WWI Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: France

France 4 1913 WWI Simulation

In the first year France spoke to the rest of the allies to try and figure out what their plan of attack was going to be for the year 1914.  Stakes were very high as the Archduke was killed.  Serbia and Austria-Hungary were both blamed and had to give a very ultimatum speech whether or not they were going to go after each other or not. 

France 4 1914 

The war on the Eastern front came to a stand still. I believe that Central Powers are going to start off strong and try to take Russia first.  Belgium mobilized their troops.  France made a secret alliance with Belgium which was a very smart thing to do, so France could send troops through them, to try and attack parts of Germany, especially their capital to make them weaker.  Great Britain also proposed an alliance with Portugal. My prediction is Germany will back off of Russia for a while and go for other Allied countries.  Germany and Austria-Hungary seem to have a big army but they both have small Navies. My intelligence report says that they will have more troops every year from their reserves, but without their navy they can’t attack Great Britain and parts of France. 

France 4  1915 

The war in the Baltic sea with Russia, France, and Great Britain navies defeated the German navy. The Russians attempted to take a part of the Ottoman Empire and Russia lost. The Germans can’t move any of their army to attack Great Britain or France.  I predict Germany will try to either take Russia or Italy.   Great Britain put 300 French soldiers on their ships, so that they can help Montenegro in case of attack. My intelligence says that Bulgaria has a small Army and no Navy.  An American ship got shot down by the Germans.  Allied powers went to war with Germany’s navy and the Allies won!  Russia’s plan was to take over the Ottoman Empire and neither time did Russia win.  Great Britain and Belgium made an alliance, and GB promised to protect Belgium’s neutrality.  I predict also that Central Powers will slowly start moving towards France and Italy to try and go to war with them. 

France 4 1916

France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan have had enough of Austria Hungary’s actions, and plan to go to war for a piece of their land. The Allies are victorious! Their next target is going to be either the Ottoman Empire, or Bulgaria, because if they gain those pieces of land it gives them more opportunities and chances at a better way of life.  Russia needs to move or do something quick because the Central powers are going to try and take another part of Russia and their army is much stronger than Russia’s. I think the Central powers will decide to back off a bit and not go to war, which is shocking, because they have the army to ultimately defeat many countries if they would want to.  Russia is being a bit hot headed, which makes the Central Powers want to defeat them even more.  The Allies want to take the Ottoman Empire to keep one side of Russia safe from war.  France moved more troops into different parts of their lands to protect their capital in case of another attack.  My prediction for next year is that the central powers will either take over the last parts of Russia or start moving their troops towards France, Italy, and Great Britain. 

France 4 1917 

 Mexico is going to come to Germany for help.  Submarine warfare promises to compel England and make peace in a few months. Russia’s cockiness has led them nowhere. Germany took over another part of Russia which is just making the Central Powers stronger, and stronger. I believe Central powers will try and go to war with Russia again to claim more land.  Russia marked their ground and did not leave the central powers a chance. Unfortunately, Russia decided to surrender, or else their land would get absolutely demolished.  The choice of surrendering was a very smart move by Russia. Their land was getting taken over way too quick and easy.  Germany is getting very angry, they went after Romania which was an Allied country, and came out victorious. They went to war with Serbia and Serbia had enough defending so the Allied powers beat the Central Powers. The allies are afraid of putting too many troops into a country being attacked but if we keep being like that we will be left with troops that were just wasted.  Italy went for war on the Ottoman Empire and claimed the land.  This would have helped Russia earlier but they already surrendered, so that was kind of a silly move. The Allied powers next plan is to take Germany’s capital and they will eventually fall apart without their capital. 

France 4 1918

The Allies went to attack Germany’s capital and did not come out victorious. The Allies just want to get rid of any part of the Central Powers because they are getting too powerful.  Although the Allies did not win, we wiped out a lot of Germany’s troops, which is good if the Allies want to go to war with them again, because they will have a better shot at winning. Germany was not happy that the Allies tried to attack them and went to war with Belgium to get closer to France. They came out with the win and are now closer to getting France and their capital.  France, Great Britain, and Portugal plan to try and take back Belgium.  They lost to Germany once again. I think Allies should take a break from war because they are just losing a battle to themselves, the central powers are just too strong at this point.  They think they can take over Central Powers but they are just too strong and better equipped. They take back the Ottoman empire that the Allies took in 1917.  The central powers go back to war and try to take France’s capital, France stood strong and did not let them take it.  France is going to move some more troops into their capital in case of another attack.  That is the end of the war! It is a tie, if there had to be a winner it would be the central powers.  The central powers were just too strong and powerful compared to the allies.  The Allies put up a very strong fight!