WWI Simulation Student Journal: France

France 4 1913 WWI Simulation

In the first year France spoke to the rest of the allies to try and figure out what their plan of attack was going to be for the year 1914.  Stakes were very high as the Archduke was killed.  Serbia and Austria-Hungary were both blamed and had to give a very ultimatum speech whether or not they were going to go after each other or not. 

France 4 1914 

The war on the Eastern front came to a stand still. I believe that Central Powers are going to start off strong and try to take Russia first.  Belgium mobilized their troops.  France made a secret alliance with Belgium which was a very smart thing to do, so France could send troops through them, to try and attack parts of Germany, especially their capital to make them weaker.  Great Britain also proposed an alliance with Portugal. My prediction is Germany will back off of Russia for a while and go for other Allied countries.  Germany and Austria-Hungary seem to have a big army but they both have small Navies. My intelligence report says that they will have more troops every year from their reserves, but without their navy they can’t attack Great Britain and parts of France. 

France 4  1915 

The war in the Baltic sea with Russia, France, and Great Britain navies defeated the German navy. The Russians attempted to take a part of the Ottoman Empire and Russia lost. The Germans can’t move any of their army to attack Great Britain or France.  I predict Germany will try to either take Russia or Italy.   Great Britain put 300 French soldiers on their ships, so that they can help Montenegro in case of attack. My intelligence says that Bulgaria has a small Army and no Navy.  An American ship got shot down by the Germans.  Allied powers went to war with Germany’s navy and the Allies won!  Russia’s plan was to take over the Ottoman Empire and neither time did Russia win.  Great Britain and Belgium made an alliance, and GB promised to protect Belgium’s neutrality.  I predict also that Central Powers will slowly start moving towards France and Italy to try and go to war with them. 

France 4 1916

France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan have had enough of Austria Hungary’s actions, and plan to go to war for a piece of their land. The Allies are victorious! Their next target is going to be either the Ottoman Empire, or Bulgaria, because if they gain those pieces of land it gives them more opportunities and chances at a better way of life.  Russia needs to move or do something quick because the Central powers are going to try and take another part of Russia and their army is much stronger than Russia’s. I think the Central powers will decide to back off a bit and not go to war, which is shocking, because they have the army to ultimately defeat many countries if they would want to.  Russia is being a bit hot headed, which makes the Central Powers want to defeat them even more.  The Allies want to take the Ottoman Empire to keep one side of Russia safe from war.  France moved more troops into different parts of their lands to protect their capital in case of another attack.  My prediction for next year is that the central powers will either take over the last parts of Russia or start moving their troops towards France, Italy, and Great Britain. 

France 4 1917 

 Mexico is going to come to Germany for help.  Submarine warfare promises to compel England and make peace in a few months. Russia’s cockiness has led them nowhere. Germany took over another part of Russia which is just making the Central Powers stronger, and stronger. I believe Central powers will try and go to war with Russia again to claim more land.  Russia marked their ground and did not leave the central powers a chance. Unfortunately, Russia decided to surrender, or else their land would get absolutely demolished.  The choice of surrendering was a very smart move by Russia. Their land was getting taken over way too quick and easy.  Germany is getting very angry, they went after Romania which was an Allied country, and came out victorious. They went to war with Serbia and Serbia had enough defending so the Allied powers beat the Central Powers. The allies are afraid of putting too many troops into a country being attacked but if we keep being like that we will be left with troops that were just wasted.  Italy went for war on the Ottoman Empire and claimed the land.  This would have helped Russia earlier but they already surrendered, so that was kind of a silly move. The Allied powers next plan is to take Germany’s capital and they will eventually fall apart without their capital. 

France 4 1918

The Allies went to attack Germany’s capital and did not come out victorious. The Allies just want to get rid of any part of the Central Powers because they are getting too powerful.  Although the Allies did not win, we wiped out a lot of Germany’s troops, which is good if the Allies want to go to war with them again, because they will have a better shot at winning. Germany was not happy that the Allies tried to attack them and went to war with Belgium to get closer to France. They came out with the win and are now closer to getting France and their capital.  France, Great Britain, and Portugal plan to try and take back Belgium.  They lost to Germany once again. I think Allies should take a break from war because they are just losing a battle to themselves, the central powers are just too strong at this point.  They think they can take over Central Powers but they are just too strong and better equipped. They take back the Ottoman empire that the Allies took in 1917.  The central powers go back to war and try to take France’s capital, France stood strong and did not let them take it.  France is going to move some more troops into their capital in case of another attack.  That is the end of the war! It is a tie, if there had to be a winner it would be the central powers.  The central powers were just too strong and powerful compared to the allies.  The Allies put up a very strong fight!

WWII Simulation Student Journals: Poland & The Netherlands

Poland 2 1939 WWII Simulation

The war has begun! Germany first move was war on us. Unfortunatley we were unable to stop them and to be able to keep some troops we did not want to move anymore troops in there. Germany has taken over one part of Poland. I believe that there next movement will be to take over the rest of Poland. Sadly we will still not be able to stop them from taking over Poland because Great Britain and France are unable to move troops over to help. Our original plan was to persuade Russia to defend us so that we could have a two-front war on Germany and stop them from expanding land. However Russia back stabbed us and ended up taking over the final part of Poland. 

Netherlands 2 1939 

War has started and Germany is moving into Poland. Great Britain has moved troops into the netherlands to help keep Germany out of there. Our plan is to stand our grand and remain neutral until we possibly can no longer do that. If we are unable to no longer defend the Netherlands we will then run to Great Britain and help them. I think that germanys main focus right now is to continue conquering land and we will try our best to get Great Britain and France to defend us so tht they cannot come through there. 

Poland 2 1940 

The war has escalated. Germany has sarted to move troops in the opposite direction from us They were victorious at the battle in Belgium . Japan has started to take over all areas of China they were victorious on NC China and SE china as well. Germany has not stopped there plan on taking over every country as they started a battle in Norway and were victorious. We no longer have an army and our country is ruled under axis power however we do still have our navy. There was a navy battle between the allied and Germany and we were victorius. 

Netherlands 2 1940

Japan has such a strong army and navy that they are almost unstoppable. Japan had declared war on the Dutch EI which is where all of our resources are coming from. We had to join the Allies in order to help defend our resources. We are no longer neutral and are on edge at this point. Germany is starting to move closer and closer to us. And there wont be much we can do without France moving there troops into belgium. Since Great Britain has already used there navy. 

Poland 2 1941 

The war is stll going, Italy has taken over part of France. Japan is continuing to grow stronger and stronger and have finally brought the US into war with a naval battle at Peral Harbor and Japan was victorious. The US has moved troops into France because Germnay has started another war in France. The axis powers were victorious and Japan continues to move troops and take over all parts of China. We were stuck in the baltic sea because the port was closed. However the allies were able to take over Norway and reopen that. Our navy moved out of there and is now able to help get troops from the allies into other areas in need. 

Netherlands 2 1941

Germany is starting to move closer to the Netherlands. They have taken over Denmark and closed that port and entry through there. My hope is that Great Britain can move troops into Norway and re open the port so we can move our navy through there. The US has moved resources into our land. The US helped move Britains troops into Norway to reopen the port our navy is now able to move. I think this will kep German’ys heads away from the idea of taking over the Netherlands. 

Poland 2 1942

The USSR has joined the axis powers and now the rest of the world is in lots of trouble because they are so powerful there is almost nothing they can do. There is a big war happening in France and our navy was used to help defend. The USSR have taken over Finland and other European countries and now the Axis powers have a lot of power I believe that the allied powers are going to fight and may regain soe land however the axis powers are very strong and it will be a long battle. 

Netherlands2 1942

There was a battle in French Indo-China and our navy was down there. We helped move US troops into Indo-China and we were victorious at battle. We are still standing strong and havent moved any troops and Germany hasn’t moved any troops into the Netherlands. However,  Germany has moved more troops closer to us and into Bulgaria but right now I think that their focus is on france right now. 

Poland 2 1943

The allies have started war in Italy. The allies were victorious but lost many troops. And then there was a naval battle with Russia and the allies were victorious again. Things are looking up for the allies but who knows how long that upward hill will last. The US has moved the troops to the weastern part and unfortunatley without a navy they are not allowed to move any of them. Germany is continuing to move into France and Belgium. 

Netherlands 2 1943 

The Netherlands is still laying low. We have not moved any of our troops and it doesnt seem like anyone is focusing on us. There has been many battles in Asia and down towards Italy. The allies may have a chance however the axis powers will come back stronger and im not sure if the allies have enough to defeat them again. The United states has finally gotten into the battle and I think there plan is to take back over asia however Japan is still really strong. 

Poland 2 1944

To start of the year germany has taken back over Italy from the allies and Germany now controls everything except Great Britain, French North Africa, the United States, and a few other countries. The axis powers have taken controls of the whole world and there isnt much we can do to stop them. I believe the allies are planing to continuously attack the German troops and make them loose as many troops as possible. 

Netherlands 1944

The netherlands has been attacked by Germany. The US has moved 450 troops to help save us but unfortunatley that was not enough to save us the Axis powers were victorious. The netherlands is now under axis rule. Great Britain tired to attack the ntherlands again and regian control but unfortunatley the were defeated by the Germans. The US and us have moved our ships away from japan and the areas over there. However japan has started a naval battle against the netherlands and the US. and they were victorious. The US tried again to take over the netherlands but unfortunately they lost again. I have moved US troops into Norway  with my navy. 

Poland 2 1945

The war is finally starting to die down. There isn’t much going on at the moment. The US have lost two territories. And they have tried to gain control of belgium and have brutally lost many troops. We are using our navy to take over Denmark because Germany isn’t able to do anything there. However we were unable to see that russia had navy to move troops in there and we were defeated in battle against Russia. I have a suspision that the Axis powers are going to move troops into Weastern US and end up being demolish by the 8,000 US troops in Eastern US. Japan has defeated the US navy in East Pacific. 

Netherlands 2 1945 

To start of the new year Japan has attacked hawaii and alaska. Unfortunately there isnt’t much we could do. I do think that japan is going to move into the western US and they dont realize that there is 8,000 troops sitting in eastern US that we could move if they attack the Weastern US. There isn’t much the Netherlands is able to do considering we have no troops. We are trying our best to get the US and Great Britain to attack again and regain contrl but im not sure that thats where their focus is at. 

WWI Simulation Student Journals: Belgium & Portugal

Belgium 1914 WWI Simulation

The archduke was killed! Austria-Hungry, Russia, France, Ottoman Empire, Serbia, Germany, and Belgium have mobilized. I have mobilized because Germany and France both did and I am supposed to defend my territory at all costs. I have made a secret defensive alliance with France and am trying to get great Britain to defend me as well. I believe that Italy is making alliances with both the allied and central powers and they will be in very big trouble soon. Great Britain has just mobilized. I think that the central powers will start war first and sadly be taken down by the allied powers. I also think that Bulgaria is making alliances with the allied countries. The United States has now mobilized. Germany has asked to move troops through Belgium twice now and both times I have declined unfortunately I know that this will not last long and they will forcefully move their troops through. I have now made another secret defensive alliance with Great Britain. This means that if Germany were to force troops through Belgium they would be there to defend me. War has been declared and A-H has declared war on Serbia for killing the Archduke. Austria-Hungary has defeated Serbia. Belgium does still has one African Colony, the Belgian Congo. 

Portugal 1914

Portugal has been laying low and many countries are mobilizing. We have not said anything or talked to any other countries and have not been persuaded one way yet. We have decided to stay neutral for right now. I have a suspicion that the central powers are going to continue to fight and take over as much as they can however I plan to gain an alliance with GB and the Allies will return stronger and win. We plan to still remain quiet and eventually join the Allied Powers. I have no business being in war right now. I do think that alliances are being made by the central powers with some neutral countries and the allied are also making alliances with neutral countries. Portugal has two African Colonies, Angola and Mozambique.

Belgium 1915

The Lusitania has sunk! Bulgaria has joined with the central powers and Italy has joined with the allied powers both countries have chosen to mobilize. I do believe Germany is going to start a battle soon. A-H and Germany are attacking R3 of Russia. I believe Russia will be able to have alliances and come back and take over. Germany and A-H have now taken over R3 of Russia. France is going to move troops into Belgium to help defend my land from Germany who has been asking to move troops through my land. I think that with France’s troops defending me then Germany will think differently about going through Belgium. Italy has tried to move troops into Austria-Hungary and unfortunately was defeated. I do think that Austria-Hungary will declare war on Italy which is part of the Allied powers. Italy has gone to the Central powers. The French have moved 4000 troops into Belgium.

Portugal 1915

Portugal has not done anything yet we still have no reason to be in war yet. There have been different battles and the central powers have taken control. I have my suspicions that the allied powers are going to regain control. Germany and A-H have become really close alliances. Italy has now switched to the central powers which is okay because Italy has become very weak. There have not been any naval battles yet except for the Lusitania so I have an idea that it is going to happen soon from Germany. We are still remaining Neutral since nothing has come close to us yet. 

Belgium 1916

The French have moved their troops into Germany and were defeated which means I no longer have France’s troops to support me against Germany’s troops. I am planning on having Great Britain and France move more troops into Belgium. I have a feeling that Germany is going to go through Belgium anyway and I will unfortunately not have enough to defeat them. The central powers are starting to take over the leftover parts of Russia since they lost all their troops to Germany. 

Portugal 1916 

We have now mobilized, and have joined with the Allies. I am in an alliance with Great Britain. My plan is to have France’s navy move me into France to help support them. Germany is starting to become very strong and taking over many parts of the Allies’ countries.  The central powers are taking over the leftover Russian regions and I think that they will be victorious over there. 

Belgium 1917 

The US has been joined with the Allies and Germany is moving more troops into G1 which is right next to Belgium. I believe that Germany is going to try to force its way through Belgium. I have had France and Great Britain move troops into Belgium. I think that I will eventually get the US France and GB to move the rest of the troops. Germany is moving over 5000 troops through Belgium and Great Britain and France do not have enough troops to support me. The United States is trying to persuade them to help support Belgium. The United States has persuaded them to defend me and sadly Belgium has been defeated. My country is now part of the Central Powers. It was an extremely well fought battle and Germany lost the majority of their troops however they were still able to go through Belgium no matter how hard we fought. 

Portugal 1917 

Portugal has done nothing right now. Belgium was defeated in a very big battle against the central powers and all of the allied powers. I have allowed France to transport all my troops to defend the territory of France. Germany did defeat France and so unfortunately Portugal was defeated. My country has still not been taken over but I have zero troops to defeat me. I think the Central powers are going to take over the rest of the Allied countries but I think the Allies are going to move all their troops into GB and the US so that the Central powers can only move troops through their navy. 

Belgium 1918

I am trying to get the Allied powers to take back Belgium and France. The US and GB are the only countries with a decent amount of troops left. However, I don’t think that they will be successful considering that Germany is very strong right now. I think that even if the allies were to take back over France and Belgium the central powers are too strong and the Allies would be defeated. Austria-Hungary is moving more troops into Belgium because the Allies were successful in defeating the Central Powers in France F3. I think that the Central powers are moving through Belgium because they are eventually going to move them all into F1 and try to take over the rest of France. Although I think that the allies are weaker at this time I do think that if we go into a naval war we would be victorious. 

Portugal 1918 

Portugal is still part of the Allies, I had lost all my troops from the war in France but I now have 20 more troops there. There has been a war going on in France and in the sea and both times the Allies have been victorious. I plan to move my troops into France since I assume there will be a battle there soon. I don’t think that there will be much more from the allies since the german troops have too much power over us. This war has not done much to Portugal however it has done a lot of damage to my alliances if they do want to go to war my alliances will have all my troops available to them.