Cold War Simulation

Nuclear War Lesson Plan Student Journal: China

Nuclear War Lesson Plan


China – 2 – Pre-Simulation

I am going to try and get my objectives as soon as possible. I know that I need to work the Soviets so that they think I am working with them, but really I am working with the Americans to help them. I am going to be a spy for them, as long as they let me. I want to make it seem like I am completely on board with the Soviets and their whole team. I am not sure what I would do if I let it slip, or they find out, that I am really working with the Americans. I am in communication with the Americans right now, I need the trust of the Soviets and everyone else to make sure that this can work the right way.  

China – 2 – Day 1

I am in good communication with the Americans and their troops. Cuba got taken over by the NATO. I am not sure what my team (America) is going to do. The Soviets are talking about taking over Turkey, Greece, and Albania. Both sides are talking about nuking the other side, I am not sure who is going to strike first and what the outcome of that would be. It is stressful to not know what is going to happen. I think that the Soviets are going to fire first and the Americans should be prepared to get hit and they need to be ready to hit them back. I am getting all of the information from the Soviets and that side of the room and letting the Americans know what is going on and letting them know all of the talk. I think that it is important to tell them so that they can trust me and we can continue to work together. 

China – 2 – Day 2

I am unsure of what to think today. Both sides are on a “Launch on Warning”. No one wants to do anything because they don’t really want a nuclear war and kill everyone. The NATO moved to DCON 2 today, but their plan is not known yet. The talk on the Warsaw side is to come into China before they nuke. China is in a safe spot right now, I am working with both sides. The Soviet Union thinks that I am working with them, but I am still working with America and telling them the plan. I think I have the trust of both sides. I am really hoping that no one starts with their nukes, that would be the worst case scenario possible. I need the Soviet Union to share their nuclear technology with me. The Soviet Union called war, they started the nuclear war. The NATO then had a launch on warning and attacked back, almost everyone died. China would be safe, nothing happened.