Cold War Simulation

Cold War Simulation Student Journal: Czechoslovakia

Cold War Simulation

Czechoslovakia, 2, Pre – WAR

The tension between countries has grown extremely large. With the anticipation of war, and of bombings, the world is on the brink of collapse. Since the United States bombed Hiroshima nothing has been the same. There is always a lingering of war, and a wide spread fear of a nuclear attack. As a member of the Warsaw Pact we know we have are a threat to NATO. We have the weapons that could destroy our planet… and they do too. As the leader of Czechoslovakia I have one goal, to follow the leadership of the Soviet Union. Should we rebel we will be ended. I do not support the use of nuclear weapons, but in the name of peace they should be used. 

Czechoslovakia, 2, Day One

I urged the member of the Warsaw Pact to strive for peace. However, today one thousand Soviet troops marched on Turkey. I claim to support these actions because there is nothing I can do to prevent them. The plan did make sense to me. The armies would try to take control of NATO’s missile silos, and if they could, maybe we can avoid the blood mess I fear will come. There where no survivors from the Soviet Union. The Soviets are furious and I know that their hostility will turn to a much larger scale of war. 

Czechoslovakia,2, Day Two

Messages are flying back and fourth between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The threat of nuclear destruction is here. Our forces reached defcon one and in an attempt to save themselves NATO forces have indicated “Launch on Warning.” I can not believe the state we have reached. Could this really be the end? My people have no side root for, nowhere to run. With the flick of a switch and the turn of a key they could all be dead. 

Forces in West Germany are refusing to leave and the Soviets have grown tired of playing games. Their leader has begun begging the leaders to attack with full forces of nuclear weapons. I cannot believe the willingness of these leaders to strike first, to be the cause of such great destruction. Surely no person will survive an attack of this level, or the radiation to fallow. However, I know I must fallow the lead of my Soviet alliances, and that missiles will fly across Europe, Czechoslovakia, and none will survive.

I have given my trust to the Soviets, not knowing what else to do, and I feel today will be the day we all die…