American Revolution Lesson Plan

     I am excited to announce the release of a new simulation over the American Revolution. When I asked my customers what I should create next, for simulations, the majority wanted an American Revolution Lesson Plan.

     I’m always concentrating on why certain events happened in history and that’s why I started with the European Enlightenment.  The influence of Locke and Rousseau on

American Revolution Lesson Plan
Mr. Harms American Revolution Simulation

the founding fathers of our country, I felt had to be the place to start. So the first piece of the puzzle was creating a powerpoint over the enlightenment. I felt that teachers would be able to customize this presentation or use it in pieces to help students understand where these ideas came from.

    The second piece was a presentation over the American Revolution itself.  Again, I thought the teacher could use this presentation in pieces- customizing it to work best for their students.  This presentation concentrates more on the revolution and the outcome rather than a big montage on battles. A few key battles are mentioned but most of the content is on how the war got started.

    The Revolutionary War, as far as the military side of it is concerned, is a difficult task to try and simulate.  Some of the key concepts are: The Continental Army and the Militias could not consistently face the British Regulars and win battles.  Both had to be very mobile and use innovative tactics to keep the British from destroying whole armies- that is why The Continental Army, Militias and the Royalists have two zone movements compared to one zone for the British and even French armies when they enter the war.  The ratings are not in favor of the Americans-which also creates difficulty. The wilderness areas are off limits to battles so that the Continental Armies have a way to escape and out maneuver the British. There are no Naval battles, because the students would just destroy the continental Navy in our gaming scenario.  I also added the ability for armies to ambush each other. In this scenario, armies can exact a significant blow and retreat out of there quickly.

    Between the end of August and December, 9 teachers will be using the simulation in their classroom.  This simulation will not have an online component, at this time. The Simulation consists of Word and Excel documents that require Office 2016 or newer to function correctly.  Visit our website and check it out: