WWII Simulation Student Journal: Italy

Italy, block 4, 1938 WWII Simulation

I think the best plan of action would be to move navy troops into either the west mediterranean sea zone and start trying to get French North Africa because they have resources that we need. Either that or we can move the navy to the east mediterranean sea zone and get Greece and complete one of our objectives. 

Italy, block 4, 1939

Because we are unable to do military actions until 1940 we are trying to weigh our options as to what we can do once that year comes. I think French North Africa would be best because it gains us some resources. Although if we send troops down there they aren’t really there for any other reason. After that I think Egypt would be a good option to take but Great Britain would be able to have troops after us.

Italy, block 4, 1940

I think it would be best if we just stand our ground until we can get help from Romania and Bulgaria to take Yugoslavia. Great Britain has moved their navy outside of our sea zone and if they potentially attacked then we should be able to defend ourselves. France and Great Britain decided to attack and we are most likely unable to get some of our objectives without a navy. I think our plan is to take yugoslavia and take albania and greece to complete those objectives. We should have moved our troops out from the Tyrrhenian Sea and taken over Great Britain’s ships in the East Mediterranean and moved troops to Libya. 

Italy, block 4, 1941

I think our plan is to take Yugoslavia with the help of Bulgaria and Hungary. Once we take that we can pass through there and take Albania and Greece and complete those objectives and then maybe also get France with the help of Germany. If our plan fails and we are attacked by France first we will need the help from Germany to survive. We have taken over Yugoslavia and we should be able to take out Greece and Albania now as well. We now control Greece. 

Italy, block 4, 1942

We plan to take Albania and possibly France. We have completed our objective to take Albania and Greece. If we take over part of France with Germany then we can get more. We are getting resources from Germany. We got our 6 coal we needed from him. I think our next plan is to co-control part of the countries Japan is getting. With us taking out most of France’s troops now Germany should be able to take over the rest of France and give us some resources again. 

Italy, block 4, 1943

I think the allies are going to try and take us over because the Soviet Union joined us. The way it looks there’s no way for them to win but the US could gain control of France. We moved some of our troops into F2 because Germany might need our help to take over the rest of France. Hopefully we will be able to stand our ground until the end of the war. If there is any chance of us doing anything we need to get Libya back so that we can still get the objective to maintain our original territory. 

Italy, block 4, 1944

I’m thinking that as long as we maintain most of our troops we have now then we should be good by the end of the war. With no navy we are going to be unable to get Libya back and the other territories we need. If we could somehow get the US to let us use their navy to get French North Africa then we could get our objectives. There is no way the US would let us though because it would go against their allies and be harmful to them. We have acquired a lot of our resources for the most part we only need a little bit of iron ore. 

Italy, block 4, 1945

There isn’t much we can do without the abilities to have a navy and move our troops to the places we need. The allies are kind of stuck with what they can do and the amount of time they have left to do it. They are probably going to try and take over Sweden and move into Finland and maybe even the USSR. With us not being able to complete all of our objectives we might not be in the best shape but we need a navy to get them. The way it’s looking, the Axis Powers are winning the war. We also got France taken back because they were able to take out most of our troops that were in France. We still have Italy’s mainland with 100 troops. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Yugoslavia and Belgium

Yugoslavia & Belgium  2, 1938 WWII Simulation

Our plan of action is to conquer the territories that Yugoslavia had lost in the first war. Planning to conquer back Greece. Believing this would be the step in the right direction.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2, 1939

On the first day we are planning our strategies. We are thinking of gaining an alliance with Great Britain and France between Yugoslavia. Thinking that Great Britain can bring troops over to Yugoslavia with their navy. Trying to have France move troops in Italy just to keep there and no war. This is our plan as we try to break away from Germany. Yugoslavia is currently attacking Greece to try and maintain their original territory. This attack was successful. Belgium has made a defensive alliance with the United States. Belgium has gained resources 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2,1940

The second day we have to plan to remove Germany as an alliance. Right now Yugoslavia is secretly allied with Great Britain and France. We plan to make these public once we officially cut ties with Germany. Germany has promised if they win their war they will be able to give us resources. After being given the resources we will break ties. The war has started, Italy has attacked Yugoslavia with a victory. We have been able to complete 3 out of the 4 tasks. Belgium has been attacked by Germany. Great Britain and France sent in troops to help Belgium but there was no luck in saving the country. We are no longer in control of our Countries.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2, 1941

We still have maintained Greece. Japan has attacked Pearl Harbor, sending the U.S into the war. Greece has been attacked by the axis powers. Giving the axis powers another victory. The USSR hasn’t been of any help to the allied powers. Most of Europe has now been taken over by the axis powers.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1942

The USSR has now joined the axis powers. We felt they had been planning to join them for a while, but there is no way to be sure. The axis power took over Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. They are becoming hungry for power, taking in the country that stands in their way. The Axis powers have declared war on the last piece of France, coming out in a victory. France is now officially controlled by the axis powers. Italy is now declaring war on Albania and the USSR is declaring war on Finland. There are currently no troops in Albania determining a defiant win. The USSR has become successful in Finland.

Yugoslavia & Belgium  2 1943

Great Britain’s navy has moved men to Italy. They are hoping to win to conquer Italy. They came out with a successful win. Italy has now been conquered by the allies. Now focusing on sea battles with their large navy. No more war has been declared but the U.S are in the process of moving troops closer. Japan has just declared war on Australia. Gaining as many grounds as they can. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1944

The U.S has now gained 250 navy troops and 3,000 army troops. Yet with the navy only being able to haul so much they aren’t able to get all their troops over the borders into Europe. The allies are focusing on a plan of attack towards the axis powers. The allies and axis keep trying to slow down the other for war plans. Arabia has finally been conquered by the axis powers. The U.S has tried to reconquer the Netherlands but with failure the axis powers came out victorious.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1945

Italy has been regained from the axis powers. They are now attacking the Suez canal.  Japan has now declared war on Alaska. The U.S is at a loss to do so for moving troops. Japan is also attacking Hawaii once again. The U.S is still at a loss and don’t know what troops to use or bring in to defend. Japan has become victorious in gaining Alaska and Hawaii. The allies are now attacking Belgium to gain back the country. If this results in victory we will have our country back. However the axis powers won and annihilated the allied powers in Belgium. Great Britain is attacking Belgium with 551 troops. We can hope to gain the territory back but the odds look unlikely. The end of the war looks bleak. The axis powers has taken over all of India, over half of Europe, and 2 states from the U.S.

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Germany

Germany..WW1-1914 WWI Simulation


In 1914 I mobilized the German army because all of the countries surrounding me started to mobilize. Our plan at the beginning was to take over Russia’s r3 because they mobilized. I created an alliance with Austria-Hungary because they helped me attack Russia. This will eventually help our country in the long run to remain strong. Our strategy is to convince Italy to join us to eventually help us attack either Russia or France. I split up some of my troops because I think France will attack me soon, and I want to be ready to defend. I also moved some of my troops so I could help attack Russia in our next turn.



In 1915 I attacked Russia’s r3 with Austria Hungary. Our plan was to be able to expand more, and there weren’t many troops there. We knew we didn’t need to put many troops in because we got poison gas. Russia wasn’t able to counter the poison gas which we knew so that allowed us to take over that area. France and Great Britain moved some of their troops into Belgium. I will have to be careful because I think they want to attack me. I will need to move some troops into areas that I will be able to defend in. I will also need to help some of my alliances because they are planning on taking over more territory. I will need to balance out my troops to make sure there are no weak points for an attack. 



Overall in the year 1916 we used many strategies to take over the different empires.  The allies were overwhelming and looked very threatening to our smaller empires in the beginning.  We had to develop a plan that would help to defeat the surrounding allies. We worked together with the rest of the countries within the central powers.  We had to work from the inside out to take over each allied country one by one.  We had many victorious wins on the east and west coast. We used the strategy of moving our subs together near the allies strongest points for backup. 



In the year 1917 we started out stronger than the previous year.  The central powers had gained more control over the middle grounds, whereas the allies were stuck on the outside grounds.  This gave us an advantage because we could build up our countries in the middle without having to worry about the allies taking them over.  This also helped so we could move our troops towards the coast to have larger armies to declare war and take over the remaining allied countries.  We see that our strategy is working when Russia decides to surrender to the central powers.  They simply could not take on our power and numbers.  To finish off the year we need to start to move our troops towards the remaining  allied victorious countries.  



In the year 1918 the allies won their very first attack of the war. This caused the central powers to have some major struggles.  We lost some troops in that region during this battle.  Italy took a big loss losing a thousand troops.  We had to gain some more control in that area so we decided to have our navy travel down to the north sea.  The allies have to think of a plan fast as the war is coming to an end. Allies decide to challenge us in a sea battle. We didn’t have the amount of supplies and troops to defend and we went down hard. We have to move west to defend our empires.