t know who was going to do what. The Warsaw Pact sat and strategized for a long time. Trying to figure out in we go into defcon five of if we keep fighting off until they decide to move out of West Germany. We are all getting so very tired from all the ups and downs. We kept talking to the US to tell them to get their troops out or we will strike. The US moved some troops but not all out of West Germany, so we decided it was nuclear warfare time. We struck them with everything we had and they struck us and next thing you know they launched their missiles and everything ended. Besides China was left standing…. 

Nuclear War Lesson Plan Student Journal: China

Nuclear War Lesson Plan


China – 2 – Pre-Simulation

I am going to try and get my objectives as soon as possible. I know that I need to work the Soviets so that they think I am working with them, but really I am working with the Americans to help them. I am going to be a spy for them, as long as they let me. I want to make it seem like I am completely on board with the Soviets and their whole team. I am not sure what I would do if I let it slip, or they find out, that I am really working with the Americans. I am in communication with the Americans right now, I need the trust of the Soviets and everyone else to make sure that this can work the right way.  

China – 2 – Day 1

I am in good communication with the Americans and their troops. Cuba got taken over by the NATO. I am not sure what my team (America) is going to do. The Soviets are talking about taking over Turkey, Greece, and Albania. Both sides are talking about nuking the other side, I am not sure who is going to strike first and what the outcome of that would be. It is stressful to not know what is going to happen. I think that the Soviets are going to fire first and the Americans should be prepared to get hit and they need to be ready to hit them back. I am getting all of the information from the Soviets and that side of the room and letting the Americans know what is going on and letting them know all of the talk. I think that it is important to tell them so that they can trust me and we can continue to work together. 

China – 2 – Day 2

I am unsure of what to think today. Both sides are on a “Launch on Warning”. No one wants to do anything because they don’t really want a nuclear war and kill everyone. The NATO moved to DCON 2 today, but their plan is not known yet. The talk on the Warsaw side is to come into China before they nuke. China is in a safe spot right now, I am working with both sides. The Soviet Union thinks that I am working with them, but I am still working with America and telling them the plan. I think I have the trust of both sides. I am really hoping that no one starts with their nukes, that would be the worst case scenario possible. I need the Soviet Union to share their nuclear technology with me. The Soviet Union called war, they started the nuclear war. The NATO then had a launch on warning and attacked back, almost everyone died. China would be safe, nothing happened. 

World War 3 Lesson Plan Student Journal: Great Britain

World War 3 Lesson Plan

Pre-simulation Report

Things are escalating. The NATO powers are getting more and more agitated as things continue to escalate. Then Soviets are planning an all out nuclear strike on the United States. If they strike first, we will strike back with every missile that we have in our arsenal.  So far, the dominoes just keep on falling. I as the president of Great Britain plan on staying close with the United States and to be as big of a help as I can be. If we’re going to make it out of victorious, every decision we make is going to be crucial. 

Day One

The Warsaw Pact has officially made the first move. They have made an attack on Turkey and was unsuccessful. I as the presidetnt of Great Britain convinced the United States to move to Defcon 3 and to use Tactical nukes to eliminate the Soviet tanks moving in on Turkey territory. But, I’m sure that’t not the only attack that they will attempt. To strike back and to teach them not to mess with the NATO forces, we sent troops and tanks into Cuba and took over that territory. Other NATO allies have information that the Warsaw Pact is preparing to initiate an all out Nuclear attack on the United States and other NATO countries. As a precaution, we have initiated “launch on warning” in case of a Nuclear Attack. This may be the last time I’m ever able to write. If one Warhead is fired from the Soviets, then the whole world is doomed. There will be no saving anyone. 

Day Two

It’s over. The word as we know it has been destroyed. The soil that we have farmed for millions of years is destroyed. All of life as we know it is destroyed. There is nothing left. People that are lucky to survive, are going to die soon anyways. Temperatures will soon reach sub zero temps and there will be so much smoke and debris in the air making it impossible to see the light of the son. All hope is lost. If you are reading this, it’s too late. It was over from the start. There is no longer any food or supplies to survive. I am working on repairing any radios or technological devices to try to communicate with anyone else and see if there are other survivors. Life as we know it is gone. Nothing will be the same for a really long time. As Einstein once said, he didn’t know what would happen in world war 3, but world war 4 would be fought with sticks and stones. In all reality, he was right. 

Nuclear War Simulation Student Journal: Belgium

Nuclear War Simulation

Orientation- Pre War


The NATO and the Warsaw Pact both have very dangerous nuclear missiles that could be sent across continents. Today we have established which group we are defending and how we are going to go about it. Being Belgium, I am apart of the NATO and will do everything in my power to defend my allies. I will also try my best to avoid an outside countries. Knowing that we both have many missiles that can be launched, we need to be prepared and ready for anything that come our way. We only have a limited time to respond to these launches and we need to have a plan ready. Talking as a group and forming a plan for attacks will help keep us safe and successful. 

Day 1


Today was a big day for Nato. There is so much more to come, but we are staying powerful and doing everything we can to defend. We are prepared for the war that is soon to come after the Warsaw Pact went to defcon one at the end today. We aren’t going to let this determine our fate though, we too have powerful nukes that will knock them out. The Nato countries working together is a stronger force then one might think. We have taken Cuba and successfully saved turkey from being taken. The Warsaw Pact was about to take it, but we decided to use our tactical nukes and successfully defended. I feel as though they need to rethink some of their decisions because we can just as easily send nukes their way as well. As Belgium, I know I will do everything in my power to defend, and not let manipulation sway me otherwise.  Defcon one, we’re ready for you. 

Day 2 


Oh my, this day was a big one. Well, Belgium a lot with other of my fellow NATO Allies are goners. We were bombed by the Soviet Union and the result of the blast killed everyone in my country. I don’t even know how I’m writing this right now because everything is completely destroyed, but here we are. We started the day with a victory in Turkey and the BAM! Nukes were being sent all over the world. Unfortunately, we were not able to respond in time so the everything went up in flames and the United States was hit in multiple places. Now, everyone is taking shelter to avoid the affects of radiation, but as we all know,  many still won’t survive. Overall, these three days escalated quickly and the world is finally at peace…everyone is dead. 

World War III Lesson Plan Student Journal: China

World War III Lesson Plan

Period 1 – China 

Orientation Day 

Today we talked about how the simulation is going to work. This simulation sounds like it could intense very quickly if one person makes the wrong move and makes other countries either nervous or mad. I looked at my objectives today and some of them look a little hard to do. Spencer is the Soviet Union and I have to make friends with them and Spencer makes things hard. Elizabeth is the United States so that should be an easier conversation that the one with Spencer. My plan is to talk to Liz and make friends with the United States and then talk to Spencer and make friends with the Soviet Union. The only hard thing that I have to do is talk the United States and the Soviet Union into having them let me use their nuclear weapons. That will be hard because they are both going to be protective of their weapons and use them wisely. 

Day 1: 

Today was the first official day of the simulation. There hasn’t been much going on. My objectives are tough but I have done 2 of them already. I just need to convince the United States and Soviet Union to let them let me use their nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union just launched a nuclear attack on the United States, Luxembourg, West Germany, Great Britain, and 2 other countries. They are shocked and are trying to get back at Spencer. I just had talked to the Soviet Union in the hallway and asked him for the use of his nuclear weapons to help me develop my own weapons. I then need to talk to the United States and make an alliance with them to help me get power. I sent a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union and won. I did that with the United States. Now I have a feeling that Spencer is going to go for me and only me tomorrow and I will have nothing left after tomorrow. But that is okay because I have done all of my objectives so I will receive all of my points. This simulation is kind of fun because you get to play people and make them give you things and then 10 seconds later you can send a nuclear strike and bomb their country. 

Day 2:

Today I believe is the day that I will no longer have anything left in my country because the Soviet Union is going to kill me. I used him to get my nuclear weapons and now he is coming after me. He sent a huge nuclear attack on NATO and killed everything and everyone. The simulation was over within a matter of seconds today. The entire map was filled with red circles after that happened. Everyone was glad that it was over because there was a lot of tension in the room between Spencer and everyone else. 

Nuclear War Simulation Student Journal: Cuba

Nuclear War Simulation

Dear Journal,

The Soviet Union and I have come to a consensus. We both do not want to start nuclear war, however, he wishes to take over all of Europe.  Because I do not which to start a nuclear war, I will make it known. Knowing how the United States is, they will not fire unless fired upon. I hope that my fellow Soviet Union ally will not take things to far and make America think that we’re trying to make nuclear war. 

All I can say is that I’m not ready for a nuclear war and the devastation that it brings—like it did in Japan. However, after my past with America—could they want war, or to attack me? Dare the United States be so daring as to attack me? I’ll have to ask the Soviet Union to bring me medium nuclear warfare. 

Sincerely yours,


Dear Journal,

Tensions all day have been running high, and everyone is on alert. My ally has given China nuclear warfare, and China had betrayed them by attacking them! Who knew the tides could turn so quickly?! What should I make out of everything??? I mean I knew that Stalin would attack harshly, but for the Nato to turn China against him? 

And as if things can get any worse—and Nato can’t be any more heartless! Nato has reached Defcon Two and are ready to strike their nuclear weaponry. What do I DO? What if they attack me! I mean they’ve done it in the past—I bet they just want to attack! Well, America, I’m going to get nukes from the Soviet Union! Yes, you bomb me, I bomb you!

Sincerely yours,


Dear Journal, 

I’ve convinced the Soviet Union to give me nukes. However, before he gave me the nukes he had the decency to tell me to nuke America! AS IF! I wanted to have the nukes for protection…not to start war… My objective was not to invade the U.S. but to keep it from happening. However, I wanted the nukes to retaliate just in case they nuked me because of the launch on warning! How could the Soviet Union try to corrupt everything like this…

Of course, I’m here…writing my last letter, thirty minuets before all the bombs land all over. How can the Soviet Union go against what they said! They wanted Europe—not to nuke the whole earth and bring destruction to it! How could they go against everything they’ve said! …Alas, I hope that I have done enough and that death will come quick—for I don’t want to walk the earth one foot in the grave and the other on the grounds of the  earth…

Sincerely yours,