Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Italy

Italy 7 Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: This war is going to be super crazy. Everyone knows that this war would mean the end of the world. If nuclear bombs are released then the world would break off into a bunch of losses. Many people won’t survive. Many countries will be destroyed. Nuclear bombs are very terrible in the fact that they would mean the destruction of everything. 

Strategy: My country and allies are going to keep up the defensive act as much as possible. We are making every decision together and are keeping up the defense. 

Italy 7 Day 1:

Thoughts: The Warsaw pact attacked Turkey. NATO asked our ally Greece if they could help Turkey in the fight to save their country. Greece’s leader declined to help. This means that Turkey was taken over and now the country is under the control of the Warsaw pact.  NATO has made the decision to attack Eastern Germany after their declaration of the Berlin Wall. NATO was victorious and took over the communist controlled East Germany. I let France move their troops into Italy so that together we can attack Yugoslavia. We decided against that choice because of the fact that the Warsaw pact was taking over Yugoslavia. The Warsaw pact attacked the people in East Germany again. With this fight Eastern Germany was taken back from the Warsaw pact. Portugal’s troops moved over to my country and are able to help fight. The Warsaw pact attacked my country Italy. France and Portugal troops that were in my country were not enough to save my country. Italy was taken over. West Germany was attacked and taken over from the Warsaw pact. 

Strategy: My country Italy is going to work on helping my Allies defend and take over countries. I am going to work with the United States to fight the communist party’s so that we can get rid of as many communist parties as we can. We started with one of the biggest communist controlled countries in the world, East Germany. I am going to let any troops that I need in my country in. We all made the decision to move up a DEFCON making NATO into DEFCON 3. The Warsaw pact followed this with moving up DEFCON 3 as well. 

Italy 7 Day 2:

Thoughts: NATO decided to start this year off with the attack on Cuba. This was a victory for NATO. NATO needs to fight back to gain more land back and take out Warsaw’s troops. NATO wants to gain back my country of Italy to stop communism from spreading. NATO also wants to get back West Germany. After our bombing from last year we gained both countries back. The USSR is moving their troops into their Warsaw Pact allie’s countries. The war is about to get really serious and way more dangerous. After the events of last year when NATO decided to move up a DEFCON which put us at 2. The Warsaw Pact decided to move up their DEFCON to a 2 as well. The Warsaw Pact bombed West Germany, Italy, and Norway. Norway was taken over by the Warsaw Pact. Italy has been bombed so many times, I am not sure what will be left of my people. NATO  is now trying to go along with their plan and gaining back our old territories. They started with Turkey and then gained back Greece afterwards. The Warsaw Pact attacked Turkey again to take it back from NATO. The Warsaw Pact moved to DEFCON 1 and in retaliation NATO also moved to DEFCON 1. NATO decided together to attack East Germany. Eventually East Germany was taken over. In retaliation East Germany was bombed from the Warsaw Pact. The Warsaw Pact wanted East Germany back so they attacked it again and got it back. France talked to us and we all decided that France should move their troops over to the Netherlands. The Warsaw Pact launched their nuclear bombs so our nuclear bombs were set off.  By the bombs being unleashed, it caused the end of the world and no one survived. 

Strategy: In order to try and get our land back and attack Warsaw’s troops, we have decided to use France’s tactical bombs in order to take out the troops in both West Germany and Italy. NATO is working on reinforcing some of our countries. Troops are moving everywhere. NATO is preparing for a huge attack on the Warsaw Pact. NATO plans to take over the USSR since their troops are out of their main land. We need to get our territory back and gain some more so we are launching many attacks on East Germany.

WWI France Student Journal

Period 2 


The Archduke of Austria-Hungary is dead! Serbia has taken responsibility for the killing of the Archduke. War is upon us, and I’m on the side of the Allies. I am guessing that Austria-Hungary is going to declare war with Serbia. Although I am not a direct ally of Serbia, Russia is. Since I am an ally of Russia and a part of the Allied Powers, I am planning on helping Serbia and possibly becoming allies with them. The Allied powers and I also discussed on taking over the Dardanelles Strait. This is so Russia can keep up with getting weapons and the Allied Powers can survive! I am also strategizing on how I’m going to take back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany … I might wait awhile until Germany moves away from G2 … 


Austria-Hungary has mobilized their troops and declared war against Serbia! After both speeches from Austria-Hungary and Serbia, I think things are not going to go down peacefully. Yet, no one is going down without a fight! Although I am not a direct ally with Serbia, I am going to help them as much as I can. This year the Central Powers attacked a lot of the Allied Powers’ territory. They won a battle against Russia, but lost a battle against Great Britain’s Navy fleet. Nothing towards Serbia yet, and they haven’t come towards France yet, so I am not too worried right now. However, since my allies are being threatened I am going to send some troops over to help. We are also planning on taking over the Dardanelles Strait, hoping that it will increase rank for the Allied Powers’ in battle. I feel a lot of destruction is ahead … and I don’t think any country is ready for it.


This was a crazy, confusing, and scary year. Lots of battles took place, lots of countries joined the Allied Powers, and lots of territory was unfortunately lost. One good thing is that Great Britain took out all of Germany’s Navy. We tried to send troops over to the Ottoman Empire, waiting for the perfect time to attack them when they were weak and take over the Dardanelles Strait. This plan had to be put to rest when both Germany and the Austria-Hungary empires were attacking countries that I had allied with secretly. I wanted to defend that alliance, so I had to retreat from where I was waiting and go help them out. Still, no one has come towards France, and I’m starting to think that the waiting game isn’t going to work out. I think that the rest of the Allied Powers and I need to start putting pressure on the Central Powers. Next year I’m hoping to be making some big moves. 


Like I said, putting pressure on the Central Powers is going to work. This year, we started getting offensive rather than defensive. Even though we lost most of our battles, we got the Central powers to start moving closer to France and away from Russia. This will help us in a bigger picture because now Russia can start to get some of its territory back with less German troops there ready to fight. I have been trying to take back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany, but every time I send troops over that way I get defeated. However, this may not be the WORST thing, because at least I am hurting the Central Powers numbers in the end game. Great Britain and I have really been working together to get more troops over to France. With this, we can have more numbers stacked up to go against the Central Powers. I pray that this is going to work, we are going to keep putting pressure on them and going at them to create a two-front war. 


USA is in the mix! Thank God they joined our side and are going to help us take the Central Powers. Great Britain and I are taking as many US troops to France as we can. Germany and Austria-Hungary are still moving closer to France and have even attacked us on our own front. Obviously, this isn’t GREAT. However, if we are thinking BIG PICTURE, Russia has a good chance to start gaining territory back. I have Great Britain, the US, and myself fighting for France territory. So far, we haven’t gotten anything taken from France. We NEED new troops. Good thing we will get more in the draft next year… Overall, both sides took some big hits this year, hopefully next year will be the end.


A LOT of crap happened this year. We lost Russia… sadly. They are now in a Civil War. However, we did all we could to help Russia and honor the alliance. Our big victories of the year were defeating the German troops which were attacking Belgium. We all gathered as many allies and troop we could (France, Great Britain, America, Belgium, France, and even Portugal!) and we came out victorious! We also FINALLY took back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany, and it felt so good. Although we lost Russia, and lost some ally territory, France stayed strong and didn’t lose anything! (other than some troops, of course) I think that this war was a victory for the allies, and hopefully the central powers won’t mess with us anymore…