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WW1 Student Journal Russia

Russia 8 1913

We have heard that an all inclusive war will be happening in Europe soon. Being apart of the Allies, we hope to stick together throughout the war. We would love to ally with some smaller, but important countries. As a country, we will honor our alliance with the Allies. We plan to mobilize our troops and take control of the Dardanelles Strait. Taking control of the Dardanelles Strait would be a huge move for us, as the rest of the Allies would be able to get supplies to us.

Russia 8 1914

The war has officially started in Europe. I have started a secret alliance with Japan. Even though they took over Manchuria, they have a strong navy that can help me in the long run. Although I have lost some troops in battles against Germany and the Ottoman Empire, I plan on moving troops to R2. My plan is to gather enough troops to attack Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. I plan on sticking to my alliance with Serbia by attacking Austria-Hungary soon. I hope to start an alliance with Romania so they can help me attack Austria as well. The Allies have been discussing and have plans to ally with Italy and disconnect Austria and Germany.

Russia 8 1915

The war is getting real in Europe. We have not been attacked since the first time, but the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austria-Hungary are gathering troops to attack me. As the Allies, we want to attack Austria-Hungary in A3 and the Ottoman Empire in O1. If Russia doesn’t lose many troops next round, I can be a lot of help to attacking both Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. I haven’t been able to help Serbia by attacking Austria-Hungary, but I hope to do that soon. I also hope to gain power of the Dardanelles Strait by attacking O1. Hopefully, us Allies can pull Romania over to our side and get their help in our fight against the Central Powers.

Russia 8 1916

As the Allies, we have made some moves. After adding Romania to the Allies, we were able to attack Austria-Hungary and Germany. Even though we did this, I still lost some of my land. As a country, we did not feel comfortable attacking the Ottoman Empire or Austria-Hungary. Having low troop rankings has made it hard for us to attack and feel confident that we won’t lose all of our troops. This has made it hard to complete objectives. I have a feeling that Germany and Austria-Hungary are going to attack us again tomorrow. If the other Allies on the other side of Europe can convince them to move their troops that way, we might have a chance to be safe next round. As the years go on, this is more and more stressful.

Russia 8 1917

We all knew that this would happen. Russia has surrendered. To help the Allies, I sent a majority of my troops to R3 to try and take my land back. This ended up backfiring as our country had to surrender after losing to many troops. This was the only chance for us to get our land back to achieve some objectives. We ended up breaking into a civil war and losing ⅓ of our land. We also lost ⅓ of our population and ¾ of our industries. All we have left is 200 navy to transport troops for other Allies. We tried to get ourselves back into the war, but that did not work out.

Russia 8 1918

Russia is still in a civil war. We have been watching the rest of the real war unfold. It’s sad to see our Allies lose so much land during the last year of the war. Even though we care about our Allies fighting, we have had bigger problems. This civil war seems like it could go on for years and years. I just hope nothing like this happens again in Europe.

World War I Student Journals Austria-Hungary

Austria-Hungary 8 1913

Our country is in great peril! Our only heir to the throne has been killed by a Serbian nationalist! I think we are going to declare war on Serbia, as it is their governments fault our beloved Archduke Franz Ferdinand is dead! This will set off a lot of alliances, but Serbia must be punished!! The intelligence report says that Serbia has more soldiers than us, but we have more reserves. Some things that concern me are that Russia is allianced to Serbia, and has so many soldiers. Also, France is allianced with Russia and Great Britain is allianced with France, so if we declare war on one, we are basically declaring war on all three. However, we have Germany on our side.  My plan is to take out France as early as possible, so that Great Britain can’t transport soldiers over to France for reinforcements. 

Austria-Hungary 8 1914


  • Germany attacked Russia
  • Ottoman attacked Russia
  • We attacked Serbia

Today, things did not go our way. However, while we didn’t reign victorious in today’s battles, I believe the central powers will win this war. To appease the slavic people, we publicly announced that we are giving them representation in our government. Hopefully that will keep them from rebellion and keep them happy finally! Ever since we annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina, they have been enraged because of their nationalism, so if they have representation, that should satisfy them. We must gain access to the Aegean sea zone! But one piece of land stands in our way:Serbia. My intelligence however has said that they have to have extremely skilled soldiers, because they took little damage from our fight today. Our plan now is to attack Serbia with 500 of my soldiers, 280 of Bugarias soldiers, and 200 Ottoman soldiers, and hopefully that is enough to take out Serbia! I am discussing with Romania and Greece’s presidents so that hopefully we can ally and we can all go for Serbia at the same time, for an all around attack, and no one can help them! The best part about this is that this will also be able to help me get a route to the Aegean sea zone. Either way, we cannot fight a two-front war. We cannot fight Russia and France/Great Britain at the same time!  I think the best way to fight France is to go through Italy. I’m pretty sure that we will have to be forceful in doing so, but that is the most effective way, and safest way, to destroy the Allies! Although we could go through Belgium, Great Britain is extremely close and can transport an abundance of soldiers very quickly. Through Italy, they have to move soldiers over. Tomorrow we take over Serbia and ally with Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece! Let’s do this!!!!

Austria-Hungary 8 1915

  • Italy attacked Austria
  • Me, ottoman, and Bulgaria attacked Serbia
  • Britain’s navy attacked Germany’s navy

Today was a win for the central powers. We won every battle today, which gives me hope for the future! It was a little overkill, but Bulgaria, Ottoman, and my troops all attacked and defeated the ones who started this whole mess! I know the Allied powers are planning something with all the moving they did today, and I’m afraid that we might fight a two-front war, which is really bad and will defeat us quickly. The Allied Powers removed Romania from their group because of releasing information, so I’m planning on publicly allying with them tomorrow. I’m planning on allying with Greece tomorrow, which gives us more troops to move. France’s 4000 troops and Italy’s 2556 troops in Italy scares me. If they attack us, I’m afraid we won’t be able to defend against them. Our plan moving forward is moving troops to the borders to defend against the allies. Our plan is to let them invade us, so we are moving so we can back up our troops to get ready for the attack.

Austria-Hungary 8 1916

  • Italy, france attacked us and took A2
  • We attacked Russia, and gained R3
  • Great britain attacked germany, but failed twice

Today I learned of the traitor Romania! Now, we must take Romania out alongside the other allied powers! I think we need to place a deadly blow on Romania as soon as possible! Like I said previously, France’s and Italy’s troops attacked our weakest place, where Germany couldn’t come to our aid. Since we lost A2, we need to get that back immediately with the help of our friends! I think my plan is to rather attack a deadly blow on Romania or attack G2 and try to take that over. My thought is that they can only move 1000 troops through the forest to help back up G2, so this may be our only chance to take it over. I am losing hope after today. The whole class is now against us and we do not have enough troops to fight them all. We will have a meeting tomorrow to talk about which point to attack. At this point, we need to take a lot of their troops out fast, with not a lot of losses.

Austria-Hungary 8 1917

  • Us and Germany took over G2
  • We took over Romania
  • Ottoman and Bulgaria tried to take Greece, but lost

Russia surrendered!!! Now that Russia is not a problem anymore, we can focus all the rest of our troops to the western fight! We got back G2 from the allies, and destroyed Romania, the traitors! Finally Romania got what it deserved! While the allies took A1 from us, our first priority is to get it back! With tomorrow being the last day, we need to send all our troops to A1 and A2 to get our land back/attempt to get our land back! I think the Allies are going to do a little war, but in the end bring all the US troops over and just destroy us with all the new additions they get from them. I’m guessing that they will either attack Germany or attack Serbia to connect Greece to them. Then, they will bring all of the US troops over to fight for them. For us, its balls to the wall and using all our troops to go as far west as possible. Our last objective we need to complete is to retain our original territory, so we will do whatever it takes to do just that! Which area we attack depends on what the allies do, so let’s see what they do and get that bread!!!

Austria-Hungary 8 1918

  • Great Britain attacked G1
  • Allies attacked G2
  • Allies attacked Serbia
  • We took back A1
  • We took back A2
  • We took I1
  • We took Serbia
  • Bulgaria tried to take Greece, but lost

War is over! We ended up finishing all of our objectives, and getting extra land in the process! I’m honestly tired of all the bloodshed that has happened in the past years and am happy for it to be all over. Hopefully, we can create some peace between the European countries and keep long-lasting peace. There are basically no troops left on land, and most cities are destroyed. With more time, I believe we could take all of Europe and destroy the Allies even more. I am thankful that the US wasn’t able to bring many troops over, as it is reported that they have very strong soldiers, and they have many more than we could’ve handled. At some points, I had lost hope and was just trying to hold on, but I think in the end, we came out victorious! But I think we lost more than we gained in this war…..  My plan is to not get involved in war ever again, unless it involves my country specifically. 

WWI Student Journals Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire, Period 8, 1913:

We’ve made some strategic moves for the future this year. We need to take back Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania. We’ve made this easier by signing an alliance with Bulgaria. You know what they say: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The Central Powers have a plan in place and will put it to the test in 1914. May God help us all.

Ottoman Empire, Period 8, 1914:

We’ve brought Bulgaria into our circle, and it’s proved to be a good decision so far. Germany and our great Empire went up against Russia and the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped. We’ll leave them alone for now, though. There’ve been whispers from Italy planning to take our country. We’ve made strategic moves to avoid this treasonous move though. Bulgaria has let us move troops into its country. We’re going to help Austria-Hungary take down Serbia. Long live the Ottomans.

Ottoman Empire, Period 8, 1915:

The Allied Powers claimed Italy as one of their own like an eagle swooping to claim fish from a river. We really would’ve liked an alliance with them, but we’re fine without it and know what they plan to do. We attacked Greece for the first time today, but Italy came to its aid and we suffered a gross defeat there, but our plans still hold and we will come to the aid of those who helped us. Romania has joined our team and she is proving to be a useful and resourceful ally. 

Ottoman Empire, Period 8, 1916

We were fools to believe that Romania would ever truly leave the allies to join us. She left us cold and in the dust. All of the top secret intel she received, she fed back to the Allies. We lost a lot today, but We’ll come back stronger, like a phoenix from the ashes. We heard that Russia planned to take O2 and begin its tirade to the Dardanelles Strait, which we know from undercover moles, is something they desperately need. To counteract this, we moved as many troops as we could spare from our capital, to protect our border with Russia.

Ottoman Empire, Period 8, 1917

We really showed them who’s boss. We recaptured G2, we took back Austria-Hungary’s territories, and we took Romania. Russia has collapsed into Civil war, and just in time, for we also took their western front, regaining the Crimea. An incredibly successful year, but we won’t take it lightly, because we still suffered heavy losses. We will be smart moving forward, but for now, we celebrate our magnificent wins.

Ottoman Empire, Period 8, 1918

We came into this year with high hopes, but we weren’t so lucky. Despite the allies endless attempts, we were able to protect Germany and the Austria-Hungarians from the Allied Powers. We gave our last attempt to take Greece, but it was for nothing and we were still defeated. If not for Italy’s incredibly disciplined army, we would have won, but unfortunately, they made a strategic decision that we didn’t account for. We thought that they would move to help in Austria-Hungary, but in the upset of the century, they moved all their troops to Greece and the impact was less than in our favor. Though not completely successful in the end, we regained most of our lost territories for the Ottomans, and for that, we’re forever grateful.

World War One Student Journal Italy

Italy, P8, 1913, The Archduke of Austria Hungary was killed. This will have major consequences we fear. Austria has many allies and if 1 nation attacks it will bring many more nations to the battlefield. 

I think Austria will not respond kindly to this. With the knowledge that the assassin was a Serbian Nationalist I think this will lead to fighting between the 2 nations. Italy has no plan to interfere with this at the moment.

Italy, P8, 1914, Austria gave a speech and it implied they will not let this go. This is going to lead to fighting all over Europe and will throw all nations into chaos. Our plan is to remain neutral for now and not get involved in this war unless forced to by an attacking nation.

Bulgaria and Germany also made an alliance which means they are preparing to attack. We are inching closer to battle.

Germany attacked Russia but were unsuccessful in trying to conquer Russia’s land. Battle is finally upon us. Russia then faced another attack from the Ottoman Empire. Russia was again successful at defending their land. This is good news for the Allies of Russia.

Austria Hungary is now making an attack upon Serbia. This has no effect on us as we have a defensive alliance with Austria and they are going on the aggressive. We don’t support this behavior and will be no help to them. Serbia was successful in defending their land and didn’t suffer any major losses.

Our plans for the future include allying with the allies and joining our forces in order to defeat the central powers.

Italy, P8, 1915, Our plan was a success and we joined forces with the allies. We simply don’t agree with the actions of our old alliances we had set defensively. They went on the attack and we supported none of it.

Today we set siege apon Austria with the help of our fellow ally Serbia. Unfortunately our attack was unsuccessful. We plan to regroup and plan ahead for our next move. We plan to be more prepared for the next attack and bring in more allies and troops in hopes of success.

Our strategy and plan is to bring in support troops from France to support our next attack against Austria. With the fellow support I think this should be an easy victory for the allies.

Italy, P8, 1916, Our plans went exactly as expected. With the help of France we easily conquered some of Austria’s territory. With the momentum on our side we have no plans on slowing down. 

Our strategy moving forward is to try and weaken Germany’s troops as they are our biggest threat at the moment. Once they are weakened and can no longer provide solid defense for Austria we plan to conquer it.

  Great Britain weakened part of Germany’s troops which helped move forward. Our allies also attacked the Ottoman empire but were not successful in their attack.

We suffered major losses in an attempt to conquer more of Austria. With this setback we plan to regroup and wait for support from Russia and the United states.

Italy, P8, 1917, We went on the offensive and gained a lot of ground against Austria. We were successful in both of our attacks and gained the land we were hoping for.

We also have the help of the US on our side too now.

Our plan is to move US and Great Britians troops in position for defense in the central powers upcoming attacks. I am worried we won’t be able to defend though. We don’t have time to get enough of US and Great Britain’s troops in position for defense. Without their support the central powers have us heavily outnumbered.

Italy P8, 1918, We were struck hard by the powers in 2 different locations and lost almost all of our troops in these battles. We simply didn’t have the supplies to get US and Great Britain’s troops to the battlefield for support. We were heavily outnumbered without the help from our fellow allies and got totally wiped out.

The loss of Italy’s homeland signified the end of the war for us. We lost all our conquered territory as well as our troops in one last stand. The central powers have won the war.

World War 1 Student Journal Great Britain

Great Britain 8 1913

Things are heating up in Europe. Hell broke loose in Austria when the Archduke was shot by a Serb. We’re all a little flustered. Serbia appears to be relying on us for defense, as no doubt, this has rattled most European armies. In honoring our alliances, I’m afraid that—what is likely to happen with our adversaries as well—we could all be dragged into a slew of battle if it gets bloody.

To secure our friends southeast, should they be recruited to go against us or be attacked otherwise, we, Great Britain, will seek out a public alliance with Portugal for their protection and our security.

I plan for a private alliance with Belgium. One of our objectives is to protect their neutrality, and we can do this by coming to their defense if they should be attacked or convinced to join our adversaries…we will defend freedom above all else.

Great Britain 8 1914

This year, the Central Powers drew first blood. Our close ally, Russia, was brutally attacked and left defenseless with no way to bring enough troops to their defense from the East.

This is what the Central Powers do not know:

  • Italy has signed a secret alliance with France. We were able to convince the Ottoman Empire that Italy’s objectives were to acquire Ottoman land.
  • Romania is working to infiltrate the Central Powers through a false alliance, and next year France will release a statement publicly “banning them” from our table.

These strategic battles will define Great Britain until we find cause to enter from the West, though we must soon utilize our navy in the south to capture the sea.

We need to secure the Dardanelles or Russia will face their death, but I fear my other allies are not so concerned with Russia’s wellbeing.

Great Britain 8 1915

We have developed poison gas—a power that will no doubt go to use.

Romania has been banned from our alliance—or so the central powers think. Portugal poses as their way of information while we feed them fallacies.

Great Britain is paralyzed. With no naval power in the Atlantic, we can only move to Belgium—an alliance will be made.

Russia is falling behind in strength, and though their numbers do not fall, their resources are few. The western Ottoman Empire is our greatest objective for the time being. We must open the Dardanelles immediately…or we shall risk losing this war.

Great Britain 8 1916

We attacked on the Northwestern front of Germany. With no submarines in the water, each of these attacks asure success in weakening the army! And if they are busy having petty fights up here, they’ll not be able to pay any attention to what is happening south of their border with our Austrian conquest…Romania has come to our aid, and we brought down a hammer on South Austria-Hungary. Let’s continue the fight on every front!

Great Britain 8 1917

Russia has fallen! Their internal conflict is ruining any chance of unison as a country to fight in this war. They have no supplies and no strength; the end has drawn near for them, and we did not have the means to be of help.

Great Britain will continue to attack Northern Germany, as it is proving successful in occupying their troops, rather than moving to fight against France in the South. The forest has proven to be a difficult passage, but I know France will power through.

We have aided France in many gains, but the fight is hard. We will persist!

Great Britain 8 1918

This year marks the end. We were overpowered by Germany and Austria-Hungary. Here in time, they’ve taken Romania, Serbia, and parts of Russia and Italy. France has no more troops. The United States and Great Britain have limited means by which to send them.

The real war has drawn to an end. We have all lost what we bet on it—immensely.

Our people, our homes, our hope—dwindling to nothingness.

I fear that all that is left is to have a prayer.

World War I Student Journal United States

America 8, 1913

The Archduke of Austria Hungary had just been killed by a Serbian. In one way or another AH will take this in a seriously negative way. I’m talking about war, and AH has allies. When one goes to war, so does the other, this is not going to end well. Our plan is to stay out of it, stay as neutral for as long as we can until there is no other choice. I hope it won’t have to come to that. 

America 8, 1914

Bulgaria and Germany have made an Alliance. We have been keeping ourselves on the down low, but I feel we won’t be able to keep this act forever. When the time comes, we will form alliances to protect ourselves. 

(Play by Play) Germany has attacked Russia with 230 troops in R3, but they did not defeat Russia. Ottiman Empire has attacked Russia, sending in 200 troops to R4 , hopefully taking down their defense. Russia was again successful in defending their land. AH attacked Serbia with 34 troops, will it be enough? Seems not, Serbia held its ground and won. The Slaves now have representation of AH. 

Seems war is raging on in Europe, yet we will remain neutral. We can’t afford to jump into another war half assed.  

America 8, 1915

These are desperate times. Thanks to our friends in Europe, we lost 128 fellow Amercians when the British Passenger Liner, Lusitania, was attacked by German U-boats. We have not the resources to plunge ourselves into war just yet. We haven’t readied ourselves for such a task. But, I see our neutrality will not last forever. If this war does not end soon, we will join the war. For the loss of our brothers and sisters on the Lusitania, and for every man and women before them. We will take down Germany. 

(Play by Play) Italy has joined the Allies. AH, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire all declared war on Serbia. The Central powers were victorious. The Ottoman Empire moved 1000 troops to o2. AH 900 from A1 to A2. Belgium has joined the Allies. Russia moved 2000 troops from R1 to R4. They also moved 1500 R1 to R3. France moved — troops from F1 to F2. Great Britain moved 2500 to Belgium. 

America 8, 1916

Romania has joined the Allies. Our rage has been brewing, and the fighting in Europe has been growing. With the alliances, and the domination, with everything. If this keeps going, there may not BE a Eruope left. If we join the war and take out the problem (Germany) the war will end. Our revenue will grow once again. I think it’s worth the hassle. We will begin to train troops for the battle yet to come. Be ready Germany

(Play-by-Play) France and Italy are attacking A2 of AH. Ottoman has moved 100 troops to Serbia. The Allies were victorious. Great Britain is attacking G1 with 1308 troops. The Central Powers, using poison gas, managed to keep their land and emerge victorious. France and Russia are attacking R2. The Ottoman empire is moving 1000 troops to defend. The Ottoman Empire was victorious. The Central Powers (Germany and AH) are attacking in R3 with over 5000 troops. Russia defends with 1568, but lost. The Central Powers moved 600 from G1 to G2 for a stronger defence. Great Britain is attacking G1 with 654 troops. Italy and France are attacking A1. The Allies lost. France is attacking G2 with 1000 troops, and won. 

America 8, 1917

Germany has made an alliance with our neighboring country Mexico. We have officially joined the war, allying with the Allies. We plan to move 500 troops to F1 France to attack Germany. 

(Play-by-play) Germany and AH are attacking G2 with over 1500 troops. America (me) is sending 500 troops to help protect G2. Germany and AH are attacking Romania. Romania was lost, the Central Powers were victorious. The Ottoman Empire is attacking Greece. Italy is sending their 559 to defend. The Allied Powers won, and Greece is still safe. Great Britain is attacking Germany in G1 with 1308 troops. Central Powers won. Russia is attacking R3 with 6420 troops. 

Russia collapsed on Nov 26 1917. They surrendered! 

(Play-by-play) Italy is attacking A1. The Allies were victorious.

America 8, 1918

(Play-by-play) America and the Allies moved troops to G2 and won. Italy is now attacking the Ottoman Empire and Serbia. The Allies successfully captured Serbia. AH and Germany are attacking G2. Allies failed to defend and lost G2. Great Britain is attacking G1 with 1152 troops. Britain lost all of its troops and lost G1.

The war is not going our way. We have no one to protect in Italy or France, if the Central powers really wanted to, they could destroy us all. And there is nothing for us to do. We have lost.

WW1 Student Journal United States

United States 7 1913

Today we got word of the assissination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. A Serbian nationalist was sent to murder him. Terrible thing that happened. This will probably result in a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. All I know is that the United States is staying out of it! Hopefully everyone else will be smart and stay out of it too. I would hate for a world war to break out! 

United States 7 1914

A lot of people were making alliances today. That could end up bad for some countries because they allied with countries outside of their expected alliances. The Ottoman Empire almost tried to make an alliance with us but we were quick to stay out of this whole mess. A lot of countries mobilized their troops. That means they are expecting to be attacked and be involved in this war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. I don’t understand why they can’t just leave it alone. Germany declared war on Russia today and won! This caused Russia to lose some land. I’m scared for what’s going to happen next. More and more people are getting involved. Austria-Hungary lost one man and everyone goes crazy! I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but the United States will continue to be neutral! No way are we getting involved in this war that’s not even in our contitant!

United States 7 1915

The British ship the Lusitania was sunk by German torpedoes today. 128 American lives were lost during this tragic event. Everyone is mourning the loss of the 128 American lives that were lost on the Lusitania. This raised some opinions in the United States about going to war. Some people think that we need to call war on Germany. I think that because it was a British ship that the Germans didn’t intend on attacking us. We are still going to stay out of it because I think it is in our best interest to just observe what’s happening from a safe distance.

United States 7 1916

There was a lot of war today. The day started with Germany attacking Russia and losing. Then Bulgaria tried to attack Greece but they also failed. That didn’t stop them from helping out Austria-Hungary in attacking Serbia and winning that war. The Central Powers also won against Romania. All of this war is too much to keep track of. So many people are fighting! I do not enjoy hearing about all of this. The United States is secretly rooting for the Allied Powers. We are planning on still staying out of the warzone, but I don’t know what will happen, especially if the Central Powers continue to conquer more countries…

United States 7 1917

There was a letter discovered called the Zimmerman Note between Germany and Mexico today. This note brought the United States into war. We were planning on staying out of this war completely, but after all of the events that happened, it led us to join the Allied Powers. Too much has happened and we are joining to put an end to all this commotion. We decided to make secret alliances with France and Great Britain to make sure we had backup in case anyone decided to try to pull something on us. Along with most of the other Allied Powers, we sent some troops over to France with one goal in mind– take out Germany. Germany is the brains of this operation, if we can take them out everything else will fall into place. With the US having the strongest military in the Allied Powers and Great Britain and France having poisonous gas, we’re hoping that our plan will succeed. Germany has less troops in their own country right now because they were over invading some of Russia. That should help us even more in the long run. I’m anxious to see what happens. 

United States 7 1918

A lot went down today. The Central Powers have taken over much of Europe. Great Britain and France agreed to help us to attack Germany, but we didn’t get there in time. We were hoping to take out the source of all this war and hopefully win all of this. In the end, the Central Powers were successful in taking out most of Europe. Honestly, I’m just very grateful that nobody tried to take us out. It would have caused so many people in our to freak out. We already have strong opinions in our country on us going to war, we don’t need and more chaos. Although I’m happy that this war is over, I’m sad that we were not able to go through with our plan. Maybe we would’ve been able to win. I hope all the fighting is done! 

WWI Student Journal Serbia, Montenegro & Greece


7th Period

Serbia, Montenegro, & Greece

Orientation Day: Today we were introduced to everything. With having three countries and my partner being gone it was a little overwhelming. However, I am ready to take it on and defend my countries. My plan for Serbia is to continue to have an alliance with the people I already have one with. I know that Austria-Hungary is going to try and attack with full force because I killed the ArchDuke. I’m hoping my alliances plan to back me up. In Montenegro and Greece, since I do not have that big of armies especially Greece I am going to try and stay immobilized and neutral for as long as possible. However, if someone surrounding me seems as if they are threatening I will mobilize for my own safety.


7th Period

Serbia, Montenegro, & Greece

Today our plan was to make all of our alliances. As Serbia, we made an alliance with Germany, however, knowing that our greatest alliance is Russia we have there back all the way. I am still preparing for Austria-Hungary to come and start war with us! We are ready for full force. The plan for Greece and Montenegro is to continue to listen to our top secret plan and stay neutral for as long as possible!


7th Period

Serbia, Montenegro, & Greece

This year was very frightening! The country of Serbia was almost overthrown by the central powers, however, with Great Britain on my side and our powerful armies together they had no chance! I’m prepared for next year and austria-hungary to strike back again, I need to prepare and see if Romania or Japan could help me. Also with the help of Italy I plan to attack the lower part of Austria-Hungary and take their land there. Montenegro is a good ally along with Greece, however, they made it apparent they would like to stay neutral for as long as possible in this war! Greece mostly, Montenegro is in it now seeing as they helped Serbia become victorious in the battle against Austria-Hungary! Serbia and Montenegro may be small, but they sure are mighty.


7th Period

Serbia, Montenegro, & Greece

Our country today was taken over, we were not victorious. As Serbia’s leader I am truthfully sorry and wish I could have done better. Now it is time to just keep Montenegro and Greece as safe as we possibly can! We are going to try and take every precaution possible. Thankfully, Great Britain protected us today, thank goodness for the Allies! Montenegro is safe for one more day. 


7th Period

Serbia, Montenegro, & Greece

Today was a very calm and easy day for Greece and Montenegro. We didn’t have any trouble with the central powers, however, I feel bad for Russia. They are getting attacked by Germany over and over again. I’m hoping the rest of the allies can pull through and help them out. Greece and Montenegro are safe for now and I’m hoping we can lay low and stay that way for a while! As Greece I am going to brainstorm up some ideas on how I could get the allies to help me take over Bulgaria so I can get Macedonia under my belt!


7th Period

Serbia, Montenegro, & Greece

Sadly Greece and Montenegro today have been taken over by Germany. They are far too powerful for us to compete with. I wish it would have ended differently, but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way! Hopefully France, Italy, US, and Great Britain can make the comeback and takeover the Central Powers and get the land back that we need so badly, or else the future is not very bright for us Allies.

World War One Simulation Student Journal France

France 7 1913 

France’s objectives are simple and clear. France would like to alliance with other Allies, keeping the ball in their court. With backing up from Great Britain and Russia, we will have strong powers. We also wish to keep the trade route from the Ottoman empire that we wish to pass freely from. France struck a deal with the Ottoman Empire President, but in turn because we had kept it a secret, nothing could be done, and France did regret their choice.  And we chose to help Belgium in their efforts to keep them from being invaded, and sent 15 troops from outer border to the cause. We would be willing and ready to send troops to their aid at any time. I shall discuss the terms of our alliance with the other Alliance Powers. The last thing that France was able to accomplish was mobilizing in preparation for war. Meeting of France 7, 1914 is adjourned. 

France 7 1914 

War on the French Borders is steady and we haven’t seen much movement from the Central Powers as of the beginning of 1914, but France had decided to make alliances with Great Britain, Russia, Moentergro, Belgium and a secret alliance with the Ottoman Empire. Russia asked us to join their cause and protect them against the Ottoman, German, and Austria-Hungary armies, and we agreed, because we had the same goal of defeating the Central Powers. My team also moved 15 of our troops to the Belgium border to help strengthen Belgium’s alliance with us and to help Great Britain who had already sent 15 of their troops. Britain also sent 15 troops to match us, and together we now have a common alli with Belgium. The next thing that we would like to focus on is gaining back the land of Alsace and Lorriane. We are not so sure how to do this yet, because according to maps that land is the forest area, we can only send 1000 troops at a time. We will discuss further plans at our next meeting. Meeting of France 7, 1914 is adjourned. 

France 7 1915

As war ideas spread throughout Europe. As time passes France has asked for movement from Great Britain of 500 troops to fulfill the attack plan and take back Alsace and Lorraine. With the new information on the Ardennes Forest only being able to send 1000 troops, we have to postpone the movement until further information could be gathered. France also struck a deal with Italy in the beginning of 1915, to strengthen their fight for Germany’s land. At the end of the year Austria-Hungary tried to attack Serbia, but we were able to defend the land and take it for our own. One of the other wars that happened today was Bulgaria vs Greece. France wasn’t able to help since we weren’t able to travel such a distance, but at the end of the day, the war was won by Bulgaria. At the end of the year, Great Britain’s offices had not gotten back to us in time, and plans of French war on Germany had begun. French resources would overnight to come up with a new plan and be ready for 1916. Meeting of France 7, 1915 is adjourned. 

France 7 1916

France’s allies, Serbia and Italy made a plan to invade Austria Hungary A2, but the Central Powers figured out our plan and we had to adjust. Coming up with a plan to take A1, and then Italy send troops to take G2 for France, France had decided to ally with Italy and Montenegro to win back land, while the other Ally Powers set to defend Russia and take over the Ottoman Empire. Plans changed and the outcome of war caused us to postpone our attack until further information could be gathered.  Germany and Austria Hungary did declare war over Serbia and were able to capture it, but the Allies were able to keep Montenegro. Next “year” France is going to invade Germany G2 with Poison Gas and then work with the US to take Germany. Italy, the United States, and Great Britain are all in for defeating Germany. Meeting of France 7, 1916 is adjourned. 

France 7 1917

In hopes to finally capture and win back Alsace and Lorraine, France sent in 1000 troops with poison gas at the very beginning of the year. We lost a quick battle, barely taking any of their troops down with us. According to France’s resources, we have gained the information that Germany has a 8-10 on their army scale, while we are only at a mear 5. Great Britain and I sent in troops (I sent 700, and they sent 300) in hopes of taking out a few more of their troops. We lost once again, but was able to take a few more troops with Great Britain helping. In a final means to get Alsace and Lorraine I sent in 945 of my own troops without the help of anyone else. I used poison gas, and in the end, we had lost those troops. This has wounded our army and marral. America and Britain planned to take Germany and distract them to get their goal. Germany then outnumbered Russia and forced them to give up land and troops died. In the very end we had America, British army, and Portugal gather in F1. As the year comes to a close, France prepares for war with Italy. Meeting of France 7, 1917 is adjourned. 

France 7 1918

France’s final “haza” was to have other allies move troops into Italy, while others moved there’s into F1. We wanted to take Austria Hungary in A1, but knew that the more that would join the fight, the better it would be in the end. The other allies were relingtant, and stayed back. Germany took over R4 of Russia, and Russia collapsed and is no longer a part of the war. We are far off from declaring war, but we make movements every round to keep our borders strong against the others. In the end the year ended before we could even start, and that was the end of France’s role in WW1 (we ran out of time in class because of the wrestling send off). Meeting of France 7, 1918 is adjourned. 

World War 1 Map Activity Student Journal Italy

Italy 4 1913

War is incoming! After the assassination of the archduke, things aren’t looking good. There are feuds and alliances everywhere, so much it’s making my head dizzy. Italy has a defensive alliance with Austria-Hungary, but we’re choosing to stay neutral. While on good terms with the Central Powers, I plan to send in spies. Gain knowledge of statistics and any starter battle plans. This war is almost ridiculous, though, and started unjustly. 

We’ll see what happens. 

Italy 4 1914

This year I’ll be communicating with France to form an alliance. Later, when I plan to take land from Austria-Hungary this alliance will help me. I wish to lay low this year to avoid drawing attention from myself in order to keep my original territory. I plan to communicate with the rest of the allies to attempt to form an alliance. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have an alliance with the rest of the allies in 1915. 

Currently, Austria-Hungary is focused on Russia and Serbia, so no suspicions there. 1915 is when I start mobilizing and creating alliances. I’ll be able to prepare for my attacks on A-H in order to gain that land. Truth be told, I’m a little worried. It’s since been discovered by a reliable source that other Italian leaders have been releasing classified information to rival countries. Now they’re suspicious of attack. I need to gain at least one territory very soon before A-H loads up troops to our shared border. 

France has considered the alliance and agreed, all we need now is to sign the official papers. This is a huge step in the right direction, especially because I later will have to form an alliance with the rest of the allies. 

Italy 4 1915

France has agreed! Alliances have been set. Italy is now allied with the Allies, while France and Italy now have a secret alliance, France has publicly announced their alliance with Great Britain. Having these other world leaders on my side is crucial. Why? The Central Powers are piss- I mean not happy with Italy. As the president, I have reason to believe that they’re on their way to attack. Italy has a higher ranking than a majority of them, but I know that I’m going to need the other’s help if they do decide that Italy is their next course of action. I need to start planning with the other Allies to see who, if anyone, will come to my aid. I know they will, though, I have faith in the fact. My next course of action will be to move a few troops from I2 to I1 and observe carefully who is going to make the next move, and whose moving troops where. I know that I1 has to be protected at all cost if I were to lose I2 it wouldn’t be disastrous, because I’ll have the opportunity to regain it later. If the Central Powers attacks, I’ll ask France for help, and I know they’ll come to my aid. 

Italy 4 1916

I was completely caught off guard and wrong! The Powers don’t care about me I’ve since found out. They’re heading away, they want Serbia and they want Russia. They don’t want Italy. Not yet anyway. As things are headed, they plan to move away, including Austria-Hungary. They’ve left their territories unguarded, not a troop insight to defend their land. It was practically mine for the taking! Italy was able to march right up and take A2 like taking candy from a baby.

 Austria-Hungary is royally pissed at me, but haven’t realized I saw an opportunity and took it. Anyone else in my position would have done the same exact thing! Not only that, but Great Britain’s navy went to battle with Austria-Hungary’s navy in the Mediterranean Sea Zone II, everyone was in, I didn’t lose many troops, and there aren’t enemy navy troops by my border (yet). 

Next, along with France and Great Britain’s help, we’re going to take back Serbia and go after the rest of Austria-Hungary. But, plans can always change. War is raging, but the Allies may finally be bouncing back (they’ll probably have their hold on Russia till the end of the war though).

Italy 4 1917

Russia has been taken, they’ve collapsed in a civil war! Not only, but Italy also tried for Serbia twice, the first time was unsuccessful. We underestimated the opponent, and the Ottoman-Empire sent more troops than expected. The Allies were able to regroup, we came back and hit twice as hard. Success! Serbia is now in our grasp. The battle is getting harder and harder. Austria-Hungary, German, and the Ottomans are advancing back on us. The only thing harder than gaining the territory is keeping it! Italy is on edge, we don’t want our land lost under any circumstances. France and Great Britain are joining Italy’s lands in order to keep a hold of it. We’re struggling to agree on a new battle plan. I believe that we’re all moving towards taking the rest of Austria-Hungary and attempting to gain some German land as well. To gain Austria-Hungary would be a huge success. Their troops could immobilize and we’d have a higher advantage of gaining Germany. Our best bet is to bring more allied troops to Italy and to come in through the “back door” to take the country! Taking Austria-Hungary’s capital is going to be way more difficult, it’s their capital, so they’ll do anything to keep it. We’re really going to have to push, and push hard. We will complete the task, I have faith in our troops. 

Italy 4 1918

The fighting is dying down as more and more troops begin to travel and gather around Italy. Both sides wish to keep the land that they’ve gained. Italy wishes to also take South Tyrol from Austria-Hungary this year. Alas, there’s no more time! The war is coming to a standstill of just moving troops around. Also, had we attempted to take the capital territory, it would’ve been a slaughter show. I don’t know which side would come out as victorious. With that reasonable doubt, I didn’t risk it. My best defense plan this year is to keep the land we’ve obtained! Take the losses as they come and celebrate and focus on the wins. 

The war has ended this year, and we still gained Triste from Austria-Hungary. We did the best we could, and we came out with some victories along the way! I have absolutely no regrets joining the Allies all the way back in 1915.