WWI Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Germany

Germany..WW1-1914 WWI Simulation


In 1914 I mobilized the German army because all of the countries surrounding me started to mobilize. Our plan at the beginning was to take over Russia’s r3 because they mobilized. I created an alliance with Austria-Hungary because they helped me attack Russia. This will eventually help our country in the long run to remain strong. Our strategy is to convince Italy to join us to eventually help us attack either Russia or France. I split up some of my troops because I think France will attack me soon, and I want to be ready to defend. I also moved some of my troops so I could help attack Russia in our next turn.



In 1915 I attacked Russia’s r3 with Austria Hungary. Our plan was to be able to expand more, and there weren’t many troops there. We knew we didn’t need to put many troops in because we got poison gas. Russia wasn’t able to counter the poison gas which we knew so that allowed us to take over that area. France and Great Britain moved some of their troops into Belgium. I will have to be careful because I think they want to attack me. I will need to move some troops into areas that I will be able to defend in. I will also need to help some of my alliances because they are planning on taking over more territory. I will need to balance out my troops to make sure there are no weak points for an attack. 



Overall in the year 1916 we used many strategies to take over the different empires.  The allies were overwhelming and looked very threatening to our smaller empires in the beginning.  We had to develop a plan that would help to defeat the surrounding allies. We worked together with the rest of the countries within the central powers.  We had to work from the inside out to take over each allied country one by one.  We had many victorious wins on the east and west coast. We used the strategy of moving our subs together near the allies strongest points for backup. 



In the year 1917 we started out stronger than the previous year.  The central powers had gained more control over the middle grounds, whereas the allies were stuck on the outside grounds.  This gave us an advantage because we could build up our countries in the middle without having to worry about the allies taking them over.  This also helped so we could move our troops towards the coast to have larger armies to declare war and take over the remaining allied countries.  We see that our strategy is working when Russia decides to surrender to the central powers.  They simply could not take on our power and numbers.  To finish off the year we need to start to move our troops towards the remaining  allied victorious countries.  



In the year 1918 the allies won their very first attack of the war. This caused the central powers to have some major struggles.  We lost some troops in that region during this battle.  Italy took a big loss losing a thousand troops.  We had to gain some more control in that area so we decided to have our navy travel down to the north sea.  The allies have to think of a plan fast as the war is coming to an end. Allies decide to challenge us in a sea battle. We didn’t have the amount of supplies and troops to defend and we went down hard. We have to move west to defend our empires.