WWII Simulation

WWII Simulation Student Journal: United States

WW2 1938 – Orientation Day WWII Simulation

It’s the year 1938 and the rumors of the war are arising. The Axis powers are developing a plan of action. I think they are going to attack hard to start the war off aggressively. 

WW2 1939-

Poland was attacked instensly by Germany.  They knew they had no chance. There was no plan of action and the Axis powers succeeded.  Belgium took over the small, unprotected, territory of Greece with no conflict.  We are planning on giving our resources to the contries in need.  We made an alliance with Belgium and are giving some resources to keep them in the war.  China also is in desperate need of resources and we are sending them. 

WW2 1940-

Germany is starting this year off with a massive battle.  They try to move their armies into French North Africa.  The Allies were victorious but lost a lot.  The Axis powers took over Belgium with a big fight.  Now Italy is trying to take over Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia is defeated by the Axis powers.  Axis powers take over Norway. Japan is attacking Dutch-East Indies. Axis Powers show a lot of power in the war right now. We are remaining neutral until dragged in.  Our economy can not handle the war at the moment unless we absolutely have to. 

WW2 1941-

This may be the year.  We can’t stand back watching Germany and the Axis powers taking over.  Hitler has too much power and we need to atleast try stopping him.  He is causing too much damage in the war.  Hopefully someone brings us in soon so we can supply our larger countries in need and help the allies.  Japan is going to attack. Japan attacks the allies navy in Pearl Harbor and completely destroys us.  We are forced to join the allies in order to stay in war. Our first move was to assist France in the war.  We were demolished by the Axis powers in the battle.  We lost all 300 troops.  Our Navy is going to take Great Britains troops to try and defeat Norway. Sweden and Finland are assistinf Great Britan on this.  The allies should come out victorious in this battle.

WW2 1942- 

The neutrals are held on by a thread. It looks like the Axis powers are going to drag them to their side and they do.  Now the Axis Powers are larger than ever.  We are again trying to help France so we move Great Britains troops into France and we are victorious.  The Axis powers are attacking French Indo-China so the Netherlands used their navy to move our army into battle.  We moved ours as well and were victorious. Germany attacked France and took it over. 

WW2 1943-

We are going to try and take over Italy.  Our navy is strong and Great Britains troops should be able to take over. We succeed and need reinforcement in that area.  This gives us hope for the war. Great Britain took over Russias navy in a fierce battle. We have to do something with our troops because we can’t get into Europe. We try to move but aren’t succussful. They take over Italy. 

WW2 1944-

This year is becoming clear who is winning.  The Netherlands are getting attacked.  We are the only ones who can help.  We moved 450 troops into the Netherlands to battle the Germans.  The Netherlands are taken over.  The only allied countries left are us, Great Britain, French North Africa, and a few smaller countries. We still have to try taking over those smaller countries.  We try to take back the Netherlands and fail miserably.  The Netherlands navy was also taken over.  Egypt is being demolished by Lybia and Germany. 

WW2 1945-

It is our last hope in the war. We are trying to do anything to take back over Europe. We tried our last shot at Belgium with all of our navy and asisting Great Britain.  We still were unsuccessful. Japan takes over our navy near Hawaii. Belgium is being taken over by Great Britian but is not successful. The allied powers are done for and the axis powers are succesful.