Cold War Simulation

Cold War Lesson Plan Student Journal: France

Cold War Lesson Plan

France, Period 4, Orientation day: A new threat was introduced to myself and my allies of NATO today. They call themselves the Warsaw Pact and, sadly, have access to nuclear weapons as well. They don’t seem very peaceful so far, but only time will tell what will come out of this. For now I must discuss plans with my allies and work out a strategy to avoid conflict.


France, Period 4, Day 1: Decision making is a process that myself and my allies find to be exceedingly difficult. Nobody can agree on one thing or another and everyone has different opinions, yet we cannot do things without reaching a consensus. 

What brought us together (albeit shortly) was a rumor of missiles being placed in Cuba. This would have been a death sentence for the Americans, one of our strongest allies, and we could not have that. Over much discussion we decided to take Cuba. We worked out numbers, sent the troops, and in the end rose victorious while remaining at Defcon five. However, while we all felt relief, the leader of the Warsaw Pact made his anger clear at us for attacking a neutral country. We must be more cautious of our actions next time.

France, Period 4, Day 2: Today was certainly the most tense day of the war. My allies and I could only watch on anxiously as the leader of the Warsaw Pact moved large amounts of troops around Eastern Europe. All we could do was fortify West Germany and hope an attack would not come. Our nervousness got the better of us and a decision was made to launch the submarines, sending us to Defcon three. However, when the leader of the Warsaw Pact expressed that he did not wish for conflict and would only fight if we became hostile, we hesitantly pulled back our subs and moved back to Defcon four.

The war ended with no nukes being launched and I feel only relief. We managed to work thing out with our enemies and now the future seems bright. But I doubt it will stay that way for long.