World War One Simulation Student Journal France

France 7 1913 

France’s objectives are simple and clear. France would like to alliance with other Allies, keeping the ball in their court. With backing up from Great Britain and Russia, we will have strong powers. We also wish to keep the trade route from the Ottoman empire that we wish to pass freely from. France struck a deal with the Ottoman Empire President, but in turn because we had kept it a secret, nothing could be done, and France did regret their choice.  And we chose to help Belgium in their efforts to keep them from being invaded, and sent 15 troops from outer border to the cause. We would be willing and ready to send troops to their aid at any time. I shall discuss the terms of our alliance with the other Alliance Powers. The last thing that France was able to accomplish was mobilizing in preparation for war. Meeting of France 7, 1914 is adjourned. 

France 7 1914 

War on the French Borders is steady and we haven’t seen much movement from the Central Powers as of the beginning of 1914, but France had decided to make alliances with Great Britain, Russia, Moentergro, Belgium and a secret alliance with the Ottoman Empire. Russia asked us to join their cause and protect them against the Ottoman, German, and Austria-Hungary armies, and we agreed, because we had the same goal of defeating the Central Powers. My team also moved 15 of our troops to the Belgium border to help strengthen Belgium’s alliance with us and to help Great Britain who had already sent 15 of their troops. Britain also sent 15 troops to match us, and together we now have a common alli with Belgium. The next thing that we would like to focus on is gaining back the land of Alsace and Lorriane. We are not so sure how to do this yet, because according to maps that land is the forest area, we can only send 1000 troops at a time. We will discuss further plans at our next meeting. Meeting of France 7, 1914 is adjourned. 

France 7 1915

As war ideas spread throughout Europe. As time passes France has asked for movement from Great Britain of 500 troops to fulfill the attack plan and take back Alsace and Lorraine. With the new information on the Ardennes Forest only being able to send 1000 troops, we have to postpone the movement until further information could be gathered. France also struck a deal with Italy in the beginning of 1915, to strengthen their fight for Germany’s land. At the end of the year Austria-Hungary tried to attack Serbia, but we were able to defend the land and take it for our own. One of the other wars that happened today was Bulgaria vs Greece. France wasn’t able to help since we weren’t able to travel such a distance, but at the end of the day, the war was won by Bulgaria. At the end of the year, Great Britain’s offices had not gotten back to us in time, and plans of French war on Germany had begun. French resources would overnight to come up with a new plan and be ready for 1916. Meeting of France 7, 1915 is adjourned. 

France 7 1916

France’s allies, Serbia and Italy made a plan to invade Austria Hungary A2, but the Central Powers figured out our plan and we had to adjust. Coming up with a plan to take A1, and then Italy send troops to take G2 for France, France had decided to ally with Italy and Montenegro to win back land, while the other Ally Powers set to defend Russia and take over the Ottoman Empire. Plans changed and the outcome of war caused us to postpone our attack until further information could be gathered.  Germany and Austria Hungary did declare war over Serbia and were able to capture it, but the Allies were able to keep Montenegro. Next “year” France is going to invade Germany G2 with Poison Gas and then work with the US to take Germany. Italy, the United States, and Great Britain are all in for defeating Germany. Meeting of France 7, 1916 is adjourned. 

France 7 1917

In hopes to finally capture and win back Alsace and Lorraine, France sent in 1000 troops with poison gas at the very beginning of the year. We lost a quick battle, barely taking any of their troops down with us. According to France’s resources, we have gained the information that Germany has a 8-10 on their army scale, while we are only at a mear 5. Great Britain and I sent in troops (I sent 700, and they sent 300) in hopes of taking out a few more of their troops. We lost once again, but was able to take a few more troops with Great Britain helping. In a final means to get Alsace and Lorraine I sent in 945 of my own troops without the help of anyone else. I used poison gas, and in the end, we had lost those troops. This has wounded our army and marral. America and Britain planned to take Germany and distract them to get their goal. Germany then outnumbered Russia and forced them to give up land and troops died. In the very end we had America, British army, and Portugal gather in F1. As the year comes to a close, France prepares for war with Italy. Meeting of France 7, 1917 is adjourned. 

France 7 1918

France’s final “haza” was to have other allies move troops into Italy, while others moved there’s into F1. We wanted to take Austria Hungary in A1, but knew that the more that would join the fight, the better it would be in the end. The other allies were relingtant, and stayed back. Germany took over R4 of Russia, and Russia collapsed and is no longer a part of the war. We are far off from declaring war, but we make movements every round to keep our borders strong against the others. In the end the year ended before we could even start, and that was the end of France’s role in WW1 (we ran out of time in class because of the wrestling send off). Meeting of France 7, 1918 is adjourned. 

World War 1 Map Activity Student Journal Italy

Italy 4 1913

War is incoming! After the assassination of the archduke, things aren’t looking good. There are feuds and alliances everywhere, so much it’s making my head dizzy. Italy has a defensive alliance with Austria-Hungary, but we’re choosing to stay neutral. While on good terms with the Central Powers, I plan to send in spies. Gain knowledge of statistics and any starter battle plans. This war is almost ridiculous, though, and started unjustly. 

We’ll see what happens. 

Italy 4 1914

This year I’ll be communicating with France to form an alliance. Later, when I plan to take land from Austria-Hungary this alliance will help me. I wish to lay low this year to avoid drawing attention from myself in order to keep my original territory. I plan to communicate with the rest of the allies to attempt to form an alliance. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have an alliance with the rest of the allies in 1915. 

Currently, Austria-Hungary is focused on Russia and Serbia, so no suspicions there. 1915 is when I start mobilizing and creating alliances. I’ll be able to prepare for my attacks on A-H in order to gain that land. Truth be told, I’m a little worried. It’s since been discovered by a reliable source that other Italian leaders have been releasing classified information to rival countries. Now they’re suspicious of attack. I need to gain at least one territory very soon before A-H loads up troops to our shared border. 

France has considered the alliance and agreed, all we need now is to sign the official papers. This is a huge step in the right direction, especially because I later will have to form an alliance with the rest of the allies. 

Italy 4 1915

France has agreed! Alliances have been set. Italy is now allied with the Allies, while France and Italy now have a secret alliance, France has publicly announced their alliance with Great Britain. Having these other world leaders on my side is crucial. Why? The Central Powers are piss- I mean not happy with Italy. As the president, I have reason to believe that they’re on their way to attack. Italy has a higher ranking than a majority of them, but I know that I’m going to need the other’s help if they do decide that Italy is their next course of action. I need to start planning with the other Allies to see who, if anyone, will come to my aid. I know they will, though, I have faith in the fact. My next course of action will be to move a few troops from I2 to I1 and observe carefully who is going to make the next move, and whose moving troops where. I know that I1 has to be protected at all cost if I were to lose I2 it wouldn’t be disastrous, because I’ll have the opportunity to regain it later. If the Central Powers attacks, I’ll ask France for help, and I know they’ll come to my aid. 

Italy 4 1916

I was completely caught off guard and wrong! The Powers don’t care about me I’ve since found out. They’re heading away, they want Serbia and they want Russia. They don’t want Italy. Not yet anyway. As things are headed, they plan to move away, including Austria-Hungary. They’ve left their territories unguarded, not a troop insight to defend their land. It was practically mine for the taking! Italy was able to march right up and take A2 like taking candy from a baby.

 Austria-Hungary is royally pissed at me, but haven’t realized I saw an opportunity and took it. Anyone else in my position would have done the same exact thing! Not only that, but Great Britain’s navy went to battle with Austria-Hungary’s navy in the Mediterranean Sea Zone II, everyone was in, I didn’t lose many troops, and there aren’t enemy navy troops by my border (yet). 

Next, along with France and Great Britain’s help, we’re going to take back Serbia and go after the rest of Austria-Hungary. But, plans can always change. War is raging, but the Allies may finally be bouncing back (they’ll probably have their hold on Russia till the end of the war though).

Italy 4 1917

Russia has been taken, they’ve collapsed in a civil war! Not only, but Italy also tried for Serbia twice, the first time was unsuccessful. We underestimated the opponent, and the Ottoman-Empire sent more troops than expected. The Allies were able to regroup, we came back and hit twice as hard. Success! Serbia is now in our grasp. The battle is getting harder and harder. Austria-Hungary, German, and the Ottomans are advancing back on us. The only thing harder than gaining the territory is keeping it! Italy is on edge, we don’t want our land lost under any circumstances. France and Great Britain are joining Italy’s lands in order to keep a hold of it. We’re struggling to agree on a new battle plan. I believe that we’re all moving towards taking the rest of Austria-Hungary and attempting to gain some German land as well. To gain Austria-Hungary would be a huge success. Their troops could immobilize and we’d have a higher advantage of gaining Germany. Our best bet is to bring more allied troops to Italy and to come in through the “back door” to take the country! Taking Austria-Hungary’s capital is going to be way more difficult, it’s their capital, so they’ll do anything to keep it. We’re really going to have to push, and push hard. We will complete the task, I have faith in our troops. 

Italy 4 1918

The fighting is dying down as more and more troops begin to travel and gather around Italy. Both sides wish to keep the land that they’ve gained. Italy wishes to also take South Tyrol from Austria-Hungary this year. Alas, there’s no more time! The war is coming to a standstill of just moving troops around. Also, had we attempted to take the capital territory, it would’ve been a slaughter show. I don’t know which side would come out as victorious. With that reasonable doubt, I didn’t risk it. My best defense plan this year is to keep the land we’ve obtained! Take the losses as they come and celebrate and focus on the wins. 

The war has ended this year, and we still gained Triste from Austria-Hungary. We did the best we could, and we came out with some victories along the way! I have absolutely no regrets joining the Allies all the way back in 1915.

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Norway & Sweden

World War II Simulation

Norway 4 1938

As a whole we are a small country because we have very little supplies and no military that has been heard of. We are located near the baltic sea and that is very valuable to the countries that want to try and receive it. As a country we are going to try and remain neutral and keep the territory for ourselves. I am not sure how well that is going to go because we have nothing to offer anyone. So we will see how this plays out!

Sweden 4 1938

We have a lot of resources such as iron ore, that is equal to 18! As a whole country we don’t want to go to war with anyone so we try and stay as a pacifist. We know that Germany wants our iron ore so we are prepared to give them what they wan to avoid any destruction they could do to us. We also know that the USSR could harm as well, so right now we are thinking about an alliance but not for sure. We have also came to the conclusion that if Germany would need to move troops through, we would allow that.

Norway 4 1939

Tensions are very high between Norway and Germany. There has been a lot of talk that they are coming for us and we are terrified! We barely have an army to defend ourselves and we must remain neutral so we will stick to ourselves.  The moment came and Germany defeated us. No one would come to our side to help defend our land. So we will see what comes in the future for our beloved country.

Sweden 4 1939

To help avoid war at any cost, we have aligned with a few of the bigger countries. Even supplying some resources to our new alliances. We have joined the axis power because we aligned with Germany who was apart so we decided to join as well. We have been told that we should be scared of the USSR, but we decided to be nice with them for now.We wanted to keep peace so we sent 5 iron ore to Germany in hopes they would not bring up war or any conflict. As of right now we would just want to keep the peace.

Norway 4 1940

As of today we have realized that we stand no chance between anyone so we will continue to stick to ourselves. We now have 308 German troops in our land, so we have to keep peace with Germany.  We aren’t fond of alliances, yet we still have to be friendly because they simply can demolish our country if we don’t play by their rules.

Sweden 4 1940

We are continuing being apart of the axis power in hopes of avoiding war.  I have mentioned before that we known to be scared of the USSR but after consideration we made a deal with them and formed an alliance.  The deal was to send them some natural resources since we have so many. So we ended up giving them 6 iron ore, in hopes to get on their good side. While talking more with Germany we have established if anything goes wrong here they will defend us.  

Norway 4 1941

As the axis power progress through out the country, we noticed Great Britain, which was an allied power. We weren’t sure what their plans were but we started to be cautious of them in case they used us to get to the USSR. We didn’t really talk to anyone only because I know they couldn’t have done it because of the North Sea and having Norway right behind us. Including if they took troops of of Great Britain then Germany would come in and take over. So we will see what happens!

Sweden 4 1941

We are continuously watching and listening to other countries in hope we don’t have to end up going to war. Germany has continuously moved troops around the map, making me wonder what they have in store for war. As of right now we trying to stick with only two alliances in the Axis powers because a couple of countries have switched sides giving secret details!

Norway 4 1942

While the war is going on, we have set ourselves away from it and done our own thing. Great Britain hasn’t attacked nor do I think they will because they are focused on keeping their land safe. We are surrounded by German troops still, so as of right now I don’t think anyone is coming. The axis power has mainly focused on taking over China and the Netherlands. 

Sweden 4 1942

This is very long and stressful war at this point in time. The axis powers have still been taking over countries, winning almost every battle they have had. No other country has came for our natural resource, iron ore, and we couldn’t be happier. As of right now we are listening in depth to our alliances’ plans and standing by watching the war go on. 

Norway 4 1943

The war has still been going on while we just watched everything happen. We keep to ourselves and have to obey Germany, but they don’t have anything planned out so we just sit and wait. The axis powers have pushed forward to get ahold of Iraq, Arabia, and Egypt. So they are definitely expanding all over the globe in hopes of taking it all. Yet Great Britain,United States, and Canada, etc are still part of the Allied powers.

Sweden 4 1943

Our country has been informed that Finland may come and attack us. Germany told us this information and was talking about moving troops in to help us. They told us they would send about 100 in, but at this point they wouldn’t know for sure because it was just a rumor and nothing more. We are thinking this is rumor because we are aligned with some of the more stronger countries and they would have to go through the baltic sea to get to us. 

Norway 4 1944

With Germany already taken over us, and their alliance with Sweden we had to go along with their plans. As of right now we have 308 troops in our land. There was talk of Finland wanting to attack Sweden, so with Germany wanting to protect their alliance. They eventually moved 100 troops in Sweden. This was a little risky for us as a country because if we got attacked we would most likely end up loosing if Germany wasn’t able to send even more troops in. Yet if any other country would attack I think Germany would send more troops in.

Sweden 4 1944

A year after talking with Germany about Finland possibly attacking us, they had come to their conclusion. They were going to move 100 troops out of Norway and put them here in Sweden. They weren’t too concerned about the number of troops they put in because they said they were a powerful military. Around the time the year was ending they never attacked, but we felt secured enough to not worry about them attacking again. While in fear of attack we continued to watch the surrounding countries all fall in the hands of the axis powers.

Norway 4 1945

War was reaching an ending point and we continued to have German troops in our land. No one expect for Germany came for us, I think because we had the North Sea in front of us. In the end we tried to remain neutral but with Germany attacking and over taking us, we ended up being apart of the axis powers. After all that happened we stayed to ourselves and no one wanted anything to do with us.

Sweden 4 1945

The war was finally coming to an end and we managed to stay away from all of it. No one, expect Germany, wanted anything from us. There was a lot of talk about people wanting to conquer the Baltic Sea, but I think people stayed away because the USSR could attack at any moment. Eventually the USSR put around 20 navy ships in the area, giving us even more comfort knowing that no one would come for us.

World War I Map Activity: Student Journal Germany

Germany 4 1913 

Today we started learning all of the rules for this fierce game we are about to enter. Today we also set up our WWI Report, and got all of our objectives typed in. We are going to try to complete as many of our objectives as we can on the first day. We don’t know any exact moves right now, but we are planning on keeping a strong alliance with our Central Powers Group. We also did get an alert message saying that countries are starting to mobilize troops. We are on stand by and waiting to hear these countries’ reasons for mobilizing troops. 

Germany 4 1914 

This year Russia sent mobilized their troops. One of our main objectives is to destroy Russia if they mobilize their troops. This year we decided to start a war on Russia. Our first attack on Russia didn’t go as planned. We attacked from the west side and Russia’s troops happened to be a lot stronger than we expected. We might have lost that battle, but Russia doesn’t know what’s coming for them. We are planning on invading Russia and attacking them both from the West side, and the south side. We will sandwich them between us leaving them with no option other than death. Austria hungary tried to back us up, but their troops on top of ours was just not quite enough to defeat the enormous Russian army. We are also getting ready to move our troops to invade France; France is another big target on the map, and we are going to be the ones to take them out. Just after the foolish country of Belgium lets us move troops through their land, France and the rest of the Allies will be toast. 

Germany 4 1915 

This year we moved a ton of troops. We moved troops to prepare for the destruction of Russia. Russia’s poor army and undeveloped society should fall easy. Great Britan also tried to attack us, but there weak army and stupid tactics failed miserbly. Our semi-strong “alliance” between Belgium and us kept Great Britain from trying to sneak in behind us and take us out. A strong French army almost took us out from behind, but thanks to our alliance with Austria-Hungary, they were there to back us up. They defended our ground and came out victorious. Austria-Hungary definitely has an I owe you card from us. On the other side of the map, we attacked the weak Russian army alongside our powerful buddy Austria-Hungary, and we destroyed the Russians and took some of their country. We are now going to keep pushing and pushing to take over all of Russia… After Russia, France will be burned to the ground 

Germany 4 1916

We have Russia right where we want them… there poor leader keeps taking their army further and further east (running away from our powerful German army). We took over another part of Russia this year which had almost no troops in it… weird, it’s almost like they are running away from us or something. Although we did easly take over Russia, on the other side of the map, sneaky France and Great Britain have been trying to get troops through the Ardennes Forest. They ended up getting a few troops through the forest… but that didn’t last long. We killed those troops faster than they could get back into the forest. We also have been helping our allies in this war… not directly with defending them, but helping them plan strategic ways to move their troops, and when and where to attack. Austria-Hungary and us are getting ready for one of the biggest battles yet. We are going to take on Great Britain and France… sooner rather than later (they are starting to load up troops to make a big push our way). We cannot wait to use our skilled army and poinis gas to destroy Great Britain and France. After we take out their foolish army, the rest of Europe will have no choice but to surrender to Germany and the Central Powers. 

Germany 4 1917 

It is about time… the country of Russia is now ours!!! We have defeated the last of the weak Russian army and have shut down their government. Now we can focus our attention on the upcoming French army. We have just started to move our troops out of Russia and back towards the center of this war zone. While we were attacking Russia, Great Britain and France did take Austria from us… but once we get our troops back from Russia, Austria will soon be ours again. France and Great Britain think they are just going to start marching around central Europe, but we have news for them! The central powers are so excited after destroying Russia, and we can’t wait to cross you guys off the list! Watch out Allies, We are coming for you! 

Germany 4 1918

The end is near. If we only had more time we would have been able to take over France, Italy, and Great Britain. With time running out we decided to take a step away from the offensive side and started to play defense. We wanted to make sure we kept all the land that we got in this war and didn’t lose any at the last second. We had to move troops to the western border because the allies had their troops there, ready to move in whenever. We also moved our strong Navy to help defend against the Allies. Lastly, we saw a small opportunity to gain some extra ground. The Allies had a small amount of troops in Serbia, so Austria Hungary and us decided to move in. We took over Serbia very easily for one last victory to end the war. 

WW1 Map Activity: Student Journal Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire 4 1913 – 

Something big and bad is coming, I can feel it in the air. Serbia has killed the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. My alliance is neutral so as the cause I will be following the lead of Germany on this. I think my first move might be to make it public that I am working with Germany but not for sure about it. I will talk with them on Monday but they have been weird towards me lately and I’m not entirely sure because I will always follow their lead. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1914 – 

Today was nuts. Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia but unfortunately they were unsuccessful in the war. I took note on how many troops Serbia lost in the war, it was not many, leaving me to think that they have a high ranking in military. Germany also declared war on Russia but was also unable to pull out a victory for the Central Powers. I didn’t do much today but tomorrow I am going to make some moves. I wanted people to think that I won’t do much. I wanted to let the other people make big moves on the first day and so then I could sweep in and start taking countries, starting with Bulgaria. The President of Bulgaria isn’t the brightest, she let me in on some of her Top Secret Info. She told me that it says she is to watch out for me, which I am. But I won’t tell her that. I have her believing I am going after Greece first. But my target is Bulgaria. I am not going to tell any of the other Central Powers as they don’t understand that it will be good for us to get those countries. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1915 – 

If I were to compare this year to last year I would say, successful. Even though me and AH weren’t able to take over Serbia, AH and Germany were able to get a part of Germany and will continue to invade Russia. I sent 200 troops to invade Serbia but AH isn’t the smartest to say the least. She talks too loud and gives away too much. Today was also successful in the way as I was able to figure out a way to hear everything the Allies are planning but Great Britain might be on to me so I have to become more sneaky but if I can pull this off, it should be a win for the Central Powers in the end.

Ottoman Empire 4 1916 – 

I am not happy after today. I don’t know what is going through Germany and AH brain but it is obviously nothing good. I am aligned with them and will follow their lead, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with their decisions. I don’t understand why they would think it’s a good idea to move all their troops to one area, leaving all the others open for the Allies to take. I tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen. Also I don’t understand why they would want me to attack Russia when they have almost 2 ½ times more troops than I do and they could bring more. I know their army isn’t good but mine also isn’t either and I don’t want to lose troops when I know they will not help me in the long run. All I can hope for is that they get their crap together and stop making dumb decisions. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1917 – 

Today was a better day for the Central Powers. We took over all of Russia and they are out, done, gone. I also thought today would be a great day to take Greece but as I moved troops to Greece, Great Britain thought otherwise. Greece allied with the Allies and I was unable to take over Greece. I know Great Britain wants to take me over so I think I won’t be going for Greece anymore as I want to keep my land and not lose any. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1918 – 

Today was the final day. And I can say, I’m pretty pleased with how things ended. I finally was able to capture Greece, and all by myself, no help from anyone. I’m pretty proud of myself for that. Also we regained Serbia which is also nice because no one likes them. In the end I feel as if the Central Powers really came together and were able to do some real damage. We were able to take over some countries but probably not as many as my allies would have liked but it worked out well for me in the end.