WWII Simulation Student Journal: Germany

Germany 2 1938 WWII Simulation

Our game plan for World War II is to take over and intimidate the other countries with our army. 

Germany 2 1939

World War II is underway. As Germany our game plan is to put 2,000 troops into P1 to attack. Poland has 600 troops in that region as of now but they are moving 400 more into there. Great Britain and Poland are allies and Great Britain is wanting to move troops into P1 but that would be difficult because they would have to go through our troops. We are feeling confident. We are victorious and we only lost 420 troops leaving us with 1580 troops. Italy moved troops into Libya. It is now the Allied Powers turn. We made an agreement with the USSR, we are giving them 1.5 coal for 4.5 oil. Yugoslavia is now attacking Greece with 400 troops. Yugoslavia was victorious. The Soviet Union is attacking P2 with 1500 troops. The Soviets were victorious. At the end of 1939 Germany was looking powerful .

Germany 2 1940

2 of our objectives for this year is to take over Belgium and the Netherlands and to take over F1 and F3 of France. We don’t think we will be able to do both of these objectives because we have been too slow to act on them. We are going to focus on taking over France, as they are a bigger threat to us right now. Italy is attacking Yugoslavia and French North Africa. We are expecting them to lose because the Allied Powers have sent troops in to fight back against them. Italy lost the war with French North Africa. Their war with Yugoslavia is underway now and they were victorious. Our war with Belgium is underway and Belgium is asking for help from Great Britain and France. We won the war, and we lost a lot of troops. With this victory we will now be able to attack France. Japan is now attacking China. Japan won and lost 400 troops. With their victory they are now attacking South Central China. Japan won despite having way less troops than the Allied Powers. As Germany we decided to send our 160 navy troops into Norway to attack to try and succeed without objectives. We were victorious in Norway. Japan is now attacking The Netherlands. Japan was victorious, with this victory they have plenty of resources now. To end our turn we moved 500 troops into Italy and 2,000 into Germany. It is now the Allied War. Great Britain is attacking our German Navy and they were victorious. Japan gave us 9 rubber. The Allied powers are ending their turn by moving their troops around to be prepared for their next turn. The USSR is attacking Finland and Finland was victorious. 

Germany 2 1941

Our plan at the start of 1941 is to attack F2. First Italy is going to send troops in and attack F2 and we gave them some of our troops. Right now it is the Neutral Powers movement, and we are waiting to start a war. Italy is sending in 3,500 and we are sending 259. We were victorious in F2. Before we attack F1 we are going to take over Denmark. We are expecting to be victorious as there are no troops there. Now that we did that and we were victorious we cut off Great Britain’s Navy Troops. We are now helping Italy attack French North Africa, and we are expecting to be victorious. We sent in 100 of our troops. We lost because they sent in more troops, they only have 10 troops left. We are now going to attack F1 with our troops from Belgium. We sent in 1,729 troops. We have them outnumbered. We were victorious with 746 troops left. It is now a movement. We are moving 500 of our troops from P1 back to Germany. Sweden, Great Britain, and Finland are now attacking Norway where we have 149 troops there. We are expecting to lose because we are outnumbered. We lost to Norway. The Axis Powers have been pretty victorious throughout this whole year, giving us more power and stamina. However, losing Norway to the Allied Powers may cause some issues.

Germany 2 1942

It is now the Neutral Powers movement and war. We have talked to the USSR and they are going to be joining the US and the Axis Powers. We are looking very powerful as of right now. We control almost the whole map. Italy is attacking F3, they are outnumbered so we aren’t feeling confident. Italy lost, so we are now sending our 746 troops into F3 to try and get them again. Japan is now attacking French-Indo China. If they are victorious the Axis Powers will have all taken over all of China. The Allies were victorious. We were victorious in F3 meaning we have taken over all of France. The USSR attacked Finland with 500 troops and was victorious. We moved 1508 troops into Belgium and 1080 troops from P1 into Germany. We moved our troops to Belgium, thinking that they are going to try and take over F3 again. It will be the Allied Powers war and movement at the beginning of 1943. 

Germany 2 1943

To start 1943, it is the Allies War. The Allies are sending 822 troops into Italy, we are expecting Italy to lose because they are outnumbered. The Allies were victorious. The Allied Powers also attacked Japan’s Navy and they were victorious. It is now our war. As Germany we aren’t going to attack anyone, we are just going to move our troops. The soviet union is attacking Iran with 1000 troops. Great Britain sent 100 troops in, and the Soviet Union was victorious. Japan is now attacking French-Indo China with 625. We are expecting them to be victorious because they have a strong number and have them outnumbered. The Axis Powers were victorious. With the victory Japan is now attacking Thailand and they were victorious. The USSR is attacking Sweden and they are victorious. Japan is now attacking Australia with 1014 troops. The United States sent troops in to help defend but we were still victorious. We are now going to go into a movement. As Germany we are going to move 700 troops into Austria, our 1508 from belgium to F1. It is now the Allied War. The allied power didn’t do any war and decided to try and do movement but since we put a 10 minute timer they ran out of time. 

Germany 2 1944

To start 1944 it is our war. The USSR is going to attack Iraq from Iran with 712 troops. They were victorious. Now Japan is attacking the Philippines with 360 troops, I am expecting them to be victorious because they outnumbered them. We were victorious. Japan now controls almost everything. As Germany we are going to attack Italy with 1200 troops from Austria in hopes to gain control back of that region. And we were victorious. We are now attacking the Netherlands with 700 troops from Belgium. The United States sent 450 into the Netherlands, we are not sure if we will be able to pull through. We were victorious! We are looking good as of right now. It is now the Allied War and we put a 10 minute timer on them. Great Britain is going to attack and try and take over the Netherlands again. They are attacking with 450 and we have 186 and we just sent 180 from Germany into there. We are outnumbered but we were still victorious! We only have 86 troops left in the Netherlands. Allied Powers are moving all of the Navy into the South Atlantic Ocean Zone, making me think they are going to try and attack F3. It is now our turn. The Soviet Union is attacking Arabia through Iraq, the Allies can’t do anything to defend, so the Soviets were victorious. Japan is going to have a naval battle against the Netherlands and the United States. Japan was victorious! We are attacking Egypt with our troops with 87 troops. We are outnumbered but we were still victorious. We won with 1 troop left. The USSR is now attacking Syria and they are going to be victorious because they have no troops defending them. As Germany we are moving 500 to Belgium from France and 500 from Denmark into Germany and 300 into Poland. It is now the Allied War. Great Britain is now attacking the Netherlands AGAIN with 450 troops. We had 86 in there but we put 250 from belgium and 250 from Germany into there. We were victorious. They are now doing movements. It will be our turn to start 1945

Germany 2 1945

As Germany, we aren’t going to start any war this year unless we are getting attacked. Other countries in the Axis Powers are planning on attacking and taking over more countries. We feel powerful as it is right now and would like to not have more wars. We let Italy use our one troop to attack the Suez Canal. The USSR is now going to attack Palestine and Trans Gordon to have that whole region totally controlled. Japan is now attacking Alaska with 152 and they were victorious because the Allied Powers decided not to help. With this momentum Japan is now attacking Hawiia with the same 152. The United States only has 50 so as the Axis Powers we are expecting to be victorious. We are going to move 500 troops to Belgium from F1, and 384 from P1 into Germany. We did this so we can be prepared for when they try to take over the Netherlands or Belgium. The Allies are attacking Belgium again with 1000 troops. We are going to send our 300 from the Netherlands, 508 from F1 and 584 from Germany to defend. They are now trying to attack Denmark and the USSR sent troops there to defend. The Axis Powers were victorious. It is now our turn and Japan is attacking the US Navy and they were victorious. Axis Powers only did one battle and then did movement. Great Britain is attacking Belgium with 551 troops and we are looking like we will come out on top. The year is coming to a close and we are looking victorious. We won. The year is coming to an end and the Axis Powers won World War Two. 

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Serbia, Greece and Montenegro

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1914. WWI Simulation

WW1 is now beginning. Archduke of Austria-Hungary and his wife have been assassinated. Countries are mobilizing their troops preparing to attack or to be attacked. As Serbia we have discussed the option of mobilizing 100 of our troops in the case of backlash from Austria-Hungary. The plan we discussed is that Montenegro will be allied with France. Serbia will capture Montenegro to complete the objective of capturing Montenegro. Montenegro will convince France to defend them. Sending in enough troops that it doesn’t hurt the French army or the serbian Army. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, we expected to not do so well against them as they have many more troops. They won with 118 troops left.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1915

Our strategy is to have Russia help take back Serbia. Russia plans to bring in Italy and Great Britain to gain Serbia back from Austria-Hungary. As Montenegro we are trying to make an Alliance with Italy, in hopes if A2 attacks, Italy can attack from the Navy. We aren’t able to do anything with Greece or Montenegro. Serbia is still taken over by Austria Hungary, we are waiting for Russia to send in troops to take it back over. 

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1916

As of right now we are stuck. Serbia is still taken over and controlled by the central powers. Greece remains neutral. Montenegro is still stuck with 25 troops. War has been declared on Montenegro from Austria-Hungary. They have sent 118 troops into Montenegro taking over. Greece has joined the allied countries. However we still faced defeat to Austria-Hungary. Losing Greece. We now are no longer in power of our countries. Russia tried taking back R3, we thought they would win because they had more troops. However, Austria-Hungary and Germany used poisonous gas. Russia then tried to attack 02 where they also failed to take over, they are now all out of troops. We have no available allies that we once had to provide support. 

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1917

The Central Powers are dominating as of right now. They are now taking over Romania, and Romania doesn’t have anyone to defend them. The United States joined the Allied Powers as one of their objectives. Russia got taken over fully by the Central Powers. Central Powers put troops into F2 and France decided to not even try and defend themselves. Central Powers decided to attack Belgium, France, United States, and Great Britain put troops into Belgium but Central Powers still came out with the win. The Allied Powers are doing everything they can to defend what they have left. This was a significant event because it wiped out a lot of Central Powers troops. F1 was now taken over by Central Powers. F1 didn’t have many troops to help defend them, Great Britain still had quite a bit of troops in their country, preparing for the worst.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1918

It is the Allied Forces war to start today. The United States is Allied with France so they moved troops there to help defend if they get attacked. Germany and Italy are attacking F3. The United States has troops already into F3, France is sending some of their troops from Great Britain back into France. Both sides are using poison gas. We are expecting Italy and Germany to win because they have more troops and a stronger Army. The Allied Forces surprisingly won the battle and are now planning to try and take over a country. Great Britain, US, and France, are attacking Germany. The Allies were victorious at the sea battle. Austria Hungary are now attacking Egypt, the allies aren’t defending them. Egypt was taken over by the Central Powers. The Central powers started to move troops closer to Great Britain and France, as if they might try and take over both. Great Britain and Japan are attacking the Italian Navy. The Central Powers were victorious. The Central Powers won WW1.