WWI Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

WWI Simulation

Great Britain 2 1914

The War has just begun. Archduke of Austria-Hungary and his wife have been assassinated. Many countries are deciding to mobilize their troops in preparation for what’s to come next. We, as Great Britain have decided not to mobilize our troops just yet, and wait until 1915 where the number of troops increases drastically. I suspect there are some alliances already being discussed between Italy and the Ottoman Empire. There was a meeting called in the hallway between Great Britain, Russia, and Italy. My intelligence report suggests that Germany is about to go all out on Italy, but they want our help. Russia has officially declared war on Austria Hungary. Will we as the Allies be able to support them? 

Great Britain 2 1915

So far this year in 1915, Montenegro tried to make an alliance with Italy so they could use their naval force for protection. Wouldn’t you think they would ask Great Britain for naval help? Anyways, Italy has officially declared war and lost many troops. The Allies come to realize that their alliance with the Allies is not as strong as it implies. They decided to go against the Allies now and join forces with the Central Powers. Serbia has called on Great Britain for help to capture their territory back from the Hungarians. We decided that the risk isn’t worth it and that their military is too strong! 

Great Britain 2 1916

This year, the Allies are in a hole that they cannot dig themselves out of. We suspect that something is up in the air, possibly that the Ottoman Empire will be taking over Greece in a short time. Russia plans to try and regain control of R3. We as their Allies are hopeful that it will be a success because they have many more troops than Germany and Austria-Hungary have combined! Unfortunately the Russians took another big defeat being impacted by the Central Powers strong military and poisonous gas. Russia ended up losing even more troops this year because they failed to take over 02. Great Britain stands still and watches these losses from afar. 

Great Britain 2 1917

Some good news in the middle of these hard times is that the United States has officially joined forces with us, the Allies! The Central Powers are now planning on taking over Romania and this is smart on their part because Allies cannot get troops there to help defend. We suspected that the Central Powers would try to attack Belgium so all of the Allies such as France, the United States, and Great Britain put many troops into Belgium. Poisonous gas was even enforced here but we still took a defeat to the Central Powers. This wasn’t a total 100% loss on the Allies part though. This was actually smart because the Central Powers lost many troops from this. Great Britain has the most troops left in their country right now to prepare for the worst yet to come. 

Great Britain 2 1918

The United States has had a strong helpful impact so far. They are Allied with France and suspect planning a movement of troops to help defend their territories in F3. In France there is a battle which involves the use of poisonous gas. It will come down to who has more troops to fight in the end. The Allies gained a bit of confidence from a battle won so now the Allies are fighting in a sea battle. The Allies need all the sparings of of troops they have left so they are not sending any to help out Egypt. Unfortunately, the Central Powers are still on the lookout to take more than needed. They are eying Britain and France. The Central Powers ended up being victorious over the Allies to clench their success in World War 1.