WWII Simulation Student Journal: Italy

Italy 4 1938 –  WWII Simulation

The best thing for us to do is move our troops and Navy.  Our plan is to take over Greece, French North Africa, or Egypt.  We would like to attack French North Africa first because they have some of the resources we need, and it would also help us complete one of our objectives.  There is no point in having our navy in the Tyrrhenian, because it is helping no one.  We are going to move some to the East Mediterranean sea zone, and also the West Mediterranean sea zone. 

Italy 4 1939 –  

Without being able to move or do any military operations, our plan for 1940 is still the same as 1938.  Move our navy into the East and West Mediterranean sea zones, and attack French North Africa, so we can get some resources that we need.  After that we are going to try and attack Egypt, because it is one of the closer countries that we need to acquire to complete one of our objectives. Japan and Germany went to many battles this year, both of their troops were very strong so they just kept attacking and attacking to take over more and more territory.  They did very well this year and conquered many different territories. 

Italy 4 1940 –  

We noticed Great Britain moved their Navy towards Italy into the West Mediterranean sea zone, so our plans have changed.  Instead of trying to attack French North Africa we have decided to just stand our ground instead and wait to see if Great Britain attacks us first because, it is better anyways to be the defender instead of the attacker.  Great Britain and France started to attack in the Tyrrhenian sea zone that Italy owned, and won that Navy battle.  They then moved to Libya who Italy also owns and we only had 240 troops and they had 300 there was nothing we could do because they took out all of our Navy so we couldn’t move any more troops to Libya to help and no one else had Navy in that sea zone to send troops either, so they gained that territory as well. It was very devastating but unfortunately there was just nothing that we could have done. 

Italy 4 1941 –  

Our plan for this year is to take over Yugoslavia with the help of Bulgaria and Hungary.  If we end up getting the victory it will help us then take over Albania and Greece which is one of the objectives.  And we are victorious, with the help from other countries we conquered Yugoslavia, so now it will be easier to get Albania, and Greece.  We acquired Greece, and still have 164 troops leftover, so our next plan is to take over Albania.  Axis powers are pushing ahead, and claiming tons of territory.  It is not looking very hopeful for the Allies or Neutrals.  

Italy 4 1942 –  

This year’s plan is to take over France with the help of Germany because then we can use France’s Navy.  We also would like to conquer Albania to complete one of the objectives.  If we get France then we can use their navy which would be ours if we win, to attack Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and the rest of the countries down there. We have started a battle with Albania, and only sent four troops over, because no one can come and help them anyways. We gained Albania!  Next mission is for Germany to attack France first and then we will help.  Great Britain and the US both moved troops into France so we are guessing they are either going to try and go after Germany or us.  Germany just conquered F1 of France! It is now our turn to try and take over F2.  We sent over 3,000 troops and unfortunately that wasn’t enough.  That pretty much goes to show how weak Italy’s army is. 

Italy 4 1943 –  

Right now Italy is at a bit of a halt. There’s really not much more we can do with all of our navy gone and all of the places we need to conquer, we would need someone’s navy for.  The USSR has 20 navy in the East Mediterranean sea zone but that still wouldn’t be enough troops to take over the places that we need.  Germany acquired another part of France which is good for us, because if somehow the Axis powers could take over that last piece of France we might be able to use some of their navy to get the places we need.  But we only have a couple years left, so we’ll see what happens. We moved some of our troops into a part of France to help Germany take over that last bit of France that is  left. We got the last piece of France so we are going to ask France if we could use their navy. 

Italy 4 1944 –  

Italy is still at a halt, and now the USSR’s navy got wiped out so there is no hope.  There was talk to maybe ask the US if we could use their navy, but with them being a part of the Allies the chances are very low.  There is really nothing we can do.  1944 was not very eventful, there were not many wars, and if there were, the axis powers usually won.  There was one navy battle with Japan and the US and the US knocked out all of their navy.  The US also tried to get Norway back and won. That was not much of a loss for the Axis powers because of how much land we have already conquered. 

Italy 4 1945 – 

 The war is starting to slow down.  Battles are becoming less and less.  Italy is at a standstill because none of the Axis powers have any more navy to get anywhere, we just have to move from country to country if we want to get somewhere.   The US just invaded Hawaii which Japan owned, and the US won. The Allies are trying to get back places that the Axis powers took over, but there still isn’t a lot they can do because if they attack first we will just send more troops then them so that we will keep our territories.  The US and Great Britain just attacked F3 of France which the Axis powers had taken from them earlier in the war.  Italy and Germany just sent all of their troops into France to try and defend it but it was not enough and they got it back.  They went to war with Sweden as well because we took it from them, and they got that back too.  The Allies just got Finland.  It was a battle that was very close but the Allies won. Italy tried to get F2 back not knowing they could move two zones.  So they moved a lot of their troops into F2 to attack and we lost.  That ended the war, and it is still an Axis Power victory, so I’m happy with the outcome. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Finland and China

China 4 1938 WWII Simulation

We were going through a lot in our country before WW2 even started. We had a civil war going on between the communists and the nationalists, and that affected us in the war. Even though we had a decent amount of troops, we had no resources to develop a stronger military. Our plan was to get the US to give us resources, and gladly they said they would provide us resources.

Finland 4 1938

Finland is making their strategies and looking at every way they could possibly get hurt so they can have a plan to stop it. For example, the USSR could attack us. So our plan was just to defend because the USSR is very weak compared to our military. We don’t think Sweden is going to do anything because they barely have any troops. We would actually try to negotiate with them so we could protect each other and maybe in exchange I could get some Iron they have. We talked to Germany to see if they could defend us and they said they would, but they wanted us to join them. We were only going to join if there wasn’t anything else we could do. 

China 4 1939

Japan decided to attack North Central China. They were able to conquer it and they were heading to South Central China. We didn’t have the resources from the US yet and we weren’t going to be able to get them for a while. So, the Japanese finally attacked SC China and they took over as well. Now it’s just a matter of time when they decide to strike again. Hopefully we can get the resources before they do so that way we could actually defend ourselves better and fight back. 

Finland 4 1939

Our mindset is strong and clear, “Stay out of any affairs” We have a strong military and we are planning on making it even stronger. To do that we need natural resources. It doesn’t matter who we get it from as long as we get them. Right now everything up North is looking good except for the Germans that are slowly moving towards us. Gladly, I spoke with them and they won’t attack us. Maybe I would be able to get some natural resources from them. We’ll see…

China 4 1940

“Red notice” “Red notice”. China is under attack again and the Japanese were able to stop the resources transfer from the United States. That was our only hope to try and fight back the Japanese. Now, we are pretty much screwed. They took over North West China first. I sent troops from Tibet but they didn’t do anything. Just as I thought it would happen, the Japanese took over Tibet and that was the fall from China. Japan just kept going and no one could stop them. They took over India, the Thailand and just kept going.

Finland 4 1940

The USSR decided to attack us. We already had this in our minds, so we stood strong and we were able to beat them. We had 78 troops left and we saw that they were making some movements with their troops. Gladly, we came to an agreement to not attack each other and instead we should help each other out. Even though we came to an agreement, we talked to Germany to see if they would defend us. They said they would but they didn’t have any navy to move troops in case they needed to send some. So we just stayed like that and hoped for the best.

China 4 1941

We slowly watched Japan take over everything in our area, they started with us and now they were heading for The Philippines, then New Guinea. All of the sudden, they controlled everything in this area, even Australia. 

Finland 4 1941

The USSR broke their promise and attacked us in 1941. Unfortunately, the leader of Finland wasn’t in office and couldn’t do anything to try and stop the USSR. He couldn’t make an alliance with Germany to scare the USSR off, or have Germany convince them not attack me and instead we could all work together, but no, we were just taken over and we couldn’t do anything. You might be wondering why the leader of Finland wasn’t in office…  well it was because it had passed away 

China & Finland 4 1942

A lot of things were going on. The Allies tried to stop Japan with troops and navy but they were just very strong. They kept moving west taking over everything in their path. While the Japanese were doing that, the USSR was also expanding their territory. They started in 1941 with Finland and they kept going, taking over Sweden and Norway. Also, they took over Albania and Trans Jordon. One huge event was the fall of France. The Nazis attacked France in 1942 and so did Italy. The Axis powers controlled most of Europe at that time. 

China & Finland 4 1943

The Axis power made few movements and attacks during this year. Yet, the Allies started to be more aggressive and tried to take over territory. The United States attacked Norway and took over it and then proceeded to attack Sweden. Great Britain attacked the USSR navy in the baltic sea zone taking over that sea zone as well. Because the Axis powers controlled most of Europe, they couldn’t go and invade other areas that were from the allies, they just had to defend in case the Allies decided to make a strategy. 

China & Finland 4 1944

During this year, the Axis powers didn’t attack once, they were just defending and the Allies were the ones making all the moves of trying to take back what was theirs. 

China & Finland 1945

The United States and Great Britain started to be the most aggressive they’ve ever been during the war. They attacked France which was taken over by Axis Forces and they manage to capture back. They were also making moves on the North taking over Sweden and Finland against the USSR and the Japanese armies. The Axis powers took back F1 of France but the Allies took it back again. Overall the Axis Powers had the most land, but the Allies were slowly taking back what they lost. Great Britain took over the East Mediterranean Sea against the USSR. The US tried to take the Central Pacific but no one won that. So pretty much the Allies were getting their sea zones back and then they would proceed to attack land. The US took back ALASKA from Japan that had previously taken it.

WWI Simulation Student Journals: Italy

Italy, block 4, 1914 WWI Simulation

Current thoughts, seeing as we are not able to mobilize in the year of 1914 and we must somehow gain control of part of Austria-Hungary. It also states that we need to make Alliances with France in secret but we also somehow need to be in alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany at the same time. My thinking is that we need to speak with France and Austria-Hungary to ensure we can still do some things that our objectives say. For France I think we should form an alliance that states we will not take action in any wars on them if they do the same for us. For Austria-Hungary I think we should form an alliance that states in exchange for south Tyrol and Trieste we will help them in 2 wars of our choice. 

Italy, block 4, 1915

We have made a neutral alliance with France in secret of course. My next duty is to decide what alliance to form with the Central powers in order to secure South Tyrol and Trieste. That plan failed. Troy (AH) said he will never need our help so plan B is going to have to be Ally with France and the Allies and take Austria-Hungary with the help of the Allies. We were attacked in Libya by the Ottoman Empire but we were able to send troops and defeat the Ottoman Empire. Towards the end of the year Austria-Hungary tried to take a stab at Montenegro which failed as France and Italy sent troops to aid Montenegro troops. I think Italy is going to have to step it up if we wanna accomplish our objectives and we are going to need the help of the Allies. As Germany and Austria-Hungary thin their troops out we need to hit them while they are weak. If that doesn’t work Italy may need to try to ally with the central powers again to secure South Tyrol and Trieste to save our Itailians in these places. 

Italy, block 4, 1916

Although Russia seems to think Italy needs to take Egypt I don’t think it’s necessary right now to take it. The bigger thing the Allies need to accomplish is taking parts of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Russia is most likely going to be taken out by the Ottoman Empire but there is a chance that if Italy strikes we could take the Ottoman Empire. Russia wasted 3000 troops on O2 and I don’t know what we are going to do now. 

Italy, block 4, 1917

Several wars have gone on. Italy hasn’t really been able to take part in any other than the invasion of Serbia. Italy took over O1 and now we should be able to start on Austria-Hungary. The Allies are planning on taking G1 so we aren’t really able to do anything about that but I think as long as we stand our ground and eventually take the land we need from Austria-Hungary. I don’t think they have any plans on taking over Italy but we should be able to defend ourselves.  

Italy, block 4, 1918

The Central Powers want Italy to form an Alliance with them in order to be able to cross Italy and get my help with taking France. The way it’s looking, nothing is going to happen and therefore my objectives to claim part of Austria-Hungary are not going to be completed. It most likely will end up not going anywhere but I’m not sure how we consider it a victory or a loss. If I were to switch Italy and move to the Central Powers side, then Troy goes against his objectives but the way they make it sound I would get co-control of the land but then it technically is not in my full control. I think the whole point is that no matter what you do it’s the choices you make that are going to depend if you complete your objectives or not. If no one is going to attempt Italy there is nothing I can really do but if they choose to move into Italy then France really can’t help me either cause they’re defending their own lands too. Because I didn’t join them and lose my objectives I lose all of them and lose everything I could have to get points from. Looking back, I think Elise and I should have just tried to do as much as we could to complete our objectives even if that meant not making a secret alliance with France or an alliance in general with the allies in 1915. All in all, I think Italy did what we could by ourselves. We just sided with the wrong people who never were really going to help us complete our goals.