Cold War Simulation

WW III Lesson Plan Student Journal: Romania

WWIII Lesson Plan

Romania 2 Orientation Day-

We decided to meet as a group with Hungary, Czech, Poland, Germans, and Bulgaria.  We are thinking we are going to invite Cuba and china in to help us. We are basically just talking strategies and saving the nuclear weapons for later. We need to fight with our troops and see what we can knock out first and what is too strong for us. My objectives are to follow along the side of the soviet union and work together, but also to have some independence. We need to find someone to keep watch because Turkey could be coming from Bulgaria at any moment we need to be alert and ready for anything. 

Romania 2 Day 1-

Today we are missing our leader the Soviet Union. The Czechoslovakia leader is going to be our over all leader until Soviet Returns. We are all waiting on edge to see who takes action first. Romania and Hungary took over Yugoslavia with 150 troops each. It was an easy battle and we are looking for more and more. We have a special bond with soviet we know that they will have our backs.  The USA turned in the launch warning they are catching onto us. We have to to figure out a back up plan…. Everyone in the Warsaw Pact wan`ted to launch today but I knew something didn’t feel right so I had to figure out a way to take out west Germany. We need to rest for the night but we will get back to you soon. 

Romania 2 Day 2- 

Everything and everyone was very hostile. We knew something big was going to happen. We just didn’t know who was going to do what. The Warsaw Pact sat and strategized for a long time. Trying to figure out in we go into defcon five of if we keep fighting off until they decide to move out of West Germany. We are all getting so very tired from all the ups and downs. We kept talking to the US to tell them to get their troops out or we will strike. The US moved some troops but not all out of West Germany, so we decided it was nuclear warfare time. We struck them with everything we had and they struck us and next thing you know they launched their missiles and everything ended. Besides China was left standing….