Cold War Simulation

Cold War Lesson Student Journal: Turkey

Cold War Lesson

Turkey 4 Orientation

As a part of NATO I hereby announce that I will defend my allies and do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe from soviet aggression. I will also influence my allies to take a safer route in the simulation by not being as aggressive towards the Warsaw Pact so the USSR doesn’t get any ideas to attack. I have a feeling that if we make the right decisions we can convince them to keep the peace so we don’t completely annihilate the human race. I have hope in my group that we won’t get aggressive and promote the use of nuclear weapons.

Turkey 4 Day 1

During the year we had a lot of close calls but we were able to stop any kind of nuclear war but we did find out that Cuba was hiding missiles from the NATO allies. At first we were unsure what to do about this situation but after finding out how deadly this could be for the United States, we agreed it would be best to invade and take over Cuba to stop any aggression towards NATO. Turkey would have been willing to do anything to help take over Cuba but unfortunately we weren’t able to make any moves so we agreed that the US and Great Britain would be able to handle it themselves. They were victorious which was a huge victory for us. It seems like the USSR is mad that we did this but they are definitely taking the peaceful side and don’t want to start a nuclear war yet. Tomorrow we will decide what we want to do but it is still our main goal to stay peaceful with the Warsaw Pact

Turkey 4 Day 2

Today got a little heated between NATO and the USSR but they were able to see that by only reaching Defcon 3 we were preparing ourselves for war but as long as they didn’t make the first move then nothing was going to happen. They seemed to be interested in arming and moving troops into surrounding countries but we weren’t too worried about that because we didn’t want to invade anywhere else. At the end of the day we came to an agreement that we were going to keep the peace and not launch a nuclear attack and the Warsaw Pact also ended up being peaceful. I would say this was a very successful attempt to preventing an all out nuclear attack and we completed all of our objectives. The Cold War is officially over and we as NATO, are very happy with the results.