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WWI Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

WWI Simulation

Great Britain 2 1914

The War has just begun. Archduke of Austria-Hungary and his wife have been assassinated. Many countries are deciding to mobilize their troops in preparation for what’s to come next. We, as Great Britain have decided not to mobilize our troops just yet, and wait until 1915 where the number of troops increases drastically. I suspect there are some alliances already being discussed between Italy and the Ottoman Empire. There was a meeting called in the hallway between Great Britain, Russia, and Italy. My intelligence report suggests that Germany is about to go all out on Italy, but they want our help. Russia has officially declared war on Austria Hungary. Will we as the Allies be able to support them? 

Great Britain 2 1915

So far this year in 1915, Montenegro tried to make an alliance with Italy so they could use their naval force for protection. Wouldn’t you think they would ask Great Britain for naval help? Anyways, Italy has officially declared war and lost many troops. The Allies come to realize that their alliance with the Allies is not as strong as it implies. They decided to go against the Allies now and join forces with the Central Powers. Serbia has called on Great Britain for help to capture their territory back from the Hungarians. We decided that the risk isn’t worth it and that their military is too strong! 

Great Britain 2 1916

This year, the Allies are in a hole that they cannot dig themselves out of. We suspect that something is up in the air, possibly that the Ottoman Empire will be taking over Greece in a short time. Russia plans to try and regain control of R3. We as their Allies are hopeful that it will be a success because they have many more troops than Germany and Austria-Hungary have combined! Unfortunately the Russians took another big defeat being impacted by the Central Powers strong military and poisonous gas. Russia ended up losing even more troops this year because they failed to take over 02. Great Britain stands still and watches these losses from afar. 

Great Britain 2 1917

Some good news in the middle of these hard times is that the United States has officially joined forces with us, the Allies! The Central Powers are now planning on taking over Romania and this is smart on their part because Allies cannot get troops there to help defend. We suspected that the Central Powers would try to attack Belgium so all of the Allies such as France, the United States, and Great Britain put many troops into Belgium. Poisonous gas was even enforced here but we still took a defeat to the Central Powers. This wasn’t a total 100% loss on the Allies part though. This was actually smart because the Central Powers lost many troops from this. Great Britain has the most troops left in their country right now to prepare for the worst yet to come. 

Great Britain 2 1918

The United States has had a strong helpful impact so far. They are Allied with France and suspect planning a movement of troops to help defend their territories in F3. In France there is a battle which involves the use of poisonous gas. It will come down to who has more troops to fight in the end. The Allies gained a bit of confidence from a battle won so now the Allies are fighting in a sea battle. The Allies need all the sparings of of troops they have left so they are not sending any to help out Egypt. Unfortunately, the Central Powers are still on the lookout to take more than needed. They are eying Britain and France. The Central Powers ended up being victorious over the Allies to clench their success in World War 1.

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Serbia, Greece and Montenegro

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1914. WWI Simulation

WW1 is now beginning. Archduke of Austria-Hungary and his wife have been assassinated. Countries are mobilizing their troops preparing to attack or to be attacked. As Serbia we have discussed the option of mobilizing 100 of our troops in the case of backlash from Austria-Hungary. The plan we discussed is that Montenegro will be allied with France. Serbia will capture Montenegro to complete the objective of capturing Montenegro. Montenegro will convince France to defend them. Sending in enough troops that it doesn’t hurt the French army or the serbian Army. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, we expected to not do so well against them as they have many more troops. They won with 118 troops left.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1915

Our strategy is to have Russia help take back Serbia. Russia plans to bring in Italy and Great Britain to gain Serbia back from Austria-Hungary. As Montenegro we are trying to make an Alliance with Italy, in hopes if A2 attacks, Italy can attack from the Navy. We aren’t able to do anything with Greece or Montenegro. Serbia is still taken over by Austria Hungary, we are waiting for Russia to send in troops to take it back over. 

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1916

As of right now we are stuck. Serbia is still taken over and controlled by the central powers. Greece remains neutral. Montenegro is still stuck with 25 troops. War has been declared on Montenegro from Austria-Hungary. They have sent 118 troops into Montenegro taking over. Greece has joined the allied countries. However we still faced defeat to Austria-Hungary. Losing Greece. We now are no longer in power of our countries. Russia tried taking back R3, we thought they would win because they had more troops. However, Austria-Hungary and Germany used poisonous gas. Russia then tried to attack 02 where they also failed to take over, they are now all out of troops. We have no available allies that we once had to provide support. 

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1917

The Central Powers are dominating as of right now. They are now taking over Romania, and Romania doesn’t have anyone to defend them. The United States joined the Allied Powers as one of their objectives. Russia got taken over fully by the Central Powers. Central Powers put troops into F2 and France decided to not even try and defend themselves. Central Powers decided to attack Belgium, France, United States, and Great Britain put troops into Belgium but Central Powers still came out with the win. The Allied Powers are doing everything they can to defend what they have left. This was a significant event because it wiped out a lot of Central Powers troops. F1 was now taken over by Central Powers. F1 didn’t have many troops to help defend them, Great Britain still had quite a bit of troops in their country, preparing for the worst.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 2 1918

It is the Allied Forces war to start today. The United States is Allied with France so they moved troops there to help defend if they get attacked. Germany and Italy are attacking F3. The United States has troops already into F3, France is sending some of their troops from Great Britain back into France. Both sides are using poison gas. We are expecting Italy and Germany to win because they have more troops and a stronger Army. The Allied Forces surprisingly won the battle and are now planning to try and take over a country. Great Britain, US, and France, are attacking Germany. The Allies were victorious at the sea battle. Austria Hungary are now attacking Egypt, the allies aren’t defending them. Egypt was taken over by the Central Powers. The Central powers started to move troops closer to Great Britain and France, as if they might try and take over both. Great Britain and Japan are attacking the Italian Navy. The Central Powers were victorious. The Central Powers won WW1.

WWI Simulation Student Journal: France

France 4 1913 WWI Simulation

In the first year France spoke to the rest of the allies to try and figure out what their plan of attack was going to be for the year 1914.  Stakes were very high as the Archduke was killed.  Serbia and Austria-Hungary were both blamed and had to give a very ultimatum speech whether or not they were going to go after each other or not. 

France 4 1914 

The war on the Eastern front came to a stand still. I believe that Central Powers are going to start off strong and try to take Russia first.  Belgium mobilized their troops.  France made a secret alliance with Belgium which was a very smart thing to do, so France could send troops through them, to try and attack parts of Germany, especially their capital to make them weaker.  Great Britain also proposed an alliance with Portugal. My prediction is Germany will back off of Russia for a while and go for other Allied countries.  Germany and Austria-Hungary seem to have a big army but they both have small Navies. My intelligence report says that they will have more troops every year from their reserves, but without their navy they can’t attack Great Britain and parts of France. 

France 4  1915 

The war in the Baltic sea with Russia, France, and Great Britain navies defeated the German navy. The Russians attempted to take a part of the Ottoman Empire and Russia lost. The Germans can’t move any of their army to attack Great Britain or France.  I predict Germany will try to either take Russia or Italy.   Great Britain put 300 French soldiers on their ships, so that they can help Montenegro in case of attack. My intelligence says that Bulgaria has a small Army and no Navy.  An American ship got shot down by the Germans.  Allied powers went to war with Germany’s navy and the Allies won!  Russia’s plan was to take over the Ottoman Empire and neither time did Russia win.  Great Britain and Belgium made an alliance, and GB promised to protect Belgium’s neutrality.  I predict also that Central Powers will slowly start moving towards France and Italy to try and go to war with them. 

France 4 1916

France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan have had enough of Austria Hungary’s actions, and plan to go to war for a piece of their land. The Allies are victorious! Their next target is going to be either the Ottoman Empire, or Bulgaria, because if they gain those pieces of land it gives them more opportunities and chances at a better way of life.  Russia needs to move or do something quick because the Central powers are going to try and take another part of Russia and their army is much stronger than Russia’s. I think the Central powers will decide to back off a bit and not go to war, which is shocking, because they have the army to ultimately defeat many countries if they would want to.  Russia is being a bit hot headed, which makes the Central Powers want to defeat them even more.  The Allies want to take the Ottoman Empire to keep one side of Russia safe from war.  France moved more troops into different parts of their lands to protect their capital in case of another attack.  My prediction for next year is that the central powers will either take over the last parts of Russia or start moving their troops towards France, Italy, and Great Britain. 

France 4 1917 

 Mexico is going to come to Germany for help.  Submarine warfare promises to compel England and make peace in a few months. Russia’s cockiness has led them nowhere. Germany took over another part of Russia which is just making the Central Powers stronger, and stronger. I believe Central powers will try and go to war with Russia again to claim more land.  Russia marked their ground and did not leave the central powers a chance. Unfortunately, Russia decided to surrender, or else their land would get absolutely demolished.  The choice of surrendering was a very smart move by Russia. Their land was getting taken over way too quick and easy.  Germany is getting very angry, they went after Romania which was an Allied country, and came out victorious. They went to war with Serbia and Serbia had enough defending so the Allied powers beat the Central Powers. The allies are afraid of putting too many troops into a country being attacked but if we keep being like that we will be left with troops that were just wasted.  Italy went for war on the Ottoman Empire and claimed the land.  This would have helped Russia earlier but they already surrendered, so that was kind of a silly move. The Allied powers next plan is to take Germany’s capital and they will eventually fall apart without their capital. 

France 4 1918

The Allies went to attack Germany’s capital and did not come out victorious. The Allies just want to get rid of any part of the Central Powers because they are getting too powerful.  Although the Allies did not win, we wiped out a lot of Germany’s troops, which is good if the Allies want to go to war with them again, because they will have a better shot at winning. Germany was not happy that the Allies tried to attack them and went to war with Belgium to get closer to France. They came out with the win and are now closer to getting France and their capital.  France, Great Britain, and Portugal plan to try and take back Belgium.  They lost to Germany once again. I think Allies should take a break from war because they are just losing a battle to themselves, the central powers are just too strong at this point.  They think they can take over Central Powers but they are just too strong and better equipped. They take back the Ottoman empire that the Allies took in 1917.  The central powers go back to war and try to take France’s capital, France stood strong and did not let them take it.  France is going to move some more troops into their capital in case of another attack.  That is the end of the war! It is a tie, if there had to be a winner it would be the central powers.  The central powers were just too strong and powerful compared to the allies.  The Allies put up a very strong fight!

WWI Simulation Student Journal: France

France 2 1914 WWI Simulation

As the war started we kept our objectives in the back of our head. We went back and forth on whether or not to mobilize but in the end decide it was best because we found out other countries began to mobilize. We have talked to couple countries like Belgium. We decided to form a secret defensive alliance. We are planning on putting troops in Belgium soon. We at some point want to get make a strong and honorable alliance with Montenegro. We heard that Serbia might be attacking Mongtreal. Then out of no were war was declared on Serbia from Austria-Hungry. We have an Alliance with them. It sucks that we wern’t able to help them since we are too far away.

France 2 1915

We can’t belive what happened with the Lusitania. We are furious with Germany and what they did to those Americans and the Britians. We have a secret Alliance with America so this is very upsetting us. We are really thinking about declaring war with Germany but we want a little more help. The news just came that Austria-Hungary and Germany just attacked part of Russia. I think Great Britain is going to try to help Russia. As Russia was getting taken over its looking bad for the Allies. As France I think we are going to move are troops into G2 so we can hopefully concur. Our plans were halted when we found out only a 1000 troops can go through the Ardennes forest. We backed out of our attack and hope Germany doesn’t go for Belgium before we can get troops in there. We were successful in moving 4000 troops into Belgium. I fear that Germany has noticed our troops are in Belgium and will attack before we attack them. 

France 2 1916

The Allies have a big plan brewing. We want to attack the central power from all sides. Get Russia in to R3 and O2. From talking to Russia they think that is a good idea. Great Britain is also going to try and help as much as they can. Now that romanian is on our side we are going to try and get them to attack Serbia. Since there was no troops in Serbia at the time. We wanted to attack with 4000 in to G1. With how strong and how many troops the Central power has we were unable to capture any of that land. Now Russia is left with out any defence. Romania wasn’t about to attack Serbia. We wouldn’t be surprised if Austria-Hungary or Germany attacks Russia. The Central Powers have almost taken everything. They took Romina and we couldn’t do anything. We were right and they attacked Russia. This is not looking good for us. 

France 2 1917

America just got stronger I hope this helps us fight back from the powerful forces of the central power. We think fighting at this time wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do right now because we are weak. I don’t think we are going to win this. We are thinking if things go really bad we can all go to Great Britain or the US. Russia just surrendered I dont think there is anything we can do to stop the Central Power from taking all of France. Things are getting worst. F2 of France got taken over. We decided to not to move any more troops to help defend that section because we are thinking their is going to be a big attack in Belgium so we wanted to save our troops for that. We were right. Germany moved 5158 in to Belgium. We went back and forth whether or not we should send troops in to Belgium. We did and sent all we had. We lost which is not good we lost all of our troops except for the 10 in French North Africa. We thought it would be smart to move the 80 from Portugal and some from Great Britain in to F1. Germany attacked us and we got taken over. I think Italy and Germany are going to take over the last section of France. Things are getting rough and I think the Allies are not going to make it through this war. We will have to see how the next year goes. 

France 2 1918

The debate is strong. Do we fight or do we expect fate. With no troops in France all we can do is move troops with our navy. Lucky America was willing to let us move some into our last section of France. Great Britain is not willing to give us some troops. I think the Central Powers are going to take the last section of France then move to Great Britain. France is weak right now so it would be an easy target. LETS GO! We were victorious in France. This was what we needed. We are thinking about having a navy battle in the North Sea and we were victorious. This really upset Germany. This made them think we have power especially in our navy forces. Since we won that battle Germany has no more navy. We are thinking the best thing to do is it bring some more troops into France in hopes we can protect our selves. Great Britain and Japan just decided that their wasn’t much to do on land so they chose to do a navy battle in the Adriatic Sea against Italy. Allies were victorious. As the year comes to an end the war is wrapping up. It is looking good for the last part of France. We are going to make it through it.

WWI Student Journal: Austria-Hungary

WWI Simulation

Austria-Hungary 1914

It was the brink of the “War to end all Wars” they called it. Knowing our plan to exact revenge on Serbia, we planned on moving about 1000 troops to A3, planning to attack soon. We also wanted to form some alliances with Italy, since they seemed that they might be a thorn in our side. But they would budge, they said that they would think about it, planning that they won’t take our offer, Austria -Hungary decided to keep an eye on Italy. Germany,our allies, also plan on attacking R3 of Russia. Knowing that we had to honor our alliance with Germany, we watched and waited until we wanted to make an attack. Russia has so many troops, can we win?

Austria-Hungary 1915

We instantly attacked Serbia while they were making an alliance with another country. We did it, we took revenge for the assasination of our Archduke. Germany also moved into Russia, so we decided to help them by sending a couple hundred troops to help them. Then to our surprisement, Germany invented poison gas. Russia stood no chance against the central powers. We took control of R3 with ease. Then Bulgaria decided to show up and wanted to form an alliance with us, we obliged knowing that why cant do anything to us. After a while, Italy decided to attack, sending 1200 troops to A2, we had only 200 troops defending that. We needed a plan ASAP. What could we do? We realized that the troops surrounding A2 had a massive amount of Austro-Hungarian troops. So we decided to send 1000 from A1 to A2, and 300 from A3 to A2. Before the attack, Italy had 1200 troops, we now had 1500 troops. The attack was tense, would Italy be a bigger problem than we thought? After the attack, we won. We won and only lost about 500 troops, absolutely destroying Italy. Italy, low on troops, now wanted an alliance. They didn’t accept our offer before and now they expect us to accept theirs?  I wanted to punish Italy for what they did, but my advisors and the leaders of Bulgaria and Germany wanted to form an alliance with them, knowing that the troops would be useful to use against France. Our other allies, the Ottoman Empire, were on the brink of war with over 4000 troops knocking on their door, with only over 2000 to defend their Empire. We could not reach them in time, so my next plan is to reinforce O2 in case the ottomans lose, and attack the invading Russians. We also wanted to give Greece the option of either joining us, or being destroyed. They decided that they wouldn’t join us but gave us their word that they wouldn’t attack us. So I gave Bulgaria a plan of either destroying Greece, or leaving them alone, it’s up to them. How much longer is this war going to last!? But, with our alliances and strategy, I feel like this war might end very soon.

Austria-Hungary 1916

We came back together and went straight for the offensive, we completed our goal and took control of Greece. With our objective complete, we set our sights on Russia. But before we could attack, we had to defend Germany from the French. They had a few more troops compared to us, but we were able to help Germany defend their homeland. Now with Russia, with the ottoman empire from the south and Germany and Austria-Hungary from the East. We were outnumbered but that didn’t matter with Russia’s low industrialization. The ottoman empire beat the russians from the south so russia was in a corner with nothing to do.

Austria-Hungary 1917

We had a plan to finally take down Russia, but it seems the Russian citizens beat us to it. Since Russia was rapidly losing land, the citizens decided to start a civil war, making Russia surrender in the war. Germany also asked Mexico for help, but the message also got to the United States. Making them go to war with the central power. They were of little concern for us, but the biggest concern for us was the take over of Belgium. If we took that over, we would have a clear path to France. So Germany moved a little over 5,000 troops into Belgium and we moved over 400 into there as well. That’s when the Allies went on the complete offensive. They moved thousands into Belgium, quickly outnumbering us. But to everyone’s surprise, we won. We lost a lot of people in that battle so we had to quickly reinforce the troops before they were killed by the Brits. We were able to quickly reinforce the troops, moving France into a corner. We are so close to taking control of all of mainland Europe, we just need Britain. But now we wait for their move. 

Austria-Hungary 1918

The war seemed to be almost over with our victory on the horizon. But France wasn’t completely gone yet so we decided to attack with our troops and German troops. It seemed we were going to win easily but we didn’t know that reinforcements were on the way for France. We were outnumbered and lost our first battle in the war. We were never able to get France in complete control, but we were able to take their capital so they were no longer able to make more troops. Italy, Germany and the Ottoman Empire kept moving more and more east to try to take France and Britain. While I sent 100 troops to Egypt to take control of it. We ended up winning that battle, but Italy had their own battle. They were attacked by the Japanese and the British navy, it wasn’t much of a worry for us, I think they were just trying to do what they could to damage us as much as possible. The Allies never really made an attack on us besides for the attack on the Italian Navy I think they were just stalling so we couldn’t take full control of France. We did end up winning the war with our Allies, controlling almost all of Europe besides Portugal, a tiny bit of France, and Great Britain. It seemed like an easy win with only losing two battles in the entire war, but I will never forget the battle of Belgium. 

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Italy

Italy 4 1913

The year is 1913 and our country of Italy is remaining neutral. Tensions are growing high in the Balkans and we fear for the worst. Secret alliances were made with Russia and the United States. With these alliances, we feel that we will have solid support on both the offensive and defensive front. 

Italy 4 1914

The year is 1914 and Germany and part of Austria-Hungary have just attacked East Russia. The Russians were no match for their elusive force and advanced and industrialized technology that completely left them hopeless and forced to retreat. The British Naval fleet fought hard against the German fleet in the Baltic Sea. They lost, however, a large dent was made in the German fleet, we feel that this is may become a large opportunity. The German Fleet retaliated and attacked the British Naval Fleet in the North Sea and were victorious. German troops continue to push forward in Russia. Fortunately, Russia was able to defend against the attack and protect the motherland. Austria Hungary plans to punish Serbia by attacking them, Romania is no longer neutral and joined the Allies and is helping Serbia defend. This battle was victorious and the Austria-Hungary force was destroyed.

Italy 4 1915

We have mobilized and made an alliance with the Allies. Their forces are strong and we know we can use this to our advantage. Our plan is to move our Italian troops down to Cyprus and continue to effort to take over the Ottoman Empire which is supported by the British Navy. Both us and Italy have moved our Navy into the Mediterranean Sea, supporting the British Naval Fleet. Germany attacked Belgium but they were taken back by the powerful force of both British and France troops. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK. The Austria-Hungarian force has declared war on us. France is supporting and we were successful. The Italians will fight to see another day. 

Italy 4 1916

The year is 1916 and us and France tried to take over part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire… we failed. We’ve lost half of our troops and we took a large step back in this war. We are lucky to have the support of France to the East of us. We will fight hard and we will fight until we have nothing left. Romania and Serbia declared war Austria-Hungary, who was defended by German troops, they won. The German army is very powerful, I don’t know how we are going to be able to break through this. Both German and Austria-Hungarian forces have just invaded Serbia with a devastiing blow. Serbia was no match for the wrath of the Central Powers. 

Italy 4 1917

The year is 1917 and British and France forces are attacking the heart of German forces who are being supported by Austria-Hungarian forces.  Us and France have just declared war on Austria Hungary. We must reclaim Trieste for the pride of Italy. Tensions are growing increasingly high in the heart of Germany and they are gathering a lot of troops there. The US has joined the war and are supporting French troops in France. Our goal is to rally our troops into France and dump all of our forces into the heart of Germany. Both France and British forces have taken southern Germany. Although it was a small win, it was a mjaor victory for the allied powers. The German forces are far less intimidating then they used to be. 

Italy 4 1918

The year is 1918 and this war has been dragging on for too long now. Among the allied powers, we are talking about finishing this war with one big devasting blow to Germany. Their forces seem to be losing their will and their strength and this feels like the best time to strike. As we lead our forces towards Germany, the Central powers are drawing their forces nearer, too. We’ve gotten word from Britain coms and they’ve just informed us that they declared war on Germany. We did lose the battle, however, we have found a weakness within the central powers. Parades roar in the streets as Italy recovers Trieste from the Allied Powers. We have successfully fought back Germans, Austria-Hungarians, and the Bulgarians. 

WWI France Student Journal

Period 2 


The Archduke of Austria-Hungary is dead! Serbia has taken responsibility for the killing of the Archduke. War is upon us, and I’m on the side of the Allies. I am guessing that Austria-Hungary is going to declare war with Serbia. Although I am not a direct ally of Serbia, Russia is. Since I am an ally of Russia and a part of the Allied Powers, I am planning on helping Serbia and possibly becoming allies with them. The Allied powers and I also discussed on taking over the Dardanelles Strait. This is so Russia can keep up with getting weapons and the Allied Powers can survive! I am also strategizing on how I’m going to take back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany … I might wait awhile until Germany moves away from G2 … 


Austria-Hungary has mobilized their troops and declared war against Serbia! After both speeches from Austria-Hungary and Serbia, I think things are not going to go down peacefully. Yet, no one is going down without a fight! Although I am not a direct ally with Serbia, I am going to help them as much as I can. This year the Central Powers attacked a lot of the Allied Powers’ territory. They won a battle against Russia, but lost a battle against Great Britain’s Navy fleet. Nothing towards Serbia yet, and they haven’t come towards France yet, so I am not too worried right now. However, since my allies are being threatened I am going to send some troops over to help. We are also planning on taking over the Dardanelles Strait, hoping that it will increase rank for the Allied Powers’ in battle. I feel a lot of destruction is ahead … and I don’t think any country is ready for it.


This was a crazy, confusing, and scary year. Lots of battles took place, lots of countries joined the Allied Powers, and lots of territory was unfortunately lost. One good thing is that Great Britain took out all of Germany’s Navy. We tried to send troops over to the Ottoman Empire, waiting for the perfect time to attack them when they were weak and take over the Dardanelles Strait. This plan had to be put to rest when both Germany and the Austria-Hungary empires were attacking countries that I had allied with secretly. I wanted to defend that alliance, so I had to retreat from where I was waiting and go help them out. Still, no one has come towards France, and I’m starting to think that the waiting game isn’t going to work out. I think that the rest of the Allied Powers and I need to start putting pressure on the Central Powers. Next year I’m hoping to be making some big moves. 


Like I said, putting pressure on the Central Powers is going to work. This year, we started getting offensive rather than defensive. Even though we lost most of our battles, we got the Central powers to start moving closer to France and away from Russia. This will help us in a bigger picture because now Russia can start to get some of its territory back with less German troops there ready to fight. I have been trying to take back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany, but every time I send troops over that way I get defeated. However, this may not be the WORST thing, because at least I am hurting the Central Powers numbers in the end game. Great Britain and I have really been working together to get more troops over to France. With this, we can have more numbers stacked up to go against the Central Powers. I pray that this is going to work, we are going to keep putting pressure on them and going at them to create a two-front war. 


USA is in the mix! Thank God they joined our side and are going to help us take the Central Powers. Great Britain and I are taking as many US troops to France as we can. Germany and Austria-Hungary are still moving closer to France and have even attacked us on our own front. Obviously, this isn’t GREAT. However, if we are thinking BIG PICTURE, Russia has a good chance to start gaining territory back. I have Great Britain, the US, and myself fighting for France territory. So far, we haven’t gotten anything taken from France. We NEED new troops. Good thing we will get more in the draft next year… Overall, both sides took some big hits this year, hopefully next year will be the end.


A LOT of crap happened this year. We lost Russia… sadly. They are now in a Civil War. However, we did all we could to help Russia and honor the alliance. Our big victories of the year were defeating the German troops which were attacking Belgium. We all gathered as many allies and troop we could (France, Great Britain, America, Belgium, France, and even Portugal!) and we came out victorious! We also FINALLY took back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany, and it felt so good. Although we lost Russia, and lost some ally territory, France stayed strong and didn’t lose anything! (other than some troops, of course) I think that this war was a victory for the allies, and hopefully the central powers won’t mess with us anymore… 

WWI: Ottoman Empire Student Journal

WWI Daily Journal 

Ottoman Empire 2 1913

There has been no sign of war for the past couple of years. There has now been a word going around about the assasination of the Archduke. If these rumors came out to be true, what would that leave my allies to do? What will Austria Hungary do? If they get involved in war that means we will too. We are their allies. We told them that if they were involved in war, we would help them. If all the central powers mobilize and get in this war, who knows what will happen to all the other countries in between. We need to get as many of the neutral countries on our side. It will make our job so much easier. If we get in this war, we are going to win. We will defeat our enemies. Tomorrow, there is a press conference and we will see if we are getting into this war or not. We will see who mobilizes and who doesn’t. Just hope you know that if one of the Central Powers mobilizes, you get the whole team. This Means War!

Ottoman Empire 2 1914

So we decided to mobilize. All thanks to the Serbians. Austria-Hungary, our allies, had declared war on Serbia for what they did to the Archduke. If Serbia wants war, we will give it to them. Us as the Central Powers will take over the whole land of Europe and take every country one by one. We have the army to take down anyone. The Ottoman Empire as well as Austria Hungary don’t have any Navy while Germany has 1,000 boats and submarines. Even though the Central powers have a small navy but we don’t need a navy to win. We have troops and you (Allies) don’t. Have fun losing. What are the allies alliance members going to do about it? What will the neutrals do? Are they going to come in and save the day? We will most certainly take them down as well. Allies, you better watch your back! Not only you Allies, but Serbia, you are next. You are our first target!

Ottoman Empire 2 1915

Not only did our armies win wars, but we took down as many men of the allies as possible. The battles that we lost, we weakened the allies armies so that we will beat you the next time. We have a new army that will be better than yours. I will take my land from the Blakans. Once we do this, The Ottoman Empire will be more as powerful as they once were. Once we take back the Balkans, we will have all of our original territory. We already took Crimea back from Russia. Once we get the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire will be bigger and more powerful than it once was. We will take Northern Africa and Russia. I will continue to attack France and Italy. Russia is slowly weakening and is going to fall in a couple of years. The Central Powers will then have that territory as well. Russia and France, we are coming for you and you have nothing to do against it! 

Ottoman Empire 2 1916

Our empire is growing slowly. We took back the Balkan states because our army was more powerful than their weak troops. Russia is going to be our next target because their army is really weak. I keep building up my troops and Germany keeps building up their troops. We are going to take Russia by attacking from both sides. This is the same strategy that France and Russia had on Germany. Obviously that didn’t work. We have lost some land due to the lack of troops and the Allies having so many countries and troops. Don’t worry, we will still take back the land that we just lost. We didn’t have to lose any troops getting the land, but you did. Great job Great Britain! Way to waste your men for nothing. Are we gonna win the war? At the moment, I have no clue. We looked like we had a clear path towards victory, but the allies navy just kept bringing in troops. We are going to win this war! I would be scared if I were you Russia, you are next!

Ottoman Empire 2 1917

We are slowly attacking France and wasting the troops of France, USA, and Great Britain. All of the neutral countries have joined the allies in war so it is making us as the Central Powers look even greater than we are. Our troops are bigger and better than everyone else’s. We are planning on slowly attacking France so that we can get their capital and we will also start to slowly move into Russia and take their capital as well. Once we take over Russia, it will allow us to focus more on France. It will allow us to send more and more powerful troops into France to defeat them. Will we lose some of our men in the battle? 100% we will, but we will still be victorious at the end of the day. I just hope the Allies realize that they aren’t as good as us. I hope that the Allies realize that even if we don’t have boats, we can still be as powerful on land. 

Ottoman Empire 2 1918

With war coming to an end, we wanted to make one final push towards victory. Even though there was no clear winner to this war, we tore apart the allies land. We took huge chunks out of the allies troops as well. If the war kept going, the Central Powers were going to take over all of France because that was all that was left. We were going to win this war. We would have taken our troops from the Ottoman Empire and brought them through the Suez Canal and taken over Egypt, Libya, and French North Africa. We would have pinched France like them and Russia tried to do on Germany. Did we have non-believers? We most definitely did have non-believers who thought that we couldn’t do it. No one thought that Russia would fall or especially create a civil war within their own capital. 

WWI: Belgium Student Journal

Belgium 7 1913

Today I got news that the ArchDuke and his wife have been killed! Surbianian Nationalists came in and took them away, we now do not know what will go one from here. We know Austrian Hungaria will not be happy…will this start a war…everyone is on edge. I have formed a secret defensive alliance with France and Great Britain. But on the other hand all of the Central Powers have asked me to have some sort of alliance with them. This is a tricky decision for me because I here either side has a little bit of beef with each other so instead of a defensive one we are thinking of a regular alliance. If someone attacked upon me the Central Powers said they would be there to protect and help me through things. Having both they alliances

Belgium 8 1914

Today I had some very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies. I am getting some great information from the Central Powers and having great discussion with Germany to make sure their troops do not get into my territory and hope France does not get attacked due to the secret defensive alley they would find out I was really with them the whole time while I just wanted information from the Central Powers. During the wars between the Central Powers and the Allies I have been able to stay neutral through it all and help France and Great Britain with some strategizing skills due to what I found out from the Central Powers. 

Belgium 9 1915

Today I had some more very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies again. Lots of war is happening and I had the option to join either the Allies or Central Powers, I did neither. I am still neutral at this point but am expecting France to come through my land the next year or sometime soon to try and take over the Central Powers and have troops ready to go just in case of any surprise attacks. Doing this I am honoring my secret alliance with them and this also means Germany can’t set up troops in my land which is also another objective. I’m hoping my land can stay neutral but if not at least help out the Allies and let them set up troops in my land before Central Powers are able to.

Belgium 10 1916

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries again. On the other hand I let France and Great Britain put up troops in my territory. This means I met my objective very well having them there because then they can easily defend my territory.  I then let Portugal come into my territory too. Now that they are there the Central Powers know something up with me and some of the Allies but I did cover it up pretty well and said I didn’t know they were going to do that and what was happening so I could keep getting information from them. Today was the first time the Central Powers threatened to come through Belgium territory after being upset they couldn’t set troops up in my territory. I had to talk to them for a while and finally convinced them not to come through and that I’m trying to stay neutral for as long as I can. By doing this I was following my objective and everything was going as planned. 

Belgium 11 1917

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries once again. The USA finally got involved in the war and moved to the Allies side. Hearing this was a good thing because until they switched I got some inside information from the USA about what they were planning on and how we were on the same page with the Allies. Today was yet again quite a stressful day due to Germany being very difficult to deal with and afraid they will invade Belgium to try to get to France’s land. Hearing this I told the Allied Powers right away to be prepared for this within the next year or even a surprise attack having it maybe happening, so they did move some troops around.Talking to them we had a game plan if Germany did invade I would join the Allies and help fight.

Belgium 12 1918

Today Germany declared war in Belgium, so I had a big decision to make. Will I ally with the Central Powers or the Allies? I chose the Allies. From there France, Portugal, Great Britain, the USA, and I (Belgium) sent our troops in and won the battle in Belgium taking out quite a bit of German troops. But planning all this and how we were going to defend took some thinking on our part because we could not lose Belgium, doing that the Germans would have taken over France very easily from there. We knew that the US and I had the best forces and me not having much. I had them all there while the US moved quite a bit of money into Belgium as well. Great Britain also brought about 4000 of their troops to help out and more from France and Portugal came along to help because we all knew the seriousness of the situation. After taking victory we all had a great relief that we had finally won!! From there I helped the Allies with some plans and helped France take over G2 with strategies. As the final day of war I am proud that I met all of my objectives. While staying neutral through it all besides the last day was very difficult but I had my secret alley with the Allies but also stayed civil with the Central Powers telling them I am staying out of it. Being able to accomplish my objective of Germany not being able to move their troops into my land and being able to defend it was great and also having the French and Great Britains defending me too was great. Not only that but I was also able to defend my territory and keep it and not let it be taken over by the Central Powers.

WWI Simulation Student Journal: France

The Point of View of France’s Foreign Minister  



France 8  

YEAR 1913  

To start the year of 1913, it is no surprise that it will be a  challenging war. As Foreign Minister of France, I know how  important each and every decision the President and I make is. Our  alliance made with Belgium today was the start to WWI for us. This  ensures that we will send defense if Belgium is attacked. Once we  mobilize our troops tomorrow I will feel much more secure when it  comes to Germany taking action against us. The President and I plan  to keep close with our alliances and make decisions as a team to be  successful. We know that we can’t win the war without the help of  our allies. Today was a surplus of thinking ahead and making sure  we will be as prepared as possible for the next war years coming.  This will be no easy challenge for us, but we strongly believe that  with smart movement of our troops and with helping each and every  one of our allies, we will be able to make an impact. The allied  powers have high hopes for WW1.

France 8  

YEAR 1914  

The start of 1914 was slow moving. This was a bit nerve  wracking for us Allies, because we had no clue what the Central  powers had up their sleeves. The first few battles did not affect us,  so we choose to highlight our own country and securing it for safety.  We chose to move troops inward and way from the coastlines to  protect our borders. Our reasoning behind this was because we do  not feel threatened by our coastlines. We feel more danger by the  borders because we have Germany and Austria-Hungary that could  come for us. As an alliance we came up with and strategized for our  first battle. It was a little defeating seeing Russia lose to the first  battle in the war so easily. But I think our alliance did and  outstanding job making a comeback. As a group we started to plan  for the attack on the Ottoman Empire. We began to prepare troops to  travel by sea over to began the attack. Both the President and I were  very eager to see Italy join our alliance. We feel they have a lot to  offer, including a shared border with Austria-Hungary. This will  help us attack them in the future. They also have an inside look on  the Central Powers motives and strategies as the Central Powers  were working to get Italy in with them. I see success in the years  coming.

France 8  

YEAR 1915  

1915 was the most eventful year yet. Here we saw every country  in the Allied powers getting involved in battles and helping each  other out. To start off, we were more focused on helping other  countries defend from invasions and planning for attack. We did not  worry about defense for France, as we feel the entire country is off  the Radar of the Central Powers. We moved troops into another  allied country for the first time, which was a huge stepping stone for  us. This felt like a true start to the war for France. We moved over  troops to Italy as backup as we were suspecting an invasion from  Austria-Hungary. We were indeed correct. This battle we were  successful, managing to hold off the central powers. The year 1915  was a successful year for us Allied Powers. We also developed  poison gas, which was a game changer for battle. We helped Serbia  hold off Austria-Hungary yet again. I feel it was our luck though as  they chose to not use poison gas. It was a close battle. Finally our  biggest success was winning part of the Ottoman Empire. This was  the battle that we had been preparing for, for 2 years. We were  successful in doing so and managed to get Bulgaria too. I am proud  to be an Allied Power, and feel we have conquered so much, and are  still not finished. 

France 8  

YEAR 1916  

This year was something else, to say the least. As soon as we  started this year, The President and I were bombarded by the rest of  our group to sign this treaty. The treaty was to make peace with  Germany. We as leaders of France were extremely hesitant and  knew that this HAD to be violating more than just our objectives.  After talking things over and deeply thinking about this, we chose to  agree. Our reasoning behind this was because we were the last  country in the Allied Powers to sign and without our signature, we  were afraid to cause conflict with the rest of the alliance. If we chose  to decline the treaty, we were potentially risking loosing 3 of our  objectives. Plus we just straight up knew that isn’t what we were to  be doing in the first place. It was a tough decision for us, but we  chose to sign. It ended up throwing Germany out of the game, which  I guess was a bonus for us. Later that year we were victorious with  the Russians as the Central powers attacked us in Russia. That  whole year kind of honestly through us off, but we came to  realization that we needed to focus on our original country, before  we put the alliance first. So that is what we plan to do for the years  coming.

France 8  

YEAR 1917  

This year, France decided we shall focus on our individual  country. We focused on how we were going to achieve each and  every one of our objectives. We got in touch with the United  States, and learned that they wanted to take a part of Germany  too. We formed a secret alliance with the US and it was this year,  1917, that it officially became one of us. We are gaining many  countries that benefit France and we all are plotting something  big. This year overall was a year of preparation and placement.  We prepared our troops to go after Germany and Austria Hungary. We have troops waiting in Russia, Romania, Italy and  France. The Unites States and us have come to an agreement to  go after the same place, G2. With this we can finally achieve our  5th and final objective. All of the allied power troops are patiently  but also eagerly ready to take on war. We have completely  surrounded the Central Powers. We are ready for year 1918.

France 8  

YEAR 1918  

And just like that, WWI is over. As foreign minister of France  I am more than impressed with how both the President and I went  through this war. To end things off, both the United states and I  had plotted a huge, game changing attack. Unfortunately we lost  time within the snap of a finger. We managed to get our troops  moved and planned to carry out our attack on Germany. We were  devastated to learn we would no longer receive an offensive turn.  We were forced to make quick thoughtless decisions. This put our  countries leaders, including myself into a quick panic and we  made decisions that was going to help us in the next turn, little  did we know it would end shortly after. The allied powers as a  whole worked tremendously together and there are was nobody  else both the President and I would want to work with. Although  the war did not end that way would have liked to, looking back  we were more than happy with our success. We managed to  achieve 5 of the 6 objectives. We will call this a win for France.