Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, United States

United States 7 Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: My initial thoughts about the Cold War was that everything seemed a little confusing. I didn’t fully understand how all of the Defcon levels worked and what they meant, and the nuclear weapons freaked me out a bit. Knowing that both sides have the power to launch these weapons at any time, really puts the pressure on to win the war. 

Strategy: My strategy going into this war was to try and defend my country, and my allies as much as possible. I wanted to work very closely with my allies, and make plans to not let the Warsaw Pact completely take over the world. As a group, we didn’t want to attack so harshly right from the get go. Test the waters here and there to see how the other side would react.

United States 7 Day 1:


The war has just started. But neither side truly knows what to do. Do we go out guns ablazing right away? Do we test the waters and see how the other side reacts to what we do? No one really knows where to start. A declaration from the Soviets set the tone for Day 1. Right from the get go, there was tension between the two sides. No one wanted to upset the other, but both groups wanted to win. Both sides started out with small battles here and there. The Warsaw Pact attacked some of our land, we battled some of theirs, we just went back and forth a lot of the time. The war was pretty slow moving. Not a lot of serious action was going on. This was nothing like the other wars we’ve been through. I was kind of waiting to see which side takes it all the way to the extreme first. Was Day 1 going to be an all nuclear war battle? Or are we slowly working our way there? We got our answer by the end of the day. As both sides moved to Defcon 2, the war was getting more serious. Bigger and more important battles started happening, tensions were raised even higher, and no one was going to let up. 


Our strategy for the first day was to test the waters a little bit. See how the other side would react to what we do. We started small with little battles. Taking over small countries that didn’t really have a huge impact on the war. We did this because a majority of these countries had no ruler, so we could send in a smaller amount of our troops, and take control without losing many soldiers. We, as NATO, also wanted to move up in Defcon levels at a slow rate. We did this because we didn’t want to jump in the deep end right away. By taking our time with the different levels, it allowed us to plan out more ways to win. We also decided that we all needed to help each other in order for us to win. We all decided to share our troops and weapons, and help out in any way that we can for one another. By doing this, we created cohesion with our group, which made decision making go a lot smoother than the other side.

United States 7 Day 2:


Today is the day, I can feel it. Someone will win the war, and that someone is NATO. Everything should work in our favor today. Nothing will stop us from claiming victory in this war. It’s about time this all comes to an end. First order of business is to take over Cuba. This is extremely vital for us if we want to win. With a secret nuclear missile base in their land, we need to take it over. And we did. The victory was so easy, it was almost sad to watch. But I don’t care, Cuba is mine, and that’s all that matters to me. 🙂 Besides this, not very much occurred. Very few wars or battles took place, and little movement occurred. But once the Warsaw Pact leveled up to Defcon 1, things took a turn. We moved up with them, and activated our Launch-On-Warning. You’d think with all the suspense and tension throughout this war, there would be a big fight to the death to declare a winner. But it was nothing like that. Once both sides activated their missiles, the countdown was on to see who would make it through… There was no one. No one came out on the other end. Everything and everyone was destroyed. Just like that, the whole world came crumbling down. 


So many things have to work in our favor today if we want to win. First up, we need to take over Cuba. They have a secret nuclear missile base in their country. If that falls into the wrong hands, it will be over for the United States. Like on Day 1, we were still testing to see how the other side would react to what we did. But apparently they had the same idea. Very few battles occurred. It got to the point where we were thinking of either calling truce, or possibly nuking all of the USSR. I mean, that’s how slow going things were. But the Warsaw Pact moved to Defcon 1, and so did we. We wanted to be on the same level as them throughout the whole war. We didn’t want to be perceived as weak, or incapable of war. Once we both launched out missiles, we just had to wait and see what would happen.