WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 2

World War 2 Simulation
USSR 2 1938
We have almost begun.  Germany odds are will try and destroy me, but I will just have to retreat enough that I will have an advantage for both numbers and they will lose points the farther they go into Russia.  I have my troops on the Eastern Border so I am for the most part safe from Japan.  But I will have to use my advantages of numbers and the land to win.  I will have to use my allies to get the resources needed to make my army stronger and actually be able to make a dent in the German Army.

USSR 2 1939
So war has broken out.  Germany took half of Poland and they are trying to cut off the Baltic sea by taking Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.  But the Allies have done well to cut them off from actually doing anything.  I have invaded and took the other half of Poland.  I realize that it is only a matter of time until Germany decides to attack me.  So I will have to move back and use my advantage.

USSR 2 1940
The Germans still haven’t attacked me, and I am still just biding my time.  The Allies have managed to take out almost all of Germany’s navy.  Once the allies take out the German Navy they will probably use that “convoy” to move troops from Britain.  I have already arranged to get into an Alliance once the Germans attack me.  Which I know is going to happen, eventually.

USSR 2 1941
The Germans have attacked and took my half of Poland.  Luckily, thanks to me knowing that they would attack eventually I had moved everyone out of there.  So in the long run I didn’t lose anything.  Now I am in the Alliance.  America is also now in the fight after Japan attacked a US navy unit.  So I will be getting supplies from them, as well as Britain and France.

USSR 2 1942
Germany has taken the Netherlands and Belgium, so now they will probably be focused on taking over France and attacking me.  I have started to move some troops to the South to try and retake that land down there from Italy.  I will meet up the the British troops there and we will move to take it over.  Japan has made a deal with me, they will give me rubber, if I don’t attack them.  They think this makes them safe.  I’m going to use this.  Let them have their guard down.  And then once the time is right, I will strike.

USSR 2 1943
Japan had moved its troops away from my far east border.  They did this thinking they were safe, so I attacked.  I took Manchukuo and Korea to get some resources and Great Britain gave me some resources to help get my rating up.  But now I won’t have my extra rubber from Japan so I will have to get more to be as good as I can get.  Tomorrow we can attack and try to take the Dutch East Indies.  And if we do that we will have plenty of resources.  However, we have lost the French land.  And now the Germans will probably be focusing on me, so I will have to fall back on my original plan to give me a bit of an advantage.

USSR 2 1944
Germany has begun a full retreat, they have moved back into their mainland.  Now all the allies have to do is surround them and attack.  I went to word taking over as many countries as possible.  But I still have to worry about taking over Finland.  So tomorrow I will move some troops to make sure I have enough to take them out.  Meanwhile Japan no longer has any troops in Chinese land and their navy is almost completely destroyed.  So tomorrow we will destroy the Axis powers.

USSR 2 1945
The Allies are victorious!!!!  We took over all of Germany, and as much land as we could.  Also as an added bonus, I showed Finland.  I asked for land and he said “over my frozen dead body.”  So I took it, and no one cared.  Now things about get COLD.