WWI Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

WWI Simulation

1914:  Right now as we beggin 1914 there are many countries mobilizing for war. This is rising the tensions and has Great Britain I feel the pressure to mobilize for war as well. Japan has conquered some German colonies in SE asia which does not concern me. Right now my biggest concern is getting troops to Russia to strengthen their army. We know that Japan is on our side so we should be good. We are currently in good relations with Italy yet they want our help if there is a german offensive. So we plan on keeping some in the mediterranean. Austria hungary has taken over serbia. This creates ultra high tensions for 1915. I feel we may be busy with Italy.

1915: All caos has erupted, we tried to get some troops to russia but apparently it wasn’t enough because the german and austria hungary combined forces and took R3 in Russia. I felt that my plan was going to do well yet I didn’t realize how swift Germany would be. They have wasted no time starting to conquer countries, and the world on the street is that they have gave ultimatums to many of the remaining neutral countries in the balkans. As this progresses I am struggling to find a whole in them in which we could launch a counter attack. I feel our best option may have something to do with the ottoman empire. Right now their forces #’s are not high and I don’t see them being able to scrounge any backup. As far as the next year goes I feel (Great Britain) should try and capture the ottomans themselves while the other wage war on the east and west fronts. By doing this we may be able to get a more reliable supply train into russia to help them fight back because Germany and Austria combined are just too much. I think I will do this by transporting troops through the mediterranean to Egypt which we occupy. From egypt we may have a good chance at defeating a weaker ottoman Army. Once we secure this we should be able to work our way up the balkans and through russia and time it perfectly to take germany out. Yet as it happened before I’m sure there will be a wrench thrown into this plan. Tomorrow at the beginning of class I will call an Alliance meeting to get everyone on board (including Portugal).

1916: To start things off we did convince portugal to join the allies. This is what we wanted to do to gain whatever help we could have left. We tried to execute the plan that I had illustrated in my previous entry. This was to have russia take over part of the ottoman empire. They made an attempt at this yet despite having more troops the ottomans were too good and won. I have a gut feeling that it will not be much longer until all of russia is taken over considering that they don’t have much troops left. On top of this the central powers have taken full control of the Balkans. Some of these countries 

1917: This is a big year for us as britain because the central powers are nearing to our homeland, and it is essential that we retain our original land. This is where what I call the battle for Belgium goes down. In this war there are troops from Us, the united states, belgium, France, and Others from the central powers. This was a very close war that we lost by only a couple hundred troops. Despite losing in a way this was a strategic win for us. This is because in doing this we greatly depleted their army so they could not take all of France. Along with this we made it so that they would 100% not have any time to make an advancement on France. What else we did was send troops to F1 to help stall France being taken over. In my opinion anything we can do to stop them will help us defend in year 1918. For next year it is in ur best interest to have america help us. This is because I have learned that once they mobilize their army grows massively. Along with this their navy can help us knock out the German Navy.
1918: In the begging of this year we are preparing to help defend rance in the battle for F3 Overall I do feel that we can win this one considering we have help from the U.S.. Along with this there are two fleets of the france navy in position to transport troops along with a Big Fleet from us and the U.S. As I had expected we were victorious in this war against them. This is a huge victory considering it is the first time it seems we have won a ground war. Ultimately this is going to be enough to ensure that France does not completely fall to the central powers. My next Idea is to have help from the USA, and french Navy to help destroy the german fleet that has just moved into the North Sea Zone. I feel winning this is key to making sure that Germany cannot move troops from the east to help on the western front or even to prevent them from getting to england. As I expected we defeated them with ease. Like I said earlier this in a way immobilizes the German army from moving troops across the sea. I believe this is something we should have done much earlier. My final plan is to attack the italian fleet that is in the Adriatic. I hope that I can have the help of Japan for this even though I don’t feel that we need it. Like I had anticipated we beat the Italian navy and secured the Adriatic. The reason for this was to prevent the Italian navy from moving troops to take portugal. Because if they had enough time this would allow for them to sandwich us right before the end of the war. Overall we lost the war yet i feel that as the war went on we got a lot better at strategizing our attacks, and defences.

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: China & Finland

China 8, 1938

As China, we are at a clear and unfair disadvantage to start the war. We had just been beaten by Japan which took some of our land which had our resources. This led to the Japanese having a huge advantage over our Asian theatre. Our plan is to try to survive the first hull of Japanese attacks, then get enough resources from the U.S to get our military strength high enough to put up a fight against the Japanese. We also have some allied militaries like the British and French to help with the Japanese attacks. 

Finland 8, 1938

As Finland, we want to stay out of the war and out of Foreign affairs. We have the strength to hold our own if we need to, but if we have enough resources. We will really be a really strong country. We want to try to become allies with the Germans because we need some help with the bigger countries that are around us that might try to go to war with us. Our main plan is just not to do anything unless absolutely necessary. If all goes well, you will hear from us for a long time to come. 

China 8, 1939-

1939 was calm for China for the first half or so of it. We didn’t have our resources yet from the U.S, they were still being shipped to us from the U.S. So our plan was to stay away from any war with Japan since we knew that they were bigger and stronger than us. The Japanese attacked North China and as the foreign minister, I told our President that we should pull our troops back and let them take it until we were stronger and were able to put up a fight against them, but the president decided against it. The outcome was known from when he sent them in. He knew we had no chance against them. We lost North China and thousands of troops. Our plan now is to try to see if other allies around us can help us. 

Finland 8, 1939

Finland had an easy 1939. Nobody came for us and as Finland that was amazing. We have to stay out of war if we want to live. We also have an alliance with the Germans that if we go to war, they will help us if they can. One of our neighboring countries being Norway was taken by Great Britain. This is scary for us because it seems that Great Britain is just going to push further towards us and take us over at any time. Our plan for now is the same as it was to start. Just lay low and stay out of the war. 

China 8, 1940

Right to start 1940, we were attacked again by the Japanese, this time in South Central China. At this point we had the resources to have our military at a stronger point than last year, but even with that and the help of the British, the blow of soldiers we lost last year was the turning point of this battle. The Japanese took out the British and the rest of our soldiers. Leaving us with no soldiers. At this point our only plan is to survive and hope that the British can keep them out of parts of our country and keep part of China intack. 

Finland 8, 1940

1940 was a very slow year for Finland. No other countries came to battle us and we didn’t try to battle anybody. Listening to the radio, we heard about China get attacked by the Japanese again and losing. Also lots of battles between the Germans and Italy going against the French. Not a lot to talk about for this year. Our strategy is still the same, stay out of the war and survive. 

China 8,1941

We have been defeated. The Chinese were taken out by the Japanese. We were outnumbered and outplayed. The Japanese were too powerful for our weak army. On the bright side our allies took part of our country back in Manchukuo. The USSR were able to defeat the Japanese and take this part of our country back. Even though it means nothing for us, it was a small win for the allies. The USSR also took out the Japanese in Korea to take hold of that as well. It seems like the Allies are pulling ahead in the war, but it is just the beginning. 

Finland 8, 1941

To start the year, it was just like every other year, no movement and no war for us. Then came the Russians, 2,500 strong coming right for our throats. We thought we would have the help of the Germans, but they failed to help us. So gave our best, but lost. Losing our country. It was heartbreaking. Thinking we were going to be able to survive a little bit longer and be a lot stronger. We were sadly mistaken. 

Journal five 1942, Battles 24-38

China 8, 1942

The Japanese kept coming and attacking our land little by little. This year it was India. We couldn’t do anything about it since we had lost all of our troops. So they took it from us. Another heartbreaking loss for our country. We are helpless, defenseless. We are just sitting ducks hoping that our allies can and will keep us afloat. 

Finland 8, 1942

We were not able to survive any longer, but we could still listen to what went on in the war. The Germans sent hundreds of troops into Great Britain leading to a loss for the Germans. Italy attacked Greece and ended up with the win. Lots of small victories for  different countries, but now the question is will they become bigger in the long run. 

Journal six, 1943 Battles 38-

China 8, 1943

With the war evolving to something big, Japan is still reigning supreme over the Asian Theatre. Taking over the U.S country of the Philippines, and of our countries in Tibet. Still not being able to do anything about it, they took it with ease. Japan also took Burma, pretty much sealing that they now have all parts of our country but one. Nearing the end of our countries life we were heartbroken even more. If we would have made one decision differently years ago, we would have been able to put of more of a fight then you see now. 

Finland 8, 1943

Lots of war went on in 1943, seems to be the year which people tried to turn the tide of the war. Italy loses the battle to get French North Africa while Great Britian takes Libya from Italy and takes away some of Japans ships in the Central Pacific. A big surge in movement towards the Allies, but can they keep it up. Can the Allies win the Final Stretch? 

China 8, 1944

Not a lot happened in the Asian theatre during 1944. The U.S takes back Hawaii after the attack of Pearl Harbor against the Japanese. This leads to a huge win for the Allies. This seems like the turning point for what is to come in the hopeful final years of the war. 

Finland 8, 1944

Not much really happened in 1944, lots of stuns to keep armies in territories while flanking the other way and countries sending few men to capture land with no other armies there. At the end of the 1944, the French, UK, and U.S all sent thousands of troops to capture Belgium. With Germany being far outnumbered by the Allies, they lost Beligium and the Allies took control. This was a huge win over the Axis Powers and was indeed a turning point in the war. 

China 8, 1945 

This was the final year of the war, no movement or battles on the Asian Theatre. Japan had taken most of our land and had majority of the other countries in the Asian Theatre. This makes them the winners of our Theatre. We put up a fight, but were greatly outnumbered and had lost most of our land. If one decision was made differently, this is a whole different story for the Chinese I believe. 

Finland 8, 1945

To wrap up the war, we had three humongous battles take place. First being France, the U.S and G.B all sending their troops to try to take over Italy. This ended in a surprising victory for the Italians. Second, the U.S led the charge with the help of G.B and France to Attack the Germans. This was a war for the ages. Thousands of soldiers from both sides ready to slaughter each other for the biggest battle of the war. At the very end of the battle, the Germans came out on top. Not with a lot of troops left, but they had won the battle. To wrap things up, I believe there is not enough evidence to prove the either the Allies or Axis had won the simulation. They each had an equal amount of land. So in my eyes, I deem this a draw . World War 2 Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Austria-Hungary

Austria-Hungary 1913 8th

There is lots of pressure in Europe. Tension is building in the European countries and war is brewing. The Slavs in Austria-Hungary are angered and I fear they will attempt to do something terrible. Germany is growing and I believe if war does break out they will be very successful with a large and incredibly strong army. My main plan is to build up my borders and wipe out Serbia while helping Germany fight a battle on 2 fronts.

Austria-Hungary 1914 8th

With the start of war all seemed well. We had a large mass of troops and our German friends were successful in their expansion to the east against the Russians. One thing I am afraid of is France and Italy ganging up on the western borders of Austria. With a large amount of mobilized armies I spread them out between all three regions leaving a large quantity of armies in the capitol fearing that Italy would join with the allies and double cross us. My plan currently is to use German troops to help defend Austrian Borders from surrounding countries that might start war. We have a secret alliance with Bulgaria and are hoping they will help us against Serbia and not flip sides.

Austria-Hungary 1915 8th

With the start of 1915 Italy has shown their true colors and sided with the allies. The mobilization of troops gave us a large mass of troops to attack with. France as I feared helped Italy reinforce the Italian capitol. We still decided to attack seeing as we still had them outnumbered. Unfortunately we could not take the capital and had lost a very large amount of troops. With Bulgaria also announcing they would be loyal to the central powers we thought it would be safe to attack Serbia. With Austrian, German, and Bulgarian troops attacking Serbia we still could not come out victorious. Our German allies continue to march east and weaken Russia. All while the Russians attempt to wipe out the Ottomans. The Ottomans and Austria did successfully defend the eastern Ottoman region from Russia. However, through many troops coming in by sea the Ottoman and Bulgarian capital was taken by the allies. 1915 was tough for the central powers. We lost these battles, but we will win the war.

Austria-Hungary 1916 8th

With the start of 1916 Germany and Russia decided they were going to make a peace treaty. The agreement entailed that Germany would go neutral and leave the central powers. They would move all of their armies out of Austria and force their armies back west out of Russian territories. Doing this they went against their two of their main objectives and the power over Germany switched to the Ottomans and Austria. The leaders of Germany were exiled. The allies all of the sudden were in shock and tactics were changed. With all of the excitement we weren’t ready for the blow in the southeast. Even with the control of the German troops there was no way of helping the trapped Ottoman armies. The leftover Ottomans and my armies decided to push to take back the capitol. The push failed but greatly weakened the armies at the Ottoman capitol. With only Austria-Hungary and Germany left the central powers chances weren’t looking great.

Austria-Hungary 1917 8th

Romania and the U.S. now side with the Allies. Since I controlled Germany and my own armies I decided I needed to pull German armies out of Russia to maintain all of the original territories. As I was doing this, Russia started to push back east so I decided to make a stand with a decent sized German army to weaken the oncoming Russians. With an amazing defense the central powers were defeated but still took out a massive chunk of the Russian army. I used German troops to heavily guard the borders which make it tough for the allies to try and push into the central powers’ territories. I believe that the British and United States navy are going to bring troops into Germany using the sea in the north. Hopefully using the mobilization of 1918 I can easily defend against an attack. I will need to see how the allies move armies to create a plan to defend the central powers’ current territories. I also want to try and keep in mind that I want to annihilate Serbia. I will have to see how 1918 starts. 

Austria-Hungary 1918 8th

War breaks out in the south!!! My plan at the start of 1918 is to finally take out Serbia. My strategy was to use a very small army to distract the armies in Romania to make it impossible for them to help defend Serbia. With a large Austrian army with a small number of Germans and poison gas, we finally succeeded in taking out the Serbians. I then strengthened my territories with no defending armies and waited to make my next move until I could see what the allies would do in response to my move. Sure enough they decided to start making movements. First off Russia tried taking their lost territory controlled by the central powers. My idea earlier was to leave a small reserve of troops there to let them think they can have it. It worked, they sent a small Russian and a very small French army to try and take it back. I seized my opportunity and pushed in a small reserve of reinforcements to easily defend with German troops. I held the Russians in the east. In addition the French and Italians decided to push into southern Austria-Hungary. They succeeded in taking the land, but it cost about half of  their troops. I then decided it was time to strike back. I used the German navy and wiped out the United States navy in the north. I wanted to push deep into the south. I took Romania with ease and with all of the action the war was over.