Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Great Britain

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: My initial thoughts on the cold war simulation are that I am a little wary about what to do because of the large USSR force. I want to keep the peace and keep the NATO alliance intact. The NATO alliance will stay neutral until we feel that the USSR poses a threat to us or is advanding their offensive line. We want nuclear warfare to be our last resort and will try to keep the tension low against the Warsaw Pact. 

Strategy: The NATO strategy is to activate the “Launch on Warning” and only attack them if they attack us because we want to keep the peace for as long as possible and avoid nuclear fallout. We don’t want war, but if the USSR decides to fight against the NATO pact, we will make them severely regret their decision. The NATO alliance will fight with a force the Warsaw Pact will surely never forget. 

Day 1:

Thoughts: As I look over the map, the USSR has a great deal of power regarding their army and nuclear force. It is in our best interest to suppress the actions of the USSR and look to the future for peace for the world. We know not completely what Russia is capable of but we do know that they will not fall easily. We believe that in our first line of action we can take over Cuba because we believe they are building a large nuclear facility that will be used against us. We must act fast in order to stop it. 

Strategy: Russian has begun an advance on Turkey and is accumulating Russian troops in Poland and in East Germany. We can only fear the worst as their forces are growing in central Europe. The NATO alliance has stated that we do not want to use warheads of any kind to settle this global dispute. As a union of peace, it is our duty to defend the world from opressive enemies. 

Day 2:

Thoughts: Our thoughts looking at the map now are that Russia has moved all of their troops into Eastern Germany, leaving Russia’s mainland defenseless. Our plan is to invade Russia and keep their troops in Germany distracted so that Norway can swoop in and hold Russia. By doing this, we’d force Russia’s hand to make a bad decision and then we will launch our tactical nukes on their forces, completely wiping them out. This plan is extremely risky and the loss of life is large, but for the sake of the world, it must be done. 

Strategy: In order to act out our plan, we must act fast. Norway forces are ready to invade the Russian mainland and they are about to set out. While they prepare for their invasion, a small hitsquad of US troops has been sent into Eastern USSR to apply a small amount of pressure to their forces. The intent of the USSR is clear. They’d rather win this war on land rather than using their tactical nukes. However, this will not stand. We now know the force of the Warsaw Pact and know what we are up against. We must send our missiles against the USSR and level the entire state of the USSR. By doing this, the USSR has retaliated and now the world is at a full scale nuclear war. Baren are the trees that still stand across the land. The piercing screams of death whistling in the wind for nobody left to hear. Smeared against the rubble that lay wasted along the earth where once a city used to stand, are the bodies of millions who’s lives are gone with the wind.