WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 2b

World War 2 Simulation

Great Britain 2 1938
Today the world is gearing up for war. The allies have already started making alliances with the neutrals in hopes that they will join us soon after the war has started. Great Britain is making plans to destroy Germany’s navy as soon as we can. With Germany’s navy destroyed we will be able to keep the waterway between Denmark and Norway open. With the canal open we will be able to easily attack Germany with out having to travel on land. France is by far our strongest allie and right now we are working out the best placement for our troops so that we are both able to achieve our objectives. Germany is very strong, so when this war begins it is going to be very harsh and merciless.

Great Britain 2 1939
Today world war II officially began. Germany began by attacking both Poland and Sweden. Great Britain is supposed to help Poland if the are attacked, but Poland is located in central Europe and Great Britain has no good way of getting there to help them. Many countries still remain neutral, but I feel that will not be the case for long. Germany has made it very clear already that they have no intention of slowing down or showing mercy.

Great Britain 2 1940
Today the Untied States navy was attacked by the Japanese navy. The United States was allowed to come out of its neutral state and join the war once it was attacked. The U.S. made the choice to join the allies which is going to give us a huge advantage. They are plentiful in natural resources and are going to add thousands of troops to the allie army. Great Britain is hoping to soon get the USSR to join the allies. Having the USSR on our side would play a vital role in helping us take back Poland and destroying Germany.

Great Britain 2 1941
The war is escalating much more quickly than originally expected. Japan’s army has proven to be very strong and they are quickly conquering land in and around Asia. Italy is also beginning to become more involved in the war and are beginning to pose a threat to France. France is still our strongest allie and they have turned to Great Britain for help in preparing for the large attack to come. Great Britain has started sending troops into the French main land in an attempt to discourage an attack for Germany and Italy. We are also trying to prepare for the possible attack that Japan is going to launch on the United States. Today the USSR also joined the allies which I believe is going to play a critical role in the years to come.

Great Britain 2 1942
Just last year it felt like the war was going so fast that we could hardly keep up, now it feels like the war is almost at a stand still. Everyone has been spending this time to move troops around are regroup. Because we are at a very low point to the war I feel that these next few years of war are going to come at full force. I’m hoping that we will be able to end all of this soon.

Great Britain 2 1943
Just as I suspected the war has began to quickly escalate again. Germany has moved into France and conquered all of their territory. France turned to us for help but at this point there is not much we can do. Our best hope is to utilize their navy and have them help us move troops from the U.S. to down near French territory. Japan has not made any more moves on the U.S. so right now we are focusing mainly on trying to keep the Germans from gaining more land.

Great Britain 2 1944
The war is finally taking a turn in the allies favor. We were able to regain all French    territory and take back all of the land that Japan had taken from China in the beginning of the war. Italy felt that the war was becoming hopeless for the axis powers so today they signed an alliance with the allies. With the help of the USSR and our new Italian troops we were able to conquer many counties controlled by the axis powers in the heart of Europe. Germany is beginning to realize how quickly the situation is becoming hopeless and they are scrambling to try and find a way to save themselves. I feel that the war is soon going to come to an end, and it is going to be a glorious victory.

Great Britain 2 1945
The war is over! Finally after many of years of fighting the allies have shown their greatness and prevailed. Germany put up a good fight but in the end their situation became completely hopeless. Allies surrounded Germany on all sides and with one final blow invaded the German heartland and conquered it. Japan was able to just barely slip through the allies grasp, but we feel that they are no longer a major threat. Although they were not completely conquered, there military was greatly damaged and they have seen what the allies can do. This is a glorious victory that is going to be remembered for many generations to come.