WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Italy 4

Italy 4 1913
I’m thinking that I will mobilize and get ready for war. I will also become alliances with Austria Hungary Im thinking that I won’t make a move to take over any country for a while. I’m going to retain my country and back up my alliances until I decide to make a move.

Italy 4 1914
I made secret alliances with the central powers which are Germany and the Ottoman Empire, but i’m waiting until 1915 until I mobilize. Even though I will mobilize, I will still remain neutral. The Ottoman Empire and Austria Hungary form an alliance.

Italy 4 1915
I mobilized 1,251 troops. I made a public known alliance. I formed alliances with the allies and turned on the central powers, which I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. Now I have the fear of the Central Powers taking me over since they are so big and have taken over many countries already.

Italy 4 1916
Today I attempted to take South Tyrol from Austria-Hungary. That did not turn out too well since Germany had some troops in South Tyrol. Since Germany had a rating of ten, me trying to take over South Tyrol didn’t even make a dent in the Central Powers. It resulted in me just loosing troops, having less troops to defend Italy if someone tries to take it over.

Italy 4 1917
There has not been any wars so far made by the Alliances or the Central Powers. The allies have just been moving troops around and moving their navy. The Central powers have been spreading out their army and navy’s as well. It’s getting intense with moving the Uboats, Navy, and Army. Not for sure who is going to make the first move. Sounds like they’re waiting until tomorrow until they make a move. I think that I’m going to try and take over Trieste from Austria Hungary because Austria Hungary has the same rating as me and Germany is not in Trieste, they were moved out.

Italy 4 1918
I planned to try and take over A2 but before I got the chance to, Germany sent troops into I1 and I did not have enough troops to send into I1 without leavingĀ  troops to protect I1. Both Central Powers and the Allies are moving their troops. The Central Powers are moving closer and closer down into Italy. Austria-Hungary moved troops down into I2 and I did not have enough troops so they took over I2. Germany attempted to take over F2 but then France brought some troops down from F1 and was victorious. Germany came back and brought more troops and took over F2. The Central Powers won.