Cold War Simulation

Nuclear War Simulation Student Journal: Norway

Nuclear War Simulation

Norway 4 Orientation Day (Day One)

We have just been informed of all the countries who are in NATO and the Warsaw Pact. I am Norway so I am apart of NATO in which there Is a lot of us, and we all have to come to a consensus of what to do before we actually attack or whatever the case may be. From listening in to all the talk amongst us and providing feedback we would want to avoid war at any cost because it would just damage us. Our main goal is to lay low until we are attacked. Once we are attacked then we will attack too. There has been talk that they want me to move troops to the top of the Soviet Union to take over air bases. After discussion we decided not to. It has been a very eventful day and tomorrow will be even more stressful.

Norway 4 Day Two

As time moves on, we are still trying to remain friendly. We have been having long talks amongst us so we don’t run into the chance of  World War III happening. We have just been informed that there has been missiles moved into Cuba, it was a secret until it got leaked! So we knew we had to stop that from happening if we wanted any chance to survive. So the US and Britain joined together and sent troops in. The US sent 200 while Britain sent 150. The battle was rough because we lost troops but NATO wins. So are safe for now. I am nervous to see what is in store.

Norway 4 Day Three

This by far is a very eventful day because tensions and the mention of war are being brought up. First Berlin was cut off from the west which cut supplies and made a lot of innocent people stuck. So other countries started pulling in troops incase of an attack. The Netherlands sent 70 troops to West Germany while the US sent 150 troops to Belgium. All while this is happening Portugal sends 20 troops to France, and France moves 30 to West Germany.  Then after all this happens NATO moved to defcon 4 to 3 and then back up to 4. When we went into defcon 3 the United States submarines were in firing position, but we knew if we were to shoot off first all the countries in NATO would be defeated. So in the end we were all peaceful and no war broke out, but there was a lot of tension.