WWI Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journals: Italy

Italy, block 4, 1914 WWI Simulation

Current thoughts, seeing as we are not able to mobilize in the year of 1914 and we must somehow gain control of part of Austria-Hungary. It also states that we need to make Alliances with France in secret but we also somehow need to be in alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany at the same time. My thinking is that we need to speak with France and Austria-Hungary to ensure we can still do some things that our objectives say. For France I think we should form an alliance that states we will not take action in any wars on them if they do the same for us. For Austria-Hungary I think we should form an alliance that states in exchange for south Tyrol and Trieste we will help them in 2 wars of our choice. 

Italy, block 4, 1915

We have made a neutral alliance with France in secret of course. My next duty is to decide what alliance to form with the Central powers in order to secure South Tyrol and Trieste. That plan failed. Troy (AH) said he will never need our help so plan B is going to have to be Ally with France and the Allies and take Austria-Hungary with the help of the Allies. We were attacked in Libya by the Ottoman Empire but we were able to send troops and defeat the Ottoman Empire. Towards the end of the year Austria-Hungary tried to take a stab at Montenegro which failed as France and Italy sent troops to aid Montenegro troops. I think Italy is going to have to step it up if we wanna accomplish our objectives and we are going to need the help of the Allies. As Germany and Austria-Hungary thin their troops out we need to hit them while they are weak. If that doesn’t work Italy may need to try to ally with the central powers again to secure South Tyrol and Trieste to save our Itailians in these places. 

Italy, block 4, 1916

Although Russia seems to think Italy needs to take Egypt I don’t think it’s necessary right now to take it. The bigger thing the Allies need to accomplish is taking parts of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Russia is most likely going to be taken out by the Ottoman Empire but there is a chance that if Italy strikes we could take the Ottoman Empire. Russia wasted 3000 troops on O2 and I don’t know what we are going to do now. 

Italy, block 4, 1917

Several wars have gone on. Italy hasn’t really been able to take part in any other than the invasion of Serbia. Italy took over O1 and now we should be able to start on Austria-Hungary. The Allies are planning on taking G1 so we aren’t really able to do anything about that but I think as long as we stand our ground and eventually take the land we need from Austria-Hungary. I don’t think they have any plans on taking over Italy but we should be able to defend ourselves.  

Italy, block 4, 1918

The Central Powers want Italy to form an Alliance with them in order to be able to cross Italy and get my help with taking France. The way it’s looking, nothing is going to happen and therefore my objectives to claim part of Austria-Hungary are not going to be completed. It most likely will end up not going anywhere but I’m not sure how we consider it a victory or a loss. If I were to switch Italy and move to the Central Powers side, then Troy goes against his objectives but the way they make it sound I would get co-control of the land but then it technically is not in my full control. I think the whole point is that no matter what you do it’s the choices you make that are going to depend if you complete your objectives or not. If no one is going to attempt Italy there is nothing I can really do but if they choose to move into Italy then France really can’t help me either cause they’re defending their own lands too. Because I didn’t join them and lose my objectives I lose all of them and lose everything I could have to get points from. Looking back, I think Elise and I should have just tried to do as much as we could to complete our objectives even if that meant not making a secret alliance with France or an alliance in general with the allies in 1915. All in all, I think Italy did what we could by ourselves. We just sided with the wrong people who never were really going to help us complete our goals.