WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 2

World War 2 Simulation

Period 2 Great Britain  1938

Germany and the Axis Power’s military forces are growing exponentially, and war is upon us. This year I seek to to destroy Germany’s navy before it sets float in the Baltic Sea. If I allow time for Germany’s navy to gather resources, it will be too strong to overpower. I have already allied with Belgium and France, and they will help mean defend the northern states of Norway, Finland, and Sweden. I also greatly fear the Japanese navy. It appears that the Japanese seek to conquer British colonies in Southeast Asia. We shall let them know that this will not be tolerated. Next year I will proceed to use force against Germany, Japan, and their allies. They will rue the day that they decided to engage in warfare with my majesties forces.

Great Britain 1939

It seems that Axis forces are not brainless as I was assumed. They quickly controlled Sweden and cut off my attack route to their navy with their air  bases. Unfortunately for the Axis Powers, I will finish off their Navy in the coming year, and they cannot stop me.
I worry for my brother Brandon of Bonde in France. Italy and Germany’s land forces have grown increasingly strong, and I could not stop an invasion of his territories. I pray that Italy remains ignorant of how strong they actually are. For Germany it’s simply only a matter of before they control Belgium and the Netherlands. The allies simply need more troops. I have sent my prime minister to meet with diplomats in the United States and in the USSR. They still remain neutral, but their mutual strength could win the allies this war. If those two countries choose to abstain  from this, it could be the end of a free Europe.

Great Britain 2 1940

Today was great day of fortune and Axis stupidity. I prayed for Russian and American help and I will be getting it much sooner than I expected. Because the Germans have attacked Russian controlled Poland, and the Japanese have attacked American ships, they have both entered the war on the Allies side. It is only a matter of time before the Reichstag crumbles to the ground.In other great fortune I have crushed the German navy and saved the Northern territories of Norway and Sweden.
This year’s losses have been reported. The Japanese have crippled navies of Great Britain and the Netherlands in the Pacific. They will soon be attacked by Russian soldiers and therefore will not waste my time in Asia as so long that the territory of Burma is upheld. In this next year I plan to involve the United States and France on a massacre of the Italian Navy. By the end of this year the Axis Powers will not even have a dingy to row in.

Great Britain 2 1941

The Axis Powers are playing right into our hands, and they don’t even know it. I have made extensive talks with the Russians, and tomorrow they will attack Manchukuo. The Japanese dictator thinks she is safe, but she will soon be demolished.  In the West we are struggling against the Germans, but the staggering amount of American reinforcements will offset the German offensive. If we can hold France for one more day then we will have a legitimate chance of squashing Germany in the next couple of years. The only decision I’m trying to make is who do we squash first, Germany or Japan, and I think I’m casting vote for Japan. We can capture there resources and cripple the Axis Powers. I hope she’s ready to be destroyed, and if she isn’t, that’s just better for us.

Great Britain 2 1942

It is unfortunate to report that France has been completely overtaken by the Axis Powers. An outpour of British troops was not enough to save my dearest ally, but it is no critical matter. The staggering amount of American military reinforcements should help the allies retake France and invade Germany. I do have a grave concern with the amount of Allied naval power remaining. What good are American troops if they are half a world away.
The Russians have held up there side of the allied agreement and taken Manchukuo, and next year the allied forces plan to begin squashing what remains of the Japanese Empire in China. They will hopefully soon be finished. Only one question remains, will I walk in victory on Japanese or German soil first?

Great Britain 2 1943

Today the allied forces have become even closer to defeating Japan. We have captured the entire Chinese mainland and only their home island and the Dutch East Indies remain. We will first attack the Dutch East Indies and cripple their resource levels. By taking this territory it will also make Germany weak as well for they depend on rubber from this area.
All of Africa has been recaptured by the allied forces, and Italy is starting to see that they do not have a chance of survival if they remain with the Axis Powers. In the next year, we will declare a public alliance, and Italian troops will walk side by side with American and British soldiers. When Italy joins the Allies, Germany will not have a remaining breath. The entire allied convoy is sitting on America’s east coast ready to send troops into France. Italy will also utilize their navy to move American troops that remain in Africa. I can finally see the end of this war, but it will finish with a bloody invasion of both Germany and Japan.

Great Britain 2 1944

Operation Orange has commenced and is moving along swimmingly. It is clear that the leaders of the Axis Powers become mentally weaker and weaker everyday. This year we retook all of France and supplied even more United States troops to war. Russia moved into Eastern Europe, and we have the Axis Powers in retreat. My fear that we would not have enough ships to transport the American reinforcements is becoming true. 4,000 American troops will arrive in the next year, but most of them will sit unutilized in their home country. Tomorrow I plan to crush Germany. They will gravel underneath the allied powers. Time is the only resource that the allies are lacking, and time itself will determine if we can reach Germany before the war ends.
The American fleet will move in on the Dutch East Indies tomorrow and cripple Japan’s natural resource supply. Whether we conquer their homeland or not, they will soon starve from hunger and resource depletion. The thought of allied victory makes me giddy, and I can almost taste it.

Great Britain 2 1945

Operation Orange is a success, and the war is finally over. This day shall go down in history as the last day of the seven year span where millions of people sacrificed their lives. The entire war lead to one moment, this moment. And as I pop corks with my fellow diplomats, I cannot feel more sorrow for the wives and mothers across the United States, Europe, and Asia who will never see their husbands or sons again. If I’ve learned anything from this great evil, it is that victory has a price, and with that price comes a great sacrifice. I pray that this war will instill a remaining peace for decades to come, but something tells me that the Soviet Union may be the next great terror in this world.