Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Great Britain

Orientation Day: Great Britain 7 day 1

Initial Thoughts: My Initial thought was super confusing, but when Harms explained it to us it made more sense. I didn’t think the United States, France, and Great Britain were the only countries to get launch codes.

Strategy: My plans are to stay close with the United States and France and plan on attacking whenever they are attacking. Great Britain is a good country to control, but you can go over power with them. The codes are very useful, but they can be defective because they can go wrong if you send them the wrong time. We need to keep them in their own countries. We can’t let them go free roam. 

Day 1: Great Britain 7 day 1

Thoughts: I personally don’t want to send missiles back everytime they send them because we could make a come back (karma) if they run out of weapons. If we are getting destroyed or they are attacking us heavily then we will send our missiles back, but thats my prediction

Strategy: Soviet just closed the Berlin blockade. The Soviet Union is attacking Turkey right now with 881 troops. The Soviet Union took over turkey. We moved to defcon 4. Mostly just waiting for the warsaw to move or attack so I can get more plans in. They are moving troops upward closer to West germany. We are attacking east Germany. 150 west germany troops, 150 United states, 50 from Canada and 50 from lycanberg were sent to attack east germany. Poland, east Germany and Hungary are defending. Nato won the battle of East Germany just barely. Great Britain can’t move because I only have 300 troops in Great Britain. Soviet Union is attacking Greece with 548 troops. Warsaw took over Greece with ease. I didn’t know that you can move troops without the navy so I will be moving my great britain troops. The warsaw took back over east germany. I’m going to move my troops to France. We moved down to defcon 3 and Warsaw followed by going to defcon 4. The United States just opened a secret package. The United States talked to Great Britain and France and WE NEED to attack Cuba quickly before the Warsaw takeover. The wars were attacking italy. And they took over Italy. Plans are to wait for the warsaw to move their troops more and then attack. They just took over the battle box. The warsaw are attacking west germany. We just went to Defcon 2. And the warsaw went to launch on warning. 

Day 2: Great Britain 7 day 2

Thoughts: I plan on attacking Cuba with the United states. I plan on sending all of my troops to Cuba while the United States is sending 100. I think the United States needs to send more troops down into France because we need to defend West germany. I think we are testing the water too much and I think we need to come out strong. This is getting super slow because no one is attacking were playing the wait game.

Strategy: We sent 200 troops while The United States sent 300 more. France is using a nuke right now in West germany. Targets were destroyed in west germany. We just took over italy. We are moving our troops farther down to the germany and denmark region. The United States moved all of their troops from the west to the east. The USSR are moving their troops out of the USSR and spreading them out by putting them in Poland and romania. France is attacking Italy with 10 troops just to claim Italy. The United States sent 10 to west germany to claim open land. I moved 100 troops to France just in case of the Warsaw attack. The Warsaw nuclear attack hit everyone in Norway, and Warsaw nuked west germany and he took Italy back. Warsaw moved all of them out of the ussr. We are attacking the USSR to destroy their main land. That plan didn’t work because we could only send 400 compared to 500. The United States sent 200 troops to France while they sent another 200 to Cuba to back up the few great britain. Since the computer wouldn’t catch it, we just kept them in the east United states. Took Turkey back over with 40 troops since it was open land. France attacked Greece and claimed it back by sending 25 troops. We are testing the water to see how the warsaw reacts. They sent nukes to west germany, greece, turkey, and italy. We just activated defcon 1 and launched on warning. We are attacking east germany with 200 troops. Warsaw won, but still had 70 troops. Now we are counter attacking with 100 denmark troops to east germany. We are moving all the troops from the Netherlands into france. The warsaw are sending a nuke from poland to denmark to east germany. The warsaw are sending troops from norway into east germany attacking with 125 troops. They easily took over east germany. We just lost a 10 v 10 in turkey. The french are sending all of their troops into netherlands. We are just nuking everyone at this point. The whole battle sent their launch codes in. it will not be stopped. Nobody won because everyone died.