Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Turkey

Turkey 7, Orientation day

Initial Thoughts: Turkey is going to try and not become a radiation land, as well as keep the allies that I already have

Strategy: Turkey is going to try to stay close to Great Britain, France, and the United States because they are the places that have the nuclear war fare meaning that they are more powerful. The country Turkey is also gonna help anyone out that possibly needs help, so that Turkey can help if something goes wrong in the country. 

Turkey 7, Day 1 

Thoughts: Turkeys thoughts for this 1st day in war is to try to stay alive and to be able to help anyone and everyone out that needs it. 

Strategy:The Soviet Union just announced that people are leaving their country because people are leaving so they are now blocking Berlin making it so no body can leave the Soviet Union . And they just announced that the Soviet union was going to attack us. The United States had 200 troops in Turkey and so did turkey but I just wasn’t enough. The entire Nato group then asked if the country of Turkey would like to go down to DEFCON 4 and we agreed. The country of Turkey now belongs to the Soviet Union and would like to see them fall by the rest of the NATO group. The Nato group then had troops from any and all allies that wanted to send troops over to Eastern Germany to take it over and they were successful. They are now talking over if they want to take over Czechoslovakia or not. The Soviet Union now wants to attack Greece. The country of Turkey’s original plan was to sent 50 of my troops over the Greece so that when Turkey was attacked they would still have troops but sadly troops didn’t get moved and so now Greece is on their own and the Warsaw pact being successful. Now the Soviet Union is decided that they want to keep attacking and wants to take over East Germany with them taking it back and winning. NATO decided that we are mow moving to DEFCON 3. The Warsaw pact decided to go to DEFCON 4, hopefully letting the NATO allies to start winning. Turkey jumped to conclusion the Warsaw now just announced that they moved to DEFCON 3 like us allies. The Soviet Union is now attacking Italy. Sadly they were sucessfull. Now attacking West Germany because they want to destroy any and everything that they can. NATO just announced that we are going to DEFCON 2 and Warsaw announced that they turned Launch On Warning on. 

Turkey 7, Day 2 

Thoughts: Turkey was taken over by the USSR yesterday, so on this next day of war. Turkeys is just going to sit back and observe what the rest of the NATO allies do, and help with anything that the voice of Turkey is able to do.

Strategy: The NATOs today decided that they were going to attack Cuba. We were very successful and now have Cuba in the NATO territories. France just now announced that they wanted to use a nuke to target West Germany and Italy and wiped all the troops out of hose areas. The NATOs are now moving troops to prevent from any attack on them. The Warsaw pact just announced that they too are now at DEFCON 2. France is now moving troops over to Italy to attack them and now we are victories and Italy is ours again. France also moved troops back over to West Germany to take it over, now the NATOs have West Germany back to themselves. The Country of Italy now is i control of the Belgium troops. The USSR just sent a tactical nuclear strike to all the troops in Norway, West Germany, Italy and killed all of our troops on those areas. The United states is now moving troops to Cuba and to France. The United states just moved troops back over to Turkey and Turkey is now apart of the United States. The NATOs also got Greece back. The USSR just nuked all the countries that the NATO just took over. The USSR again just decided that they wanted Turkey back and took Turkey back over. The Warsawpact also just announced that they are going to DEFCON 1 and we announced that we were turning Launch on warning on as well as moved to DEFCON 1. France now just moved 100 denmarch troops over to East Germany and won that battle. The NATO allies are now moving all their troops from the Netherlands to France. The USSR is now tactical nuking East Germany to take it back and they are attacking Denmark. France is now moving 10 troops over to turkey again and sadly we weren’t successful. The NATOs are now deciding that we are now indicating snap code and getting ready to nuclear blast the entire Warsaw pact and they are nuclear blasting us. We are all going to die in less than a minute and that’s that.