Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Romania

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: This war is no joke. There are many advances for army power and the nuke is the worst of them all. If one side felt they were losing they would do anything and everything to end the war. Even if it meant destroying the entire world with war. The tension going into the war is very high as each side is going to continue to pick at each other. Not in a friendly way either. After orientation, I feel it’s best I lay low and not make any big moves. In the end I can’t do anything as I am required to stay behind the Soviet Union and let them be the deciding factor for everything. 


As we met with Arends he said his first move of attack is to go after Turkey because they have two different missiles sitting there. All of the other countries that make up this Warsaw pact are to just stick with the Soviet Union and follow in their footsteps. Unless we disagree then we can protect ourselves. We came to the senses to take over all of Europe, Arends however is nervous that as we move along with these attacks that the United States will launch their missiles at us. All of our army rankings are very high so we have no doubt in our attack plans. 

Romania 7 Day 1:


The Soviet Union’s leader, President Arends, gathered us in a secret location to express his thoughts as we began to prepare for war. We are aware of what the Nuclear war can do to the country, and we will make sure those effects stay fresh in our minds. It’s extremely destructible and for my country I feel as though it’s not necessary at all. 

As the day started with an announcement from President Arends, he expressed to everyone that he wasn’t going to put up with people leaving his country for the communism that the Nato had to offer. So he closed off the western side of Berlin so no one could get out. 

The Warsaw pact decided to go ahead with their attack on Turkey with 881 troops from the Soviet Union. Romania is a part of this alliance but I feel like attacking Turkey right off the bat will make Nato very angry, leading them to attack us in the most brutal ways. I’m going to sit quietly on this one and I’m going to hope and pray President Arends knows what to do. 

I’m glad I sat quietly as President Arends led us on a victory for this one. However, Nato moved closer to a nuclear war as they kept moving their Defcon down. 

Nato decided that they were declaring war on East Germany. They were successful as we had no one to help them at this time. Arends decides to attack Greece, East Germany, Italy, East Germany and Albania and I feel as though those are good moves as we continue to expand our territory. He led us to more victories.  


 The strategy Arends had for us is out of our reach. By that I mean we have to side with whatever he says. He is working on moving troops out of the Sviet Union in case the Soviet Union were to get attacked. Besides this, it gives us a bit of wiggle room if any of our other allying countries were to attack. If they were to get attacked, the Soviet Union will be right there to help. We don’t want to lose another country, like we did with East Germany, due to lack of troops in the surrounding areas. I just sit back and observe as of right now. Although, it was brought to my attention that my troops had to be moved out of Romina. It’s necessary they are moved because there’s no need for them where they were placed on the map before the move. If the Romania troops are moved outward towards the end of our territories and their borders they will be a whole lot more useful. We voted and decided that if Nato moves to Defcon 2 we will be launching our missiles and attacking with nuclear war. 

Romania 7 Day 2:

Thoughts: Nato decided to move to defcon 2 and like our strategy plans say, we are going to launch our missiles on warning. Great Britain announced an attack on Cuba which is misleading to me as they have been all by themselves. They aren’t a part of the Nato’s and they aren’t a part of the Warsaw Pact. This really threw me off as the Nato aren’t attacking the Warsaw Pact but instead decided to attack a country that has been minding their own business.  It makes me wonder if this is a part of an even bigger plan. What could they have in store? France decided to launch their tactical missiles and were successful in two different territories affecting us and our army. President Arends had told me that I needed to have troops of the Soviet Union throughout my country. I didn’t have a say in this so I just did what he wanted. 

As I mentioned in my strategy plans below we are sending tactical nukes to Norway, West Germany, and Italy. Arends went ahead with these plans to lower numbers/ armored divisions as we all noticed that the Neto has been stacking a vast majority of these troops into the countries that I had mentioned. At this rate it seems as though Arends goal is to make the Neto mad in any and every way possible. We sent out even more tactical nukes as well as attacking Turkey. Arends announced to us that we are moving to Defcon 1, this makes things more anxious as the Nato also moved to Defcon 1 and both sides are now standing with launching missiles on warning. At this point in time I don’t think we will be the one to attack first but I think we might need to in order to win. If we keep waiting on the other side to make a move, the Nato might strike at us while we’re tired and weak. We don’t want them to hit our blindspots either. I’ll still sit quietly, but I’m not sure how long I can keep quiet. 

In my strategy plans I did state that our pact came to the sense that we wouldn’t launch missiles unless they were launched on us; however, the tactical nukes kept going back and forth between each side. We got sick of it and launched our missiles first. This resulted in them launching it back on us. 

Strategy: At the start of the day we moved down to Defcon 2. This means that both the Warsaw Pact and Nato are in Defcon 2. One step closer to a nuclear war. As of right now the Warsaw pact decided on the vote of not launching missiles first. We will only launch these missiles if they are launched on us first. However, this can change as the leader of the Soviet Union can change his mind at any moment, just like he has been the entire time leading up to this day. Since tactical nukes were launched on our army we are thinking about doing the same. If we go ahead with this plan we want to target Norway, West Germany, and Italy. All of the troops in these countries. We will do this with the hopes of lowering their army that they’ve been stacking up in these countries. We are sending tactical nukes to Turkey, Greece, Italy and West Germany. We are going to continue to lower numbers as we want to keep decreasing their army. Since we believe our army now has a high stance against Nato, we will plan on moving to Defcon 1. One more step closer to nuclear warfare. Our strategy still stands the same as it was at the beginning of the war. Same old same old. We are going to wait for them to attack us first.