Cold War Simulation

World War 3 Lesson Plan Student Journal: Great Britain

World War 3 Lesson Plan

Pre-simulation Report

Things are escalating. The NATO powers are getting more and more agitated as things continue to escalate. Then Soviets are planning an all out nuclear strike on the United States. If they strike first, we will strike back with every missile that we have in our arsenal.  So far, the dominoes just keep on falling. I as the president of Great Britain plan on staying close with the United States and to be as big of a help as I can be. If we’re going to make it out of victorious, every decision we make is going to be crucial. 

Day One

The Warsaw Pact has officially made the first move. They have made an attack on Turkey and was unsuccessful. I as the presidetnt of Great Britain convinced the United States to move to Defcon 3 and to use Tactical nukes to eliminate the Soviet tanks moving in on Turkey territory. But, I’m sure that’t not the only attack that they will attempt. To strike back and to teach them not to mess with the NATO forces, we sent troops and tanks into Cuba and took over that territory. Other NATO allies have information that the Warsaw Pact is preparing to initiate an all out Nuclear attack on the United States and other NATO countries. As a precaution, we have initiated “launch on warning” in case of a Nuclear Attack. This may be the last time I’m ever able to write. If one Warhead is fired from the Soviets, then the whole world is doomed. There will be no saving anyone. 

Day Two

It’s over. The word as we know it has been destroyed. The soil that we have farmed for millions of years is destroyed. All of life as we know it is destroyed. There is nothing left. People that are lucky to survive, are going to die soon anyways. Temperatures will soon reach sub zero temps and there will be so much smoke and debris in the air making it impossible to see the light of the son. All hope is lost. If you are reading this, it’s too late. It was over from the start. There is no longer any food or supplies to survive. I am working on repairing any radios or technological devices to try to communicate with anyone else and see if there are other survivors. Life as we know it is gone. Nothing will be the same for a really long time. As Einstein once said, he didn’t know what would happen in world war 3, but world war 4 would be fought with sticks and stones. In all reality, he was right.