WWII Simulation Student Journal: France

Me or I = the French or France WWII Simulation

France 4 1939 – The war in Asia had gotten worse for China, France, and Great Britain because China, France, and Great Britain lost a lot of troops. China also lost a lot of territory due to the Japanese invading and having many victories.France is the country that is protecting the British rubber that had originally been in Burma. Great Britain was going to try to send France some rubber and oil but the Japanese invaded Burma before Great Britain was able to get it sent to France.

France 4 1940 – Great Britain and I have moved our ships to the West Mediterranean Sea Zone so we can then attack the Italian navy. Great Britain and I attacked Libya and that was a successful mission. The naval mission against the Italian Navy was a success now the Germans and the Italians do not have a navy that they could use to move troops. Now that the Italians don’t have a navy they can’t help any of the Axis powers move troops across any of the oceans. 

Franc3 4 1941 – France put soldiers into Yugoslavia to try to help protect them from the Axis powers but that was an unsuccessful battel, and the Axis powers took control of Yugoslavia. The French soldiers are terrified because of the German forces that are in Belgium. The Germans have put more troops into Belgium, I am assuming that they are going to try and attack the French. The German Forces haven’t moved from Belgium to attack France, so now French Soldiers are starting to think that the Germans are waiting for me to attack them.

France 4 1942 – The Germans are still in Belgium, I am still thinking that they are waiting for me to attack before they will do anything. I am going to try to stall to allow more Allied Forces to help in France with fighting against the German Army. Great Britain is taking over Ireland. Germany finally attacked and we lost to them, now Italy is going to attack so hopefully we can beat them to keep more of France alive. The French soldiers killed all of the invading Italians. France is still alive.

France 4 1943 – My army only has 298 soldiers left. Hopefully, Germany and Italy don’t attack until I can get more troops from Great Britain. Now I only have 4 French soldiers that are alive, and they are in Africa, but the French Navy is alive. I am allowing the British and the Americans to use my navy for whatever they need to use it for. The reason why France lost so many soldiers is that Italy and Germany tried to invade France, but only Germany was able to defeat the French Army. The Axis powers also were able to gain complete control of France. The 4 remaining French soldiers and the British troops that are in Libya have to move to the French North Africa zone to protect it from the Japanese who are trying to invade and conqurer French North Africa. That battle was a success for the British troops and my 1 French soldier that is still alive.

France 4 1944 – The Allies that still have troop are still using the Frenchg ships to use in battles or to use as transportation.The Americans and the British were victorious in Norway. The Japanese invaded Hawaii, but the Americans weren’t able to stop the Japanese from winning that battle for control of Hawaii. The Japanese want to keep control on Hawaii so that way they can then have a chance to attack the Western United States and Alaska.Great Britain and the Americans sank all of Japan’s Navy. 

France 4 1945 – The French Navy is still being used by the rest of the Allies. The Americans retook Hawaii from Japan. The Axis powers don’t have any navies, so the only way that they can attack is on land. Great Britain and the United States. The Axis powers are doing a lot of movement with their troops. The Allies went to attack the Germans and the Italians that were in France, and the Allies were victorious. France now has at least a little bit of hope that the Allies will help get back a lot of French territories. The Allies also are invading Sweden and Finland. Both of those battles were victorious for the Allies. The Allies were not able to win the war. One of the main reasons is that the USSR joined the Axis powers in the middle years of the war.

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Germany

Germany 4 1913 WWI Simulation

Serbia has gained more territory during the Balkan wars, which is threatening Austro-Hungarian supremacy. This is terrible, as we have an alliance with Austria-Hungary. I’m not looking for war, but we might be pulled into one. Additionally, Russia and France have formed an alliance, no doubt against us. If things keep going down this path, the next few years are going to be very tough. 

Germany 4 1914 

This is war, and it’s about to get ugly. If we don’t hit the Russians hard, they might be our biggest threat. I want to move some troops into their territory, as well as some of Austria’s. They are our biggest ally, and if we want to win this war, we have to work together. I just hope Russia doesn’t send in more troops, because I don’t want to start this war with a loss. Actually, nevermind. No matter what happens, Russia will not get the last laugh. If they beat us, I’ll send more troops. I’ll keep sending troops until that territory is mine!

Germany 4 1915 

Bulgaria has joined the Central Powers. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about their decision, so I’m glad they partnered with the right side. With their help, we might be able to protect the Ottoman Empire from the Russian’s. They might also help in taking over Serbia and Montenegro. I hope the Ottomans attack Egypt. It’d be an easy win for them and a way to boost troop morale. Additionally, it would get some troops away from Russia, in case they try something. I just hope they stay away from Libya.  I really want Italy to join us, but Libya is their territory and attacking them would throw any chance of that out the window. I don’t think I’ll attack anyone this year. It would be suicide to move deeper into Russia, and I don’t want to force Belgium to let us through. We’re kind of stuck right now. I want to do something with our Navy, but we’re surrounded by Allies. Luckily we have U-Boats, and I feel like sinking some ships. Speaking of which, our U-Boats sank a British ocean liner carrying 170 tons of war mution for Britain. While I don’t feel good about killing over 1,000 civilians, I’d rather it be them than us. I just hope that the United States doesn’t join this war. The last thing Germany needs is another country to worry about fighting. 

Germany 4 1916

We ended 1915 with a few losses. The Ottomans, Bulgarians, and Austrians were all defeated in various battles, Italy and Romania joined the Allies, our Navy was obliterated, and Serbia is stronger than ever. The Allies now have the momentum and I can feel my confidence slipping away. If 1916 doesn’t go well for us, we might as well surrender. I have a feeling Russia is going to attack the Ottomans. Their troops significantly outnumber them. If we lose the Ottomans, this war is over. However, if Russia does push the Ottoman Empire, that will move troops out of Russia and allow us to attack. Either way, the Russian’s are going down. 

Germany 4 1917

Just like I had predicted, Russia collapsed. The only sad part was that it was from a Civil War. I would have prefered to take them by force, but a win is a win so I can’t complain. Especially since now we only have to worry about the West. Before it felt like we were being sandwiched. Due to this, I think we can move back and keep France, Great Britain, and the United States in line. This year, there are only a few things I want to do. First, I want the Central Powers to take Romania. We’ve tried negotiating, but they haven’t budged and leave us no choice. After we take Romania, I want Serbia and Montenegro. It’d also be nice to take Italy but I think there’s a chance that they jump ship and join us, so it’s best to hold off for now. 

Germany 4 1918

The end is near, I can feel it. The Allies have been piling troops into Belgium, and I know they’re going to attack. The good news is that I think we can take them. After Belgium is cleared out, I want to send every last soldier we have into France. I know it’s probably pointless and the chances of us winning are slim, but I don’t care. I want the Alsace and Lorraine provinces back, no matter the cost. Regardless of what happens, the Central Powers have won this war. The remaining Ottomans and Austrians are taking back the Ottoman Empire and Montenegro as we speak. Additionally, Austria-Hungary is in a position to take Northern Italy. I can’t believe the Allies thought they could take us!