World War II Simulation Journal: France

France 1, 1938

The year is 1938 and Germany has been gaining much land. I can see the leader taking over more land. My belief is that he’ll go strait for Poland. I know that He’ll also attack me later on. Learning from the last war, the person in charge will waist his allies supplies and army. Throughout the whole thing my plan is to try and convince them to not help a lot so that they have less people against us. 

The most important thing for is for me to help Poland. I’m going to send quite a bit of troops so that we can defeat Germany at Poland. My hope is to stop the Nazi’s as soon as possible, for I am scared of what they are able to do. Possibly the worst part is knowing he won’t stop at nothing—but that’s just the thing…Because he doesn’t know how to stop…I will preserve my army and defeat Germany at it’s weakest point.  

America, will most likely stay out of war for a long time, for they are frightful, but I hope they are willing to help us like the last time. The USSR is questionable—I hope that they help us to defeat Germany. 

France 1, 1939

The year is 1939 and Germany is unnecessarily taking over smaller countries. The USSR and Germany are unofficially allied with each other, and my allies and I are trying to get The USSR to ally with Great Britain and I, but it is not easy. Japan surprisingly has a strong army and I am afraid of what they are capable of. 

My plan has not changed: I still want to convince the allies or people close to Germany to not help Germany out as much. The German leader is a prideful one, and will take over everything—regardless if they are enemy or friend. I’ll have to protect Belgium as best as I can, because there is no doubt in my mind that Germany will attack there.

There is no doubt in my mind the leader of Germany will take over Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Belgium, I know for sure he will try to get. 

I am sorry to Poland, for I was not able to protect you—how could I? With all those Fascists? Are you as scared as I? I’m trying my best to put up a brave front, for I do not intend to loose my land t-to—GERMANY!

France 1, 1940

Everything seems to go by quickly. There is very little my Allies and I can do. We can’t attack and waist our troops, and we are not able to defeat Germany with our rating and numbers. War is frustrating us, but we will rest assured that we will stop them!

Belgium had declared allegiance with Germany! How dare they!? They were allied with US! I put my soldiers in to protect them, but they just sit there and abide to Germany!? What will I do with my soldiers!? Do I take them out??? Do I just let them stay there in hiding—let them die??? How could Belgium do this? I feel so betrayed. I feel as if the only way to protect them is to protect them from themselves—take the country over—so they do not come to me under Germany’s rule.

This is just my luck, Journal! I couldn’t protect Yugoslavia, even if I tried! Japan has taken over French Indio-China. Italy failed at taking French Into Africa, but I’m worried they will go their again and kill off my soldiers there…how am I supposed to maintain my land, if I have little army? In addition—how do I take land back with my little army??? I wish to have prepared more! I must stop at nothing to  get the USSR to join us. I hope that is very soon—no, I know it will be!

France 1, 1941

The year is 1941, and Germany’s army has dropped a bit. We are waiting until they lose a couple thousand more. As soon as they lose enough, we shall attack with the help of Great Britain.

The USSR joined the Allied Powers. Pearl Harbor attack from Japan into America had caused America to join the Allied Powers. We are very excited to have more people allied with us. I know we can’t defend for long. I hope to plunge into war soon with Germany’s army depleted by our forces. However, I am scared I will be attacked by Italy and that my army will too be depleted. My plan is to convince Italy to not attack me—I have a feeling Germany will convince them to. 

However, I’m also scared for the smaller countries, my countries that I have influence over, and us Allied Forces. I’ve noticed that they’ve been taking smaller countries, and it scares me that they are getting a higher army rating. I don’t know what to do, or if I can do much, for my forces are not able to go all the way to these other countries. 

France 1, 1942

The year is 1942, and Noway is pissed off at Germany. Germany had betrayed them by attacking them. Norway had made a huge scene and is so angry that they decided to side with us, the allies. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself—Noway said that I was right. Of course I was! I told Norway that if they ally with Germany they have to be carful because Germany is bound to attack them so they can use them. After she yelled that I had made an announcement for people to steer clear of Germany or they too meet the same fate.

Today we went into war, and I’m actually glad we did, even though we lost some people. I feel as if we’re not taking much chances, and that Great Britain is not doing much to help me or others either. I go into war with them because I am loyal, but sometimes I want to yell at them to blaze up Germany. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself—maybe they’re to slow, I don’t know. I just think if Germany takes another shot at Sweden, then it might just be enough to waist most of his soldier, then he’ll be using Italy. By this time this is when they Allies and I will go full force!

France 1, 1943

The year is 1943, I was mostly sick. I heard from allies what was going on. Germany has taken it to far! Most of my ally, USSR has fallen under Germany.  Why have they’ve taken up so much of the USSR?! The whole country is has just fallen do to Germany! The USRR, though they had week forces, were a great help. I’m shocked even find it out with them borrowing resources from the United States too! Luckily, Germany have taken down most of their own troops. However, I fear for my soldiers’ lives, for the lives’ of my country, and for my country itself. 

I hope to talk to America and borrow some resources for I can defend my own country. It is hard fighting a war at bedside. Hopefully, Germany won’t be as cruel as they’ve been, but if patterns show me anything—they will be. 

May I take a sec to be bitter. My countries that I’ve been controlling over has gotten me to be very angry. My resources have practically been taken, yet I could not do a thing—as suspected earlier! Why is Germany was so hardened!?

France 1, 1944

The year is 1944, and I’m feeling well, but also angry. At the time of being sick, I couldn’t fathom the USSR actually about wiped out, yet their is obvious proof that it has been. I wish to out of this war! 

I have to get resources from the United States. When I spoke to the United States, I got word that most of his resources have been going into depletion. A big navy war had broken out in the West Pacific. This has been our victory among many losses. By the end of this year, I hope to make a secret alliance with Italy so they don’t attack me, or at least convince them. I will put out propaganda. How are the other ways can I insure my country is safe without dishonoring my alliance with Great Britain. 

Lesson of the day: You can’t win war through ignorance and defending. 

The realization that most of the world has fallen under the Fascists, had really made me pissed—bitter. I am beyond angry, what can I do with my troops?! How can I save my country! How can the Allies defeat Germany and the Axis powers with the little pathetic armies of ours. Our lack of war has gotten us in trouble. Great Britain is of little help to defeat Germany, but I understand why. If I saw that the Axis Powers were coming close, I too would want to keep my troops to defeat Germany. 

France 1, 1945

The year is 1945, and I talked to Italy. I was told that he’s been pushing off attacking France. Germany has been wanting to attack all week! I am afraid, and have now accepted my fate—France is being taken over. However, I will not go down without a fight!

Germany and Italy have been attacking smaller countries, however the Axis powers are getting ready to attack. They have taken over most of my land, and I am not happy. I gave warning to Great Britain to attack Germany’s army so that they wouldn’t go into it. I was clever in doing so, because they wanted to attack them, but they didn’t have the forces to defend their country—do to me. Anyways, I am very grateful for Great Britain and America for helping me, when I had troubles defending my own country. 

The only regret I have is not fighting sooner—not attacking the Navy sooner, so that we could’ve delayed the attack on Sweden and Norway. I wish to have crushed their forces, to ask more of America—so that we may be able to have had a fighting chance. 

WW2 Journal Report: Germany


Orientation Day 1

Today we talked about the strength of our troops, why this simulation is different from the WW1 Simulation. Now we need more resources oil, rubber, and iron, so we got to attack places that have natural materials. That’s our first strategy is to get raw materials for the war. If we don’t have have the right number of materials, our rating will dive down. for our troops, will stay weak, the more material the stronger we are. My thought process right now is  for people I’m acquired with to get resources for our team so we have better chance of winning. The one mistake we made last simulation was that we didn’t put Germany ships around the U.S.A so France and Britain were bringing in troops and destroying us, Germany and A.H.  

Germany 2 1939 

Were starting to plan an attack on Poland. Japan is now starting to attack the Indies because of the resources. We exchanged resources so we can more advance. So far we won both wars for Nazi and Japan and we got a lot of rubber. We signed an alliance with the soviet union so we can keep peace with each other. My thoughts about the whole resource thing is pretty good, especially sharing and getting the best we can for war.  I don’t think signing alliances is all to good, unless its a bigger army, but in this case we are the strongest country but we are stuck in the middle of 3 big countries. I just hope France, Great Britain, and Soviet Union don’t attack all at once even though Germany would have the way stronger army we could suffer major losses. I just hope countries are scared to try to take over the Germany

Germany 3 1940 

Japan just took out SC China and it is like a cake wake going threw china. Japan troops have a rank of a good 9. They are basically unstoppable  At this point were taking the map and basically painting it yellow. Japan just got defeated by Serbian troops helping China. Italy tried attacking French North Africa but we didn’t put enough troops in there to overcome the troops they put in. So 2 defeats so far.  We also attacked NC China and Japan was victories. The USSR tried attacking Finland but Finland manage to somehow win surprising. People are basically really annoyed with us and people are getting erupted with their group. Someone actually left there group and came over by us. ‘Sweden’. I think Spencer is really getting in there head about how powerful we are but we really haven’t attacked anyone. 

Germany 4 1941 

We started an attack on Finland and Russia put 2500 and we put in 250. Holy cow did kill but in the long run they won us. We took them all the way down to 891 so that is really good on our side. I feel like everyone is getting irritated with our good troops and our annoying mouths. Now were attacking Poland and the other side seems to be giving up slowly. Now were going for Lithuania and everything is going out like a hot knife going threw butter. Now Japan is going threw Buma-GB and we just won. Everything is going with ease and now I want to go for U.S.A because overall they take us all in the long run. If we take them now they can’t help. Plus they got so much materials. Germany is now attacking Belgium for transportation for France. We won Belgium. We won again. We lost a thousand troops but we took out a lot of France and Great Britain Troops. The Eastern USSR attacked Japan – Manchukuo and Japan won. But they took major losses.

Germany 5 1942

So today we really made Norway mad because they allied with us and we had to attack Norway. The person who had Norway freaked out on us but oh well. She was able to get Russia to help her out but were gonna kill them one way or another. So at this point Japan took out China cause Japan troops are so strong. The U.S is gonna be big play later in this simulation because they are gonna kill Japan easily

Germany 6 1943 

Today Japan took Serbia to begin with. Now Germany and a few other allied troops with us are taking Ukraine. We took Ukraine and now were trying to move threw the USSR. Japan just now attacked the Philippines and we overtook them. The weird thing is that they are starting to get hard and our troops seem to be weaker. At this point we taking over Russia because they have zero troops so were just sweeping.

Germany 7 1944 

Today a lot of stuff went down. A lot. The allied sides are going crazy. It started out with the US taking a part of Japan then bam. Germany and Italy is making them suffer because of it. Russia really sucks, I feel bad for the guy operating it because all he did was lose, lose, lose. We are pushing, so get out of the way. Tomorrow is a big day. Like a really a big day. We takin France I think. The people from France are begging Italy not to take them because they need their objectives done. But I hope Italy gets threw that so we can take them. I wanna push straight threw them. The USA can’t really do anything because most of their U boats are sunk cause of Japan so they are really suppressed. Tomorrow sh!t is going down.

Germany 8 1945 

So today is the last day and wow. We were about to attack France but then they attacked Belgium so we had the defending bonus. Big upset but Germany still pulled threw for the victory and now we’re attack France. Today was the finish. Our map wasn’t supposed to look like the way it looks now. The whole map should be red but its yellow. If they had more time they could possibly send more of US troops and eventually take over but they couldn’t. We stalled near the end so they couldn’t take back any of France. We moped threw people and it was so easy. I’m so glad Italy stood by our side for the finish because they’re the role changer in the game. If it weren’t for them we would of lost. But we mopped floors today. We mopped floors.