WW2 Simulation Journal: United States 2

World War 2 Simulation

United States 2 1938
Today is orientation day. Being United States kind of worries me to be honest. I know I’m far enough away from everything but that doesn’t mean people won’t attack me at all. One of my objectives is to stay neutral until I am attacked. Basically I need to just stay out of any conflict until someone brings me into it. I’ve heard from other countries that one of Japan’s objectives is to attack pearl harbor. That is near me so that most likely means they are going to attack me. I’ve talked to Great Britain and they said they would most likely help me if that happened to me. If Japan ends up attacking me, that is when I plan on cutting off all my natural resources to them. Today the only thing I did was transfer 2 credits of oil, iron ore, and coal to China. That will go into place tomorrow. One of China’s objectives is to just gain some natural resources I guess so I at least helped them out a little bit. I have a surplus in those categories. I plan on helping Great Britain economically with my surplus when I’m needed. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow on the first year of the war!

United States 2 1939
Today I had a change in my original plan. Japan kept attacking countries and they were very victorious. I can assume their rating is pretty high and part of that may be because of how much oil I was supplying them. I decided to cut off all supplies to Japan earlier than I planned. I waited until the axis power’s turn was over to do that so they couldn’t attack me right away. When it got to the allies’ turn, I cut off all supply to them.  This way if they do end up attacking me their rating won’t be so high. That could change though if they get a lot of transfers. I heard them talking about getting a lot of transfers so I guess we will see what happens. I talked with Great Britain and we agreed to become alliances once I am attacked. So far I’m still obtaining my objective by remaining neutral and staying out of conflict. I think about exchanging and transferring some resources with Great Britain tomorrow possibly.

United States 2 1940
Today was the day I’ve been waiting for. Japan attacked my navy in the US Philippines. I wanted them to attack me so I could join with the allies. I made an alliance with Russia and Great Britain. Now it seems like we’re all there and ready to start working towards destroying the axis power. I talked to Great Britain about transferring natural resources. They had plenty of rubber so they were perfectly fine with giving me what I needed. They gave me 18.4 so I was at a 0. They might still give me more to get a surplus later on.  I told them that if they ever need resources that they could let me know as a way to honor my alliance and obtain my objective of helping them economically. As of now I’m not entirely sure what our plan is next. The bell rang and we didn’t have time to really talk about it. All I know is that we have a bigger group on the allies now so we can work to mess up the axis power. That is one of my objectives to work towards that once I was attacked. I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.

United States 2 1941
Today was such a great day. I was worried this whole time about Japan attacking me and just waiting for it to happen. Japan moved their navy near Hawaii with only 170 troops. This was funny because she thought she moved 180. I had 190 navy right there waiting for her. Japan was so confident they would win but that’s not how it happened. The United States were victorious and Japan is nowhere near me once again. I heard Japan say they are going to wait for their war tomorrow. But tomorrow I get a lot more troops so this will be exciting. I don’t think Japan is aware of how many troops I will be getting over the years. I’ll be spending the next two years trying to wreck and destroy Japan. While all this is going on, Japan is supplying the USSR with some natural resources I’m pretty sure. Something is going on and it’s just not right. I was able to mobilize today and over the next few years I will be getting a lot of troops. Great Britain thinks that I’m going to save all their butts during the rest of this war. As far as natural resources goes, its going very well. I gave all the resources I could to set me at 0 to the USSR. I also gave some oil to Great Britain as a way to supply them economically. I can’t wait to see what the year 1942 is going to bring!

United States 2 1942
I gained more troops today and put them on my navy. I moved closer to Japan each time. Japan ended up moving farther away from me to stall time. I’m most likely going to attack on Japan tomorrow. A bunch of the allies have their navies in some convoy type thing. They are all moving together up to the US to load my troops onto them. Next year I’ll be getting even more troops so I’m gonna help everyone out. Today didn’t have too much going on for me. I believe tomorrow I’m going to try and help block Japan on a move their trying to do.

United States 2 1943
Once again I gained more troops and navy. We moved some some troops on to our navy convoy. As the allies we are trying to take over the axis power. To work towards this we moved our convoy down to French North Africa and took that over. We’re going to work towards taking over that whole bottom part of the Europe map. We want to take over and close up Egypt and the Suez Canal. I attacked Lybia and got it. After that we’re hopefully going to work to take over the whole area of France, Italy, and Germany. At the same time we’re pushing our USSR area of troops west to take over the Poland and Rumania area as well. The allies had more navy moving toward this area but Japan knocked us out of there a little unexpectedly. Earlier on the axis took over all of China. We have now taken all of China back. I love the color of orange taking over all the yellow on the map. The convoy is moving back up to me so they can get more troops next year. When I get more navy I might go attack the mainland of Japan so there’s nothing left over there.

United States 2 1944
Today I wasn’t in much of class because I had an orthodontist appointment. I did get back to class right at the end though. Before class Great Britain had me sign some papers to basically make the map orange. Everything worked out very well for the allies today. We ended up taking over all of France, Romania, Yugoslavia, and little countries like Austria and Hungary. USSR got all their land back that they lost. The allies also got Poland back to life. We did end up closing off Egypt and the Suez Canal. Something that surprised me was Italy joining the allies today. One thing we are going to work towards next year is to take over Greece to help out Great Britain. I’m pretty sure we’re going to work for taking over Germany as well. The axis power is not very happy but it’s our turn to dominate. They took control in the beginning but it’s our turn now. They have no choice but to just sit there and take it. Can’t wait to finish this up tomorrow hopefully.

United States 2 1945
Today is the last day and we plan on doing as much damage as we can. At this point there isn’t really anything the axis powers can do anymore. The axis just wants to keep G1 of Germany but we took over Germany just like that. The map looks BEAUTIFUL. I took over Belgium and the allies took over Greece as well. I’m saving everyone on the allies for the most part but the allies (mostly Great Britain) treat me like a piece of meat. I had people in Belgium so I attacked the Netherlands to get them back on the map. The allies took over Denmark for one of the last reachable pieces of land. The war is over and the allies win.