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WWII Simulation Student Journal: Italy

Italy 4 1938 –  WWII Simulation

The best thing for us to do is move our troops and Navy.  Our plan is to take over Greece, French North Africa, or Egypt.  We would like to attack French North Africa first because they have some of the resources we need, and it would also help us complete one of our objectives.  There is no point in having our navy in the Tyrrhenian, because it is helping no one.  We are going to move some to the East Mediterranean sea zone, and also the West Mediterranean sea zone. 

Italy 4 1939 –  

Without being able to move or do any military operations, our plan for 1940 is still the same as 1938.  Move our navy into the East and West Mediterranean sea zones, and attack French North Africa, so we can get some resources that we need.  After that we are going to try and attack Egypt, because it is one of the closer countries that we need to acquire to complete one of our objectives. Japan and Germany went to many battles this year, both of their troops were very strong so they just kept attacking and attacking to take over more and more territory.  They did very well this year and conquered many different territories. 

Italy 4 1940 –  

We noticed Great Britain moved their Navy towards Italy into the West Mediterranean sea zone, so our plans have changed.  Instead of trying to attack French North Africa we have decided to just stand our ground instead and wait to see if Great Britain attacks us first because, it is better anyways to be the defender instead of the attacker.  Great Britain and France started to attack in the Tyrrhenian sea zone that Italy owned, and won that Navy battle.  They then moved to Libya who Italy also owns and we only had 240 troops and they had 300 there was nothing we could do because they took out all of our Navy so we couldn’t move any more troops to Libya to help and no one else had Navy in that sea zone to send troops either, so they gained that territory as well. It was very devastating but unfortunately there was just nothing that we could have done. 

Italy 4 1941 –  

Our plan for this year is to take over Yugoslavia with the help of Bulgaria and Hungary.  If we end up getting the victory it will help us then take over Albania and Greece which is one of the objectives.  And we are victorious, with the help from other countries we conquered Yugoslavia, so now it will be easier to get Albania, and Greece.  We acquired Greece, and still have 164 troops leftover, so our next plan is to take over Albania.  Axis powers are pushing ahead, and claiming tons of territory.  It is not looking very hopeful for the Allies or Neutrals.  

Italy 4 1942 –  

This year’s plan is to take over France with the help of Germany because then we can use France’s Navy.  We also would like to conquer Albania to complete one of the objectives.  If we get France then we can use their navy which would be ours if we win, to attack Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and the rest of the countries down there. We have started a battle with Albania, and only sent four troops over, because no one can come and help them anyways. We gained Albania!  Next mission is for Germany to attack France first and then we will help.  Great Britain and the US both moved troops into France so we are guessing they are either going to try and go after Germany or us.  Germany just conquered F1 of France! It is now our turn to try and take over F2.  We sent over 3,000 troops and unfortunately that wasn’t enough.  That pretty much goes to show how weak Italy’s army is. 

Italy 4 1943 –  

Right now Italy is at a bit of a halt. There’s really not much more we can do with all of our navy gone and all of the places we need to conquer, we would need someone’s navy for.  The USSR has 20 navy in the East Mediterranean sea zone but that still wouldn’t be enough troops to take over the places that we need.  Germany acquired another part of France which is good for us, because if somehow the Axis powers could take over that last piece of France we might be able to use some of their navy to get the places we need.  But we only have a couple years left, so we’ll see what happens. We moved some of our troops into a part of France to help Germany take over that last bit of France that is  left. We got the last piece of France so we are going to ask France if we could use their navy. 

Italy 4 1944 –  

Italy is still at a halt, and now the USSR’s navy got wiped out so there is no hope.  There was talk to maybe ask the US if we could use their navy, but with them being a part of the Allies the chances are very low.  There is really nothing we can do.  1944 was not very eventful, there were not many wars, and if there were, the axis powers usually won.  There was one navy battle with Japan and the US and the US knocked out all of their navy.  The US also tried to get Norway back and won. That was not much of a loss for the Axis powers because of how much land we have already conquered. 

Italy 4 1945 – 

 The war is starting to slow down.  Battles are becoming less and less.  Italy is at a standstill because none of the Axis powers have any more navy to get anywhere, we just have to move from country to country if we want to get somewhere.   The US just invaded Hawaii which Japan owned, and the US won. The Allies are trying to get back places that the Axis powers took over, but there still isn’t a lot they can do because if they attack first we will just send more troops then them so that we will keep our territories.  The US and Great Britain just attacked F3 of France which the Axis powers had taken from them earlier in the war.  Italy and Germany just sent all of their troops into France to try and defend it but it was not enough and they got it back.  They went to war with Sweden as well because we took it from them, and they got that back too.  The Allies just got Finland.  It was a battle that was very close but the Allies won. Italy tried to get F2 back not knowing they could move two zones.  So they moved a lot of their troops into F2 to attack and we lost.  That ended the war, and it is still an Axis Power victory, so I’m happy with the outcome. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Finland and China

China 4 1938 WWII Simulation

We were going through a lot in our country before WW2 even started. We had a civil war going on between the communists and the nationalists, and that affected us in the war. Even though we had a decent amount of troops, we had no resources to develop a stronger military. Our plan was to get the US to give us resources, and gladly they said they would provide us resources.

Finland 4 1938

Finland is making their strategies and looking at every way they could possibly get hurt so they can have a plan to stop it. For example, the USSR could attack us. So our plan was just to defend because the USSR is very weak compared to our military. We don’t think Sweden is going to do anything because they barely have any troops. We would actually try to negotiate with them so we could protect each other and maybe in exchange I could get some Iron they have. We talked to Germany to see if they could defend us and they said they would, but they wanted us to join them. We were only going to join if there wasn’t anything else we could do. 

China 4 1939

Japan decided to attack North Central China. They were able to conquer it and they were heading to South Central China. We didn’t have the resources from the US yet and we weren’t going to be able to get them for a while. So, the Japanese finally attacked SC China and they took over as well. Now it’s just a matter of time when they decide to strike again. Hopefully we can get the resources before they do so that way we could actually defend ourselves better and fight back. 

Finland 4 1939

Our mindset is strong and clear, “Stay out of any affairs” We have a strong military and we are planning on making it even stronger. To do that we need natural resources. It doesn’t matter who we get it from as long as we get them. Right now everything up North is looking good except for the Germans that are slowly moving towards us. Gladly, I spoke with them and they won’t attack us. Maybe I would be able to get some natural resources from them. We’ll see…

China 4 1940

“Red notice” “Red notice”. China is under attack again and the Japanese were able to stop the resources transfer from the United States. That was our only hope to try and fight back the Japanese. Now, we are pretty much screwed. They took over North West China first. I sent troops from Tibet but they didn’t do anything. Just as I thought it would happen, the Japanese took over Tibet and that was the fall from China. Japan just kept going and no one could stop them. They took over India, the Thailand and just kept going.

Finland 4 1940

The USSR decided to attack us. We already had this in our minds, so we stood strong and we were able to beat them. We had 78 troops left and we saw that they were making some movements with their troops. Gladly, we came to an agreement to not attack each other and instead we should help each other out. Even though we came to an agreement, we talked to Germany to see if they would defend us. They said they would but they didn’t have any navy to move troops in case they needed to send some. So we just stayed like that and hoped for the best.

China 4 1941

We slowly watched Japan take over everything in our area, they started with us and now they were heading for The Philippines, then New Guinea. All of the sudden, they controlled everything in this area, even Australia. 

Finland 4 1941

The USSR broke their promise and attacked us in 1941. Unfortunately, the leader of Finland wasn’t in office and couldn’t do anything to try and stop the USSR. He couldn’t make an alliance with Germany to scare the USSR off, or have Germany convince them not attack me and instead we could all work together, but no, we were just taken over and we couldn’t do anything. You might be wondering why the leader of Finland wasn’t in office…  well it was because it had passed away 

China & Finland 4 1942

A lot of things were going on. The Allies tried to stop Japan with troops and navy but they were just very strong. They kept moving west taking over everything in their path. While the Japanese were doing that, the USSR was also expanding their territory. They started in 1941 with Finland and they kept going, taking over Sweden and Norway. Also, they took over Albania and Trans Jordon. One huge event was the fall of France. The Nazis attacked France in 1942 and so did Italy. The Axis powers controlled most of Europe at that time. 

China & Finland 4 1943

The Axis power made few movements and attacks during this year. Yet, the Allies started to be more aggressive and tried to take over territory. The United States attacked Norway and took over it and then proceeded to attack Sweden. Great Britain attacked the USSR navy in the baltic sea zone taking over that sea zone as well. Because the Axis powers controlled most of Europe, they couldn’t go and invade other areas that were from the allies, they just had to defend in case the Allies decided to make a strategy. 

China & Finland 4 1944

During this year, the Axis powers didn’t attack once, they were just defending and the Allies were the ones making all the moves of trying to take back what was theirs. 

China & Finland 1945

The United States and Great Britain started to be the most aggressive they’ve ever been during the war. They attacked France which was taken over by Axis Forces and they manage to capture back. They were also making moves on the North taking over Sweden and Finland against the USSR and the Japanese armies. The Axis powers took back F1 of France but the Allies took it back again. Overall the Axis Powers had the most land, but the Allies were slowly taking back what they lost. Great Britain took over the East Mediterranean Sea against the USSR. The US tried to take the Central Pacific but no one won that. So pretty much the Allies were getting their sea zones back and then they would proceed to attack land. The US took back ALASKA from Japan that had previously taken it.

WWII Simulation Student Journal: France

Me or I = the French or France WWII Simulation

France 4 1939 – The war in Asia had gotten worse for China, France, and Great Britain because China, France, and Great Britain lost a lot of troops. China also lost a lot of territory due to the Japanese invading and having many victories.France is the country that is protecting the British rubber that had originally been in Burma. Great Britain was going to try to send France some rubber and oil but the Japanese invaded Burma before Great Britain was able to get it sent to France.

France 4 1940 – Great Britain and I have moved our ships to the West Mediterranean Sea Zone so we can then attack the Italian navy. Great Britain and I attacked Libya and that was a successful mission. The naval mission against the Italian Navy was a success now the Germans and the Italians do not have a navy that they could use to move troops. Now that the Italians don’t have a navy they can’t help any of the Axis powers move troops across any of the oceans. 

Franc3 4 1941 – France put soldiers into Yugoslavia to try to help protect them from the Axis powers but that was an unsuccessful battel, and the Axis powers took control of Yugoslavia. The French soldiers are terrified because of the German forces that are in Belgium. The Germans have put more troops into Belgium, I am assuming that they are going to try and attack the French. The German Forces haven’t moved from Belgium to attack France, so now French Soldiers are starting to think that the Germans are waiting for me to attack them.

France 4 1942 – The Germans are still in Belgium, I am still thinking that they are waiting for me to attack before they will do anything. I am going to try to stall to allow more Allied Forces to help in France with fighting against the German Army. Great Britain is taking over Ireland. Germany finally attacked and we lost to them, now Italy is going to attack so hopefully we can beat them to keep more of France alive. The French soldiers killed all of the invading Italians. France is still alive.

France 4 1943 – My army only has 298 soldiers left. Hopefully, Germany and Italy don’t attack until I can get more troops from Great Britain. Now I only have 4 French soldiers that are alive, and they are in Africa, but the French Navy is alive. I am allowing the British and the Americans to use my navy for whatever they need to use it for. The reason why France lost so many soldiers is that Italy and Germany tried to invade France, but only Germany was able to defeat the French Army. The Axis powers also were able to gain complete control of France. The 4 remaining French soldiers and the British troops that are in Libya have to move to the French North Africa zone to protect it from the Japanese who are trying to invade and conqurer French North Africa. That battle was a success for the British troops and my 1 French soldier that is still alive.

France 4 1944 – The Allies that still have troop are still using the Frenchg ships to use in battles or to use as transportation.The Americans and the British were victorious in Norway. The Japanese invaded Hawaii, but the Americans weren’t able to stop the Japanese from winning that battle for control of Hawaii. The Japanese want to keep control on Hawaii so that way they can then have a chance to attack the Western United States and Alaska.Great Britain and the Americans sank all of Japan’s Navy. 

France 4 1945 – The French Navy is still being used by the rest of the Allies. The Americans retook Hawaii from Japan. The Axis powers don’t have any navies, so the only way that they can attack is on land. Great Britain and the United States. The Axis powers are doing a lot of movement with their troops. The Allies went to attack the Germans and the Italians that were in France, and the Allies were victorious. France now has at least a little bit of hope that the Allies will help get back a lot of French territories. The Allies also are invading Sweden and Finland. Both of those battles were victorious for the Allies. The Allies were not able to win the war. One of the main reasons is that the USSR joined the Axis powers in the middle years of the war.

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Soviet Union

USSR, 4, 1939 WWII Simulation

We can sense the distress around us as the world has split once again. The Axis powers pose a true threat to the wellbeing of our world. Their armies are powerful and merciless. They have already invaded all of Poland this year. Which puts a rut in our plans to invade P2 of Poland. We thought of attacking back but decided not to due to the loss of troops we would have and the official treaty with Germany being broken. We have given Germany oil resources in hopes to keep the peace. We expect an attack from Germany soon though, knowing that they want to spread their territory as wide as possible.

USSR, 4, 1940

Our earliest move was attacking Finland. We were unsuccessful in taking over and lost many troops. I wish our armies were more powerful but it is hard to conquer and grow when our resources are low. We still await Germany’s attack. We plan on taking Finland again and eventually, try to take Rumania. Poland is a dream invasion considering how strong Germany is growing. But the resources they provide would be an improvement to our armies. We have just attacked Estonia with one troop. There are no resources but we could use the land.

USSR, 4, 1941

We have joined the Axis Powers. We believe that their strength will help us and protect us. The Allied Powers seem to be losing more land by the day. I understand that we can only help so much with our weak troops but we plan to help transport and take over in North West Europe. We have successfully invaded Finland and plan to overtake Sweden and Norway with the Allies worried about German forces. The Axis powers have asked us to move our navy and together we plan to take over the Southern resources.

USSR, 4, 1942

The Axis Powers are successfully taking over the Middle East and plan to move to Africa. The USSR has successfully taken all Northern Europe. I worry though that the Allies will have a sudden burst of power. But they have hardly made any dents in the war against us and seem to refuse to move.

USSR, 4, 1943

This year the Allies decided to start moving. They also have lost all of France this year to the Axis powers. We are thankful that we have closed off the Allies’ way through the Southern Canals near Egypt. This helps us with not getting attacked because the Allies can’t use their navy. We actually unknowingly did this but I’m glad that it happened this way. The thing that stresses me out the most is the US and Britain’s interest in Norway and Sweden which he had taken a few years ago. Because of their grasp on Norway it could be easy for them to move Westward and take part of the USSR. We’re hoping that Japan will send their troops in time to help aid us against the Allies.

USSR, 4, 1944

There wasn’t much war movement for us this year. We have moved are forced further North to help defend against the uncoming Allies. Japan troops are growing close. We await the Allie’s attack on our country and plan to defend. I am hoping that this war ends soon. I believe the Axis power’s armies are stretched far. And even with our amount of land owned, I fear the US and Great Britain could still prevail with the right moves. The main thing that the Axis Powers could truly use at this point would be a strong navy. But unfortunely we lack that except for Japan. Our country cannot take much more of this fighting. We are stretching our troops far enough already.

USSR, 4, 1945

My biggest fear for this comming year is an Eastern invasion from the Allies. Their navy is strong enough to transfer armies over to Norway and Sweden. We still have not taken back Norway. We plan to stand our ground and keep Sweden, we cannot afford attacking the Allies with our weak armies. I hope Japan comes soon to our defense. Japan has lost Hawaii, which isn’t a huge loss and doesn’t truly affect us, but still, the Allies are trying to instill fear. The Allies have taken back Norway, Sweden and Finland. Japan’s troops have defended us but still have failed to keep us safe. Our armies are demolished. I now pray that we can make it through this year with our country still intact. The war is over! And the USSR is still entact. We couldn’t be more realived. I hope that this is the end of these great wars. Our country needs to recover.

WWII Simulation Student Journal: United States

WW2 1938 – Orientation Day WWII Simulation

It’s the year 1938 and the rumors of the war are arising. The Axis powers are developing a plan of action. I think they are going to attack hard to start the war off aggressively. 

WW2 1939-

Poland was attacked instensly by Germany.  They knew they had no chance. There was no plan of action and the Axis powers succeeded.  Belgium took over the small, unprotected, territory of Greece with no conflict.  We are planning on giving our resources to the contries in need.  We made an alliance with Belgium and are giving some resources to keep them in the war.  China also is in desperate need of resources and we are sending them. 

WW2 1940-

Germany is starting this year off with a massive battle.  They try to move their armies into French North Africa.  The Allies were victorious but lost a lot.  The Axis powers took over Belgium with a big fight.  Now Italy is trying to take over Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia is defeated by the Axis powers.  Axis powers take over Norway. Japan is attacking Dutch-East Indies. Axis Powers show a lot of power in the war right now. We are remaining neutral until dragged in.  Our economy can not handle the war at the moment unless we absolutely have to. 

WW2 1941-

This may be the year.  We can’t stand back watching Germany and the Axis powers taking over.  Hitler has too much power and we need to atleast try stopping him.  He is causing too much damage in the war.  Hopefully someone brings us in soon so we can supply our larger countries in need and help the allies.  Japan is going to attack. Japan attacks the allies navy in Pearl Harbor and completely destroys us.  We are forced to join the allies in order to stay in war. Our first move was to assist France in the war.  We were demolished by the Axis powers in the battle.  We lost all 300 troops.  Our Navy is going to take Great Britains troops to try and defeat Norway. Sweden and Finland are assistinf Great Britan on this.  The allies should come out victorious in this battle.

WW2 1942- 

The neutrals are held on by a thread. It looks like the Axis powers are going to drag them to their side and they do.  Now the Axis Powers are larger than ever.  We are again trying to help France so we move Great Britains troops into France and we are victorious.  The Axis powers are attacking French Indo-China so the Netherlands used their navy to move our army into battle.  We moved ours as well and were victorious. Germany attacked France and took it over. 

WW2 1943-

We are going to try and take over Italy.  Our navy is strong and Great Britains troops should be able to take over. We succeed and need reinforcement in that area.  This gives us hope for the war. Great Britain took over Russias navy in a fierce battle. We have to do something with our troops because we can’t get into Europe. We try to move but aren’t succussful. They take over Italy. 

WW2 1944-

This year is becoming clear who is winning.  The Netherlands are getting attacked.  We are the only ones who can help.  We moved 450 troops into the Netherlands to battle the Germans.  The Netherlands are taken over.  The only allied countries left are us, Great Britain, French North Africa, and a few smaller countries. We still have to try taking over those smaller countries.  We try to take back the Netherlands and fail miserably.  The Netherlands navy was also taken over.  Egypt is being demolished by Lybia and Germany. 

WW2 1945-

It is our last hope in the war. We are trying to do anything to take back over Europe. We tried our last shot at Belgium with all of our navy and asisting Great Britain.  We still were unsuccessful. Japan takes over our navy near Hawaii. Belgium is being taken over by Great Britian but is not successful. The allied powers are done for and the axis powers are succesful.

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Italy

Italy, block 4, 1938 WWII Simulation

I think the best plan of action would be to move navy troops into either the west mediterranean sea zone and start trying to get French North Africa because they have resources that we need. Either that or we can move the navy to the east mediterranean sea zone and get Greece and complete one of our objectives. 

Italy, block 4, 1939

Because we are unable to do military actions until 1940 we are trying to weigh our options as to what we can do once that year comes. I think French North Africa would be best because it gains us some resources. Although if we send troops down there they aren’t really there for any other reason. After that I think Egypt would be a good option to take but Great Britain would be able to have troops after us.

Italy, block 4, 1940

I think it would be best if we just stand our ground until we can get help from Romania and Bulgaria to take Yugoslavia. Great Britain has moved their navy outside of our sea zone and if they potentially attacked then we should be able to defend ourselves. France and Great Britain decided to attack and we are most likely unable to get some of our objectives without a navy. I think our plan is to take yugoslavia and take albania and greece to complete those objectives. We should have moved our troops out from the Tyrrhenian Sea and taken over Great Britain’s ships in the East Mediterranean and moved troops to Libya. 

Italy, block 4, 1941

I think our plan is to take Yugoslavia with the help of Bulgaria and Hungary. Once we take that we can pass through there and take Albania and Greece and complete those objectives and then maybe also get France with the help of Germany. If our plan fails and we are attacked by France first we will need the help from Germany to survive. We have taken over Yugoslavia and we should be able to take out Greece and Albania now as well. We now control Greece. 

Italy, block 4, 1942

We plan to take Albania and possibly France. We have completed our objective to take Albania and Greece. If we take over part of France with Germany then we can get more. We are getting resources from Germany. We got our 6 coal we needed from him. I think our next plan is to co-control part of the countries Japan is getting. With us taking out most of France’s troops now Germany should be able to take over the rest of France and give us some resources again. 

Italy, block 4, 1943

I think the allies are going to try and take us over because the Soviet Union joined us. The way it looks there’s no way for them to win but the US could gain control of France. We moved some of our troops into F2 because Germany might need our help to take over the rest of France. Hopefully we will be able to stand our ground until the end of the war. If there is any chance of us doing anything we need to get Libya back so that we can still get the objective to maintain our original territory. 

Italy, block 4, 1944

I’m thinking that as long as we maintain most of our troops we have now then we should be good by the end of the war. With no navy we are going to be unable to get Libya back and the other territories we need. If we could somehow get the US to let us use their navy to get French North Africa then we could get our objectives. There is no way the US would let us though because it would go against their allies and be harmful to them. We have acquired a lot of our resources for the most part we only need a little bit of iron ore. 

Italy, block 4, 1945

There isn’t much we can do without the abilities to have a navy and move our troops to the places we need. The allies are kind of stuck with what they can do and the amount of time they have left to do it. They are probably going to try and take over Sweden and move into Finland and maybe even the USSR. With us not being able to complete all of our objectives we might not be in the best shape but we need a navy to get them. The way it’s looking, the Axis Powers are winning the war. We also got France taken back because they were able to take out most of our troops that were in France. We still have Italy’s mainland with 100 troops. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Yugoslavia and Belgium

Yugoslavia & Belgium  2, 1938 WWII Simulation

Our plan of action is to conquer the territories that Yugoslavia had lost in the first war. Planning to conquer back Greece. Believing this would be the step in the right direction.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2, 1939

On the first day we are planning our strategies. We are thinking of gaining an alliance with Great Britain and France between Yugoslavia. Thinking that Great Britain can bring troops over to Yugoslavia with their navy. Trying to have France move troops in Italy just to keep there and no war. This is our plan as we try to break away from Germany. Yugoslavia is currently attacking Greece to try and maintain their original territory. This attack was successful. Belgium has made a defensive alliance with the United States. Belgium has gained resources 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2,1940

The second day we have to plan to remove Germany as an alliance. Right now Yugoslavia is secretly allied with Great Britain and France. We plan to make these public once we officially cut ties with Germany. Germany has promised if they win their war they will be able to give us resources. After being given the resources we will break ties. The war has started, Italy has attacked Yugoslavia with a victory. We have been able to complete 3 out of the 4 tasks. Belgium has been attacked by Germany. Great Britain and France sent in troops to help Belgium but there was no luck in saving the country. We are no longer in control of our Countries.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2, 1941

We still have maintained Greece. Japan has attacked Pearl Harbor, sending the U.S into the war. Greece has been attacked by the axis powers. Giving the axis powers another victory. The USSR hasn’t been of any help to the allied powers. Most of Europe has now been taken over by the axis powers.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1942

The USSR has now joined the axis powers. We felt they had been planning to join them for a while, but there is no way to be sure. The axis power took over Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. They are becoming hungry for power, taking in the country that stands in their way. The Axis powers have declared war on the last piece of France, coming out in a victory. France is now officially controlled by the axis powers. Italy is now declaring war on Albania and the USSR is declaring war on Finland. There are currently no troops in Albania determining a defiant win. The USSR has become successful in Finland.

Yugoslavia & Belgium  2 1943

Great Britain’s navy has moved men to Italy. They are hoping to win to conquer Italy. They came out with a successful win. Italy has now been conquered by the allies. Now focusing on sea battles with their large navy. No more war has been declared but the U.S are in the process of moving troops closer. Japan has just declared war on Australia. Gaining as many grounds as they can. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1944

The U.S has now gained 250 navy troops and 3,000 army troops. Yet with the navy only being able to haul so much they aren’t able to get all their troops over the borders into Europe. The allies are focusing on a plan of attack towards the axis powers. The allies and axis keep trying to slow down the other for war plans. Arabia has finally been conquered by the axis powers. The U.S has tried to reconquer the Netherlands but with failure the axis powers came out victorious.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1945

Italy has been regained from the axis powers. They are now attacking the Suez canal.  Japan has now declared war on Alaska. The U.S is at a loss to do so for moving troops. Japan is also attacking Hawaii once again. The U.S is still at a loss and don’t know what troops to use or bring in to defend. Japan has become victorious in gaining Alaska and Hawaii. The allies are now attacking Belgium to gain back the country. If this results in victory we will have our country back. However the axis powers won and annihilated the allied powers in Belgium. Great Britain is attacking Belgium with 551 troops. We can hope to gain the territory back but the odds look unlikely. The end of the war looks bleak. The axis powers has taken over all of India, over half of Europe, and 2 states from the U.S.

WWII Student Journals: Poland and The Netherlands

1939: Poland 2 WWII Simulation

Though Poland’s efforts to stay strong with the support of Great Britain and France, our reinforcements couldn’t get to us in time for Germany to attack and take over. Our hopes are that we can gain Russia’s support to get Poland out of control of Germany. Our reasoning to Russia to back us up is that if they mobilize troops to Poland, a two-front war could possibly break out, putting Germany at a weak spot. 

1939: The Netherlands 2

The Netherlands were given their reinforcements so we have solid protection against any other outside forces and threats that will soon appear in the future. Now, all we need is our resources. We found that the Dutch East Indies have all the resources they will need. Upon gaining these resources, we will disperse them from The Netherlands to Poland, strengthening us again. 

1940: Poland 2

The resources in the Dutch East Indies have fallen into the hands of the Axis powers. Great Britain is now attacking Germany. Poland and Russia are drawn into this attack as Russia has attacked and taken control of one piece of Poland and Russia is in control of the other. France has just attacked Libya. People are just continuing their conquest to conquer more and more lands. I feel that people are thinking more about conquering more than they are focusing on gaining resources. We also aren’t seeing many new alliances forming, lots of people are sticking with their roots. Axis Powers have seen the most victory throughout this year. Allied victories are sometimes present, but not as common as the Axis. The Allies did see victory in a naval battle against Italy. 

1940: The Netherlands 2

Japan’s navy attacked the Dutch East Indies which we are guaranteed for our resources.  We were being defended by Great Britain, and they helped us defend ourselves against. However, the axis powers were victorious. Now that the Dutch East Indies have fallen, we need to find a new way to gain our resources. We know that Japan is a force to reckon with, and they are very strong. We need to steer clear of further attacks on the Netherlands that could come to action here soon. 

1941: Poland 2

Italy has just taken over a part of France. Japan attacks the United States, causing them to come out of Neutrality and join the Allies. This will strengthen the Allies greatly as we need America’s strong technology and forces. They will hopefully lead the Allies to put a stop to the Axis powers and put a stop to Hitler’s conquests. Germany moved troops from Belgium to France. Though the United States attempted to interfere and provide support, it wasn’t enough for the strong Axis Powers. Japan is continuing to take over China piece by piece, which is seeming quite successful for them. The Allies are attempting to take back Norway at this time. The Allies succeeded in this, which is a very great victory for them as now their Navy can mobilize as they were stuck in the Baltic. 

1941: The Netherlands 2

We know that we have to surrender once Germany comes to attack, and they are coming soon. They are continuing to mobilize closer and closer to the Netherlands which is becoming quite alarming. We have no choice other than to give in to the Axis Powers, which will strengthen them even further than they already are. We want to get our Navy out of the blockage, so by gaining Norway back, we have strength through the seas. As long as we have enough troops, Germany will not be able to get to support Norway. 

1942: Poland 2

It is a new year of war, and Russia has been gained control of by the Axis Powers. Hope of gaining Poland back is lost, there is no possible way to get through Germany safely to gain our country back. Germany is attacking France, and were victorious. The Allies are becoming weaker and weaker and it seems like nothing they do can bring them back up. Even if we started gaining land back, our military strength is no match for Japan and the strong Axis Powers. Finland has fallen to the axis powers, yet another country falling into the hands of the Axis Powers. It appears that their next goal is to gain control of the Philippines, which is an extreme setback to our resources. The United States is getting the majority of their resources from the Philippines, and if they fall to Axis, the Allies are basically cut off. 

1942: The Netherlands 2

Now that we have Norway back, we are at more of an advantage as our navy troops are free from the Baltic where they were trapped. We have a few strategic ideas that we can go for. Southeast China has no backup, it appears. However, Japan could possibly get their navy to back up Southeast China and possibly defeat us since they are only one sea zone away. Another possible solution would be to attack Thailand. We are beginning to feel hopeless and are looking for any possible ideas that could strengthen the Allies. 

1943: Poland 2

The Allies are attacking Italy. They have put in quite a good number into Italy, but time will only tell if the Axis powers are able to provide enough support to defend against the Allies. The success of the Axis powers is becoming quite alarming as they keep conquering lands. A success by the Allies seems out of reach. However, in this battle of Italy, the Allies were successful. This is a great step forward for the Allies. Will they be able to keep pulling off victories? After the Allies are defeating more Axis troops, how will the Axis powers react when it is their turn for war? Japan has taken out US troops in French IndoChina, which will hurt our resources immensely. 

1943: The Netherlands 2

We believe that as the Allied powers, our next move should be to attack Italy. Another goal we have is to gain back France, as they don’t pose much of a threat troop wise. We could get enough troops to overpower France. However, we decided that Italy is going to be our first move of attack in attempts to gain more land back. The United States and France could attack Italy and easily win. We were successful in taking over Italy, and now we are going to work for a naval battle against Russia. 

1944: Poland 2

Japan now has control of mostly everything in Southeast Asia. And now, Germany is beginning their attempts to gain back control of Italy. This is frustrating for the Allies because they have no options to defend themselves. Germany is now trying to attack the Netherlands. It appears that the Netherlands can possibly gain their territory back, but only time will tell. The attempts for support to the Netherlands failed, and the Axis powers were victorious yet again. As time goes on throughout this year all that is happening is more victory by the Axis. 

1944: The Netherlands 2

Germany is coming for us. However, we have the United States to help us out and provide support. We definitely need it. If we don’t have enough support, and we can’t be saved by the United States, then we have no other option but to surrender to the Axis Powers. We have now fallen to the Axis powers. Though we have no control over our country, we still have our navy. Great Britain is coming to our aid. They are going to try and fight Germany to win us back. This plan, though thoughtful, failed. Our hope lies in our navies at this point. We are still putting hope into saving the Netherlands. After we get the Netherlands back, the US can bring more troops in and we can work our way into Germany. By placing some troops into Norway, it’ll only help us have reinforcements in the future. 

1945: Poland 2

Hawaii and Alaska now belong to the Axis Powers. It is unsure at this time if the Allied powers will be able to even keep America out of their reach. There aren’t any options left for the Allies. Any move that they make at this point won’t change the outcome of the war. Great Britain and the United States are going to attack Belgium. Will the Allies see a victory? Though they may not be able to win the war, can they pull through and finish strong? It’s hard to tell at this point. They are reaching yet again for another small battle. There is a strong chance that the Allies can take Denmark. It is more likely than the Belgium attack. However, the odds were not in the Allies favor. There seems to be nothing more that we can do. Now, it’s axis war, and all the Allies can do is wait.

1945: The Netherlands 2 

Hawaii is being attacked by Japan. However, there is nothing that we can do, because our troops will be demolished. Defeat is basically inevitable, but if they gain control of Hawaii, they can move into western United States, which is an alarming situation. The worst case scenario right now would be the United States being taken by Japan. We wish we could get Norway, but seeing that there is little to no more time for war, this won’t be beneficial to our success. At this point, we are just trying to do anything we can, which at this point, is attacking Belgium. However, Germany is reinforcing strongly. It’s a safe bet that we won’t even be able to succeed in this small battle. Great Britain is moving to attack Denmark. Attacking Germany would be beneficial if we saw success. However, it is essentially suicide. Denmark was a failure, and we have no hope left. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: United States

United States 1938 – Orientation Day WWII Simulation

It’s the year 1938 and the rumors of the war are arising. The Axis powers, specifically Germany, are developing a plan of action. I am predicting that they are going to start off the war by attacking very aggressively. They want to show off and make everyone think they are dominant. 

United States 1939-

Just as suspected, Poland was attacked by Germany instantly. Poland knew they didn’t stand a chance. There was no plan of action or help for Poland so the Axis powers succeeded easily.  Belgium ended up taking over the small, unprotected, territory of Greece with little conflict.  We, as the United States, plan on giving our resources to the countries in need.  We made an alliance with Belgium and providing them with some resources they are lacking to help keep them in the war.  China is also in a desperate need of resources so we decided to help them out.  

United States 1940-

Germany is starting 1940 off with a very impactful battle. They moved their armies into French North Africa for battle.  The Allies were victorious but lost a massive amount of troops.  The Axis powers took over Belgium with a big fight.  Italy is now trying to take over Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia ended up falling to the Axis Powers. The Axis powers’ next move was to take over Norway, and Japan is attacking Dutch-East Indies. The Axis powers are very strong and having great success right now. All we can do is stand by and watch and mayne provide resources along the way. Our economy can not physically handle the war right now, so we wait until we are attacked. 

United States 1941-

1941 may be our year.  It’s hard standing back watching as Germany and the Axis powers take over.  Hitler has an excessive amount of power right now and we need to try stopping him.  He and his Nazi’s are causing too much damage and taking over too many countries. We are  hopeful that someone will attack us so we are brought into the war.  Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and completely destroys our navy and aircrafts.  We are now forced to join the allies to keep our country strong. Our first action in war was to help assist France in battle. We were completely demolished by the Axis powers in the battle. In total, we lost all 300 troops.  Our Navy is going to take Great Britain’s troops to try and defeat Norway. Sweden and Finland are assisting Great Britain in this battle.  The Allies should come out as victorious in this battle.

United States 1942- 

The neutrals are held on by a thread. It looks like the Axis powers are going to drag them to  their side and they do.  Now the Axis Powers are larger than ever.  We are again trying to help France so we move Great Britain’s troops into France and we are victorious.  The Axis powers are attacking French Indo-China so the Netherlands used their navy to move our army into  battle.  We moved ours as well and were victorious. Germany attacked France and took it over. 

United States 1943-

We plan to try and take over Italy.  Our navy is pretty strong and with the help of Great Britain’s troops, we should be able to take over. We succeed, but need reinforcement in that area. This small victory gives us hope for the years to come. Great Britain has taken over Russia’s navy in  a fierce battle.  We need to use our troops for something because we ultimately cannot get into Europe. We try to move but we do not have success. They end up taking over Italy. 

United States 1944-

The outlook is not looking very good for the Allies.  The Netherlands are now getting attacked and we are the only ones who can help. We moved 450 troops into the Netherlands to fight against the Germans.  The Netherlands are taken over. The only surviving allied countries left  are us, Great Britain, French North Africa, and a few smaller countries. We are still making an effort to try and take over those smaller countries. We try to take back the Netherlands and fail miserably.  The Netherlands navy was also taken over. Egypt is now being destroyed by Libya and Germany. 

United States 1945-

This year is our last hope in war. We are trying our hardest to take back Europe. We try to shoot our last shot at saving Belgium with all of our navy and assisting Great Britain. We were still unsuccessful. Japan ends up taking over our navy near Hawaii. Belgium is being taken over by Great Britain but is not successful. The Axis powers have claimed victory over the Allies. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Italy

WWII Simulation

Italy 1939- At the beginning of this year the first move has been made and it has been our ally Germany attacking p1 of poland. They come out of this battle victorious meaning that the war has now begun. This is quite interesting for the fact that Great Britain had a defensive alliance with Poland yet once they were invaded, Great Britain did nothing to help. At the same time as this Russia invaded the oth8er quadrant of Poland meaning they have officially fell. This makes me wonder how Britain will respond because I am sure they do not want to get on the wrong side of Russia this early in the war. There were also some other events that took place that hit closer to home to us in Italy. This is that Yugoslavia afficaly has conquered Greece. I see this as a good thing due to the fact that I plan on invading Yugoslavia and Greece later on, and now that they are both weaker this will make it much easier. Yet this will come in time because the main priority now is to send 241 units to Libya for a future invasion of French North Africa. This invasion is obviously fueled by our objectives but also due to the fact that they have some resources. In preparation for this we have received 5 coal from germany so that we are more powerful. This will hopefully make the invasion a success. Along with this we are attempting to persuade Russia to send us some oil since we do ot have any. Overall 1940 seems to be brewing into the potential of being a huge year which we believe through negotiations we will come out successful.

Italy 1940- To start this year off we lost the battle for French North africa. I believe the reason for this was that we underestimated how many troops the allies were able to transport here. Overall it is unfortunate to loose this but my hopes are still high that we will be able to take it in the future. After this took place we launched our invasion of Yugoslavia. This was a successful attack, which allows us to take albania, and greece next year which is a important part of our objectives. We will be able to do this because they no longer have nay troops in either of these territories making them defenseless. After this we believed that it would be a good idea to move our Navy back into the Tyrannian zone to avoid an allied attack. This was good thinking yet it ended up not bing worth while due to the fact we had to use the navy to bring Nazi troops back to Libya to defend against the French invasion from the West. We were successful in this defense except for it left our Navy to be sitting Ducks, and be destroyed. The only bright side of this is that the Allied navy only survived with three ships which won’t be abe to do much for them in the future. While this was happening our allies Germany made some progress in the North taking belgium and Norway. This means from here they should be able to keep pushing and advancing west into France which should occupy them from what my plans are to finally invade French North Africa. Some other key events that took place this year was the Japanese invasions in the Dutch Indies, and China. From this we were able to gain 6-Rubber, and 6-Oil from Japan. This boosts our army to a 6.64 overall wich will aid greatly in future invasions. This leaves 197 in libya to invade FNA. They attacked our navy and won but only by 3 units.

Italy 1941- It is the beginning of 41’ and we are invading F2 of France, we will be launching this invasion with 901 Italians and 67 Nazi troops. We are doing so because we feel it is important to capture all of France so that if the US tries to help they will not have a landing point. This battle was successful, and we know have F2. Next we are going to complete one of our objectives by invading the unoccupied Greece with 50 troops, this will give us more land on the East Mediterranean. We are now going to invade French North Africa once again with 50 troops in hopes of finally taking this land. This invasion was not a success leaving only 10 troops left in FNA. This angers us yet we feel we may have one last chance to take it. While this took place Japan continues their domination of SE asia, and also secures India. Japan also Invades Burma during this time. Germany has now taken Denmark giving them control of the baltic for a brief period of time before the allies come back and take Norway opening it mack up. Next year we will attempt an invasion of F3 which would result in the fall of France, and any chance of a 2 front war for the moment.

Italy 1942- The new year has started and the first acton is Russia taking over small neutral countries like Lithuania, Estonia, and Latavia. Along with this I have been working with Russia for some time now, and i feel we may be able to convince them that the Axis is the winning team and for them to join, so overall our relations I feel are strong. If this is able to come to fruition it will 100% eliminate a two front war for our allie Germany. Now it is time for war, and us, and Germany have launched an attack on F3. we did this in two waves where I went first and forced them to mobilize their navy for defense. Then once Germany attacked they could not defend making an easy victory which we then gained the rest of our Iron from. Now with this victory I feel Russia realizes our power and due to this has joined the Axis fearing they may be next. After this we take the unguarded albania which completes another of our objectives. After this Russia then takes Finland. I feel them having finland may enable them to be able to take norway in the future, and once again close the baltic. Now with the war over we make some important mobilizations like moving troops out of Romania and Bulgaria to help defend Yugoslavia in the case that the allies try to invade from here. We also have Russia move some troops further to the west just in case we need them for backup in the future.

Italy 1943- It is the beginning of 1943 and the unimaginable, worst case scenario has happened. This is that the allies have launched a surprise invasion on our homeland taking it with lighting speed as we mobilized to the North West. This is huge for the fact that it gives the allies a landing zone in an area of small nations providing easy advancement. In response to this we are already working with germany to figure out a counter attack before it is too late. Aside from this there is a lot to pay attention to when it comes to other invasions. This includes the USSR successfully conquering Iran and Sweden. This is very important for the Axis industrialization because it now provides us with 3oil from Iran, and a whopping 18 iron from Sweden. Along with this Japan has conquered french indo-china, and australia. This doesn’t provide much significance except for the fact that it illustrates that japan may be capable of dominating all of SE Asia and more. Now in order to take back Italy we are having Germany send troops to austria so they they will be ready to invade by 44’. With this Romania and bulgaria are preparing to help out if needed. Yet I don’t feel the allies navy will be in position by then to help reinforce the troops currently occupying Italy. Then to end the year out Germany is preparing to defend france in fear that Italy was a distraction from the real invasion.

Italy 1944- To start this year off the USSR attacks Iraq furthering their conquest of the oil possessing countries in the SE. While I’m glad to see the Axis winning I can’t help but wish that it was us invading those nations. Japan has taken the Philippines which I do not see a huge purpose in. Now we have officially regained our territory with the Help of Germany. This means that it is now time to quickly strike back and make the Allies pay. Also after Germany took back Italy they went and invaded the netherlands which takes away the allies one access back into the mainland. While this takes place Russia is still coming down south with the invasion of Syria. Yet they did move their navy so we now we are going to attack egypt. Along with this we also have taken Albania to complete our objectives. Then in the last event of the year Great Britain tries to take back the netherlands unsuccessfully which wastes a great deal of their troops.
Italy 1945- It is the begging of 1945 which will also mark the last year of the war. We have decided that our last invasion will be of the Suez Canal. There isn’t a whole lot of reason to this aside from the fact that we are desperate to occupy territories. After this the USSR takes palestine, and trans-Jordan which markes a complete domination of the Middle East area by Axis forces. Japan then takes Alaska, and hawaii in two statement victories which means that the U.S. has officially lost part of its home land. In my opinion if we were to keep this war going japan would be capable of invading further into North America. Now it is officially the end of Axis war so for movement we send all remaining troops to defend F1 in case they try to invade into france. I feel our reinforcement was successful at deterring them since they have just attempted to invade Belgium with all they have. Yet they are served a crushing defeat as the Nazis win by 1415 troops. Then the Allies make a desperate attack with 7 troops on Denmark. Which the USSR respond to by sending 14, and wins by 2. Then we continue to mobilize more troops to France in case of one last attack. The USSR also participates sending 1000 from p1 of Poland to germany. France ends the year desperately attacking the russian navy of 14, and also sends 541 and loses to nazis in Belgium. With that battle being over it officially marks the end of the war and the Axis powers win.