WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 2b

World War 2 Simulation

Great Britain 2 1938
Today the world is gearing up for war. The allies have already started making alliances with the neutrals in hopes that they will join us soon after the war has started. Great Britain is making plans to destroy Germany’s navy as soon as we can. With Germany’s navy destroyed we will be able to keep the waterway between Denmark and Norway open. With the canal open we will be able to easily attack Germany with out having to travel on land. France is by far our strongest allie and right now we are working out the best placement for our troops so that we are both able to achieve our objectives. Germany is very strong, so when this war begins it is going to be very harsh and merciless.

Great Britain 2 1939
Today world war II officially began. Germany began by attacking both Poland and Sweden. Great Britain is supposed to help Poland if the are attacked, but Poland is located in central Europe and Great Britain has no good way of getting there to help them. Many countries still remain neutral, but I feel that will not be the case for long. Germany has made it very clear already that they have no intention of slowing down or showing mercy.

Great Britain 2 1940
Today the Untied States navy was attacked by the Japanese navy. The United States was allowed to come out of its neutral state and join the war once it was attacked. The U.S. made the choice to join the allies which is going to give us a huge advantage. They are plentiful in natural resources and are going to add thousands of troops to the allie army. Great Britain is hoping to soon get the USSR to join the allies. Having the USSR on our side would play a vital role in helping us take back Poland and destroying Germany.

Great Britain 2 1941
The war is escalating much more quickly than originally expected. Japan’s army has proven to be very strong and they are quickly conquering land in and around Asia. Italy is also beginning to become more involved in the war and are beginning to pose a threat to France. France is still our strongest allie and they have turned to Great Britain for help in preparing for the large attack to come. Great Britain has started sending troops into the French main land in an attempt to discourage an attack for Germany and Italy. We are also trying to prepare for the possible attack that Japan is going to launch on the United States. Today the USSR also joined the allies which I believe is going to play a critical role in the years to come.

Great Britain 2 1942
Just last year it felt like the war was going so fast that we could hardly keep up, now it feels like the war is almost at a stand still. Everyone has been spending this time to move troops around are regroup. Because we are at a very low point to the war I feel that these next few years of war are going to come at full force. I’m hoping that we will be able to end all of this soon.

Great Britain 2 1943
Just as I suspected the war has began to quickly escalate again. Germany has moved into France and conquered all of their territory. France turned to us for help but at this point there is not much we can do. Our best hope is to utilize their navy and have them help us move troops from the U.S. to down near French territory. Japan has not made any more moves on the U.S. so right now we are focusing mainly on trying to keep the Germans from gaining more land.

Great Britain 2 1944
The war is finally taking a turn in the allies favor. We were able to regain all French    territory and take back all of the land that Japan had taken from China in the beginning of the war. Italy felt that the war was becoming hopeless for the axis powers so today they signed an alliance with the allies. With the help of the USSR and our new Italian troops we were able to conquer many counties controlled by the axis powers in the heart of Europe. Germany is beginning to realize how quickly the situation is becoming hopeless and they are scrambling to try and find a way to save themselves. I feel that the war is soon going to come to an end, and it is going to be a glorious victory.

Great Britain 2 1945
The war is over! Finally after many of years of fighting the allies have shown their greatness and prevailed. Germany put up a good fight but in the end their situation became completely hopeless. Allies surrounded Germany on all sides and with one final blow invaded the German heartland and conquered it. Japan was able to just barely slip through the allies grasp, but we feel that they are no longer a major threat. Although they were not completely conquered, there military was greatly damaged and they have seen what the allies can do. This is a glorious victory that is going to be remembered for many generations to come.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Italy 4

Italy 4 1913
I’m thinking that I will mobilize and get ready for war. I will also become alliances with Austria Hungary Im thinking that I won’t make a move to take over any country for a while. I’m going to retain my country and back up my alliances until I decide to make a move.

Italy 4 1914
I made secret alliances with the central powers which are Germany and the Ottoman Empire, but i’m waiting until 1915 until I mobilize. Even though I will mobilize, I will still remain neutral. The Ottoman Empire and Austria Hungary form an alliance.

Italy 4 1915
I mobilized 1,251 troops. I made a public known alliance. I formed alliances with the allies and turned on the central powers, which I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. Now I have the fear of the Central Powers taking me over since they are so big and have taken over many countries already.

Italy 4 1916
Today I attempted to take South Tyrol from Austria-Hungary. That did not turn out too well since Germany had some troops in South Tyrol. Since Germany had a rating of ten, me trying to take over South Tyrol didn’t even make a dent in the Central Powers. It resulted in me just loosing troops, having less troops to defend Italy if someone tries to take it over.

Italy 4 1917
There has not been any wars so far made by the Alliances or the Central Powers. The allies have just been moving troops around and moving their navy. The Central powers have been spreading out their army and navy’s as well. It’s getting intense with moving the Uboats, Navy, and Army. Not for sure who is going to make the first move. Sounds like they’re waiting until tomorrow until they make a move. I think that I’m going to try and take over Trieste from Austria Hungary because Austria Hungary has the same rating as me and Germany is not in Trieste, they were moved out.

Italy 4 1918
I planned to try and take over A2 but before I got the chance to, Germany sent troops into I1 and I did not have enough troops to send into I1 without leaving  troops to protect I1. Both Central Powers and the Allies are moving their troops. The Central Powers are moving closer and closer down into Italy. Austria-Hungary moved troops down into I2 and I did not have enough troops so they took over I2. Germany attempted to take over F2 but then France brought some troops down from F1 and was victorious. Germany came back and brought more troops and took over F2. The Central Powers won.

WW2 Simulation Journal: United States 2

World War 2 Simulation

United States 2 1938
Today is orientation day. Being United States kind of worries me to be honest. I know I’m far enough away from everything but that doesn’t mean people won’t attack me at all. One of my objectives is to stay neutral until I am attacked. Basically I need to just stay out of any conflict until someone brings me into it. I’ve heard from other countries that one of Japan’s objectives is to attack pearl harbor. That is near me so that most likely means they are going to attack me. I’ve talked to Great Britain and they said they would most likely help me if that happened to me. If Japan ends up attacking me, that is when I plan on cutting off all my natural resources to them. Today the only thing I did was transfer 2 credits of oil, iron ore, and coal to China. That will go into place tomorrow. One of China’s objectives is to just gain some natural resources I guess so I at least helped them out a little bit. I have a surplus in those categories. I plan on helping Great Britain economically with my surplus when I’m needed. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow on the first year of the war!

United States 2 1939
Today I had a change in my original plan. Japan kept attacking countries and they were very victorious. I can assume their rating is pretty high and part of that may be because of how much oil I was supplying them. I decided to cut off all supplies to Japan earlier than I planned. I waited until the axis power’s turn was over to do that so they couldn’t attack me right away. When it got to the allies’ turn, I cut off all supply to them.  This way if they do end up attacking me their rating won’t be so high. That could change though if they get a lot of transfers. I heard them talking about getting a lot of transfers so I guess we will see what happens. I talked with Great Britain and we agreed to become alliances once I am attacked. So far I’m still obtaining my objective by remaining neutral and staying out of conflict. I think about exchanging and transferring some resources with Great Britain tomorrow possibly.

United States 2 1940
Today was the day I’ve been waiting for. Japan attacked my navy in the US Philippines. I wanted them to attack me so I could join with the allies. I made an alliance with Russia and Great Britain. Now it seems like we’re all there and ready to start working towards destroying the axis power. I talked to Great Britain about transferring natural resources. They had plenty of rubber so they were perfectly fine with giving me what I needed. They gave me 18.4 so I was at a 0. They might still give me more to get a surplus later on.  I told them that if they ever need resources that they could let me know as a way to honor my alliance and obtain my objective of helping them economically. As of now I’m not entirely sure what our plan is next. The bell rang and we didn’t have time to really talk about it. All I know is that we have a bigger group on the allies now so we can work to mess up the axis power. That is one of my objectives to work towards that once I was attacked. I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.

United States 2 1941
Today was such a great day. I was worried this whole time about Japan attacking me and just waiting for it to happen. Japan moved their navy near Hawaii with only 170 troops. This was funny because she thought she moved 180. I had 190 navy right there waiting for her. Japan was so confident they would win but that’s not how it happened. The United States were victorious and Japan is nowhere near me once again. I heard Japan say they are going to wait for their war tomorrow. But tomorrow I get a lot more troops so this will be exciting. I don’t think Japan is aware of how many troops I will be getting over the years. I’ll be spending the next two years trying to wreck and destroy Japan. While all this is going on, Japan is supplying the USSR with some natural resources I’m pretty sure. Something is going on and it’s just not right. I was able to mobilize today and over the next few years I will be getting a lot of troops. Great Britain thinks that I’m going to save all their butts during the rest of this war. As far as natural resources goes, its going very well. I gave all the resources I could to set me at 0 to the USSR. I also gave some oil to Great Britain as a way to supply them economically. I can’t wait to see what the year 1942 is going to bring!

United States 2 1942
I gained more troops today and put them on my navy. I moved closer to Japan each time. Japan ended up moving farther away from me to stall time. I’m most likely going to attack on Japan tomorrow. A bunch of the allies have their navies in some convoy type thing. They are all moving together up to the US to load my troops onto them. Next year I’ll be getting even more troops so I’m gonna help everyone out. Today didn’t have too much going on for me. I believe tomorrow I’m going to try and help block Japan on a move their trying to do.

United States 2 1943
Once again I gained more troops and navy. We moved some some troops on to our navy convoy. As the allies we are trying to take over the axis power. To work towards this we moved our convoy down to French North Africa and took that over. We’re going to work towards taking over that whole bottom part of the Europe map. We want to take over and close up Egypt and the Suez Canal. I attacked Lybia and got it. After that we’re hopefully going to work to take over the whole area of France, Italy, and Germany. At the same time we’re pushing our USSR area of troops west to take over the Poland and Rumania area as well. The allies had more navy moving toward this area but Japan knocked us out of there a little unexpectedly. Earlier on the axis took over all of China. We have now taken all of China back. I love the color of orange taking over all the yellow on the map. The convoy is moving back up to me so they can get more troops next year. When I get more navy I might go attack the mainland of Japan so there’s nothing left over there.

United States 2 1944
Today I wasn’t in much of class because I had an orthodontist appointment. I did get back to class right at the end though. Before class Great Britain had me sign some papers to basically make the map orange. Everything worked out very well for the allies today. We ended up taking over all of France, Romania, Yugoslavia, and little countries like Austria and Hungary. USSR got all their land back that they lost. The allies also got Poland back to life. We did end up closing off Egypt and the Suez Canal. Something that surprised me was Italy joining the allies today. One thing we are going to work towards next year is to take over Greece to help out Great Britain. I’m pretty sure we’re going to work for taking over Germany as well. The axis power is not very happy but it’s our turn to dominate. They took control in the beginning but it’s our turn now. They have no choice but to just sit there and take it. Can’t wait to finish this up tomorrow hopefully.

United States 2 1945
Today is the last day and we plan on doing as much damage as we can. At this point there isn’t really anything the axis powers can do anymore. The axis just wants to keep G1 of Germany but we took over Germany just like that. The map looks BEAUTIFUL. I took over Belgium and the allies took over Greece as well. I’m saving everyone on the allies for the most part but the allies (mostly Great Britain) treat me like a piece of meat. I had people in Belgium so I attacked the Netherlands to get them back on the map. The allies took over Denmark for one of the last reachable pieces of land. The war is over and the allies win.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 2

World War 2 Simulation
USSR 2 1938
We have almost begun.  Germany odds are will try and destroy me, but I will just have to retreat enough that I will have an advantage for both numbers and they will lose points the farther they go into Russia.  I have my troops on the Eastern Border so I am for the most part safe from Japan.  But I will have to use my advantages of numbers and the land to win.  I will have to use my allies to get the resources needed to make my army stronger and actually be able to make a dent in the German Army.

USSR 2 1939
So war has broken out.  Germany took half of Poland and they are trying to cut off the Baltic sea by taking Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.  But the Allies have done well to cut them off from actually doing anything.  I have invaded and took the other half of Poland.  I realize that it is only a matter of time until Germany decides to attack me.  So I will have to move back and use my advantage.

USSR 2 1940
The Germans still haven’t attacked me, and I am still just biding my time.  The Allies have managed to take out almost all of Germany’s navy.  Once the allies take out the German Navy they will probably use that “convoy” to move troops from Britain.  I have already arranged to get into an Alliance once the Germans attack me.  Which I know is going to happen, eventually.

USSR 2 1941
The Germans have attacked and took my half of Poland.  Luckily, thanks to me knowing that they would attack eventually I had moved everyone out of there.  So in the long run I didn’t lose anything.  Now I am in the Alliance.  America is also now in the fight after Japan attacked a US navy unit.  So I will be getting supplies from them, as well as Britain and France.

USSR 2 1942
Germany has taken the Netherlands and Belgium, so now they will probably be focused on taking over France and attacking me.  I have started to move some troops to the South to try and retake that land down there from Italy.  I will meet up the the British troops there and we will move to take it over.  Japan has made a deal with me, they will give me rubber, if I don’t attack them.  They think this makes them safe.  I’m going to use this.  Let them have their guard down.  And then once the time is right, I will strike.

USSR 2 1943
Japan had moved its troops away from my far east border.  They did this thinking they were safe, so I attacked.  I took Manchukuo and Korea to get some resources and Great Britain gave me some resources to help get my rating up.  But now I won’t have my extra rubber from Japan so I will have to get more to be as good as I can get.  Tomorrow we can attack and try to take the Dutch East Indies.  And if we do that we will have plenty of resources.  However, we have lost the French land.  And now the Germans will probably be focusing on me, so I will have to fall back on my original plan to give me a bit of an advantage.

USSR 2 1944
Germany has begun a full retreat, they have moved back into their mainland.  Now all the allies have to do is surround them and attack.  I went to word taking over as many countries as possible.  But I still have to worry about taking over Finland.  So tomorrow I will move some troops to make sure I have enough to take them out.  Meanwhile Japan no longer has any troops in Chinese land and their navy is almost completely destroyed.  So tomorrow we will destroy the Axis powers.

USSR 2 1945
The Allies are victorious!!!!  We took over all of Germany, and as much land as we could.  Also as an added bonus, I showed Finland.  I asked for land and he said “over my frozen dead body.”  So I took it, and no one cared.  Now things about get COLD.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Romania and Japan 4

Romania 4 1913
Today 290 soldiers were mobilized and ready for action. Russia had talk of making a possible alliance with us. As I give this alliance thought I find it to be a good idea. Russia has is close and having their military help to regain land in Austria-Hungary could be very beneficial if it is needed. I plan to make this a secret alliance as I am to remain neutral until 1916. I overheard talk of the Ottoman Empire wanting an Alliance with me and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Japan 4 1913
I feel the alliance with Russia will remain strong. It was discussed that Russia will want the help of our Navy as Russia fears that the Ottoman Empire could attack and Russia will need military help. I plan to have discussion with France and Great Britain to see if their plans include needing our help. I need to know how much help my allied countries might need so I can spread my military as needed. Since Russia has been the first in contact I will be sure to assist them as much as we are capable.

Romania 4 1914
Romania has remained neutral and there will not be an alliance made with Russia. Russian territory is being taken over and I am getting a little concerned that there may be plans of other countries to take over Romania. Once it is 1916 I plan to make alliances with GB and France. After that Alliance is made I will take action to get Transylvania, Banat, and Bukovina from Austria-Hungary. I will see how that goes and then make a plan to take Bessarabia.

Japan 4 1914
Today Egypt, controlled by Great Britain, was taken over by the Ottoman Empire. Our navy was in the right spot to assist Great Britain in trying to hold control, but we didn’t have a big enough navy to make the difference that was needed. As Russia is being taken over they may need our help, but I feel like the territories that have been taken over are the ones that we could’ve helped with. As of now no one has contacted us for help, but if they do we will do what we can. I’m not sure how to go about capturing German colonies in Asia, but I will need allied help I’m sure to be successful in doing so.

Romania 4 1915
Today Russia surrendered to the Central Powers and went into a civil war. The Central powers now have control of everything around Romania except Serbia. This has me a little concerned that once I leave neutrality that there could be plans to attack me. After an alliance with GB and France is made I would like to have the help have their Navies’ to try and take over A3. Now that Russia has already been pretty well taken over I don’t’ think I will have enough power to be able to fight for Bessarabia. I plan to mobilize more troops in 1916.

Japan 4 1915
Japan’s Navy remains ready to assist it’s allied countries. I’m really unsure on how to go about capturing German colonies is Asia. More discussion needs to happen before taking any action on that. None of my allied countries have contacted me for any help, so I don’t know if we will be needed in the near future or not. I do not plan to make any alliance with the Central Powers if an offer comes about.

Romania 4 1916
Today Romania finally had some action, both good and bad. Today I made alliances with both Great Britain and France, so I joined the allies. After I made my alliances, Germany declared war on me. The only one who could’ve helped me was Serbia and they didn’t want to, so I fell to Germany. Now I will work with the Allies and try to help them. Neither Great Britain or France declared any war today, but France did move some of their troops.

Japan 4 1916
With Russia surrendered and Great Britain and France not doing much, Japan hasn’t had any action. Japan has not made any other all alliances, but the only one I am considering is Germany. I’m thinking of taking to Germany to negotiate in order to capture the German colonies in Asia. As a deal maker I may need to make an alliance with them. Some action that did happen is Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary and Italy fell. Italy joined the allies as well before declaring war.

Romania and Japan 4 1917
Today was definitely not a warfare day. I think many plans have been made and a lot of strategizing is going on. I thought it was a little ridiculous that no one took any action really, but we will see what the future holds. The United States joined the Allies now. Great Britain moved Navy by North Africa and also moved 2 navies into the atlantic, by the US. They took some of the US’s troops and put them in North Africa. France joined in on this and moved troops into North Africa, so we can predict there could be something going on down there. The only action that really happened was Great Britain took over Crete, and that wasn’t big at all really. Central powers was doing a lot of movement as well, but no war action was taken. AH gave representation to the slabs. I have a feeling there will be some big clashes/action taking in 1917.

Romania and Japan 4 1918
Last day of war. The Allies had plans that were altered rather quick. Germany declared war on Belgium with 3500 troops and the allies decided not to help Belgium, so Germany won. Germany went on to attack Italy. The Central powers won I1 of Italy. As the Allied powers plans were altered they needed to move some troops around. Germany attacked F2 with 403 troops. France moved in 600 more troops and came out victorious! Austria-Hungary attacked Italy in I2 and were victorious. The Central powers now have all of Italy. Austria-Hungary also attacked F2, but the Allies won because France brought in 3000 troops. The Allies last war action was attacking O1, but the Central powers moved in troops and won. Central Powers won the war.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 2

World War 2 Simulation

Period 2 Great Britain  1938

Germany and the Axis Power’s military forces are growing exponentially, and war is upon us. This year I seek to to destroy Germany’s navy before it sets float in the Baltic Sea. If I allow time for Germany’s navy to gather resources, it will be too strong to overpower. I have already allied with Belgium and France, and they will help mean defend the northern states of Norway, Finland, and Sweden. I also greatly fear the Japanese navy. It appears that the Japanese seek to conquer British colonies in Southeast Asia. We shall let them know that this will not be tolerated. Next year I will proceed to use force against Germany, Japan, and their allies. They will rue the day that they decided to engage in warfare with my majesties forces.

Great Britain 1939

It seems that Axis forces are not brainless as I was assumed. They quickly controlled Sweden and cut off my attack route to their navy with their air  bases. Unfortunately for the Axis Powers, I will finish off their Navy in the coming year, and they cannot stop me.
I worry for my brother Brandon of Bonde in France. Italy and Germany’s land forces have grown increasingly strong, and I could not stop an invasion of his territories. I pray that Italy remains ignorant of how strong they actually are. For Germany it’s simply only a matter of before they control Belgium and the Netherlands. The allies simply need more troops. I have sent my prime minister to meet with diplomats in the United States and in the USSR. They still remain neutral, but their mutual strength could win the allies this war. If those two countries choose to abstain  from this, it could be the end of a free Europe.

Great Britain 2 1940

Today was great day of fortune and Axis stupidity. I prayed for Russian and American help and I will be getting it much sooner than I expected. Because the Germans have attacked Russian controlled Poland, and the Japanese have attacked American ships, they have both entered the war on the Allies side. It is only a matter of time before the Reichstag crumbles to the ground.In other great fortune I have crushed the German navy and saved the Northern territories of Norway and Sweden.
This year’s losses have been reported. The Japanese have crippled navies of Great Britain and the Netherlands in the Pacific. They will soon be attacked by Russian soldiers and therefore will not waste my time in Asia as so long that the territory of Burma is upheld. In this next year I plan to involve the United States and France on a massacre of the Italian Navy. By the end of this year the Axis Powers will not even have a dingy to row in.

Great Britain 2 1941

The Axis Powers are playing right into our hands, and they don’t even know it. I have made extensive talks with the Russians, and tomorrow they will attack Manchukuo. The Japanese dictator thinks she is safe, but she will soon be demolished.  In the West we are struggling against the Germans, but the staggering amount of American reinforcements will offset the German offensive. If we can hold France for one more day then we will have a legitimate chance of squashing Germany in the next couple of years. The only decision I’m trying to make is who do we squash first, Germany or Japan, and I think I’m casting vote for Japan. We can capture there resources and cripple the Axis Powers. I hope she’s ready to be destroyed, and if she isn’t, that’s just better for us.

Great Britain 2 1942

It is unfortunate to report that France has been completely overtaken by the Axis Powers. An outpour of British troops was not enough to save my dearest ally, but it is no critical matter. The staggering amount of American military reinforcements should help the allies retake France and invade Germany. I do have a grave concern with the amount of Allied naval power remaining. What good are American troops if they are half a world away.
The Russians have held up there side of the allied agreement and taken Manchukuo, and next year the allied forces plan to begin squashing what remains of the Japanese Empire in China. They will hopefully soon be finished. Only one question remains, will I walk in victory on Japanese or German soil first?

Great Britain 2 1943

Today the allied forces have become even closer to defeating Japan. We have captured the entire Chinese mainland and only their home island and the Dutch East Indies remain. We will first attack the Dutch East Indies and cripple their resource levels. By taking this territory it will also make Germany weak as well for they depend on rubber from this area.
All of Africa has been recaptured by the allied forces, and Italy is starting to see that they do not have a chance of survival if they remain with the Axis Powers. In the next year, we will declare a public alliance, and Italian troops will walk side by side with American and British soldiers. When Italy joins the Allies, Germany will not have a remaining breath. The entire allied convoy is sitting on America’s east coast ready to send troops into France. Italy will also utilize their navy to move American troops that remain in Africa. I can finally see the end of this war, but it will finish with a bloody invasion of both Germany and Japan.

Great Britain 2 1944

Operation Orange has commenced and is moving along swimmingly. It is clear that the leaders of the Axis Powers become mentally weaker and weaker everyday. This year we retook all of France and supplied even more United States troops to war. Russia moved into Eastern Europe, and we have the Axis Powers in retreat. My fear that we would not have enough ships to transport the American reinforcements is becoming true. 4,000 American troops will arrive in the next year, but most of them will sit unutilized in their home country. Tomorrow I plan to crush Germany. They will gravel underneath the allied powers. Time is the only resource that the allies are lacking, and time itself will determine if we can reach Germany before the war ends.
The American fleet will move in on the Dutch East Indies tomorrow and cripple Japan’s natural resource supply. Whether we conquer their homeland or not, they will soon starve from hunger and resource depletion. The thought of allied victory makes me giddy, and I can almost taste it.

Great Britain 2 1945

Operation Orange is a success, and the war is finally over. This day shall go down in history as the last day of the seven year span where millions of people sacrificed their lives. The entire war lead to one moment, this moment. And as I pop corks with my fellow diplomats, I cannot feel more sorrow for the wives and mothers across the United States, Europe, and Asia who will never see their husbands or sons again. If I’ve learned anything from this great evil, it is that victory has a price, and with that price comes a great sacrifice. I pray that this war will instill a remaining peace for decades to come, but something tells me that the Soviet Union may be the next great terror in this world.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Great Britain 4

WW1 Lesson Plan

Great Britain 4 1914
Germany attacked our naval forces today. Needless to it was a simple victory.
Our navy is down to 780 now but there is no other navy in the world that isn’t allied
with us. In the future we plan to send troops to help Defend Africa. Russia is
suffering greatly right now so I have a feeling that we will send some troops over
there to help out.

Great Britain 4 1915
Russia was taken over today on their failed attack on Germany. The sent an
army of 5000 troops to try and defeat the German army. The Ottoman empire has
taken over Egypt, but our navy was not ready for the attack so our troops could not
get there in time. Bulgaria also got taken over and we were not in position to help.

Great Britain 4 1916
I have been moving my troops down into north Africa to hopefully take over
part of the ottoman empire. I am going to try to get the United States to ally so there
is no threat of their navy. If I can secure the Dardanelles straight maybe Russia
could come back into the war.

Great Britain 4 1917
Our plan went into action today. We attacked the Ottoman Empire’s capitol.
They ended up winning by about 20 troops. They then attacked us in Libya but we
were victorious. On the other side of the continent Germany was trying to take over
France. They attacked through Belgium but the U.S., France and us had enough
troops to help defend France.

Great Britain 4 1918
We went to war today. Our fleet took our troops over to the Ottoman
Empire. It was a good battle, but we ended up a little on the short side. With
Austria Hungary and Germany’s help, they were to strong for us. Meanwhile on the
other side of the map we were at war with Germany. They were trying to go through
Belgium. We had troops in Belgium, but the German army was to strong, so we put
all of our troops into France to help them defend their territory. At the end of the
year Germany attacked and we finally got ourselves a victory. It was a close one, but
we got it.


WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Austria-Hungary 4

Austria Hungary 4 1913
My son was kill by a group of people from Serbia. This frustrated me. Being the type of person I am, I will seek my revenge. I will destroy all of Serbia and take over that country. With this I will have access to Aegean Sea. Then I will help Germany take over Russia. If we both take over Russia we will become a world power.

Austria Hungary 4 1914
I planned on taking over Montenegro in an attempt to take over Serbia, then Bulgaria and I will have territorial access to the Aegean Sea- Balkans. With this I will achieve one of my objectives. Also today we moved our troops in an attempt to take over Russia. We have conquered one section of Russia, and plan to take much more of it. We are setting up our armies to take over the neutral countries south of Austria Hungary. I failed to take over Montenegro the first time, but that isn’t stopping me from taking them over in 1915.

Austria Hungary 4 1915
Russia thought that it would be smart and take over Germany with only 5000 troops, and failed. Poor decision by them. Our attempt to take over the world is looking better and better every move. In my attempt to gain territorial access to the Aegean Sea, I took over Montenegro. With this I will try and attempt to take over Serbia in 1916 and have total access to the Aegean sea.

Austria Hungary  4 1916
Today I took over Serbia, gaining even more territorial access to the Aegean sea. Italy also thought that it would be a good idea to take over me, that did not work in her favor, because  I had my troops, and 1000 from germany. Needless to say we destroyed Italy. Thanks for helping me on my objective italy!

Austria Hungary 4 1917
In class today there was a lot of staling. We had no war, meaning that there is going to be a lot tomorrow. We have a lot of troops in Germany getting ready to take over France. The Allies are trying to come in from the south of what the central powers have territory over. They will not be victorious though, because we have a lot of troops ready to take them on in battle. Let them games begin!

Austria Hungary 4 1918
Today was very successful! We won the war, we may not have won every battle, but at the end of the war we conquered the most land. I took over Italy today and did it with ease. Me and Germany also tried to take over France but did not come out successful! We tried from many ways but fell short. If we could have used our poison gas, we would have possibly won. Also Great Britain tried to take over the Ottoman Empire and was not successfulll with the help of Germany and I.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 2b

World War 2 Simulation
Germany 2  Prewar,
Hopefully the rest of the world doesn’t know of the power we have gained since WWI. We have immensely grown our army and navy past what we were allowed to according to the Versailles Treaty.
My goal is to take back all my land I lost in WWI and I’m doing good so far. My next step will be to take back Poland. They are very weak so I won’t have to worry about diminishing my troops to much. My next step will be to take down all the small countries around me to gain some more resources and to make sure that my enemies have a lot of road blocks to get through till they get to me. The countries I plan on taking over are; Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, and Norway. These counties will be very easy to take over because they are either very small troop wise or they don’t have any troops in them at all.
I plan on making an alliance with Finland and sending them some of my coal because we have a huge surplus of coal. When Finland gets some more resources they will have a very big military rating, then they can help me take over Norway and Sweden.
Then I’ll leave my troops on the Eastern front, then concentrate my troops on the Western front in taking over France. When I have France in my power along with the other small countries I will take over I can then dominate all of the Soviet Union with my allies power. Then the world will be mine.
The German President,

Germany 2 1939,
The battles over Sweden were back and forth today. I thought I had them taken over, but Great Britain would not give up. My navy is standing up to the mighty Great Britain navy better than I thought. These years of rebuilding my navy has paid off. I think I am going to give up on the war for Sweden now. I think that Great Britain is probably going to take out my navy next year, so I have to chance to make it there by sea anymore.
We achieved our goal of taking over part of Poland. They war easy to take over. I need to start watching myself though because Great Britain has been seen as a big threat so far. They are spreading my troops pretty thin after these repeated attacks on Sweden.
I attempted to take over the Netherlands today, but that backfired. That yet again was stopped by Great Britain. I will have to use strategic moves to take out Great Britain’s navy. I will have to attack in small increments until finally they can’t move, then I will attack in one big round to take the country. Then I need to make my way to France. So I will have to take over Belgium and the Netherlands.
I also plan on taking over Yugoslavia to help my allies. They need help taking over the Ukraine, and this will also help me travel into the Soviet Union. We can also take over Greece when we are down there along with Albania. Once we move that far South we can help Italy take over the middle east and Northern Africa.
The Germany President,

Germany 2, 1940
This year went fairly good for Germany. We finally won the war over the Netherlands. After repeated attacks we finally took them. We attacked the Netherlands first to demobilize Great Britain’s navy. Once we did that we attacked Belgium and greatly diminished the French army, so now my attack on France will be easier. Then once all reinforcements were used up, we attacked the Netherlands again and took them over.
We also took over Yugoslavia today along with the help of Bulgaria and Italy. Now that we have Yugoslavia, we can help our allies take over the middle east and Northern Africa.
Our next move is going to have to be to take over France. I’m a little worried about fighting a two front war though, because I also need to start attacking the Soviet Union after them becoming part of the allies. I can not let my opponents know that I am worried though. Once we have France, we can then worry solely on helping our allies and start taking over the Soviet Union.
Hopefully this next year is on our side. We need luck to be able to take over France and to take over part of the Soviet Union. My hope is that I can convince Italy to attack Southern France so they are demobilized, then I can attack Northern France and won’t have to worry about reinforcements.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1941
This year was very uneventful for us. We held back on the war this year to save some troops.
However we did take over Belgium. First we attacked with a small amount of troops to demobilize the British navy, but then we came in with the big attack. We attacked with over 2,000 troops to take over Belgium. This taking over of Belgium will put us in place to take over France, along with the help of Italy. What we are going to do is have Italy attack southern France to either take them over, or demobilize them. Then once they attack, in the same turn we will attack northern France. Hopefully with these two moves we can take them out.
We moved all our troops this year also. I found it pointless to have all my troops in central Germany, so I moved some into G1 to help protect my capital and maybe help take over France.  The rest of them I moved to the east to help take over Soviet Union. I moved some into Rumania to help take over the Ukraine. I also moved some into Poland to hopefully start to take over Belarus. Also I plan on moving further north and taking over Latvia and Estonia to have a strategic land block on Soviet Union.
Hopefully today we can win our battles and take over parts of Soviet Union and France.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1942
We finally won the war in France. After help with Italy we attacked from both sides. They attempted to stop us but they were no match for the strong German military. Even the infamous United States couldn’t stop us. After taking southern and northern France we just walked right in and took western France with ease. Yet again the British and U.S. tried to stop us, but they were no match.
We are packing eastern front with troops. Were getting ready to attack the Soviet Union. Our first attack is going to be against the Ukraine with the help of Hungry and Rumania. After we wage that attack I am going to attack Belarus ad hopefully win the battle. I am also wishing to talk Finland into taking over the Northern USSR with me.
Hopefully the war is on my side yet another year. We really need to take over parts of the USSR.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1943
Germany’s still holding strong. We haven’t been taken over yet. Although the allied powers are closing in on us, and it won’t take much longer for them to be victorious. Our troops are spreading thin and we can’t hold them off much longer.
Some good did come out of this year today though. We finally took over Denmark, they let us have it without any retaliation. We finally took over Belarus, it surprised me though. I didn’t expect to win the battle because they had over 3,000 troops and I only attacked with 700, so that was in our favor. This didn’t last long though, Soviet Union had too many troops for me to back maintain this territory, so they took it right back.
Myself along with the help of Rumania and Hungry attempted to take over the Ukraine. This was unsuccessful though. We thought we had this with flying colors, but the Soviet Union was too big for us. They ended up moving in reinforcement which proved to be too much for us.
After all these pluses and minuses this year was over all good for us. Hopefully we can at least retain our original territory yet another year.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1944
Germany has finally fell apart. We retreated all our troops back to protect our motherland. We didn’t have near enough troops to hold off the huge army of the USSR and the strong army of the U.S.
Not much good came out of today. We only have five territories left. With only one of them with troops in them. Hopefully we can hold them of long enough to keep out capital.
Myself and the prime minister are going to be leaving the country tomorrow. We are moving to an underground tunnel to protect ourselves from the Russians, Americans, and British. Hopefully they don’t find me or get ahold of me.
We’ve had a good run. I guess now is a good time to just step back and hope for the best.
The German President,

Germany 2, Final
We finally fell apart. The other countries proved to be too strong for our diminishing military. Germany is no longer a country. We did hold them off for one attack though which is pretty impressive. I am very proud  of my men for fighting them off for so long.
This is the German president signing off. I will see you all in the afterlife.
The German President,

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Italy 7

Italy 7 1914
Align with Germany and Belgium. Since Italy was to remain neutral until 1915. Germany took over Russia. Also made a secret alliance with Austria- Hungary.

Italy 7 1915
Romania gets taken over and so do other parts of Russia.  Joined the allies at the end of the day and formd a secret alliance with France. Also I was able to mobilize my troops.

Italy 7 1916
Italy attacked Austria Hungary with 2000 troops gaining the land of Trieste from them. Russia attacked themselves in attempt to take their land back but they failed and the Central Powers got to keep it. Italy moved troops into Trieste  because if I didn’t then the central powers would take attack it and take it back. I also attempted to take control over the South Tyrol, but Germany reinforced Austria-Hungary and defeated me.

Italy 7 1917
The stragedy is to keep land that we got from Austria-Hungary. France moved troops into Italy that way the Central Powers can’t attack Italy, and if they did they would be out numbered and i would keep my land. After France moved their troops into Italy I moved my troops into Trieste because Central Powers were moving their troops closer to that land. Japan moved their Navy into the Adriatic Sea zone. Austria-Hungary sent to attack Trieste (land that i gained from them), but with the help of France i was able keep that land and Austria- Hungary lost. Russia took back some land that they had lost in the beginning. France attacked attacked Germany with 1000 troops, and I attacked Austria- Hungary with 500 troops and we both lost due to reinforcement from Germany.

Italy 7 1918
France moved troops into Trieste. United States moved their Navy back to the U.S.A. Russia got land back that the Central Powers had taken over. Ottumwa Empire  tried to attack Trieste, but we were successful and didn’t let them take over it. U.S.A and Belgium attack Germany, but were not successful because Germany had mover troops and backs that could help him. Germany sends 1000 troops into France and France won.