World War III Lesson Plan Student Journal: China

World War III Lesson Plan

Period 1 – China 

Orientation Day 

Today we talked about how the simulation is going to work. This simulation sounds like it could intense very quickly if one person makes the wrong move and makes other countries either nervous or mad. I looked at my objectives today and some of them look a little hard to do. Spencer is the Soviet Union and I have to make friends with them and Spencer makes things hard. Elizabeth is the United States so that should be an easier conversation that the one with Spencer. My plan is to talk to Liz and make friends with the United States and then talk to Spencer and make friends with the Soviet Union. The only hard thing that I have to do is talk the United States and the Soviet Union into having them let me use their nuclear weapons. That will be hard because they are both going to be protective of their weapons and use them wisely. 

Day 1: 

Today was the first official day of the simulation. There hasn’t been much going on. My objectives are tough but I have done 2 of them already. I just need to convince the United States and Soviet Union to let them let me use their nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union just launched a nuclear attack on the United States, Luxembourg, West Germany, Great Britain, and 2 other countries. They are shocked and are trying to get back at Spencer. I just had talked to the Soviet Union in the hallway and asked him for the use of his nuclear weapons to help me develop my own weapons. I then need to talk to the United States and make an alliance with them to help me get power. I sent a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union and won. I did that with the United States. Now I have a feeling that Spencer is going to go for me and only me tomorrow and I will have nothing left after tomorrow. But that is okay because I have done all of my objectives so I will receive all of my points. This simulation is kind of fun because you get to play people and make them give you things and then 10 seconds later you can send a nuclear strike and bomb their country. 

Day 2:

Today I believe is the day that I will no longer have anything left in my country because the Soviet Union is going to kill me. I used him to get my nuclear weapons and now he is coming after me. He sent a huge nuclear attack on NATO and killed everything and everyone. The simulation was over within a matter of seconds today. The entire map was filled with red circles after that happened. Everyone was glad that it was over because there was a lot of tension in the room between Spencer and everyone else.