WWII Simulation Student Journal: Italy

WWII Simulation

Italy 1939- At the beginning of this year the first move has been made and it has been our ally Germany attacking p1 of poland. They come out of this battle victorious meaning that the war has now begun. This is quite interesting for the fact that Great Britain had a defensive alliance with Poland yet once they were invaded, Great Britain did nothing to help. At the same time as this Russia invaded the oth8er quadrant of Poland meaning they have officially fell. This makes me wonder how Britain will respond because I am sure they do not want to get on the wrong side of Russia this early in the war. There were also some other events that took place that hit closer to home to us in Italy. This is that Yugoslavia afficaly has conquered Greece. I see this as a good thing due to the fact that I plan on invading Yugoslavia and Greece later on, and now that they are both weaker this will make it much easier. Yet this will come in time because the main priority now is to send 241 units to Libya for a future invasion of French North Africa. This invasion is obviously fueled by our objectives but also due to the fact that they have some resources. In preparation for this we have received 5 coal from germany so that we are more powerful. This will hopefully make the invasion a success. Along with this we are attempting to persuade Russia to send us some oil since we do ot have any. Overall 1940 seems to be brewing into the potential of being a huge year which we believe through negotiations we will come out successful.

Italy 1940- To start this year off we lost the battle for French North africa. I believe the reason for this was that we underestimated how many troops the allies were able to transport here. Overall it is unfortunate to loose this but my hopes are still high that we will be able to take it in the future. After this took place we launched our invasion of Yugoslavia. This was a successful attack, which allows us to take albania, and greece next year which is a important part of our objectives. We will be able to do this because they no longer have nay troops in either of these territories making them defenseless. After this we believed that it would be a good idea to move our Navy back into the Tyrannian zone to avoid an allied attack. This was good thinking yet it ended up not bing worth while due to the fact we had to use the navy to bring Nazi troops back to Libya to defend against the French invasion from the West. We were successful in this defense except for it left our Navy to be sitting Ducks, and be destroyed. The only bright side of this is that the Allied navy only survived with three ships which won’t be abe to do much for them in the future. While this was happening our allies Germany made some progress in the North taking belgium and Norway. This means from here they should be able to keep pushing and advancing west into France which should occupy them from what my plans are to finally invade French North Africa. Some other key events that took place this year was the Japanese invasions in the Dutch Indies, and China. From this we were able to gain 6-Rubber, and 6-Oil from Japan. This boosts our army to a 6.64 overall wich will aid greatly in future invasions. This leaves 197 in libya to invade FNA. They attacked our navy and won but only by 3 units.

Italy 1941- It is the beginning of 41’ and we are invading F2 of France, we will be launching this invasion with 901 Italians and 67 Nazi troops. We are doing so because we feel it is important to capture all of France so that if the US tries to help they will not have a landing point. This battle was successful, and we know have F2. Next we are going to complete one of our objectives by invading the unoccupied Greece with 50 troops, this will give us more land on the East Mediterranean. We are now going to invade French North Africa once again with 50 troops in hopes of finally taking this land. This invasion was not a success leaving only 10 troops left in FNA. This angers us yet we feel we may have one last chance to take it. While this took place Japan continues their domination of SE asia, and also secures India. Japan also Invades Burma during this time. Germany has now taken Denmark giving them control of the baltic for a brief period of time before the allies come back and take Norway opening it mack up. Next year we will attempt an invasion of F3 which would result in the fall of France, and any chance of a 2 front war for the moment.

Italy 1942- The new year has started and the first acton is Russia taking over small neutral countries like Lithuania, Estonia, and Latavia. Along with this I have been working with Russia for some time now, and i feel we may be able to convince them that the Axis is the winning team and for them to join, so overall our relations I feel are strong. If this is able to come to fruition it will 100% eliminate a two front war for our allie Germany. Now it is time for war, and us, and Germany have launched an attack on F3. we did this in two waves where I went first and forced them to mobilize their navy for defense. Then once Germany attacked they could not defend making an easy victory which we then gained the rest of our Iron from. Now with this victory I feel Russia realizes our power and due to this has joined the Axis fearing they may be next. After this we take the unguarded albania which completes another of our objectives. After this Russia then takes Finland. I feel them having finland may enable them to be able to take norway in the future, and once again close the baltic. Now with the war over we make some important mobilizations like moving troops out of Romania and Bulgaria to help defend Yugoslavia in the case that the allies try to invade from here. We also have Russia move some troops further to the west just in case we need them for backup in the future.

Italy 1943- It is the beginning of 1943 and the unimaginable, worst case scenario has happened. This is that the allies have launched a surprise invasion on our homeland taking it with lighting speed as we mobilized to the North West. This is huge for the fact that it gives the allies a landing zone in an area of small nations providing easy advancement. In response to this we are already working with germany to figure out a counter attack before it is too late. Aside from this there is a lot to pay attention to when it comes to other invasions. This includes the USSR successfully conquering Iran and Sweden. This is very important for the Axis industrialization because it now provides us with 3oil from Iran, and a whopping 18 iron from Sweden. Along with this Japan has conquered french indo-china, and australia. This doesn’t provide much significance except for the fact that it illustrates that japan may be capable of dominating all of SE Asia and more. Now in order to take back Italy we are having Germany send troops to austria so they they will be ready to invade by 44’. With this Romania and bulgaria are preparing to help out if needed. Yet I don’t feel the allies navy will be in position by then to help reinforce the troops currently occupying Italy. Then to end the year out Germany is preparing to defend france in fear that Italy was a distraction from the real invasion.

Italy 1944- To start this year off the USSR attacks Iraq furthering their conquest of the oil possessing countries in the SE. While I’m glad to see the Axis winning I can’t help but wish that it was us invading those nations. Japan has taken the Philippines which I do not see a huge purpose in. Now we have officially regained our territory with the Help of Germany. This means that it is now time to quickly strike back and make the Allies pay. Also after Germany took back Italy they went and invaded the netherlands which takes away the allies one access back into the mainland. While this takes place Russia is still coming down south with the invasion of Syria. Yet they did move their navy so we now we are going to attack egypt. Along with this we also have taken Albania to complete our objectives. Then in the last event of the year Great Britain tries to take back the netherlands unsuccessfully which wastes a great deal of their troops.
Italy 1945- It is the begging of 1945 which will also mark the last year of the war. We have decided that our last invasion will be of the Suez Canal. There isn’t a whole lot of reason to this aside from the fact that we are desperate to occupy territories. After this the USSR takes palestine, and trans-Jordan which markes a complete domination of the Middle East area by Axis forces. Japan then takes Alaska, and hawaii in two statement victories which means that the U.S. has officially lost part of its home land. In my opinion if we were to keep this war going japan would be capable of invading further into North America. Now it is officially the end of Axis war so for movement we send all remaining troops to defend F1 in case they try to invade into france. I feel our reinforcement was successful at deterring them since they have just attempted to invade Belgium with all they have. Yet they are served a crushing defeat as the Nazis win by 1415 troops. Then the Allies make a desperate attack with 7 troops on Denmark. Which the USSR respond to by sending 14, and wins by 2. Then we continue to mobilize more troops to France in case of one last attack. The USSR also participates sending 1000 from p1 of Poland to germany. France ends the year desperately attacking the russian navy of 14, and also sends 541 and loses to nazis in Belgium. With that battle being over it officially marks the end of the war and the Axis powers win.