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Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Soviet Union

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: We currently have Soviet Union citizens leaving our country, we will not have that because I don’t want them being corrupted by these capitalist countries. We will not be losing our citizens today.

Strategy: I plan on attacking Turkey to start off the war. This is because they have 2 nuclear missiles there and we need to shut that off right away. We have now begun to move troops into other countries in order to prepare for war in the other countries. 

Day 1:

Thoughts: NATO has now moved into defcon 4, once they get to defcon 2 we plan to activate our launch on warning in order to scare NATO into not launching. By then we hope to have a lot of their missiles deactivated so that if they do launch, not a lot will happen to our country but a lot will happen to theirs. NATO has begun to attack East Germany, this is a big mistake on their part.  We activated Launch on warning because they have moved to Defcon 2. 

Strategy: We have now begun to defend East Germany from the attack from NATO. They won this battle but with a big loss, we will attack them in order to get revenge. We also plan on taking out Greece in order to have easy attack access into Italy. We see that they dont have a lot of troops, this will be an easy win. NATO has now begun to move troops into west Germany, this will make the battle a little harder but we will still proveil. We have won the battle against greece with very minimal losses.  Our attack on Greece, East Germany, and Yugoslavia has been successful and our chances of victory over Europe are looking better.  Right now we are attacking Italy and we have won.  

Day 2:

Thoughts: We know that NATO is on defcon 2 and that they are most likely going to launch their missiles today. We hope to deactivate as many as we can so that the damage dealt to our country is very minimal. We were really hoping to take over Britain as well as France today but we might only be able to get to France before the missiles are launched. Right now, NATO is taking over Cuba which gets rid of our secret missiles stationed in Cuba. Strategy: Today we plan on taking over France and ensuring our hold on France. They have launched their tactics on west Germany and Italy, taking out a lot of our troops, but we still have a very good chance of winning this battle. I don’t know what to do at this point because I know that if I move troops forward then they will just use more tactical nukes to take out our troops. We only moved troops this time because we didn’t want to lose any more troops to battle. We are waiting for their advancement so we can take them out with tactical nukes. They are beginning to move their troops into west Germany, but we will tactical nuke them in order to keep them on their side. We moved troops into Norway because we wanted to be able to take over Denmark from Norway if we are able to do that. I am going to send all of the troops I can from Norway into Denmark to try and take out those troops. We found ourselves in a stalemate, so we are just going to send our nukes

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Italy

Italy 7 Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: This war is going to be super crazy. Everyone knows that this war would mean the end of the world. If nuclear bombs are released then the world would break off into a bunch of losses. Many people won’t survive. Many countries will be destroyed. Nuclear bombs are very terrible in the fact that they would mean the destruction of everything. 

Strategy: My country and allies are going to keep up the defensive act as much as possible. We are making every decision together and are keeping up the defense. 

Italy 7 Day 1:

Thoughts: The Warsaw pact attacked Turkey. NATO asked our ally Greece if they could help Turkey in the fight to save their country. Greece’s leader declined to help. This means that Turkey was taken over and now the country is under the control of the Warsaw pact.  NATO has made the decision to attack Eastern Germany after their declaration of the Berlin Wall. NATO was victorious and took over the communist controlled East Germany. I let France move their troops into Italy so that together we can attack Yugoslavia. We decided against that choice because of the fact that the Warsaw pact was taking over Yugoslavia. The Warsaw pact attacked the people in East Germany again. With this fight Eastern Germany was taken back from the Warsaw pact. Portugal’s troops moved over to my country and are able to help fight. The Warsaw pact attacked my country Italy. France and Portugal troops that were in my country were not enough to save my country. Italy was taken over. West Germany was attacked and taken over from the Warsaw pact. 

Strategy: My country Italy is going to work on helping my Allies defend and take over countries. I am going to work with the United States to fight the communist party’s so that we can get rid of as many communist parties as we can. We started with one of the biggest communist controlled countries in the world, East Germany. I am going to let any troops that I need in my country in. We all made the decision to move up a DEFCON making NATO into DEFCON 3. The Warsaw pact followed this with moving up DEFCON 3 as well. 

Italy 7 Day 2:

Thoughts: NATO decided to start this year off with the attack on Cuba. This was a victory for NATO. NATO needs to fight back to gain more land back and take out Warsaw’s troops. NATO wants to gain back my country of Italy to stop communism from spreading. NATO also wants to get back West Germany. After our bombing from last year we gained both countries back. The USSR is moving their troops into their Warsaw Pact allie’s countries. The war is about to get really serious and way more dangerous. After the events of last year when NATO decided to move up a DEFCON which put us at 2. The Warsaw Pact decided to move up their DEFCON to a 2 as well. The Warsaw Pact bombed West Germany, Italy, and Norway. Norway was taken over by the Warsaw Pact. Italy has been bombed so many times, I am not sure what will be left of my people. NATO  is now trying to go along with their plan and gaining back our old territories. They started with Turkey and then gained back Greece afterwards. The Warsaw Pact attacked Turkey again to take it back from NATO. The Warsaw Pact moved to DEFCON 1 and in retaliation NATO also moved to DEFCON 1. NATO decided together to attack East Germany. Eventually East Germany was taken over. In retaliation East Germany was bombed from the Warsaw Pact. The Warsaw Pact wanted East Germany back so they attacked it again and got it back. France talked to us and we all decided that France should move their troops over to the Netherlands. The Warsaw Pact launched their nuclear bombs so our nuclear bombs were set off.  By the bombs being unleashed, it caused the end of the world and no one survived. 

Strategy: In order to try and get our land back and attack Warsaw’s troops, we have decided to use France’s tactical bombs in order to take out the troops in both West Germany and Italy. NATO is working on reinforcing some of our countries. Troops are moving everywhere. NATO is preparing for a huge attack on the Warsaw Pact. NATO plans to take over the USSR since their troops are out of their main land. We need to get our territory back and gain some more so we are launching many attacks on East Germany.

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, United States

United States 7 Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: My initial thoughts about the Cold War was that everything seemed a little confusing. I didn’t fully understand how all of the Defcon levels worked and what they meant, and the nuclear weapons freaked me out a bit. Knowing that both sides have the power to launch these weapons at any time, really puts the pressure on to win the war. 

Strategy: My strategy going into this war was to try and defend my country, and my allies as much as possible. I wanted to work very closely with my allies, and make plans to not let the Warsaw Pact completely take over the world. As a group, we didn’t want to attack so harshly right from the get go. Test the waters here and there to see how the other side would react.

United States 7 Day 1:


The war has just started. But neither side truly knows what to do. Do we go out guns ablazing right away? Do we test the waters and see how the other side reacts to what we do? No one really knows where to start. A declaration from the Soviets set the tone for Day 1. Right from the get go, there was tension between the two sides. No one wanted to upset the other, but both groups wanted to win. Both sides started out with small battles here and there. The Warsaw Pact attacked some of our land, we battled some of theirs, we just went back and forth a lot of the time. The war was pretty slow moving. Not a lot of serious action was going on. This was nothing like the other wars we’ve been through. I was kind of waiting to see which side takes it all the way to the extreme first. Was Day 1 going to be an all nuclear war battle? Or are we slowly working our way there? We got our answer by the end of the day. As both sides moved to Defcon 2, the war was getting more serious. Bigger and more important battles started happening, tensions were raised even higher, and no one was going to let up. 


Our strategy for the first day was to test the waters a little bit. See how the other side would react to what we do. We started small with little battles. Taking over small countries that didn’t really have a huge impact on the war. We did this because a majority of these countries had no ruler, so we could send in a smaller amount of our troops, and take control without losing many soldiers. We, as NATO, also wanted to move up in Defcon levels at a slow rate. We did this because we didn’t want to jump in the deep end right away. By taking our time with the different levels, it allowed us to plan out more ways to win. We also decided that we all needed to help each other in order for us to win. We all decided to share our troops and weapons, and help out in any way that we can for one another. By doing this, we created cohesion with our group, which made decision making go a lot smoother than the other side.

United States 7 Day 2:


Today is the day, I can feel it. Someone will win the war, and that someone is NATO. Everything should work in our favor today. Nothing will stop us from claiming victory in this war. It’s about time this all comes to an end. First order of business is to take over Cuba. This is extremely vital for us if we want to win. With a secret nuclear missile base in their land, we need to take it over. And we did. The victory was so easy, it was almost sad to watch. But I don’t care, Cuba is mine, and that’s all that matters to me. 🙂 Besides this, not very much occurred. Very few wars or battles took place, and little movement occurred. But once the Warsaw Pact leveled up to Defcon 1, things took a turn. We moved up with them, and activated our Launch-On-Warning. You’d think with all the suspense and tension throughout this war, there would be a big fight to the death to declare a winner. But it was nothing like that. Once both sides activated their missiles, the countdown was on to see who would make it through… There was no one. No one came out on the other end. Everything and everyone was destroyed. Just like that, the whole world came crumbling down. 


So many things have to work in our favor today if we want to win. First up, we need to take over Cuba. They have a secret nuclear missile base in their country. If that falls into the wrong hands, it will be over for the United States. Like on Day 1, we were still testing to see how the other side would react to what we did. But apparently they had the same idea. Very few battles occurred. It got to the point where we were thinking of either calling truce, or possibly nuking all of the USSR. I mean, that’s how slow going things were. But the Warsaw Pact moved to Defcon 1, and so did we. We wanted to be on the same level as them throughout the whole war. We didn’t want to be perceived as weak, or incapable of war. Once we both launched out missiles, we just had to wait and see what would happen.

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Turkey

Turkey 7, Orientation day

Initial Thoughts: Turkey is going to try and not become a radiation land, as well as keep the allies that I already have

Strategy: Turkey is going to try to stay close to Great Britain, France, and the United States because they are the places that have the nuclear war fare meaning that they are more powerful. The country Turkey is also gonna help anyone out that possibly needs help, so that Turkey can help if something goes wrong in the country. 

Turkey 7, Day 1 

Thoughts: Turkeys thoughts for this 1st day in war is to try to stay alive and to be able to help anyone and everyone out that needs it. 

Strategy:The Soviet Union just announced that people are leaving their country because people are leaving so they are now blocking Berlin making it so no body can leave the Soviet Union . And they just announced that the Soviet union was going to attack us. The United States had 200 troops in Turkey and so did turkey but I just wasn’t enough. The entire Nato group then asked if the country of Turkey would like to go down to DEFCON 4 and we agreed. The country of Turkey now belongs to the Soviet Union and would like to see them fall by the rest of the NATO group. The Nato group then had troops from any and all allies that wanted to send troops over to Eastern Germany to take it over and they were successful. They are now talking over if they want to take over Czechoslovakia or not. The Soviet Union now wants to attack Greece. The country of Turkey’s original plan was to sent 50 of my troops over the Greece so that when Turkey was attacked they would still have troops but sadly troops didn’t get moved and so now Greece is on their own and the Warsaw pact being successful. Now the Soviet Union is decided that they want to keep attacking and wants to take over East Germany with them taking it back and winning. NATO decided that we are mow moving to DEFCON 3. The Warsaw pact decided to go to DEFCON 4, hopefully letting the NATO allies to start winning. Turkey jumped to conclusion the Warsaw now just announced that they moved to DEFCON 3 like us allies. The Soviet Union is now attacking Italy. Sadly they were sucessfull. Now attacking West Germany because they want to destroy any and everything that they can. NATO just announced that we are going to DEFCON 2 and Warsaw announced that they turned Launch On Warning on. 

Turkey 7, Day 2 

Thoughts: Turkey was taken over by the USSR yesterday, so on this next day of war. Turkeys is just going to sit back and observe what the rest of the NATO allies do, and help with anything that the voice of Turkey is able to do.

Strategy: The NATOs today decided that they were going to attack Cuba. We were very successful and now have Cuba in the NATO territories. France just now announced that they wanted to use a nuke to target West Germany and Italy and wiped all the troops out of hose areas. The NATOs are now moving troops to prevent from any attack on them. The Warsaw pact just announced that they too are now at DEFCON 2. France is now moving troops over to Italy to attack them and now we are victories and Italy is ours again. France also moved troops back over to West Germany to take it over, now the NATOs have West Germany back to themselves. The Country of Italy now is i control of the Belgium troops. The USSR just sent a tactical nuclear strike to all the troops in Norway, West Germany, Italy and killed all of our troops on those areas. The United states is now moving troops to Cuba and to France. The United states just moved troops back over to Turkey and Turkey is now apart of the United States. The NATOs also got Greece back. The USSR just nuked all the countries that the NATO just took over. The USSR again just decided that they wanted Turkey back and took Turkey back over. The Warsawpact also just announced that they are going to DEFCON 1 and we announced that we were turning Launch on warning on as well as moved to DEFCON 1. France now just moved 100 denmarch troops over to East Germany and won that battle. The NATO allies are now moving all their troops from the Netherlands to France. The USSR is now tactical nuking East Germany to take it back and they are attacking Denmark. France is now moving 10 troops over to turkey again and sadly we weren’t successful. The NATOs are now deciding that we are now indicating snap code and getting ready to nuclear blast the entire Warsaw pact and they are nuclear blasting us. We are all going to die in less than a minute and that’s that. 

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Great Britain

Orientation Day: Great Britain 7 day 1

Initial Thoughts: My Initial thought was super confusing, but when Harms explained it to us it made more sense. I didn’t think the United States, France, and Great Britain were the only countries to get launch codes.

Strategy: My plans are to stay close with the United States and France and plan on attacking whenever they are attacking. Great Britain is a good country to control, but you can go over power with them. The codes are very useful, but they can be defective because they can go wrong if you send them the wrong time. We need to keep them in their own countries. We can’t let them go free roam. 

Day 1: Great Britain 7 day 1

Thoughts: I personally don’t want to send missiles back everytime they send them because we could make a come back (karma) if they run out of weapons. If we are getting destroyed or they are attacking us heavily then we will send our missiles back, but thats my prediction

Strategy: Soviet just closed the Berlin blockade. The Soviet Union is attacking Turkey right now with 881 troops. The Soviet Union took over turkey. We moved to defcon 4. Mostly just waiting for the warsaw to move or attack so I can get more plans in. They are moving troops upward closer to West germany. We are attacking east Germany. 150 west germany troops, 150 United states, 50 from Canada and 50 from lycanberg were sent to attack east germany. Poland, east Germany and Hungary are defending. Nato won the battle of East Germany just barely. Great Britain can’t move because I only have 300 troops in Great Britain. Soviet Union is attacking Greece with 548 troops. Warsaw took over Greece with ease. I didn’t know that you can move troops without the navy so I will be moving my great britain troops. The warsaw took back over east germany. I’m going to move my troops to France. We moved down to defcon 3 and Warsaw followed by going to defcon 4. The United States just opened a secret package. The United States talked to Great Britain and France and WE NEED to attack Cuba quickly before the Warsaw takeover. The wars were attacking italy. And they took over Italy. Plans are to wait for the warsaw to move their troops more and then attack. They just took over the battle box. The warsaw are attacking west germany. We just went to Defcon 2. And the warsaw went to launch on warning. 

Day 2: Great Britain 7 day 2

Thoughts: I plan on attacking Cuba with the United states. I plan on sending all of my troops to Cuba while the United States is sending 100. I think the United States needs to send more troops down into France because we need to defend West germany. I think we are testing the water too much and I think we need to come out strong. This is getting super slow because no one is attacking were playing the wait game.

Strategy: We sent 200 troops while The United States sent 300 more. France is using a nuke right now in West germany. Targets were destroyed in west germany. We just took over italy. We are moving our troops farther down to the germany and denmark region. The United States moved all of their troops from the west to the east. The USSR are moving their troops out of the USSR and spreading them out by putting them in Poland and romania. France is attacking Italy with 10 troops just to claim Italy. The United States sent 10 to west germany to claim open land. I moved 100 troops to France just in case of the Warsaw attack. The Warsaw nuclear attack hit everyone in Norway, and Warsaw nuked west germany and he took Italy back. Warsaw moved all of them out of the ussr. We are attacking the USSR to destroy their main land. That plan didn’t work because we could only send 400 compared to 500. The United States sent 200 troops to France while they sent another 200 to Cuba to back up the few great britain. Since the computer wouldn’t catch it, we just kept them in the east United states. Took Turkey back over with 40 troops since it was open land. France attacked Greece and claimed it back by sending 25 troops. We are testing the water to see how the warsaw reacts. They sent nukes to west germany, greece, turkey, and italy. We just activated defcon 1 and launched on warning. We are attacking east germany with 200 troops. Warsaw won, but still had 70 troops. Now we are counter attacking with 100 denmark troops to east germany. We are moving all the troops from the Netherlands into france. The warsaw are sending a nuke from poland to denmark to east germany. The warsaw are sending troops from norway into east germany attacking with 125 troops. They easily took over east germany. We just lost a 10 v 10 in turkey. The french are sending all of their troops into netherlands. We are just nuking everyone at this point. The whole battle sent their launch codes in. it will not be stopped. Nobody won because everyone died.

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Romania

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: This war is no joke. There are many advances for army power and the nuke is the worst of them all. If one side felt they were losing they would do anything and everything to end the war. Even if it meant destroying the entire world with war. The tension going into the war is very high as each side is going to continue to pick at each other. Not in a friendly way either. After orientation, I feel it’s best I lay low and not make any big moves. In the end I can’t do anything as I am required to stay behind the Soviet Union and let them be the deciding factor for everything. 


As we met with Arends he said his first move of attack is to go after Turkey because they have two different missiles sitting there. All of the other countries that make up this Warsaw pact are to just stick with the Soviet Union and follow in their footsteps. Unless we disagree then we can protect ourselves. We came to the senses to take over all of Europe, Arends however is nervous that as we move along with these attacks that the United States will launch their missiles at us. All of our army rankings are very high so we have no doubt in our attack plans. 

Romania 7 Day 1:


The Soviet Union’s leader, President Arends, gathered us in a secret location to express his thoughts as we began to prepare for war. We are aware of what the Nuclear war can do to the country, and we will make sure those effects stay fresh in our minds. It’s extremely destructible and for my country I feel as though it’s not necessary at all. 

As the day started with an announcement from President Arends, he expressed to everyone that he wasn’t going to put up with people leaving his country for the communism that the Nato had to offer. So he closed off the western side of Berlin so no one could get out. 

The Warsaw pact decided to go ahead with their attack on Turkey with 881 troops from the Soviet Union. Romania is a part of this alliance but I feel like attacking Turkey right off the bat will make Nato very angry, leading them to attack us in the most brutal ways. I’m going to sit quietly on this one and I’m going to hope and pray President Arends knows what to do. 

I’m glad I sat quietly as President Arends led us on a victory for this one. However, Nato moved closer to a nuclear war as they kept moving their Defcon down. 

Nato decided that they were declaring war on East Germany. They were successful as we had no one to help them at this time. Arends decides to attack Greece, East Germany, Italy, East Germany and Albania and I feel as though those are good moves as we continue to expand our territory. He led us to more victories.  


 The strategy Arends had for us is out of our reach. By that I mean we have to side with whatever he says. He is working on moving troops out of the Sviet Union in case the Soviet Union were to get attacked. Besides this, it gives us a bit of wiggle room if any of our other allying countries were to attack. If they were to get attacked, the Soviet Union will be right there to help. We don’t want to lose another country, like we did with East Germany, due to lack of troops in the surrounding areas. I just sit back and observe as of right now. Although, it was brought to my attention that my troops had to be moved out of Romina. It’s necessary they are moved because there’s no need for them where they were placed on the map before the move. If the Romania troops are moved outward towards the end of our territories and their borders they will be a whole lot more useful. We voted and decided that if Nato moves to Defcon 2 we will be launching our missiles and attacking with nuclear war. 

Romania 7 Day 2:

Thoughts: Nato decided to move to defcon 2 and like our strategy plans say, we are going to launch our missiles on warning. Great Britain announced an attack on Cuba which is misleading to me as they have been all by themselves. They aren’t a part of the Nato’s and they aren’t a part of the Warsaw Pact. This really threw me off as the Nato aren’t attacking the Warsaw Pact but instead decided to attack a country that has been minding their own business.  It makes me wonder if this is a part of an even bigger plan. What could they have in store? France decided to launch their tactical missiles and were successful in two different territories affecting us and our army. President Arends had told me that I needed to have troops of the Soviet Union throughout my country. I didn’t have a say in this so I just did what he wanted. 

As I mentioned in my strategy plans below we are sending tactical nukes to Norway, West Germany, and Italy. Arends went ahead with these plans to lower numbers/ armored divisions as we all noticed that the Neto has been stacking a vast majority of these troops into the countries that I had mentioned. At this rate it seems as though Arends goal is to make the Neto mad in any and every way possible. We sent out even more tactical nukes as well as attacking Turkey. Arends announced to us that we are moving to Defcon 1, this makes things more anxious as the Nato also moved to Defcon 1 and both sides are now standing with launching missiles on warning. At this point in time I don’t think we will be the one to attack first but I think we might need to in order to win. If we keep waiting on the other side to make a move, the Nato might strike at us while we’re tired and weak. We don’t want them to hit our blindspots either. I’ll still sit quietly, but I’m not sure how long I can keep quiet. 

In my strategy plans I did state that our pact came to the sense that we wouldn’t launch missiles unless they were launched on us; however, the tactical nukes kept going back and forth between each side. We got sick of it and launched our missiles first. This resulted in them launching it back on us. 

Strategy: At the start of the day we moved down to Defcon 2. This means that both the Warsaw Pact and Nato are in Defcon 2. One step closer to a nuclear war. As of right now the Warsaw pact decided on the vote of not launching missiles first. We will only launch these missiles if they are launched on us first. However, this can change as the leader of the Soviet Union can change his mind at any moment, just like he has been the entire time leading up to this day. Since tactical nukes were launched on our army we are thinking about doing the same. If we go ahead with this plan we want to target Norway, West Germany, and Italy. All of the troops in these countries. We will do this with the hopes of lowering their army that they’ve been stacking up in these countries. We are sending tactical nukes to Turkey, Greece, Italy and West Germany. We are going to continue to lower numbers as we want to keep decreasing their army. Since we believe our army now has a high stance against Nato, we will plan on moving to Defcon 1. One more step closer to nuclear warfare. Our strategy still stands the same as it was at the beginning of the war. Same old same old. We are going to wait for them to attack us first. 

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Great Britain

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: My initial thoughts on the cold war simulation are that I am a little wary about what to do because of the large USSR force. I want to keep the peace and keep the NATO alliance intact. The NATO alliance will stay neutral until we feel that the USSR poses a threat to us or is advanding their offensive line. We want nuclear warfare to be our last resort and will try to keep the tension low against the Warsaw Pact. 

Strategy: The NATO strategy is to activate the “Launch on Warning” and only attack them if they attack us because we want to keep the peace for as long as possible and avoid nuclear fallout. We don’t want war, but if the USSR decides to fight against the NATO pact, we will make them severely regret their decision. The NATO alliance will fight with a force the Warsaw Pact will surely never forget. 

Day 1:

Thoughts: As I look over the map, the USSR has a great deal of power regarding their army and nuclear force. It is in our best interest to suppress the actions of the USSR and look to the future for peace for the world. We know not completely what Russia is capable of but we do know that they will not fall easily. We believe that in our first line of action we can take over Cuba because we believe they are building a large nuclear facility that will be used against us. We must act fast in order to stop it. 

Strategy: Russian has begun an advance on Turkey and is accumulating Russian troops in Poland and in East Germany. We can only fear the worst as their forces are growing in central Europe. The NATO alliance has stated that we do not want to use warheads of any kind to settle this global dispute. As a union of peace, it is our duty to defend the world from opressive enemies. 

Day 2:

Thoughts: Our thoughts looking at the map now are that Russia has moved all of their troops into Eastern Germany, leaving Russia’s mainland defenseless. Our plan is to invade Russia and keep their troops in Germany distracted so that Norway can swoop in and hold Russia. By doing this, we’d force Russia’s hand to make a bad decision and then we will launch our tactical nukes on their forces, completely wiping them out. This plan is extremely risky and the loss of life is large, but for the sake of the world, it must be done. 

Strategy: In order to act out our plan, we must act fast. Norway forces are ready to invade the Russian mainland and they are about to set out. While they prepare for their invasion, a small hitsquad of US troops has been sent into Eastern USSR to apply a small amount of pressure to their forces. The intent of the USSR is clear. They’d rather win this war on land rather than using their tactical nukes. However, this will not stand. We now know the force of the Warsaw Pact and know what we are up against. We must send our missiles against the USSR and level the entire state of the USSR. By doing this, the USSR has retaliated and now the world is at a full scale nuclear war. Baren are the trees that still stand across the land. The piercing screams of death whistling in the wind for nobody left to hear. Smeared against the rubble that lay wasted along the earth where once a city used to stand, are the bodies of millions who’s lives are gone with the wind. 

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, United States

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: Answer: 

It seems like it will be almost impossible to avoid nuclear war. We definitely know that by moving up defcon levels that it will provoke them to actually use those weapons, but if we don’t raise them, they will definitely try and take over all of Europe by traditional war. Going though this orientation shows how close we actually were to going into a nuclear war. If we did so, then it definitely would have been the end of everything as we know it. 

Strategy: Answer

Nato’s strategy will be to use anything possible as a deterrent of the USSR using nuclear weapons. This is what we want to avoid at all costs. We will begin by saying that we will take our missiles out of Turkey if they take theirs out of Cuba. We know that they have them there because that is how it was in real life, and the simulations usually go along with what actually happened. If this fails, then we will use Cuba as a bargaining chip, because if we take over then they won’t have any missiles within close range of the United States. If all of these fail, we will be forced to raise the defcon levels, which has the possibility of provoking a nuclear attack by the Warsaw Pact. This is a very delicate situation.

Day 1:

Thoughts: Answer

This has not gone to plan at all. The Warsaw Pact will keep advancing and we don’t see a possible way out of it. The attempt of taking missiles out of Turkey has failed miserably. They saw through all of our plans, and they just conquered Turkey instead of letting anything happen with it. This is very bad. It seems that every plan we have is falling through, because our plans with Cuba failed as well. The attempt to prevent them from conquering Turkey by threatening Cuba didn’t work. We were forced to stand by our words, and we have conquered Cuba. This eliminates the concern of short range missiles that they had in the area. Our great reconnaissance confirmed the fact that they were harboring nuclear weapons on the island. They, of course, denied all of these allegations. That spelt the doom for Cuba. We have no more bargaining though, this looks very, very bad. 

Strategy: Answer

Our strategy going forward is simply to try and deter them from advancing anymore. No matter the cost. If we have to go to the brink of nuclear war, so be it. We will do anything to protect our NATO allies. The current plan is to raise the defcon level as high as possible, without causing them to launch their nuclear weapons. We will not launch first. I do not see a world in which we launch first. I don’t feel that there is any other outcome though. We need to prepare for the worst, in life, or in death. We will survive as a nation if it does lead up to that point, there is no doubt. It is unlikely that we will go that far, but if it does, then I have no doubt that we will prevail.

Day 2:

Strategy: Answer

We are coming in with a different strategy for this day. We will be on the offensive. I have devised a plan to take out all of the USSR’s ICBMs. They pushed too far away from their homeland, and now will face the consequences. We can take their land, without them being able to reinforce with anything. All of their long range missiles will be disabled, and if we do go into a nuclear war, it will weaken any of the damage that we will take. This plan seems flawless, although we are unable to prevent their submarines from launching seaborne missiles. That will still wreak havoc on the people of the United States. Nuclear war seems unavoidable, so we may as well prevent as much damage as possible…

Thoughts: Answer

It went too far. The unlikely became reality. The end of the world as we know it. We pushed the USSR and their allies too far. We didn’t think that they would lack that much empathy for human life. This is it. I cannot believe that they would result in this. This is a tragedy. We shouldn’t have reached a defcon level one. I believe that this would have all been prevented if we didn’t go to that extent. They believed that they were going to launch, which never would have happened unless they had first. But, there is no point in looking back now. It is behind us. Now it is time to rebuild: bigger and better than we were before.

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, West Germany

Orientation Day:  West  Germany  4 

Initial Thoughts:  This battle is unlike any we have had before. Technology is way more advanced and in that the weapons are much more powerful. Destruction can occur from miles away. Rather than having to invade other countries we can attack from other territories. It’s not as much about numbers, it’s about who fires their explosives first. In terms of decision making I must deliberate with my fellow allies. I am confident in my allies and believe they will make the right decisions. 

Strategy: For Nato our first objective is to turn on “Launch on Warning.” We will use this as a deterrent for nuclear attacks. We don’t want to attack unless we have to. In other words we don’t want to poke the bear. As long as we lay low we hope the other side will not want to take aggressive action upon us. The last thing we want is for the Warsaw Pact to launch their nuclear weapons. However, in the case that they do attack we will be ready for response. I am prepared to defend my allies for the enemy is just mere miles away. I estimate that the Warsaw Pact will invade but we are ready to take action in that event. We will look to attack countries that will pose a threat for the future. We are willing to work with the Warsaw Pact if they are willing to. We are highly outnumbered however we have our advanced technological weapons to defend us. This isn’t a numbers game, but rather who is best prepared. 

Day 1:  West  Germany  45

Thoughts: Stallin has decided to put in place a blockade against us. He claimed we have been harmful to their economy. How dare they just cut off all ties from us. They have left us out to dry, but I find comfort within my allies of Nato. To further their attacks against us they have decided to take the territory of my alliance, Turkey. They explained that it was unfair of us to prepare for a nuclear war when they are not planning for that type of war. We are going to hold true to our original strategy. Because of their attack we will attack Cuba. We can only hope this will not anger our enemy to use nuclear force. We can hear their troops advancing closer upon us. I fear what they have in store. Our limited Troops cannot withstand their large forces.

Strategy: After their advance on our territory with the taking of Turkey, my alliance has decided we are going to get back at them. The Warsaw pact claims they do not have Nuclear arms in Cuba. However, we can’t trust them. The United States has information on them proving that they must be lying to us. Having them as a threat we have posed the enemy an offer, if the Warsaw Pact were to not make any more movements in Europe then we won’t attack Cuba. They have decided to decline our offer and the United States has taken over Cuba. This will make for a very proactive move for the future. With our limited troops we are refraining from any more war. However, we want to be prepared. We have discussed moving from defcon 5 to defcon 4. With this decision Warsaw has also decided to move to Defcon 4. With their movement closer to us this has set aggression amongst my allies and I. We did not plan to attack with nuclear force, but we will do what’s in our best interest. 

Day 2:  West  Germany  4h

Thoughts: After The first siege of war my alliance and I have come to the realization that we cannot win this war without the use of our nuclear power. Our troops are limited, and we cannot reinforce. The United States has advised us to move to Defcon 3. Much like before, the Warsaw pact followed suit. Things are escalating quickly, and we have moved to Defcon 2. Warsaw responded with the same. We are moving Nato troops from Norway to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This decision will take away more of the Warsaw Pact nuclear arms. We have reached our final stage, Nato has moved to Defcon 1. And with this so has the enemy. We just got word of the worst news imaginable: the Warsaw Pact has launched their SLBMs. Our people are being targeted. It is too late, soon Europe will cease to exist. Nato has one last huge decision to make: will we fire back? The time is counting down, there is nothing we can do. The United States, Great Britain, and France have entered in their code sequences. There is no turning back now, Nato has initiated their nuclear strike. We sit waiting for the world to soon end. 

Strategy: Our plan of attack is to take away as much Nuclear force from the Warsaw Pact. We are prepared to respond if need be. Things are heating up. We are limited on troops and we estimate that the Warsaw Pact will try to invade us. Taking the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics will add pressure from behind. This decision has also allowed us to take away their Ballistic Missile Bases. The Warsaw Pact has initiated their SLBMs. They have made a very rash decision and acted too quickly. Do they even know what they have done? For Nato we are ready to respond. If we are going down we are taking the enemy with us. They have all put in their codes, and we have launched our attack. So quickly things have turned. 

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, West Germany

West Germany 2 Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: Answer: Initially I thought this is going to be a quick war, these nuclear weapons are powerful and there is low chance for any survival. I figured the Warsaw Pact would go to Defcon 1 as soon as they could. Defcon 1 is where you can launch all your nuclear weapons that would destroy everything. And seeing who was a part of the Warsaw Pact and from previous experience with them it was easy to assume what they were going to do moving forward. 

Strategy: Answer: My strategy moving into this war is to see how the other team reacts. If they become eager to move from defcon 5 to defcon 4 and so on then we will do the same. I know that being a part of NATO everything we do, has to be agreed upon by the whole group. This will be an advantage because we will have more input rather than one person making all the decisions good or bad. So this way every plan we make will be well thought out and not rushed or because just one person wants it to be this way. 

West Germany 2 Day 1:

Thoughts: Answer: The United States, and Canada has moved into West Germany. Our plan was to try and defend the place we thought they would attack first. We decided to load West Germany’s defense to try and hold our territory. Our mission failed… they sent an atomic bomb to West Germany, knocking all our defense out and completely destroying them. This was a quick year with lots of troops moving to try and gain new ground and territory, no one has been successful yet. But we will keep our defense on guard, if they plan to invade without the use of nuclear war. 

Strategy: Answer My strategy going into the next year is to see if the Warsaw pact advances any further in their Defcons, if they do the NATO will do the same. I thought the war would have been over by now, with the Warsaw pact lead by Stalin I figured he would have become greedy and would have let the atomic bomb go. He hasn’t done this yet but we will be prepared to do the same if that is the strategy he takes. 

West Germany 2 Day 2:


 Answer: The Warsaw Pact has launched a tactical nuclear strike, they destroyed me. I am dead. The Warsaw Pact is taking out NATO land one by one. They took West Germany at the beginning of this year.The Warsaw Pact hasn’t made any big aggressive moves yet, I have been waiting for the world to go out in a boom! But no response has been taken from them/ The NATO launched back but nothing was happening, no one was gaining anything. NATO began to get frustrated and moved to defcon 1, they initiated an all out nuclear war, no one was victorious. Everything was demolished and there were no survivors. 

This was a quick war with little land battle, all that was used were nuclear weapons. This was a strategic way to plan the war, but in doing so more lives were taken out. No fighting took place, it was just a bomb and wipe out. If this would have happened and Stalin did not die, the world as we know it wouldn’t have survived and we would be in a very different place then we are now.