WWII Activity Student Journal: Poland & Netherlands

WWII Activity

1938-Orientation Day:


Poland is not a strong country we have 1,000 troops with the military rating of 2. Our natural resources aren’t good we have 3 out of 5 oil, 0 out of 5 iron ore, 3 out of 5 coal, and 0 out of 5 rubber. I am put in a very bad situation I am stuck between Germany and the USSR and either one of them or both of them are coming at me. My objectives are to retain my territory, Negotiate vigorously to get Great Britain and France to defend you,  and persuade Great Britain and France to announce publicly that will guarantee your borders. 


Netherlands is very weak. Army of three hundred and fifty, and a navy of 50. The army rating is a one, and the navy rating is a seven.  Our resources were 0/1 oil, Dutch El 8, Iron ore 0/1, Coal 1/1, and Rubber 0/1. The Netherlands have been at peace for almost 100 years.  I am very concerned about the German forces, and I can’t do anything about it because their troops will stomp mine. I have to surrender I can’t try and fight back.  My objectives were remain neutral, if you are occupied, flee to Great Britain, if the Germans declare war on you surrender, and join the Allies work to help them in the pacific. 


Poland: Today is the day when we start to prepare for war because we know it’s coming. We aren’t very strong, we know that and so do other countries. Our strategies are to keep on the low and make sure France & Great Britain can keep there promise to help me if needed. Everything changed when Germany came to attack P1. I held in as long as I could, but my troops couldn’t hold them off they were the rulers of P1 and I knew they would becoming for P2 very soon. I was so dumb! I listened to the USSR expecting them to help me if Germany came for P2. Out of no where USSR lied! They went to war against me! My troops were so weakened from before they couldn’t protect P2, and now Poland is no longer mine it belongs to the USSR & Germany. 

Netherlands: My troops are weak and Germany is going to come after me. I need to remain neutral to make everyone happy. The German President came to me asking if I would join their side, but I had to decline the offer. I knew as soon as that happened it was not going to be good for my troops. Next thing I knew Germany was attacking the Netherlands, and my troops were nothing compared to theirs. I had to surrender to them. Germany took over the Netherlands and no one could stop them. 


 Both of my countries have been taken over now I am just helping out my allies mentally. It’s a whole knew year, and Great Britain and France are trying to start an alliance with U.S. Japan just made a huge move and took over all of Asia. The U.S. was finally able to make some moves and help out the Allied powers.The U.S has a lot of resources, and their army should be able to help our troops a lot, and we can take down axis powers together!


Germany is on the move they moved in 4,000 troops into Belgium.  They are on their way to France and I don’t think France can hold them off. From the other side Italy is moving into France to invade F2.  They don’t have the troops to fight them off and prepare for Germany there isn’t much they can do. Italy took over part of France and they are just going to keep moving on. Germany moved in soon after to F1 and France’s troops are trying to keep fighting but they are getting weak they can’t hold on for much longer. The axis powers are victorious yet again they are unstoppable, all we have left for Axis powers are Great Britain and U.S.  


France has just a small portion of land left and Germany is moving in yet again to defeat them all for good. France knows they are coming and they are ready for them but they are really beat up and Germany keeps coming back stronger and stronger but France can not give up. They have sent everything they could which is not a lot and Great Britain is trying to keep the small portion of France on the board but it’s not looking good. It was not a good day for my allied friends from France they had a harsh battle with Germany and France could not make it through. Germany has taken over France for good, and now we have to see what will happen next with our other allies. 


France has been through a tough war last year and they were unfortunately  defeated. Our allies are going down one by one. All we have is Great Britain and the U.S.A. You could cut then tension between Axis powers and Allied powers with a knife. Not only was Germany trying to take everything from the Allied but they went after the USSR. Great Britain needs a break they have been trying to defend their land. A lot of movement was done which I think gave the Allied powers a huge advantage. Looks like Germany didn’t really have a strategy they just wanted to destroy things with Japan. The Allied powers had been secretly talking to Austria Hungry to join us.  


The Allied powers are tired of being pushed around by Germany and Japan. Germanys troops left Germany wide open and in came the U.S, and France. They used Great Britain’s ships. The United States and France are taking over Poland from the axis powers, because they left it wide open with no troops. 


The allied powers can’t take much more but Great Britain and the US are moving in on our enemies and defeating them one by one. All France, and Poland can do is sit back and help the other Allied powers mentally. This war will be over soon and we will not stop until it’s in our favor! 

Nuclear War Lesson Plan Student Journal: China

Nuclear War Lesson Plan


China – 2 – Pre-Simulation

I am going to try and get my objectives as soon as possible. I know that I need to work the Soviets so that they think I am working with them, but really I am working with the Americans to help them. I am going to be a spy for them, as long as they let me. I want to make it seem like I am completely on board with the Soviets and their whole team. I am not sure what I would do if I let it slip, or they find out, that I am really working with the Americans. I am in communication with the Americans right now, I need the trust of the Soviets and everyone else to make sure that this can work the right way.  

China – 2 – Day 1

I am in good communication with the Americans and their troops. Cuba got taken over by the NATO. I am not sure what my team (America) is going to do. The Soviets are talking about taking over Turkey, Greece, and Albania. Both sides are talking about nuking the other side, I am not sure who is going to strike first and what the outcome of that would be. It is stressful to not know what is going to happen. I think that the Soviets are going to fire first and the Americans should be prepared to get hit and they need to be ready to hit them back. I am getting all of the information from the Soviets and that side of the room and letting the Americans know what is going on and letting them know all of the talk. I think that it is important to tell them so that they can trust me and we can continue to work together. 

China – 2 – Day 2

I am unsure of what to think today. Both sides are on a “Launch on Warning”. No one wants to do anything because they don’t really want a nuclear war and kill everyone. The NATO moved to DCON 2 today, but their plan is not known yet. The talk on the Warsaw side is to come into China before they nuke. China is in a safe spot right now, I am working with both sides. The Soviet Union thinks that I am working with them, but I am still working with America and telling them the plan. I think I have the trust of both sides. I am really hoping that no one starts with their nukes, that would be the worst case scenario possible. I need the Soviet Union to share their nuclear technology with me. The Soviet Union called war, they started the nuclear war. The NATO then had a launch on warning and attacked back, almost everyone died. China would be safe, nothing happened. 

Second World War Lesson Plan Student Journal: Great Britain

Second World War Lesson Plan

Great Britain 2 1938 

Today we started scouting other countries and figuring out how we are going to approach this war. We know what materials we have. Currently we are sitting well with iron ore. We need more oil, coal and rubber. If we gather more of these materials we can grow our overall rating up higher. When we gather the materials we need we will look into how we can help Poland from being invaded by Germany. A German invasion is bound to happen in Poland. It is difficult to have to send troops over right away because of the German navy. France will have to stay close allies to us if we want to succeed in this war. Having the US on our side will also help. We can’t allow Germany, Italy, and Japan to gather too much land and resources. Containment is key early on. 

Great Britain 2 1939 

The war has started today. We have seen what the axis powers are capable of. Japan will continue to dominate in the Pacific if they are left unchecked. We really need the United States to come in and keep Japan contained. We don’t stand a chance in this war if the United States doesn’t join soon. The USSR has been up to some suspicious activities. I’m concerned if they have decided to ally with the axis powers. I overheard Japan talking to the USSR about giving them materials. The USSR with materials teamed up with Russia would be unstoppable. We intend to make an alliance with Norway and Sweden to be able to bring our Navy up to control the Baltic Sea Zone. 

Great Britain 2 1940 

Our navy and the French navy has proven itself today with our first invasion. We first started the year out by making a secret alliance with Sweden and Norway. The naval attack succeeded in defeating the German ships in the Baltic Sea Zone. We don’t have to worry about the Germans making any advancements over the sea in that direction. Some ships were lost in the process, but that is war. Germany is moving masses of troops into the Netherlands, threatening France with an invasion soon. To help as much as we can, we are shipping in troops expect a standoff against the Germans. The thing we have been waiting for has finally come. The United States has entered the war on the allies side. This is huge good news for us. The next thing that would help is if the USSR joined the allies as well. We lost all of our territory in the Pacific except for Australia. We might need to get those troops out of Australia unless we are reinforced by the United States. Australia could be a good place to stop and store up troops to go against the Japanese. 

Great Britain 2 1941 

This year has started off tough with Germany moving 5,500 troops into Belgium. Things are looking grim for France. We were right, even with the US and Great Britain shipping all of the troops that we could. France has fallen, F1 and F2 have been taken over. Italy has come in from the south and Germany from the North to form the 1 2 punch out to France. We as Great Britain did everything that we could. F3 is still unoccupied by any of the axis powers and is still in ally control. We plan to send in troops to get the defensive bonus if they try to attack any more. The axis powers troops are very weak to the East. If the USSR would join the allies we might stand a chance at retaking France and defeating the axis powers. We would have to share materials with the USSR to get their army rating improved, but we need them to do something. 

Because Great Britain is on an island and all hostile ships around it have been destroyed, we don’t have much of a threat against us. We will just have to keep shipping as many troops as we can into F3 to try and eliminate the axis forces. If the United States wasn’t so far away we might be able to take it back faster. It takes 2 turns to move any US troops into France which is time wasted. 

Great Britain 2 1942 

As expected Italy and Germany have sent in the majority of their troops to F3. We sent in as much defense as possible, but it wasn’t enough. The good thing is, the Germans and Italians troops are all spread out and weakened. We plan to work with the US and send in more troops where they are weak, to eventually retake France and destroy the axis powers. The Germans have attacked the USSR causing them to join the allied forces. This is a big positive for us, now we have a force of troops allied with us to the East of Germany. The US keeps getting more and more troops and ships allowing us to be able to take advantage of their military rating and bring the fight back to the axis powers. Japan has seen the threat that the USSR has against them and they are moving troops to defend against, or possibly invade Eastern USSR. The United States will have to deal with Japan. We are willing to use our ships to transport US troops over into Japan’s territories. An attack by us and the United States together will bring down their dwindling troops in France and Germany. We will have to communicate and work together with the USSR to plan our attacks strategically. 

Great Britain 2 1943 

This year was all about preparations. We have loaded troops into Great Britain to prepare for a invasion into France to take it back. Germany realizes that they don’t stand a chance agains Great Britain and the US together. Germany continues to try and take over parts of the USSR. The USSR’s rating is hurting them as Germany is winning the small battles. Italy is being a real pain as well as they keep shipping troops into the Middle East that is controlled by us. To help out the USSR we are bringing those troops out of the Middle East and into Southern USSR. As we see how all of the Axis Powers troops in Europe are dwindling, it gives us hope. The only real threat in the Axis Powers is Japan. USSR has a large number of troops in the East but I fear it will not be enough. As we work our way into Europe, hopefully it will distract them. We plan on using our ships to the West of the US to help ship troops over into Japanese territory. The US will need to help out in the Pacific if we want to win the war. We could send US troops into Australia to hold them there before taking over different Japanese territories.  Europe is just ground that is ready to be taken over. Japan’s rating and troop number will be difficult to take over, especially because of how they are geographically positioned. It will take time to get anything all the way over to Japan. 

Great Britain 2 1944

This is it, D-Day. We’ve made enough preparations and have enough troops along with the United States. We are ready to take back France. We expect some resistance, weather or not Italy will assist Germany we cannot say. We have been successful in taking France back. Now we have a strategic place that we can ship troops to keep taking the fight to the Germans. Italy has been taking over more and more places in the Middle East. After they were done and we threatened to overtake their homeland, they sent an alliance paper to us. We decided to ally with them so that we could cleanse the rest of Europe. More time spent fighting another country like Italy, is time wasted. Making allies with them was in our best interest. USSR is barely holding in there, Japan is pushing to the East and Germany is getting dangerously close to Central USSR territory. With more movement of the troops that were in the Middle East we will be there to help defend against an invasion. We have also strategically moved our ships to the North Sea Zone to be able to ship our troops directly into Germany. Taking all of this land in Europe has also given us more and more resources. This takes resources away from the enemy and gives us resources. Japan proves as the biggest threat now, our ships will come in handy for moving US troops into Japan. They can be stored in Australia if they need to be. 

Germany 2 1945

The war has become a game of cat and mouse. Germany is running from us as we liberate Europe. The USSR as expected has failed to hold off both Japan and Germany pushing on both sides. We couldn’t chase down Germany in time to save them from being invaded by Germany.  Our troops in Australia have withstood an attack with some help from the United States. Australia is an important place to have so that we can store troops there until we are ready to attack Japan. If we had one more year of war, the rest of USSR would be cleansed of all axis powers. If we only had more time during each invasion and movement period, this war would be over. Many more opportunities would have presented themselves. We could have helped protect the USSR if we had more time to move our troops into Ukraine. The US is moving more ships into the Pacific helping to defeat the Japanese in their territories. With a few more turns, all axis powers will be defeated. The United States has helped out so much in the war. 

World War 3 Lesson Plan Student Journal: Great Britain

World War 3 Lesson Plan

Pre-simulation Report

Things are escalating. The NATO powers are getting more and more agitated as things continue to escalate. Then Soviets are planning an all out nuclear strike on the United States. If they strike first, we will strike back with every missile that we have in our arsenal.  So far, the dominoes just keep on falling. I as the president of Great Britain plan on staying close with the United States and to be as big of a help as I can be. If we’re going to make it out of victorious, every decision we make is going to be crucial. 

Day One

The Warsaw Pact has officially made the first move. They have made an attack on Turkey and was unsuccessful. I as the presidetnt of Great Britain convinced the United States to move to Defcon 3 and to use Tactical nukes to eliminate the Soviet tanks moving in on Turkey territory. But, I’m sure that’t not the only attack that they will attempt. To strike back and to teach them not to mess with the NATO forces, we sent troops and tanks into Cuba and took over that territory. Other NATO allies have information that the Warsaw Pact is preparing to initiate an all out Nuclear attack on the United States and other NATO countries. As a precaution, we have initiated “launch on warning” in case of a Nuclear Attack. This may be the last time I’m ever able to write. If one Warhead is fired from the Soviets, then the whole world is doomed. There will be no saving anyone. 

Day Two

It’s over. The word as we know it has been destroyed. The soil that we have farmed for millions of years is destroyed. All of life as we know it is destroyed. There is nothing left. People that are lucky to survive, are going to die soon anyways. Temperatures will soon reach sub zero temps and there will be so much smoke and debris in the air making it impossible to see the light of the son. All hope is lost. If you are reading this, it’s too late. It was over from the start. There is no longer any food or supplies to survive. I am working on repairing any radios or technological devices to try to communicate with anyone else and see if there are other survivors. Life as we know it is gone. Nothing will be the same for a really long time. As Einstein once said, he didn’t know what would happen in world war 3, but world war 4 would be fought with sticks and stones. In all reality, he was right. 

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: China & Finland

World War 2 Simulation

Finland & China 2 1938

China: Today I learned that I need resources very bad, I need to get my resources higher. I need to make alliances, I haven’t decided who I should work with yet. I want to start alliances before I try and regain my territory from Japan. I want to try working with the United States for sure, they have multiple resources, they can send them to me and that would be helpful. If I regain my territory from Japan then I can get some of my resources back. I will need some hep from other places getting all that I need. I can hopefully talk to Thailand and they will work with me and give me some of their resources. 

Finland: Today I learned that I really don’t need that many resources. I only need one of each natural resource. This will be helpful when trying to get them from people, I won’t be asking too much from anyone. I can hopefully work with people to help keep me safe. As of right now, I want to stay neutral, I don’t want to make anyone mad or form any alliances with people. I don’t want to make anyone mad and start a war in my country or around. If anything happens that could affect me or alliances that I am in I will think about stepping in and helping the best that I can.

Finland & China 2, 1939

China: I have no idea what to do. I have a bad army, I need natural resources to help increase my army. I don’t know how to save China from being attacked. I am losing my territory, my only hope is to get resources and hope that can make my army better. I need to get the United States to help me, I need their resources and I need their help with their military, I am useless with no help. I talked to them today about them helping me and teaming up with me, I did not get anywhere with that. It is hard to need help and I don’t get it. France and Great Britain tried to help me out, but that did not go over very well, they were unable to help me keep my territory. Going into tomorrow my strategy is to get the United States on my side. I need to try and keep Japan from attacking me, I don’t know how to do that yet.

Finland: I almost let Europe use my land, good thing I did not let them. I made an alliance with Germany today, hopefully that will help me out. Finland has a really strong army, once I get my resources that will make my army one that no one wants to mess with. That will be incredibly helpful. I don’t want to make any alliances at this point in the war yet, I want to stay isolated. I made an alliance with Germany, however I have no intention of doing anything with them. I am going to sit back and watch the war until I am not able to sit back and watch it anymore. I think keeping myself out of the war will keep my country safe. 

Finland & China 2, 1940

China: I got attacked and lost all of my land. I have nothing else to do, I have nothing else to do. I am rooting for the allied. I hope that Japan gets the crap kicked out of them. The United States was finally able to help, but it was too late. I got a little bit of help in China, but not enough to save me. I didn’t want to send too many troops because I would lose all of my land for sure.  I wish I would of had more people to work with and be able to save some parts of China.

Finland: I was attacked by Russia and lost my land. I was able to kill 500 people, leaving me with 90, however after the first blow I was not able to save myself. No one was able to help me, I was alone. Russia said I should of let them move troops to my land, but I couldn’t. My army had a higher rating than Russia, but Russia had a lot more troops than I did. I really couldn’t do much, I couldn’t get anyone to send troops to me so that kind of back fired and made it so that I didn’t have anyone to help me out. 

Finland & China 2, 1941

Journal – Today the allies lost, they had way more troops than anyone else and still lost, kind of disappointing. Germany is proving to be unstoppable, they will continue to beat everyone until someone has an army at least twice their size, maybe neutrals and allies should all team up to start taking over land from Germany. Honestly if anything as long as someone can take and one part of Germany it would show that they are a force to be reckoned with. The Axis powers are unstoppable as a whole, they haven’t lost a war since. The Allied Powers are not doing so great, they are losing land and they are 

Finland & China 2, 1942

Journal – Today the Soviets joined the allied powers, that could be a smart move. Maybe they can help take over part of Germany. They are still unstoppable. If the Soviets are able to take parts of Germany and Japan’s land that could help them slow down. I think that the USSR should have joined the allied powers a lot sooner, they they could have worked with China and I could still have my land. My thoughts right now are that the Axis powers are going to destroy everyone in their path. Hopefully that changes, if Great Britain keeps helping out then maybe they can do something.

Finland & China 2, 1943

Journal – Today France was defeated. I wish that someone was able to help France, they are one of the last ones that are able to do anything. Italy tried to join France, but that did nothing for anyone. Germany has a very powerful army, so far no one has been able to go against him. France has a possibility of getting their country back and bringing power back. The United States needs to help an allied country, that is about the only way to defeat Germany. If I was the United States I would be sending my troops to France and possibly Great Britain so that we can all team up. After teaming up and having a plan I would do a surprise attack on Germany, starting in 1 part and attacking the rest of the country after that. This will be the only way, that I see, having them be defeated. 

Finland & China 2, 1944

Journal – Today France had a great comeback. France, Great Britain, and the United States were finally able to team up and defeat Germany.  Germany lost their main front, this made the almost useless. For Germany as long as they had their main front no one could get past them. When they lost this it took a toll on their army as a whole. This was the perfect opportunity for the U.S., G. B., and France to really team up and start taking land back. This made it so that Germany was losing all the power they thought they had. France, Great Britain, and the United States need to continue to work together, if they do they might be able to conquer the rest of the land and free the people of German rule. This was the comeback the world needed to see, I think everyone started to feel defeat and didn’t know what to do anymore. I am really proud of the three countries that were able to take back land. I wish that I would have had more alliances so that I could have been more help. If I could redo it I would try and make sure that both China and Finland were able to make alliances and get the sources they need to be successful.

Nuclear War Simulation Student Journal: Belgium

Nuclear War Simulation

Orientation- Pre War


The NATO and the Warsaw Pact both have very dangerous nuclear missiles that could be sent across continents. Today we have established which group we are defending and how we are going to go about it. Being Belgium, I am apart of the NATO and will do everything in my power to defend my allies. I will also try my best to avoid an outside countries. Knowing that we both have many missiles that can be launched, we need to be prepared and ready for anything that come our way. We only have a limited time to respond to these launches and we need to have a plan ready. Talking as a group and forming a plan for attacks will help keep us safe and successful. 

Day 1


Today was a big day for Nato. There is so much more to come, but we are staying powerful and doing everything we can to defend. We are prepared for the war that is soon to come after the Warsaw Pact went to defcon one at the end today. We aren’t going to let this determine our fate though, we too have powerful nukes that will knock them out. The Nato countries working together is a stronger force then one might think. We have taken Cuba and successfully saved turkey from being taken. The Warsaw Pact was about to take it, but we decided to use our tactical nukes and successfully defended. I feel as though they need to rethink some of their decisions because we can just as easily send nukes their way as well. As Belgium, I know I will do everything in my power to defend, and not let manipulation sway me otherwise.  Defcon one, we’re ready for you. 

Day 2 


Oh my, this day was a big one. Well, Belgium a lot with other of my fellow NATO Allies are goners. We were bombed by the Soviet Union and the result of the blast killed everyone in my country. I don’t even know how I’m writing this right now because everything is completely destroyed, but here we are. We started the day with a victory in Turkey and the BAM! Nukes were being sent all over the world. Unfortunately, we were not able to respond in time so the everything went up in flames and the United States was hit in multiple places. Now, everyone is taking shelter to avoid the affects of radiation, but as we all know,  many still won’t survive. Overall, these three days escalated quickly and the world is finally at peace…everyone is dead. 

World War II Activities Student Journal: Great Britain

World War II Activities

Great Britain 2 1938

We are getting to know our country and find out some of the goals we need to accomplish and how we are going to do it. We are going to try and figure out our strategy. Tomorrow, we plan on announcing that we are going to support Poland. This will help us with one of our objectives, of honoring our alliance with Poland. We plan to honor alliance with Belgium as well. In the future, we plan on taking over the Baltic Sea to prevent Germany coming over and this will also help us invade other countries. We are going to try and get our rating as high as possible. We are planning to try and get as many natural resources we can get from the United States. We are going to do everything we can do complete our objectives!

Great Britain 2, 1939

Today we convinced the U.S. to give us some resources, they gave us some oil, so now all we need us rubber. We now have a secret alliance with the United States. We were going to make an alliance with the USSR but we saw them making alliance with people against us, so we decided not too. The USSR also turned on Poland, so we know that they can’t be trusted. We helped China when they got invaded but they still lost. Tomorrow, we are planning on asking Norway and Sweden if they want to make an alliance with us. We were thinking about taking over Arabia to get more coal, but the U.S. gave us some instead. 

Great Britain 2, 1940

France helped us take over the Baltic Sea Zone. China needed some coal,  so we decided to give them some since we had more than we needed, We also made our alliance with Sweden and Norway official. We decided to keep to secret, we don’t think anyone needs to know about it. We were asking around to see if anyone needs any resources, because we have all of ours except the rubber. We are struggling to get rubber because the axis powers have most of it. 

Great Britain 2, 1941

The United States moved 400 troops over into France. They did this because Germany moved troops into Belgium, so they were going to get invaded soon. Germany did end up  invaded F1 of France, the United States and France moved everything they could. We also moved everything we could to help them but Germany still won. We sent over some troops to help the U.S. when Japan invaded the Philippines but that didn’t really help. 

Great Britain 2, 1942

Germany invaded F3 of France and we sent all of out troops that we could. We knew that we wouldn’t win, but we decided to do it anyways because it would weaken Germany. We were right, we didn’t win but it did weaken them. Italy invaded Egypt and we brought in 50 troops from Palestine. The axis powers still won. The USSR turned to the Allied Powers. We were a little skeptical at first, because in the beginning they betrayed the allied powers, but we decided to take a chance and trust them. They needed a lot of resources. We took over Arabia, to get the 5 coal. We are planning on giving the USSR 12 coal. 

Great Britain 2, 1943

The Axis Powers took over Poland, which made them even weaker. We are planning on taking F3 of France back or taking over Germany. We have to move troops to certain spots in order for this to work. So it’ll take a awhile to accomplish this. Italy invaded Arabia and Serbia we decided not to do anything because it’s not worth it. We lost the coal that we gained from that country but it was okay because we had the coal that we needed. We just couldn’t give the USSR the coal that they needed. 

Great Britain 2, 1944

We finally decided to invade F1 of France to get it back from the Axis powers. We won. Then we moved some troops to prepare for taking over Germany. We are also thinking on taking over the rest of France. We took over F3 of France and then we attacked Germany and we won. The U.S. took over the rest of France. The U.S. invaded the Netherlands and P1 of Poland and they won. We are trying to get as much territory and land as we can. 

Great Britain 2, 1945

We decided to take over Belarus, and we won.  The USSR isn’t looking to good, Japan is trying to take over. We are trying our best to fight back and help them, but there wasn’t much that we could do. We have started to take some of the territory that they had lost. We had an advantage in the war because we were on an island. It would have been very hard for the other countries to invade us. It also made it easier for us too move in navy. Overall, we accomplished many things. The allied powers won the war and we completed most or even maybe all of our objectives that we had. 

Cold War Lesson Plan Student Journal: France

Cold War Lesson Plan

France 2 Pre-War

The world has gotten to a point where all countries are ready for any war that may happen. This can be a good thing, but it is also a very bad thing. The use of nuclear bombs could destroy the whole world and leave nothing left. As a major country that has nuclear missiles, I want to be here as a threat but not use my missiles unless it becomes absolutely necessary. The rest of NATO want to initiate “Strike on Warning” but I am still unsure of that idea. It is hard to have so many countries on one side all having different ideas on whether to launch the missiles or not. At this point I, as France, do not want to launch them. 

France 2 Day 1

War is drawing closer and closer as each sides armies prepare for bigger things. NATO has already had to use tactical nuclear weapons to help defend places where our silos are. Other than that, both sides have not done a lot basically waiting for the other to attack. Luckily, we have a way into their heads. We have a spy on the other side. They are telling us all about what the Warsaw are wanting to do before they do it. This is how we knew that they were going to try to attack Turkey and we were able to get our tactical bombs prepared and ready. Continuing to show our strength will hopefully make them think before they send all of their nuclear weapons our way. 

France 2 Day 2

They kept sending messages to leave West Germany, but we did not want to. After this, I knew that our final fate would happen. It is their choice anyway. They knew that we had “Launch on Warning” initiated, but they still decided to send their nuclear weapons. This created the final destruction of the entire world. I wished that this day would never come. Unfortunately it still happened even though France as a country, and NATO tried to do everything to stop it. There were warning, and they knew that if they attacked, their entire population would be gone too. They still did it, and now the whole world is done for. There are few people even left alive, and if you are alive, you are extremely sick from the radiation. 

WW2 Lesson Plan Student Journal: Germany

WW2 Lesson Plans

Germany 2 1938

The new orders have come in. Captain has given us a list of objectives to accomplish throughout the war.  This war, we are putting our foot down. We are NOT going to accept defeat. We will not be humiliated once more. In 1939, we have come up with an operation to take out the first territory of Poland. The battle should be easy. Almost too easy. We also plan to ally with Belgium and the Netherlands to try to gain access to France. If they do not choose to ally with us, then we will conquer them anyways. We need to take Frances resources and play our cards from their. Japan will be a huge help as well Italy. No one compares to the power of Germany. We will get revenge. 

Germany 2 1939

This was a very successful year with many Axis powers victories! The Third Reich starts off with invading Poland with an easy victory. Next we signed a non-aggression pack with the USSR. We also allied with Belgium and we took over the Netherlands.  In the process of all of this, we have gained many resources to boost our overall army rating. Our next plan in 1940 is to take Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to seize the resources that they have. Soon we will be able to invade France and take revenge on them for the Treaty Of Versailles. Japan has been doing exceptionally well in conquering Eastern countries. Hitler is predicting an attack soon from France and Great Britain, but they will be no match for the German army. Once we get the resources we need, no one can stop us.

Germany 2 1940

We suffered a crushing loss that was crucial to German success this year. Our orders were to sail up North with our strong Navy and take Norway and Sweden to get get the precious resources. But, on November 17th, The British Navy took us by surprise and completely wiped out all the Navy that we had. Ships were blown up, shrapnel spread across the Baltic Sea. Thousands of lives were lost in a crushing defeat. We had knew we had two options going forward if we were going to get those resources. We either had to get permission from Russia to be able to transport our troops through there land, but that would take till the end of the simulation, or our clever idea of making a secret alliance with Sweden to take some of the resources. It’s not all of them, but we took what we needed to fuel our army! Meanwhile, Japan has officially taken out China and Japan is making it’s way to the Americas. Japan and Rumania have also made some generous donations of resources to Germany for a great cause: Germany taking over the world. In 1941, we plan to take out France and take their resources. Nothing will stand in our way anymore. 

Germany 2 1941

Get me a beer! What a successful year for the powerful Nazis! We successfully took over two thirds of France and we plan on finishing them off. We got permission from Belgium to send troops through there land in order to invade France. France was fiercely outnumbered as we sent 5,500 troops past enemy lines in a quick battle. The French were weak, we need new competition! Competition that will be able to stand up to the power of Germany! Our next move is a good question. We plan to take the last region of France to gain the precious Iron resources. Although, the United States has officially entered the war. They are also drafting and becoming stronger by the thousands as we blink our eyes. Finally someone that may be able to stand up to the power of the Hitler and The Third Reich.  Japan still plans to attack East toward the United States, but it may be wise to hold back to see what they do. In year 1942, it’s about to go down!

Germany 2 1942

Well, you don’t win them all. We were able to finish taking France and fend of the powerful British Navy. We then transported all of our troops from Germany into Poland in an attempt to take the eastern region of Poland. We sent in many troops, but the Russian Army outnumbered us greatly. We almost won, but there was nothing left in the tank. In 1943 we plan to finish taking Poland and start working our way inland of Russia! Meanwhile Japan is planning to attack Eastern Russia with all of his troops possible. Japan has manifested an unlimited supply of resources and is going to use them to their advantage. The United States is planning something big. Rumor has it that the United States has begun manufacturing an atomic bomb. We are unsure of their progress. We are starting to spread ourselves pretty thin across Europe. Our troop supply is running low. With Russia joining the Allies, finishing this war will be tough, but with the power that we have, we can do this! If we can get inside of Russia, that will be big to close out this war. 

Germany 2 1943

The United States are starting to make some moves. They have started shuffling their navy and making their way over to Great Britain. I believe that they are going to make an attack on France with Great Britain. Our troops supply is extremely low on the western front. We have already begun heading East to officially take out the USSR. We successfully invaded Poland and we also took control of Belarus of the USSR. In 1944, we plan to continue invading East USSR in an attempt to take them out. We hope that we can meat in Central USSR with Japan to join forces because we predict that the United States are going to take France. Troops supply is vague and we won’t stand a chance no longer on the Western Front. 

Germany 2 1944

My predictions were right. The United States and Great Britain officially took back France. They are making their way East taking out everything in their way. Germany doesn’t have much troops left to spare so we are still making out way East as well to take out whatever we can from the USSR. I have a feeling the war is going to come to an end soon. I will only have to fight on the front lines a couple more times. We plan on splitting our troops in Belarus to take over Central USSR and Northern USSR. Japan plans to take over Siberia and Eastern USSR and take over Urals in the next upcoming year. We are going to try to make out way down to Southern USSR and Caucasus. Whatever happens, my wife should know that I love her. I will make it back. I promise. 

Germany 2 1945

The United States and Britain are destroying everything in their path. We continue retreating east conquering the USSR piece by piece. Japan has successfully taken Siberia and has taken over Urals. We have finally met our troops with Japan in Central USSR. The Allies continue to take over everything in the East. Including our own territory. Rumor has it that my home and my farms were burnt down to the ground. All my cattle and crops were destroyed. Those savages killed my dog Jack. Thankfully, my family has made it out of the country and is hiding in a cabin up next to the border of Denmark. A place that no body knows about.  Our troops and Japan’s troops are going to team up and take over Southern USSR for our last hoorah. We were able to capture it very easily, but we don’t have the numbers to take on the Allies. We need more troops, but I will die on this battle field knowing that I fought for the success for Germany. Even when our ruler stopped believing in us. Hitler has committed suicide and we are now left on our own. I will die on this battlefield for my family.