WWI Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Portugal and Belgium

Belgium 4 1913 WWI Simulation

I heard through the grapevine that Serbia was being blamed for the assassionation of the Archduke of Austria- Hungary. I have also heard that “the Allies” are meeting together to help protect Serbia. 

Portugal 4 1913

I have heard that the Austrian- Hungarian Archduke was assassinated by Serbia. There are also rumors of war starting. I plan not to join the war, but in hard times things may chnage course. 

Belgium 4 1914

We have moblized our troops, so we are more prepared for war. Since, we are in between two of the major players. France promised to help protect Belgium if anyone from central powers tried to attack. While, Great Britain promised to protect our neutrality. I have heard that Austria- Hungary and Germany attacked Russia twice, Russia pulled through the first time with less than a hundred troops left. Austria- Hungary won the second attack on Russia, Russia lost some of their land to Germany and Austria- Hungary.

Portugal 4 1914

Portugal has stayed neutral in the war so far. We hope to stay neutral, Great Britian proposed an allaince, of course we said no to stay out of the war.  Russia fended off an attack from Austria-Hungary and Germany, but then lost to them in another attack. The Central powers now have control over part of Russia.

Belgium 4 1915

Word has traveled through the lands that the Ottoman Empire has taken over Egypt. There has been word that the Germans took down an American Ship. The Allied powers took down Germany’s Navy. There is so much going on around us here in Belgium, yet we are trying to stay out of it. Russia tried to invade the Ottoman Empire and lost. I don’t honestly know what Russia thought was going to happen but they do not have enough guns for all their men. Great Britain has promised to defend our nuetrality. Austria- Hungary and Germany have struck again! Yet this time it was on Serbia, Austria- Hungary and Germany lost. The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria attacked Libya. Italy had moved troops into Libya and protected it.

Portugal 4 1915

We are staying out of the war, although thoughts of joining have come up. The Ottoman Empire has attacked Egypt and taken it over. The Germans have shot down an American ship killing many people. The Allies attacked the German Navy and took them down. The Allies seem to be winning the war. Russia tried to invade the Ottoman Empire, but failed miserably.  Austria- Hungary and Bulgaria attacked Serbia and Serbia came out ahead. The Central powers are on the move now taking all the land they can. Italy came to Libya’s rescue when the Ottoman Empire attacked.

Belgium 4 1916

Not many things have happened this year. Portugal has joined the Allies. France, Great Britain and Italy took out Austria- Hungary’s Navy. Many of the Allies have asked to move through our land.

Portugal 4 1916

We have moblized our troops, even though war has been slow. We have also joined the Allies. There are whispers throughout the Allies about taking over Bulgaria. France, Great Britain and Italy destroyed Austria-Hungary’s Navy. The war seems as if it has slown down.

Belgium 4 1917

Germany has turned to Mexico for help. The Central powers have attacked Russia’s land again, Russia is not strong enough to ward them off. Russia has gone into civil war and surrendered. The Central powers have captured Romania. The United States, France, and Great Britain are using our land as a bridge to get to Germany. Greece and Serbia have been taken by the Central Powers.

Portugal 4 1917

France is on their way to pick our troops up. Germany has resorted to asking Mexico for help. Russia has lost more land to the Central Powers. Russia has now surrendered  because of a civil war inside their country. Russia is now out of the game. Romania has also been dominated by the Central powers. While the United States, France, and Great Britain are meeting in Belgium, the Central Powers took over Greece and Serbia. The tables are turning, the Central Powers are getting stronger.

Belgium 4 1918

Great Britain, France, and America tried to take Germany’s capital, Germany won and the Allies lost almost six thousand troops. We were attacked by Germany and the Allies used everything they could to protect Belgium, yet their efforts failed and we lost our land to the Central powers.

Portugal  4 1918

Great Britain, France, and America tried to invade Germany’s capital, Germany came out on top. Belgium was then attacked by Germany and the Allies used what they had to protect Belgium’s land, but in the end they lost the fight. Italy was attacked by Austria- Hungary and lost their land.  The Allies now seem to be losing the war, I don’t know what we can do to fix this, the end is doomed for the Allies. The territory in the Ottoman Empire that Italy had was taken back by the Central Powers. The Allies are like a round boulder on a steep hill. France was pursued in a fight by Germany. Great Britain, America and France did their best to save France. The Allies won this battle! Montenegro, which had French troops in it, was taken over by the Central Powers. And the war was over.