WWI Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: France

France 2 1914 WWI Simulation

As the war started we kept our objectives in the back of our head. We went back and forth on whether or not to mobilize but in the end decide it was best because we found out other countries began to mobilize. We have talked to couple countries like Belgium. We decided to form a secret defensive alliance. We are planning on putting troops in Belgium soon. We at some point want to get make a strong and honorable alliance with Montenegro. We heard that Serbia might be attacking Mongtreal. Then out of no were war was declared on Serbia from Austria-Hungry. We have an Alliance with them. It sucks that we wern’t able to help them since we are too far away.

France 2 1915

We can’t belive what happened with the Lusitania. We are furious with Germany and what they did to those Americans and the Britians. We have a secret Alliance with America so this is very upsetting us. We are really thinking about declaring war with Germany but we want a little more help. The news just came that Austria-Hungary and Germany just attacked part of Russia. I think Great Britain is going to try to help Russia. As Russia was getting taken over its looking bad for the Allies. As France I think we are going to move are troops into G2 so we can hopefully concur. Our plans were halted when we found out only a 1000 troops can go through the Ardennes forest. We backed out of our attack and hope Germany doesn’t go for Belgium before we can get troops in there. We were successful in moving 4000 troops into Belgium. I fear that Germany has noticed our troops are in Belgium and will attack before we attack them. 

France 2 1916

The Allies have a big plan brewing. We want to attack the central power from all sides. Get Russia in to R3 and O2. From talking to Russia they think that is a good idea. Great Britain is also going to try and help as much as they can. Now that romanian is on our side we are going to try and get them to attack Serbia. Since there was no troops in Serbia at the time. We wanted to attack with 4000 in to G1. With how strong and how many troops the Central power has we were unable to capture any of that land. Now Russia is left with out any defence. Romania wasn’t about to attack Serbia. We wouldn’t be surprised if Austria-Hungary or Germany attacks Russia. The Central Powers have almost taken everything. They took Romina and we couldn’t do anything. We were right and they attacked Russia. This is not looking good for us. 

France 2 1917

America just got stronger I hope this helps us fight back from the powerful forces of the central power. We think fighting at this time wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do right now because we are weak. I don’t think we are going to win this. We are thinking if things go really bad we can all go to Great Britain or the US. Russia just surrendered I dont think there is anything we can do to stop the Central Power from taking all of France. Things are getting worst. F2 of France got taken over. We decided to not to move any more troops to help defend that section because we are thinking their is going to be a big attack in Belgium so we wanted to save our troops for that. We were right. Germany moved 5158 in to Belgium. We went back and forth whether or not we should send troops in to Belgium. We did and sent all we had. We lost which is not good we lost all of our troops except for the 10 in French North Africa. We thought it would be smart to move the 80 from Portugal and some from Great Britain in to F1. Germany attacked us and we got taken over. I think Italy and Germany are going to take over the last section of France. Things are getting rough and I think the Allies are not going to make it through this war. We will have to see how the next year goes. 

France 2 1918

The debate is strong. Do we fight or do we expect fate. With no troops in France all we can do is move troops with our navy. Lucky America was willing to let us move some into our last section of France. Great Britain is not willing to give us some troops. I think the Central Powers are going to take the last section of France then move to Great Britain. France is weak right now so it would be an easy target. LETS GO! We were victorious in France. This was what we needed. We are thinking about having a navy battle in the North Sea and we were victorious. This really upset Germany. This made them think we have power especially in our navy forces. Since we won that battle Germany has no more navy. We are thinking the best thing to do is it bring some more troops into France in hopes we can protect our selves. Great Britain and Japan just decided that their wasn’t much to do on land so they chose to do a navy battle in the Adriatic Sea against Italy. Allies were victorious. As the year comes to an end the war is wrapping up. It is looking good for the last part of France. We are going to make it through it.