Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, United States

United States 7 Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: My initial thoughts about the Cold War was that everything seemed a little confusing. I didn’t fully understand how all of the Defcon levels worked and what they meant, and the nuclear weapons freaked me out a bit. Knowing that both sides have the power to launch these weapons at any time, really puts the pressure on to win the war. 

Strategy: My strategy going into this war was to try and defend my country, and my allies as much as possible. I wanted to work very closely with my allies, and make plans to not let the Warsaw Pact completely take over the world. As a group, we didn’t want to attack so harshly right from the get go. Test the waters here and there to see how the other side would react.

United States 7 Day 1:


The war has just started. But neither side truly knows what to do. Do we go out guns ablazing right away? Do we test the waters and see how the other side reacts to what we do? No one really knows where to start. A declaration from the Soviets set the tone for Day 1. Right from the get go, there was tension between the two sides. No one wanted to upset the other, but both groups wanted to win. Both sides started out with small battles here and there. The Warsaw Pact attacked some of our land, we battled some of theirs, we just went back and forth a lot of the time. The war was pretty slow moving. Not a lot of serious action was going on. This was nothing like the other wars we’ve been through. I was kind of waiting to see which side takes it all the way to the extreme first. Was Day 1 going to be an all nuclear war battle? Or are we slowly working our way there? We got our answer by the end of the day. As both sides moved to Defcon 2, the war was getting more serious. Bigger and more important battles started happening, tensions were raised even higher, and no one was going to let up. 


Our strategy for the first day was to test the waters a little bit. See how the other side would react to what we do. We started small with little battles. Taking over small countries that didn’t really have a huge impact on the war. We did this because a majority of these countries had no ruler, so we could send in a smaller amount of our troops, and take control without losing many soldiers. We, as NATO, also wanted to move up in Defcon levels at a slow rate. We did this because we didn’t want to jump in the deep end right away. By taking our time with the different levels, it allowed us to plan out more ways to win. We also decided that we all needed to help each other in order for us to win. We all decided to share our troops and weapons, and help out in any way that we can for one another. By doing this, we created cohesion with our group, which made decision making go a lot smoother than the other side.

United States 7 Day 2:


Today is the day, I can feel it. Someone will win the war, and that someone is NATO. Everything should work in our favor today. Nothing will stop us from claiming victory in this war. It’s about time this all comes to an end. First order of business is to take over Cuba. This is extremely vital for us if we want to win. With a secret nuclear missile base in their land, we need to take it over. And we did. The victory was so easy, it was almost sad to watch. But I don’t care, Cuba is mine, and that’s all that matters to me. 🙂 Besides this, not very much occurred. Very few wars or battles took place, and little movement occurred. But once the Warsaw Pact leveled up to Defcon 1, things took a turn. We moved up with them, and activated our Launch-On-Warning. You’d think with all the suspense and tension throughout this war, there would be a big fight to the death to declare a winner. But it was nothing like that. Once both sides activated their missiles, the countdown was on to see who would make it through… There was no one. No one came out on the other end. Everything and everyone was destroyed. Just like that, the whole world came crumbling down. 


So many things have to work in our favor today if we want to win. First up, we need to take over Cuba. They have a secret nuclear missile base in their country. If that falls into the wrong hands, it will be over for the United States. Like on Day 1, we were still testing to see how the other side would react to what we did. But apparently they had the same idea. Very few battles occurred. It got to the point where we were thinking of either calling truce, or possibly nuking all of the USSR. I mean, that’s how slow going things were. But the Warsaw Pact moved to Defcon 1, and so did we. We wanted to be on the same level as them throughout the whole war. We didn’t want to be perceived as weak, or incapable of war. Once we both launched out missiles, we just had to wait and see what would happen.

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria



Hungary has an alliance with Germany however we do not wish to be a part of the fighting. We will do our best to stay neutral until it is necessary to aid our allies.


Rumania pledges its allegiance to Germany and its allies. We will do everything in our power to assist Germany. We would give our lives for her. This truly is going to be a war for vengeance. We as a people and as a country cannot wait for the fighting to begin.


Bulgaria wishes to remain neutral, we do not wish to partake in the fighting in Europe. We are too weak to fight anyone on our own and it could lead to our destruction. We will play conservatively and will not join the fighting right away if possible



We are watching as the Russians invade Rumania there is nothing we can do but sit by and watch. We do not wish to fall to the wrath of the allies or the Russians. So long to our friends and allies the Rumanians. We will remember them in the future 


The Russians have invaded. There is nothing we can do. We have done everything possible to defend but they have reached the capitol with over 1000 troops. We did everything we could to defend the Germans and to help our allies but with them being so far away we could not be defended. Our country has fallen and is under Russain control. 


We are Attacked! We have been attacked by the Russians just like the Rumanians. However we fared much better. We must declare our allegiance to the Axis if we hope to survive another attack. We feel awful for not being able to help defend our neighboring country. The hope is that we can regain the territory for ourselves and our allies.



We still do not believe that there is a warrant for us to join any side at the moment. Germany is not in need of our support and we have not been attacked. For now we release our resources to Germany and her allies. This war seems to have no end in Sight. Truly a miserable war.


We have been reinforced by Germany. We Plan to play defensively as long as possible in hopes of keeping our country alive. There is little hope in an offensive attack so for now we wait for our time to strike. We have not forgotten the attack by Russia. It is still fresh in our minds.



We have declared our allegiance with Germany and plan to fight for the recovery of Rumania from the Russians. The fight will be legendary and there is no way we can lose. The Hungarians with the Germans will be unstoppable. We will also call upon the assistance of the Bulgarian government to aid us with troops as well. Victory for Hungary! The Japanese have attacked the United States and they have joined the war on the side of the Allies. I doubt it will have any affect on us in the Balkans!


We are fighting along side the axis on the front lines, I never thought our troops would be pushing into enemy territory. We want to stick it to the Russians for attacking us in 1939 and with this victory we will do just that. Also conquering Rumania back will give us the resources we need to fuel our armies! Yugoslavia is on our radar for capture and with this upgrade to our army will conquer it.



We called upon our Allies in Italy to help with the conquer of yugoslovia but received no answer. They were much to busy with the take over of Greece and Albania. We failed our invasion. We will regroup and with help hope to retake Yugoslavia.


Hungary and us pushed into Yugoslavia with 500 strong but we were barely overpowered. If the italians had not been busy in the lower balkans we would have received more help and victory would have been achievable. However we believe if we are to strike once more the balkans will be completely under the control of the Axis powers.



Our second strike to yugoslavia has conquered the lands. We are victorious. I knew with the help of the Italians we could conquer that land and keep it for ourselves. The Italians had been attacked in Africa and lost some territory and asked if we would be willing to lend assistance in the future. Which we begrudgingly agreed to do so. With so few troops left in our territories however I don’t see how we could be much help.


We took Yugoslavia as planned. It was a victory our troops needed, with this moral boost we offered to retake Africa with Italy. They lost the territory and we planned to retake it for them. With Yugoslavia under our belt we now owned territories we hadn’t previously dreamed of. Things look prosperous from here. Word is the Japanese are taking losses in the Eastern front. We need their resources for our armies, best of luck to them!



We are just waiting for someone to strike, the Italians have called off the invasion of Egypt for another year at least. The allies are not advancing and neither are the Axis. For now we wait in hopes to crush the allies.


Waiting is all we have been doing. The allies are no longer attacking, I wonder what they are plotting… It could be anything, I’ve warned Italy of an Impending attack from the forces in France. They seem very worried and so am I. If their border falls it could mean the End for Germany.



Finally the advancements we have been waiting for. The sheer number of invasions can only mean we are winning. The Germans with our assistance took Ukraine from Russia. We also assisted the Italians with the taking of Egypt in Africa however our troops are beat and need a break. We watched from the sidelines as our allies took Finland, Norway, Northern Russia, & Belarus. Then it happened. The Germans abandoned us and the Italians. This pushed the Italians to the edge and they switched sides! We had no choice but to do the same to protect our country. The allies took Austria and with no way to get reinforcements we had to switch. With over 1000 troops on our borders it was the best course of action.


War takes place across all of Europe. Many countries fell to the might of the Germans. We assisted in the fall of Ukraine and Egypt on our own home fronts. Much of Russia began to fall as well. Germany was unstoppable they took lots of land and kept advancing! Then out of nowhere, Italy and Hungary Switched Sides! Then the Allies make a massive push into the heart of Germany! The Germans fended off an Invasion of 5000 troops! Truly remarkable, and right after they marched into Moscow! With the stronghold that is Japan, which still contained a large number of troops who can push from behind, this can only mean the absolute fall of Russia. Victory is ours! With Russia out of the picture it can only mean the fall of the Allies soon after. WW2 will soon come to an end. World War II Simulation

WWI: Ottoman Empire Student Journal

WWI Daily Journal 

Ottoman Empire 2 1913

There has been no sign of war for the past couple of years. There has now been a word going around about the assasination of the Archduke. If these rumors came out to be true, what would that leave my allies to do? What will Austria Hungary do? If they get involved in war that means we will too. We are their allies. We told them that if they were involved in war, we would help them. If all the central powers mobilize and get in this war, who knows what will happen to all the other countries in between. We need to get as many of the neutral countries on our side. It will make our job so much easier. If we get in this war, we are going to win. We will defeat our enemies. Tomorrow, there is a press conference and we will see if we are getting into this war or not. We will see who mobilizes and who doesn’t. Just hope you know that if one of the Central Powers mobilizes, you get the whole team. This Means War!

Ottoman Empire 2 1914

So we decided to mobilize. All thanks to the Serbians. Austria-Hungary, our allies, had declared war on Serbia for what they did to the Archduke. If Serbia wants war, we will give it to them. Us as the Central Powers will take over the whole land of Europe and take every country one by one. We have the army to take down anyone. The Ottoman Empire as well as Austria Hungary don’t have any Navy while Germany has 1,000 boats and submarines. Even though the Central powers have a small navy but we don’t need a navy to win. We have troops and you (Allies) don’t. Have fun losing. What are the allies alliance members going to do about it? What will the neutrals do? Are they going to come in and save the day? We will most certainly take them down as well. Allies, you better watch your back! Not only you Allies, but Serbia, you are next. You are our first target!

Ottoman Empire 2 1915

Not only did our armies win wars, but we took down as many men of the allies as possible. The battles that we lost, we weakened the allies armies so that we will beat you the next time. We have a new army that will be better than yours. I will take my land from the Blakans. Once we do this, The Ottoman Empire will be more as powerful as they once were. Once we take back the Balkans, we will have all of our original territory. We already took Crimea back from Russia. Once we get the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire will be bigger and more powerful than it once was. We will take Northern Africa and Russia. I will continue to attack France and Italy. Russia is slowly weakening and is going to fall in a couple of years. The Central Powers will then have that territory as well. Russia and France, we are coming for you and you have nothing to do against it! 

Ottoman Empire 2 1916

Our empire is growing slowly. We took back the Balkan states because our army was more powerful than their weak troops. Russia is going to be our next target because their army is really weak. I keep building up my troops and Germany keeps building up their troops. We are going to take Russia by attacking from both sides. This is the same strategy that France and Russia had on Germany. Obviously that didn’t work. We have lost some land due to the lack of troops and the Allies having so many countries and troops. Don’t worry, we will still take back the land that we just lost. We didn’t have to lose any troops getting the land, but you did. Great job Great Britain! Way to waste your men for nothing. Are we gonna win the war? At the moment, I have no clue. We looked like we had a clear path towards victory, but the allies navy just kept bringing in troops. We are going to win this war! I would be scared if I were you Russia, you are next!

Ottoman Empire 2 1917

We are slowly attacking France and wasting the troops of France, USA, and Great Britain. All of the neutral countries have joined the allies in war so it is making us as the Central Powers look even greater than we are. Our troops are bigger and better than everyone else’s. We are planning on slowly attacking France so that we can get their capital and we will also start to slowly move into Russia and take their capital as well. Once we take over Russia, it will allow us to focus more on France. It will allow us to send more and more powerful troops into France to defeat them. Will we lose some of our men in the battle? 100% we will, but we will still be victorious at the end of the day. I just hope the Allies realize that they aren’t as good as us. I hope that the Allies realize that even if we don’t have boats, we can still be as powerful on land. 

Ottoman Empire 2 1918

With war coming to an end, we wanted to make one final push towards victory. Even though there was no clear winner to this war, we tore apart the allies land. We took huge chunks out of the allies troops as well. If the war kept going, the Central Powers were going to take over all of France because that was all that was left. We were going to win this war. We would have taken our troops from the Ottoman Empire and brought them through the Suez Canal and taken over Egypt, Libya, and French North Africa. We would have pinched France like them and Russia tried to do on Germany. Did we have non-believers? We most definitely did have non-believers who thought that we couldn’t do it. No one thought that Russia would fall or especially create a civil war within their own capital.