Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Turkey

Turkey 7, Orientation day

Initial Thoughts: Turkey is going to try and not become a radiation land, as well as keep the allies that I already have

Strategy: Turkey is going to try to stay close to Great Britain, France, and the United States because they are the places that have the nuclear war fare meaning that they are more powerful. The country Turkey is also gonna help anyone out that possibly needs help, so that Turkey can help if something goes wrong in the country. 

Turkey 7, Day 1 

Thoughts: Turkeys thoughts for this 1st day in war is to try to stay alive and to be able to help anyone and everyone out that needs it. 

Strategy:The Soviet Union just announced that people are leaving their country because people are leaving so they are now blocking Berlin making it so no body can leave the Soviet Union . And they just announced that the Soviet union was going to attack us. The United States had 200 troops in Turkey and so did turkey but I just wasn’t enough. The entire Nato group then asked if the country of Turkey would like to go down to DEFCON 4 and we agreed. The country of Turkey now belongs to the Soviet Union and would like to see them fall by the rest of the NATO group. The Nato group then had troops from any and all allies that wanted to send troops over to Eastern Germany to take it over and they were successful. They are now talking over if they want to take over Czechoslovakia or not. The Soviet Union now wants to attack Greece. The country of Turkey’s original plan was to sent 50 of my troops over the Greece so that when Turkey was attacked they would still have troops but sadly troops didn’t get moved and so now Greece is on their own and the Warsaw pact being successful. Now the Soviet Union is decided that they want to keep attacking and wants to take over East Germany with them taking it back and winning. NATO decided that we are mow moving to DEFCON 3. The Warsaw pact decided to go to DEFCON 4, hopefully letting the NATO allies to start winning. Turkey jumped to conclusion the Warsaw now just announced that they moved to DEFCON 3 like us allies. The Soviet Union is now attacking Italy. Sadly they were sucessfull. Now attacking West Germany because they want to destroy any and everything that they can. NATO just announced that we are going to DEFCON 2 and Warsaw announced that they turned Launch On Warning on. 

Turkey 7, Day 2 

Thoughts: Turkey was taken over by the USSR yesterday, so on this next day of war. Turkeys is just going to sit back and observe what the rest of the NATO allies do, and help with anything that the voice of Turkey is able to do.

Strategy: The NATOs today decided that they were going to attack Cuba. We were very successful and now have Cuba in the NATO territories. France just now announced that they wanted to use a nuke to target West Germany and Italy and wiped all the troops out of hose areas. The NATOs are now moving troops to prevent from any attack on them. The Warsaw pact just announced that they too are now at DEFCON 2. France is now moving troops over to Italy to attack them and now we are victories and Italy is ours again. France also moved troops back over to West Germany to take it over, now the NATOs have West Germany back to themselves. The Country of Italy now is i control of the Belgium troops. The USSR just sent a tactical nuclear strike to all the troops in Norway, West Germany, Italy and killed all of our troops on those areas. The United states is now moving troops to Cuba and to France. The United states just moved troops back over to Turkey and Turkey is now apart of the United States. The NATOs also got Greece back. The USSR just nuked all the countries that the NATO just took over. The USSR again just decided that they wanted Turkey back and took Turkey back over. The Warsawpact also just announced that they are going to DEFCON 1 and we announced that we were turning Launch on warning on as well as moved to DEFCON 1. France now just moved 100 denmarch troops over to East Germany and won that battle. The NATO allies are now moving all their troops from the Netherlands to France. The USSR is now tactical nuking East Germany to take it back and they are attacking Denmark. France is now moving 10 troops over to turkey again and sadly we weren’t successful. The NATOs are now deciding that we are now indicating snap code and getting ready to nuclear blast the entire Warsaw pact and they are nuclear blasting us. We are all going to die in less than a minute and that’s that. 

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

Great Britain 8 1938

I believe that tomorrow is going to be the beginning for most countries but also the end for some.  I believe that initially Germany will instantly invade Poland and take as much as they can. My strategy going into the conflict is to use our incredible amount of surplus of resources to both help allies and try to gain new ones. We will use resources to help France  and try to get the U.S. on our side. We are going to use our strong army and amazing navy to both defend and attack countries that defy the allies in the war. We will work to tak out the Nazi and maybe get the help of the Soviet Union.

Great Britain 8 1939

With the start of the war as we guessed Germany instantly took the capital of Poland. Unfortunately we couldn’t do much to help Poland defend them. Initially I decided we needed to push into Norway and cutoff that land from Germany so that they couldn’t push up and attempt to surround us. We also needed to stop the onslaught of Japan pushing west. The only way we can successfully defend is with the help of the Soviet Union and possibly the United States. Our current plan is to do as much as we can to gain the help of the U.S.S.R. and the United States to help defend off the Nazi army.

Great Britain 8 1940

Lots of negotiating is taking place with the start of 1940. Thankfully the Soviets finally joined the allies along with Yugoslavia and Sweden. With an amazing show of France’s defensive strength against a massive Italian army aided by German forces, Italy may be considering flipping sides. I am still working on getting them to flip and I also am working to get Bulgaria and Hungary to see that staying with the axis is hopeless. I believe that the Germans will soon push into France and take as much land as they could.

Great Britain 8 1941

With continuation of negotiation Italy and now Hungary are really thinking about flipping sides. I believe that Japan is soon going to make a big push for the U.S. seeing that they took Hawaii. Allowing the U.S. to mobilize their troops and side with the allies. Our current plan for coming years is to continue reinforcing the two fronts of France to protect from a full scale attack. We also are going to try and utilize our navy forces to bring more and more troops all throughout allied lands. We also hope the Soviets will help push west and slowly weaken the Germans. The next few years will be all about reinforcing as much as possible.

Great Britain 8 1942

Our plans for this year is to take the empty lands and get American forces to France to help against the Nazi army. With lots of strategic moves and help from allies we managed to push into the Netherlands, East Prussia, and we took back Burma from the Japanese. We are constantly moving troops with our navy and we are still working to convince Italy to join the allies. We get closer by the second. We think that if the Soviets push west and France, Great Britain, and the U.S. all push east to weaken Germany we will be set to win the war.

Great Britain 8 1943

1943 was a bit of a slow year on both sides. Our plan going into the year was to build up large numbers of troops to take regions back that we originally lost. Using the U.S. troops we strengthened France’s power and numbers. We have a massive naval fleet constantly moving more and more troops from the United States into France. Japan is still pushing west so we have teamed up with the Soviet Union to build up forces in Iran to hopefully at some point within the next two years push back into China and weaken Japan. Unfortunately convincing Italy to join the allies came to a halt. They weren’t convinced they had a better chance if they flipped over to the allies. As a consequence when they decided they wanted to take French North Africa we stepped in to help a small and outnumbered French army. We defended against the Italians and pushed into Libya and kept pushing our armies east to enforce Iran. Next year we are going to hopefully take back both China and Belgium. We will work to eventually take out the Axis.

Great Britain 8 1944

This year we made our move to Belgium. We have reinforced and we will push back into Belgium. With a fairly easy win our next objective is to build up our armies to defend against any other attacks and we will try to push back into China and face Japan. The United States also took back Hawaii and now with a small naval fleet that includes Dutch, American, and British boats we will try to push back against Japan and take back the lands with a mass of resources by surrounding them. This year was a success for the allies and we have scared the Axis more than ever.

Great Britain 8 1945 

With the end of the war in sight our plan is to make our push for Germany’s capital and we threatened Italy to join the allies with a mass army that would push into the Italian capital. Italy had to make the move to flip sides to ensure their safety. Which allowed us to put all of our attention on Germany. They ended up barely defending their capital even while being outnumbered they survived with almost no troops left. After the loss they pushed east to take as much land as possible from the Soviets and all we could do was reinforce as much as we could. With the end of the war Great Britain had done all that they could to assist the allies with all conflicts. If we had more time I think we could eventually push farther east and use the numbers from the United States to wipe out the Germans. World War II Simulation

WWI: Belgium Student Journal

Belgium 7 1913

Today I got news that the ArchDuke and his wife have been killed! Surbianian Nationalists came in and took them away, we now do not know what will go one from here. We know Austrian Hungaria will not be happy…will this start a war…everyone is on edge. I have formed a secret defensive alliance with France and Great Britain. But on the other hand all of the Central Powers have asked me to have some sort of alliance with them. This is a tricky decision for me because I here either side has a little bit of beef with each other so instead of a defensive one we are thinking of a regular alliance. If someone attacked upon me the Central Powers said they would be there to protect and help me through things. Having both they alliances

Belgium 8 1914

Today I had some very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies. I am getting some great information from the Central Powers and having great discussion with Germany to make sure their troops do not get into my territory and hope France does not get attacked due to the secret defensive alley they would find out I was really with them the whole time while I just wanted information from the Central Powers. During the wars between the Central Powers and the Allies I have been able to stay neutral through it all and help France and Great Britain with some strategizing skills due to what I found out from the Central Powers. 

Belgium 9 1915

Today I had some more very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies again. Lots of war is happening and I had the option to join either the Allies or Central Powers, I did neither. I am still neutral at this point but am expecting France to come through my land the next year or sometime soon to try and take over the Central Powers and have troops ready to go just in case of any surprise attacks. Doing this I am honoring my secret alliance with them and this also means Germany can’t set up troops in my land which is also another objective. I’m hoping my land can stay neutral but if not at least help out the Allies and let them set up troops in my land before Central Powers are able to.

Belgium 10 1916

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries again. On the other hand I let France and Great Britain put up troops in my territory. This means I met my objective very well having them there because then they can easily defend my territory.  I then let Portugal come into my territory too. Now that they are there the Central Powers know something up with me and some of the Allies but I did cover it up pretty well and said I didn’t know they were going to do that and what was happening so I could keep getting information from them. Today was the first time the Central Powers threatened to come through Belgium territory after being upset they couldn’t set troops up in my territory. I had to talk to them for a while and finally convinced them not to come through and that I’m trying to stay neutral for as long as I can. By doing this I was following my objective and everything was going as planned. 

Belgium 11 1917

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries once again. The USA finally got involved in the war and moved to the Allies side. Hearing this was a good thing because until they switched I got some inside information from the USA about what they were planning on and how we were on the same page with the Allies. Today was yet again quite a stressful day due to Germany being very difficult to deal with and afraid they will invade Belgium to try to get to France’s land. Hearing this I told the Allied Powers right away to be prepared for this within the next year or even a surprise attack having it maybe happening, so they did move some troops around.Talking to them we had a game plan if Germany did invade I would join the Allies and help fight.

Belgium 12 1918

Today Germany declared war in Belgium, so I had a big decision to make. Will I ally with the Central Powers or the Allies? I chose the Allies. From there France, Portugal, Great Britain, the USA, and I (Belgium) sent our troops in and won the battle in Belgium taking out quite a bit of German troops. But planning all this and how we were going to defend took some thinking on our part because we could not lose Belgium, doing that the Germans would have taken over France very easily from there. We knew that the US and I had the best forces and me not having much. I had them all there while the US moved quite a bit of money into Belgium as well. Great Britain also brought about 4000 of their troops to help out and more from France and Portugal came along to help because we all knew the seriousness of the situation. After taking victory we all had a great relief that we had finally won!! From there I helped the Allies with some plans and helped France take over G2 with strategies. As the final day of war I am proud that I met all of my objectives. While staying neutral through it all besides the last day was very difficult but I had my secret alley with the Allies but also stayed civil with the Central Powers telling them I am staying out of it. Being able to accomplish my objective of Germany not being able to move their troops into my land and being able to defend it was great and also having the French and Great Britains defending me too was great. Not only that but I was also able to defend my territory and keep it and not let it be taken over by the Central Powers.