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WWI Simulation Student Journals: Belgium & Portugal

Belgium 1914 WWI Simulation

The archduke was killed! Austria-Hungry, Russia, France, Ottoman Empire, Serbia, Germany, and Belgium have mobilized. I have mobilized because Germany and France both did and I am supposed to defend my territory at all costs. I have made a secret defensive alliance with France and am trying to get great Britain to defend me as well. I believe that Italy is making alliances with both the allied and central powers and they will be in very big trouble soon. Great Britain has just mobilized. I think that the central powers will start war first and sadly be taken down by the allied powers. I also think that Bulgaria is making alliances with the allied countries. The United States has now mobilized. Germany has asked to move troops through Belgium twice now and both times I have declined unfortunately I know that this will not last long and they will forcefully move their troops through. I have now made another secret defensive alliance with Great Britain. This means that if Germany were to force troops through Belgium they would be there to defend me. War has been declared and A-H has declared war on Serbia for killing the Archduke. Austria-Hungary has defeated Serbia. Belgium does still has one African Colony, the Belgian Congo. 

Portugal 1914

Portugal has been laying low and many countries are mobilizing. We have not said anything or talked to any other countries and have not been persuaded one way yet. We have decided to stay neutral for right now. I have a suspicion that the central powers are going to continue to fight and take over as much as they can however I plan to gain an alliance with GB and the Allies will return stronger and win. We plan to still remain quiet and eventually join the Allied Powers. I have no business being in war right now. I do think that alliances are being made by the central powers with some neutral countries and the allied are also making alliances with neutral countries. Portugal has two African Colonies, Angola and Mozambique.

Belgium 1915

The Lusitania has sunk! Bulgaria has joined with the central powers and Italy has joined with the allied powers both countries have chosen to mobilize. I do believe Germany is going to start a battle soon. A-H and Germany are attacking R3 of Russia. I believe Russia will be able to have alliances and come back and take over. Germany and A-H have now taken over R3 of Russia. France is going to move troops into Belgium to help defend my land from Germany who has been asking to move troops through my land. I think that with France’s troops defending me then Germany will think differently about going through Belgium. Italy has tried to move troops into Austria-Hungary and unfortunately was defeated. I do think that Austria-Hungary will declare war on Italy which is part of the Allied powers. Italy has gone to the Central powers. The French have moved 4000 troops into Belgium.

Portugal 1915

Portugal has not done anything yet we still have no reason to be in war yet. There have been different battles and the central powers have taken control. I have my suspicions that the allied powers are going to regain control. Germany and A-H have become really close alliances. Italy has now switched to the central powers which is okay because Italy has become very weak. There have not been any naval battles yet except for the Lusitania so I have an idea that it is going to happen soon from Germany. We are still remaining Neutral since nothing has come close to us yet. 

Belgium 1916

The French have moved their troops into Germany and were defeated which means I no longer have France’s troops to support me against Germany’s troops. I am planning on having Great Britain and France move more troops into Belgium. I have a feeling that Germany is going to go through Belgium anyway and I will unfortunately not have enough to defeat them. The central powers are starting to take over the leftover parts of Russia since they lost all their troops to Germany. 

Portugal 1916 

We have now mobilized, and have joined with the Allies. I am in an alliance with Great Britain. My plan is to have France’s navy move me into France to help support them. Germany is starting to become very strong and taking over many parts of the Allies’ countries.  The central powers are taking over the leftover Russian regions and I think that they will be victorious over there. 

Belgium 1917 

The US has been joined with the Allies and Germany is moving more troops into G1 which is right next to Belgium. I believe that Germany is going to try to force its way through Belgium. I have had France and Great Britain move troops into Belgium. I think that I will eventually get the US France and GB to move the rest of the troops. Germany is moving over 5000 troops through Belgium and Great Britain and France do not have enough troops to support me. The United States is trying to persuade them to help support Belgium. The United States has persuaded them to defend me and sadly Belgium has been defeated. My country is now part of the Central Powers. It was an extremely well fought battle and Germany lost the majority of their troops however they were still able to go through Belgium no matter how hard we fought. 

Portugal 1917 

Portugal has done nothing right now. Belgium was defeated in a very big battle against the central powers and all of the allied powers. I have allowed France to transport all my troops to defend the territory of France. Germany did defeat France and so unfortunately Portugal was defeated. My country has still not been taken over but I have zero troops to defeat me. I think the Central powers are going to take over the rest of the Allied countries but I think the Allies are going to move all their troops into GB and the US so that the Central powers can only move troops through their navy. 

Belgium 1918

I am trying to get the Allied powers to take back Belgium and France. The US and GB are the only countries with a decent amount of troops left. However, I don’t think that they will be successful considering that Germany is very strong right now. I think that even if the allies were to take back over France and Belgium the central powers are too strong and the Allies would be defeated. Austria-Hungary is moving more troops into Belgium because the Allies were successful in defeating the Central Powers in France F3. I think that the Central powers are moving through Belgium because they are eventually going to move them all into F1 and try to take over the rest of France. Although I think that the allies are weaker at this time I do think that if we go into a naval war we would be victorious. 

Portugal 1918 

Portugal is still part of the Allies, I had lost all my troops from the war in France but I now have 20 more troops there. There has been a war going on in France and in the sea and both times the Allies have been victorious. I plan to move my troops into France since I assume there will be a battle there soon. I don’t think that there will be much more from the allies since the german troops have too much power over us. This war has not done much to Portugal however it has done a lot of damage to my alliances if they do want to go to war my alliances will have all my troops available to them. 

World War 1 Student Journal Austria-Hungary

Austria-Hungary 8 Introduction

The war has just started! Austria Hungary is feeling very very very upset when one of our great leaders, Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated by a slavic nationalist, Gavrilo Princip. We as Austria-Hungary can’t take this anymore. We have been very self centered but when one of our own dies, we can’t just sit there a watch. We plan to attack Serbia and make them pay for what they did to our country. They soon will feel the sorrow that we have now. 

Austria-Hungary 8 1914

The war has begun. 1914 the Central Powers had the advantage to attack Russia and Serbia. Sadly we all lost all battles and are soldiers too. We need to gather more troops into one of our lands to start attacking bigger and better countries. Austria is not going down without a fight, win or lose, we are Austrians and are ready for whatever can come to us. 

Austria-Hungary 8 1915

Day 2 in the war, and the Central Powers had victories!!! We took out Serbia with the help of the Central Powers, and all the countries around us wanted pay back. So Russia wanted to fight more but as the Central Powers we fought together hard and strong and came out victorious! The war has just begun and secret alliances are forming, and nobody knows. We come up with the most hard core plan and they better watch out. I see that they are struggling, they meaning the Allies. We are coming in strong and they better watch out from the CENTRAL POWERS!!!

Austria-Hungary 8 1916

Day 3 in the war, it was a good day for the allies, not for the Central Powers. We fought and fought but we lost 2 chunks of our land. One from Germany and one from ours. It is not over yet! We did destroy a big chunk of Russia’s land and is going to slowly creep up on them and hopefully sooner or later we will take over their government and they will shut down. 

Austria-Hungary 8 1917

It was our turn to take revenge. We put everything out there and wished for the best. Us and Germany took back the land that we lost, and that was our first victory of the day. Next we decided to take over Romania with the help of Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. We defeated them and took over their land. We wanted to do something big, so we declared war with Greece, with Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria, but we sadly lost, and lost troops. We had to protect ourselves so we did some movements to keep our land. The allies were very strong, they attacked part of our land and were successful. We sadly lost our capital city, which means there is no chance we can gain troops through them. Russia fell into pieces and their country was demolished. That is a pretty good advantage for us. We will work harder and stronger to the best we can do to make our country and the Central Powers proud!

Austria-Hungary 8 1918

It was a rocky road and all, but we still stand up tall. We had a lot of ups and downs, but we as the Central Powers took over and fought and fought for each other to stay up and running. We gained our regular territory back and even demolished some parts of Italy. We gained our territory as a whole and we are proud to be part of the Central Powers, and especially proud to represent the one and only Austria-Hungary.

WW1 Student Journal Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire 1913 – 

Today was a day to strategize, and Sydney and I did just that. We found out that our army isn’t the most powerful, but by using our allies, we have a good opportunity to win this war. Germany, one of our best allies, has the best army around. If we can keep them close to us, we could dominate together. 

Austria-Hungary is mourning the death of their leader. They are one of our allies as well, so we already have the news that they will be declaring war. We have allied with Bulgaria, mostly because we can go through their land, being able to reach Italy by foot. This war will not leave our hands, this is our time to rise to glory!

Ottoman Empire 1914 – 

Germany has declared war on Russia, and due to our alliance, we declared on them too. We know that because Russia is not technologically advanced, we used poison gas. Poison gas has a high chance of working when the country is not technologically advanced. Germany sent 230 troops with poison gas, but it wasn’t enough to defeat them, same for us. We were both dominated, and it hurt us big time. Because of our alliance with Bulgaria, we were able to move 200 of our troops there, helping our defense against the aggressive Italy. We are in a good position right now, and are prepared for 1915. 

Ottoman Empire 1915 – 

Today our main objective is to take over Serbia, most importantly because it is one of our objectives. First off, we have a major problem on our hands. Italy is attacking a part of Austria-Hungary, trying to capture their land. We don’t have any troops nearby to defend, but Germany came in to help. Sadly, Italy was successful and we lost a part of Austrias’ land. Now, onward to Serbia. We sent in plenty of troops to attack using some of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and us. We captured Serbia with little effort. 

Lastly, Germanys’ navy battled Britians’ navy in the North Sea Zone. This was a huge risk for us because the British Navy is incredibly strong. Somehow we beat Britain with room to spare. This year was full of accomplishments, but we need to recapture Austria-Hungary’s land soon. 

Ottoman Empire 1916 – 

To start off, Germany, our alli, moved troops into Russian land. We have a major battle at stake. If we can defeat Russia and take over this part of land, we take over the Crimea, which is one of our objectives. Statistics are on our side. Germany has the best army in the war, compared to the Russian empire, which is pathetic. Along with poison gas, we won the battle! 

Italy moved troops into the previous land they took over from Austria-Hungary. We need to attack Italy soon to recapture the land. 

Finally, Germany defended greatly against Great Britain. They attacked a key part of land in northern Germany, but failed twice. This was a huge win, proving how strong the Central Powers are!

Ottoman Empire 1917 – 

Russia has surrendered! Their government failed and left the war. This is huge for us because we had to leave most of our troops on the eastern part of our country in order to keep Russia out of our territory. We are one step closer to winning this war.

Our main objective as a country today was to take over Romania, this is one of our objectives. This is a revenge attack. Romania signed an alliance with us, but left us for our enemies! Capturing Romania will prove to them that they should’ve never left the Central Powers. By using our troops and German troops , we dominated Romania. The war is far from over. 

We need to capture some of Italy’s land, and  recapture Austria-Hungarys’ land. If so, there is a very good chance the war will end. 

Ottoman Empire 1918 – 

Today is the last push. As our country, we need to take over Greece, which shouldn’t be hard. They only have 58 troops left and Frances’ 250. But first, to be fair with our allies, we need to recapture A2 with Austria-Hungary and Germany. France took over some of Germany’s land, but we returned the favor and got it back. This is a very close war, with the Allies and the Central powers are in a deep hatred with one another. They are trying to deplete our forces, but are failing miserably going up against our well prepared troops. With all of our last strength, we took over a part of Italy, recaptured part of Austria-Hungary, and recaptured Serbia. We were not able to take over Greece. Our troops were not in the right position to attack, a mistake by us.

Victory!! Victory!! The Central powers which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and us, the Ottoman Empire, defeated the Allies. It is a great feeling. Being able to defeat Romania, who backstabbed us and left our alliance, and then taking it over was a fantastic feeling. The War was successful, with very little losses for us. We kept our original territory, took over several countries, and lost few soldiers. We cannot wait to come back and celebrate with the wonderful country, the best country, and don’t forget, the winning country, the Ottoman Empire!

World War 1: Student Journal Great Britain

Great Britain 2 1913

I am absolutely flabbergasted by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. As the president of Great Britain, I was enjoying conquering Africa and improving the welfare of my nation, but it seems that now, we have war in Europe to look forward to. It appears that Russia will come to the aid of Serbia, and due to our alliance, I am bound by honor to defend them. Who knows what other alliances are hidden in the recesses of Europe’s great nations? I fear that this will soon become a bloody battle. Nations will fall, lives will be lost…and for what? However, war seems inevitable. I pray that God will guide us in the trying days to come, so that Great Britain may be victorious with the fewest lives lost.

Great Britain 2 1914  

It is worse than I have thought– all of Europe is embroiled in war! In the span of a year, the peace we Europeans have known has collapsed. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the heathens of the Ottoman Empire have all mobilised troops. I hear rumours that the Ottoman religious leaders have declared a Holy War on us and our allies! Obviously, such an affront to God’s grace can not stand. For us British, the war plaguing Europe has become personal. 

Current intelligence implies that Austria-Hungary has moved a large amount of troops to the Russian and Serbian borders, who are quite undefended in their present state. German troops are occupying parts of Belgium– although they certainly have the troops to spare, Belgium could easily be overwhelmed by the German army. We must defend them and their sovereignty at any cost. We shall move support troops in the country of Belgium as soon as we are able. 

However, we also have our Russian allies to worry about. We must secure the Dardanelles so necessary supplies can enter the Russia country. It doesn’t seem like that will be able to happen this year due to the sheer number of troops infecting the Ottoman territory. Therefore, myself and my senior advisors have devised a plan: we will trick the heathens into abandoning the strait by positioning Russian troops near the Russian-Ottoman border. Then, using troops from Greece and hopefully Bulgaria, moved using the British Navy and our Japanese allies’ ships, we will take the Strait and defend it with our lives. Meanwhile, I will move my ships from the Atlantic Ocean zone to the North Sea Zone, in case Germany decides they want to try their luck against the glorious British Navy. Every loyal British citizen knows what would happen to the degenerate Germans if they dared an attack against us, but for their peace of mind and my own, I feel as if this move is best. 

This year, we have persuaded Portugal to join the allies, but now, there isn’t any reason to have them move their troops. It does create a peace of mind in knowing that we don’t have to worry about them joining the Central Powers, but it is worrisome seeing their president discuss matters with the Central Powers often…all of the allies will be watching Portugal closely. Great Britain approached Italy with an alliance, but they refused, citing that they wanted to see which way the war would go before joining. Italy has been very helpful this year in giving us much needed advice, as has the United States of America. I pray they will become good allies in the future! Finally, Great Britain and Greece made a secret alliance. We have so much to worry about that I don’t particularly want to come to Greece’s aid, should they get attacked– at least, I don’t want the other countries to see me as a self-serving liar if Greece got wiped out while we were somewhere else. But it would not be ideal for Greece to be occupied. 

Great Britain has become the de-facto leader of our company of allies. The weight of the civilised world is on our shoulders; here, in Europe, and in Africa. I will update this journal with the results of our actions and movements in the months to come. 

Great Britain 2 1915

This has been the worst year for the Allies in the history of the world. Under my direction, we have lost two decisive battles. I feel like such a failure! My fellow leaders look to me for guidance, and I failed them with my tactical missteps! Although we, the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, made a stirring plea to ask for the world’s help in crushing the Ottoman genocide of the Armenians, no one came to our aid. Here is the address: 

We, the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, strongly denounce the Ottoman Empire because they are commiting genocide on the Armenian people. In 1914, the Ottoman religious authorities declared holy war on all Christian people, but on April 24th of this year, the government rounded up and executed hundreds of Armenian thinkers. Then, ordinary Armenians– no different than you and our families– have been evicted from their homes and forced to march through the deserts. We, the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, ask for the world’s aid in liberating the Armenians from their Ottoman oppressors. Now, in such times of struggle, it is more important than ever for us to unite against one common enemy: that is, the persecution and subjugation of different cultures. I propose a temporary truce between the Allies and the great nations of Austria-Hungary and Germany in order to focus on stopping this menace. Additionally, Great Britain requests aid in the form of troops, ships, and supplies of Italy, the United States, Romania, Japan, Belgium, and Bulgaria. By not taking action against the mass murder of people now, we are setting a dangerous precendent that will threaten our own ideals of freedom, justice, and the right to govern ourselves in the decades to come. If we do not stop this genocide in its tracks, any of our great nations can become both victim and perputrator. Join Great Britain in the fight for Freedom, for Armnenians and the World!

And although the Russian troops outnumbered the Ottomans 3 to 1, they were crushed. Not once, but twice! Germany has also declared war on France, and even though France managed to hold off the invaders, their troops are in dire straits. Belgium has also done the worst thing imaginable: they have let German troops march through their territory! We want to defend them and their neutrality, but how can this be seen as anything other than a declaration of German support? This is a frightful time to be a freedom-lover in Europe. Our plan is to take a majority of the troops from the British Isles and move them to France, along with having France pick up Portugal’s troops to have them augment their own. If we lose France, all is lost. 

Great Britain 2 1916

Not all is lost! This year, we have had a few fantastic victories! The morale in the Allies is high. We decided to go all out, no holds barred– we wanted a total victory of none at all. And, God be praised, we succeeded! Russia and I tried to make an alliance with the Ottomans this year, but they were having none of it, but any point of peace is no longer necessary. Russia has taken some of the Ottoman land which is very close to the Dardanelle Straits, and Serbia and Romania have destroyed Bulgaria and now occupy their land. The German and Austria-Hungary troops are spread thin and can hardly come to each other’s aid, and aid for the Ottomans is almost impossible at this point. The Germans did not take advantage of the few troops France had near their capital last year last year, and now it will be difficult for them to take it with British and Portugese troops assisting the French. I predict that by next year the Dardanelles will be ours, and that we will have driven the Germans out of Belgium. Soon, Russia will also be able to reclaim the land they lost from the Austrians and Germans. Victory is in sight!

Next year, we will continue our Allied onslaught and try for a decisive victory. God Bless the King!

Great Britain 2 1917

I feel as if I should get fired from my position as Prime Minister. This year has been an abject failure. The tenacity of these Central Powers is enough to make a person wish for death. I fear for the European mainland, but seeing as Great Britain is its own island…Europe could burn, but Great Britain will rise again. 

Italy today has fallen, Greece has no troops, we have lost our footholds in the Ottomans, and all hope seems lost. Our American brothers have joined the war, but they are almost a world away. France’s territory is almost completely undefended; the Germans could march right in! We are looking at defeat for the Allies, unless we manage something miraculous. Peace must happen soon. 

Great Britain 2 1918

Nevermind! The Allies are victorious– well, the British are, and that’s what matters. We captured the Darnadelles today, and it may be the happiest moment of my life! Russia is no longer a country– the Germans destroyed them, while the Allies were powerless to help them. But sometimes, that’s just how it goes in war. On the bright side, we regained our Italian territory that we lost, but on the downside, Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania were destroyed. However, the Central Powers and the Allies have agreed upon a peace, and the war is over. If the war were to continue, I believe that we would be able to wipe out the Germans and the Austrian-Hungarians, but the amount of lives lost would be devastating. Peace is truly the best option for Europe at the moment, so Europe can heal. But I fear these times ahead may prove to be even more trying than the war…

Learning about the key events of World War 1 online

How often to students sit at their desks, reading out of a textbook, jotting down key ideas and phrases? This form of education may work well for some topics but how can you get students more involved when teaching them World History? Each topic the students are learning about took place in the past and there are not many ways for students to become actively involved in the study of history when it seems so distant. Thanks to online games and simulations, students are able to take a virtual walk into the world of history and the past.

One major war many students touch base on is World War I. This global conflict began in July 1914. This particular war lasted nearly four years, ending in November of 1918. The start of the war was because Serbia no longer wanted to be a part of the Austrian Empire; they would rather be free. Because of this, a Serbian acted rebelliously, assassinating the Austrian Archduke; this was the first shot of World War I. After the death of their king, Austria wanted revenge on Serbia and threatened war. In order to protect Serbia, Russia stepped in and threatened war on Austria; Russia was acting as the ‘big brother’ to Serbia. Since the war between Austria and Russia was possible, this got Germany involved because of their previous alliance with the Austrians. Russia also had a treaty with France, and this treaty is what brought Germany into war with France and later England. The entire continent of Europe was soon caught up in a terribly violent war, with nearly every country eventually getting sucked into it. Once the war began, the entire world eventually became involved; it was a domino effect. Trench Warfare came to be the main type of warfare during World War I; it was extremely bloody and ended up in a complete and utter stalemate on the border between France and Germany.

Participating in an online simulation may help students, as well as professors and teachers, gain a better understanding of complex events such as World War I. A stable internet connection may be required in order for this online simulation to function properly. This could be provided by atlanta internet providers (or wherever the school is located). Not only do they become more involved, but the relationships between events become more real if you can act it out or somehow become more engaged. Since this war happened so long ago, it is easier for the students to act as a country themselves, as in a game simulation. In doing this, the students get a chance to see what each nation was individually responsible for–who did what and why did they take this action as opposed to doing something else. World War I was a very complex historical event with lots of ins and outs, and lots of blame assigned to different countries after it was all over. A classroom game simulation can make it easier for students to grasp the smaller topics as well.

Reading out of a textbook can give one a broad overview, but it may not be as beneficial to learning the little details the make the event more important and allow students to relate to it better. In the end, online or in-class games allow everyone to get more involved which in turn helps them learn and remember the material much easier.

World War 1 Simulation Games for Effective Learning of History Lessons

Using gaming in social studies classes is a fairly new concept to most teachers. In actuality, simulations have been used for quite a few years, but maybe not to the level of’s WW1 simulation games. In Mr. Harms’ version of the epic WW1 conflict, students are assigned countries and given tasks or objectives to accomplish during the activity. These objectives mirror the objectives countries had during the Great War. With the outcome of this conflict not guaranteed, students become very competitive to try and achieve their objectives. With sixteen countries and as many as 30 or more students involved, in some cases, it’s not hard to see how this could develop into a very intense and engaging lesson! With’s new online platforms, the teacher is easily up to the task of controlling the simulations from their computer. If the students are in a one-on-one technology situation with a common VPN connection (sneak a peek at Expressvpn vs Ipvanish features here), they can have access to the maps online and can even update them automatically by simply refreshing their browsers. The engagement in the classroom soars through the roof as students compete with each other.

Some teachers kind of fear this type of lesson, because they think students will just sit there and do nothing. As soon as the first set of students leaves the room to negotiate, the wheels start spinning and everyone starts talking to their allies. Soon the entire room is engaged in talks with each other and strategies start to develop as they prepare their armies for battle. If you’re wondering how a battle is conducted, I’ll describe it for you.

Let’s say that Germany and Austria-Hungary have made the decision to attack Serbia. Both countries will sign declaration of war slips that indicate how many troops each is sending into the battle as well as the region, in this case Serbia, that they are attacking. Both leaders, or their representatives, now bring the slips to the head table (Teacher) and turn them in. The battle is announced to the class and Serbia, in this case, has the chance to pull in alliances to help defend them. The only troops that can make it to the battle have to be within one zone of movement or they cannot participate. Once this has been decided, the teacher drags the armies into Serbia and double clicks on the Serbian region. The battle is automatically calculated, a small ball of fire explodes on the map and the defeated armies disappear and the remaining forces of the victors remain. The same process is used until all the alliances armies have been used once, or as much combat as they wish to do. The one constant rule is that you can only use your army once per turn. When everyone in the alliance has finished combat, then they can move any forces that were not used during this turn to get into strategic positions for the Allies turn, which is next.

History Simulation Gaming

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 5

World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire 5 1913

The world is about to break out into a huge world war! The Archduke was murdered and the whole world has their opinion about it. Knowing it was the wrong thing to do, I am in alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany. We have our troops mobilized and are ready to go. Our strategy is mainly to be loyal to our alliance and keep the lines for communication open. We want to help them in any way so that they will help us.

Ottoman Empire 5 1914

Today Bulgaria was attacked by Russia and Serbia. I couldn’t let the Allied Powers gain that country because then there would be no way for me to get to the rest of my alliances. My only choice was to help them defend their territory, so that’s what I did. We sent troops to help them and we won! This was a loss we didn’t want to have to deal with so early in the war, but we made it work. Also by doing this, Bulgaria allied with us and because of that, I had a window in to the rest of the war. After that attack there was kind of a stand-still with the war, everyone focused their energies on strategizing and making a plan for the next year. We were planning on sending Russia to attack Germany the next year.

Ottoman Empire 1915

This was the year, Germany attacked Russia… and took part of it! We thought of this as a great success, but we knew that now our empire would be under attack. We were preparing for a war in our O2, so we moved more troops over there. This also caused the Allied Powers to get a little on edge, so they moved a lot of their troops around in order to have a better chance on attacking in 1916.

Ottoman Empire 1916

As and allied group, we decided to do more movement and not focus on war. We want to be prepared for whatever the Allies are going to throw our way We got attacked by Russia in our O2, even though they had more troops, ours were stronger and we were victorious! However, right after the war was over, we got attacked in our O1 by Great Britain, Italy, and France. This battle was a bigger deal for us, but we still managed to pull through! I was so proud of our troops and how well they fought and worked together. We didn’t completely do it on our own though, Bulgaria came and helped us, repaying the favor from earlier in the war.

Ottoman Empire 1917

This has been a big year for the Central Alliance! We watched as the others in our alliance attacked Serbia and won! We cheered from afar and asked them how else we could help and what else we could/should attack. We watched them fight a big battle in Belgium. It was a close one, but they managed to pull it out. Then, on top of that Germany went into France and took their F1! Their capital! We also supported our alliance in their attack on Montenegro which was a success. And then it was our turn. Along with Bulgaria, we attacked Romania and took control of that country. It was a great way to make the Allied Powers sweat a little.

Ottoman Empire 1918

This year the Central Powers attacked Italy. First we attacked their capital in order to try and take control, but the Allies succeeded in that attack and we lost. But, that didn’t deter us, we then attacked the lower part of Italy and took control. If the war had lasted longer, we may have been able to take control of all of it. The Allies took back Serbia and then we took it back again. We basically allowed the Allies to take back France. We didn’t think it was worth more bloodshed. Also, we were attacked and Great Britain took our capitol. It was a tough loss, but we had no notice of attack before it was too late. The good news is the war is over and the bloodshed is over for everyone.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Italy 3

World War I Simulation

Italy 2 1913

Today is the orientation day for the simulation. I am the foreign minister, which means that I have to communicate and negotiate with other countries. Today as Italy we have made two secret alliances with France and the Ottoman Empire. The objectives that we have to complete so far are on time. My president and I will do everything that it takes to complete all of our objectives. Next year may be a little tricky, but we will make it through. France and I need to make a plan so we can succeed together.

Italy 3 1914

Breaking News! Austria Hungary’s archduke has been murdered! The  Serbian Nationalist group “The Blackhand” is taking credit for the killing of him. War will break out, but no one is sure what exactly will happen because of the allies. What exactly will happen? As Italy our plan is to stay neutral until 1915. We would also like to retain our original territory. We made quite a few alliances today with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Great Britain. We don’t know if we will go with the Central Powers or Allied Powers, because we have to stay neutral until next year.

Italy 3 1915

Today Italy has decided to join the Allied Powers! Even though we have alliances with Germany and Austria-Hungary we are going to start moving in on them so we can gain our territory back from them.

Italy moved into Tyrol of Austria-Hungary. Austria- Hungary lost a good amount of troops. Italy was planning on a good win. We moved 1500 to the zone that we wanted. Austria-Hungary had only 1024 troops in the zone, but they had a slightly better rating than us. We tried very hard, but we ended up losing. We made a good attempt to get our territory back. Thinking back now it wasn’t a very good idea for us to do that. We should’ve waited until we had more troops and we should’ve thought it out a little better. We have allied with Serbia and we are making plans with them to move in on Austria Hungary.

Italy 3 1916

Now is the perfect time for Italy to take our territory back in Austria-Hungary. Austria has tried to attack the Northern Parts of Italy, we have maintained our land, but not by much. Through the president and I working together we have been able to hold onto our territory. This will go towards many objectives that we have to maintain.  We only have a few objectives left to reach. Things are starting to tricky with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Italy and Serbia worked together to take Triste from Austria-Hungary. This was one of our objectives.  We may lose it again, since we do not have the troops to back it up. Germany tried to take Triste back, but it was not successful. They lost, but not by much. Now we just need Tyrol. We have already made an attempt to get this back.

Italy 3 1917

Russia and Great Britain tried to help France get their territory back. Russia and Great Britain took out a good number of Germany’s forces. France still hasn’t gotten their lands back. Germany and Austria Hungary just moved 2000 troops into   Italy. Italy only has 1400 troops. We should have thought this through more. We are not prepared for this at all. Our mistake was moving our 22 troops from Triste to Italy’s capital. We should have just left them because then maybe someone would have helped Italy.

Italy 3 1918

Italy is not fully out of the game. Even thought we lost half of Italy we still have half left. I don’t think anyone is going to bring Italy back. The United States helped take Frances Capitol back. It is the last day of the war and I do not think that anyone will bring Italy back. No one is really able to bring us back. Central Powers just barely won WWI. Italy has a tiny army, but we still have all of our Navy. We were able to attempt and reach all of our objectives. We maintained our original territory up until 1917. We wish that we would planned things out a little better. Overall Italy did pretty good.

World War I Simulation Student Journals: Greece, Serbia Montenegro 2

World War I Simulation

Serbia 2 1913

I feel a war brewing. My enemies, the Austria-Hungarians, might try to start a war with me. I really want to do something that will make them mad, not because I want a war…. I really don’t because I’m so tiny…. but because I like making them mad. First, though, I plan on allying with France, Romania, and Bulgaria because I’m going to need the man power to scare them off from starting a war, and I’m hoping that my neutral pal Bulgaria will let me have an opening to the Aegean Sea so I can get out. If they start a war with me, I’m going to get Russia to help me take over A3 and A2 to they have less territory. I’m calling a meeting with my allies tomorrow to see if they will stand and fight with me, if it comes down to that!

Greece 2 1913

Oh man, I’m go glad that I’m neutral. I think I’ve caught a bad wind coming from Serbia. Jimmy Christmas if they do something so stupid and get taken over, I’m going to laugh from the sidelines. Although, if they start a war, I’m going to get into it hopefully around the end, kind of like a surprise kick in the butt to the war. I’ll ally with some big shots, like Russia, because I’m small and they can seriously kick butt. For right now though, let’s sit back and watch the crazy descend.

Montenegro 2 1913

Dear God, I pray that Serbia, my neighbor, doesn’t deliberately provoke a war with the Austria-Hungarians. I’m so small, they would probably pick on me too. I want to live. Hopefully, if Serbia does get into a war, my allies will protect me. Oh Lord, please let me live. In all Heaven, if Serbia does anything and they get into a war with Austria-Hungary, I’m asking Russia for help.  Let my little country survive!

Serbia 2 1914

OMG!!! The Central Powers are taking over so many countries, I’m really scared that I’m going to get attacked… I have a good army, but it’s small. I’m planning on starting a war with Austria-Hungary because they took part of Russia, and I’m going to help Russia get that back, and I want some of Austria-Hungary. I’m also going to make sure that I’m not being attacked from both ends by Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. I’m hoping that the Ottoman Empire might strike a deal and betray the Central Powers.  Please Jesus help protect me from the Central Powers.

Greece 2 1914

I’m freaking out right now! I think the Ottoman Empire might try to take me over with the help of Bulgaria. If they do, I don’t know if Serbia will help, but no other country is close enough to help. I want to live and not get into the fight right away. I wish I had a navy to kick some sea butt. For right now, I’m just going to watch the battle and prepare when I need to be ready.

Montenegro 2 1914

Really scared right now! Austria-Hungary and Germany are attacking the littlest countries first right now. I’m so small, they could literally probably just come in and take over. I need to get some back up, but I want it from Russia, and they are so far away. I wish I had a navy because I could travel to another country, like Russia or France, and bring reinforcements to my country. Begging God right now that I can live for a little while longer! Wish me luck!!

Serbia 2 1915

I’m so livid. I cannot believe thatAustria-Hungary attacked me three times!! THREE TIMES!!! Freaking out right now because the Central Powers are taking over everything. I’m so going to fight them to get back to allied powers. I really need to get France and Great Britain over to help me fight. Let’s see if they’ll help!

Greece 2 1915

I’m going to die!! I’m going to get taken over!! Austria-Hungary and Germany are closing in on all of the surrounding countries. They took Serbia!! They’ll come for me next; I can just feel it. I hope that if they attack me, I can get Russia to help me fight back, and maybe Italy and France will be willing to help! Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, let’s see who stands with me!

Montenegro 2 1915

I HATE Austria-Hungary and Germany!! They declared war on Serbia THREE TIMES!! I tried to help, but we lost the 3rd time! I’m down to 5 soldiers now. I hope that if I am involved in another battle, someone will come to my rescue. I’m hoping maybe Russia, France, and Italy will help me. I’m so small, and I need to know that they will back me in this war. Frightened Montenegro, signing out…. for now.

Serbia 2 1916

I’m Central Powers now. They used me to attack Greece. Greece is neutral!! I guess there’s nothing I can do about it though. I can only hope that when the United States comes in, they can help get me back.

Greece 2 1916

I’m so angry! I got attacked today and the Central Powers won. They attacked me twice! I was neutral. I didn’t plan on getting into the war until later. UGH!! I so wish the Allies can help me get back my country.

Montenegro 2 1916

I cannot believe those Central Powers… well I guess I kind of can. They attacked my 5 troops twice! I needed Italy the second time, but they didn’t help. I guess all I can do now is wait and watch. Hopefully the Allies will help me get my country back!

Serbia 2 1917

GO ALLIES GO!!!! They took back F3 of France because the United States kicks butt. I hope they sweep through Germany and destroy everything the Central Powers had going for them.

Greece 2 1917

All of the Allies are pretty much piling up in F3 now. I think something is gunna go down soon. I think they’re trying to take back F1 and Belgium. I hope they get everything they want. May the force be with them.

Montenegro 2 1917

OMG!! Germany tried to attack F2 and they lost! YAY!! This war in really fun to watch right now. So many things are happening and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope the Allies destroy everything that Germany and Austria-Hungary had. Let’s see which way the table turns!

Serbia 2 1918

I’m so upset. The Allies tried everything they could to defeat Germany, but they lost. The Central Powers had more territory than the Allies. I wish that Germany wouldn’t have taken over so much with Austria-Hungary. I would have gone in from the bottom instead of the top like they did. I would have taken the smaller countries back first, but it’s too late now. If we have another war, hopefully it will be more in favor of the Allies.

Greece 2 1918

Crying tears of joy and sadness. Tears of joy come from the fact that the Allies took back France and Belgium!! That was very exciting and a great accomplishment. On the other hand, tears of sadness come from the fact that the Allies attacked the Central Powers trying to get me back, but the Allies lost. I was so excited that they might win, but the Central Powers were just too strong!

Montenegro 2 1918

Worst year ever! I cannot believe that the Central Powers won the war! I mean, come on!! The Allies should have won because they were so much better than the Central Powers. Germany was so happy, they were jumping around and yelling…. real mature (NOT)! Oh well, I guess it’s over and done with (JK!)…. Germany better watch their backs and sleep with one eye open… I’m not happy…..

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Italy

World War I Simulation

Italy 2, 1913

While the rest of Europe is beginning to spiral into chaos, I will remain neutral. I have formed a secret alliance with France and Russia. I need to make sure I have backup incase of an attack. Currently I am forming a secret alliance with Germany. In the near future I plan on forming an alliance with Great Britain and Serbia. By forming alliances with countries on both sides, I have proved my neutrality.

Italy 2, 1914

I’m beginning to grow weary of attacks from either side. Luckily, I have secretly allied with both Germany and France. I have faith that my alliances will keep me safe for the rest of the year. In 1915 I will carry out my grand attack on Austria-Hungary with the help of France and Great Britain. I have discovered one of Great Britain’s objectives and I’m using that against them to help me take over Austria-Hungary. I plan on publicly allying with Serbia and Great Britain in 1915. At this point I will have formally joined the allies and I will be able to take back the land that was once mine. I fear that my public alliance with the allies with backfire on me in terms of my alliance with Germany, but after all, this is all in my own self-interest. If I didn’t need the land from Austria-Hungary, I would’ve joined the central powers by now.

Italy 2, 1915

This year I mobilized for war and joined the allies. Unfortunately, this year was rough for the allies. We lost France’s capital along with many small eastern European countries. I lost many troops fighting on the behalf of Montenegro, but I suppose avoiding the loss was worth the fight. I almost lost my own capital to Austria-Hungary, but I was able to successfully fend off their troops. Germany has continued to try and sway me to the central power’s side, but I won’t give. I want to see the allies win, and most of all I want to defeat Austria-Hungary and take back what’s mine. Austria’s declaration of war on me was just the tip of the iceberg. They have no clue what I have in store for them.

Italy 1916

This year was another rough period for the allies, I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to recover from the losses we’ve suffered. Russia has descended into a civil war and despite them putting thousands of troops into war they lost every battle. I’ve gained more troops and am currently more powerful than Austria-Hungary, so it’s only a matter of time before I’m able to take over. I think that they’re going to attack me next year, so Great Britain and I are prepared for battle. The United States will be joining us next year.

Italy 2, 1917

This year was somewhat successful for the allies. I almost took over part of Austria Hungary, but I miscalculated how many troops were surrounding the country and was easily overpowered. Luckily I only lost 500 troops, and can repeat my actions again in the coming year. This year we were able to take back part of France which was a huge relief. I was attacked by the Ottoman Empire in Libya but neither of us were victorious and I maintained my territory. I know for a fact that Austria-Hungary is going to attack me next year and I’m desperately trying to convince the other allies to back me up. Austria currently has me overpowered in that specific region and an attack would be devastating. I have faith that I can defeat them not only when they attack me but when I attack them again. They’re fools for thinking they can defeat me when they’ve already failed. If the allies refuse to back me up I will most likely abandon them. I’ve tried explaining to them just how much they need me, but they don’t seem to understand.

Italy 2, 1918

This year the allies were able to pull together and take back lots of territory. We took back all of France and Belgium. Though the allies still lost, we fought hard. I convinced the United States to take back Belguim by disabling the German troops around Belgium so that there was no way for them to back it up. Despite our loss I think that we fought hard and did all that we could.