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WWII Simulation Student Journal: Germany

Germany 2 1938 WWII Simulation

Our game plan for World War II is to take over and intimidate the other countries with our army. 

Germany 2 1939

World War II is underway. As Germany our game plan is to put 2,000 troops into P1 to attack. Poland has 600 troops in that region as of now but they are moving 400 more into there. Great Britain and Poland are allies and Great Britain is wanting to move troops into P1 but that would be difficult because they would have to go through our troops. We are feeling confident. We are victorious and we only lost 420 troops leaving us with 1580 troops. Italy moved troops into Libya. It is now the Allied Powers turn. We made an agreement with the USSR, we are giving them 1.5 coal for 4.5 oil. Yugoslavia is now attacking Greece with 400 troops. Yugoslavia was victorious. The Soviet Union is attacking P2 with 1500 troops. The Soviets were victorious. At the end of 1939 Germany was looking powerful .

Germany 2 1940

2 of our objectives for this year is to take over Belgium and the Netherlands and to take over F1 and F3 of France. We don’t think we will be able to do both of these objectives because we have been too slow to act on them. We are going to focus on taking over France, as they are a bigger threat to us right now. Italy is attacking Yugoslavia and French North Africa. We are expecting them to lose because the Allied Powers have sent troops in to fight back against them. Italy lost the war with French North Africa. Their war with Yugoslavia is underway now and they were victorious. Our war with Belgium is underway and Belgium is asking for help from Great Britain and France. We won the war, and we lost a lot of troops. With this victory we will now be able to attack France. Japan is now attacking China. Japan won and lost 400 troops. With their victory they are now attacking South Central China. Japan won despite having way less troops than the Allied Powers. As Germany we decided to send our 160 navy troops into Norway to attack to try and succeed without objectives. We were victorious in Norway. Japan is now attacking The Netherlands. Japan was victorious, with this victory they have plenty of resources now. To end our turn we moved 500 troops into Italy and 2,000 into Germany. It is now the Allied War. Great Britain is attacking our German Navy and they were victorious. Japan gave us 9 rubber. The Allied powers are ending their turn by moving their troops around to be prepared for their next turn. The USSR is attacking Finland and Finland was victorious. 

Germany 2 1941

Our plan at the start of 1941 is to attack F2. First Italy is going to send troops in and attack F2 and we gave them some of our troops. Right now it is the Neutral Powers movement, and we are waiting to start a war. Italy is sending in 3,500 and we are sending 259. We were victorious in F2. Before we attack F1 we are going to take over Denmark. We are expecting to be victorious as there are no troops there. Now that we did that and we were victorious we cut off Great Britain’s Navy Troops. We are now helping Italy attack French North Africa, and we are expecting to be victorious. We sent in 100 of our troops. We lost because they sent in more troops, they only have 10 troops left. We are now going to attack F1 with our troops from Belgium. We sent in 1,729 troops. We have them outnumbered. We were victorious with 746 troops left. It is now a movement. We are moving 500 of our troops from P1 back to Germany. Sweden, Great Britain, and Finland are now attacking Norway where we have 149 troops there. We are expecting to lose because we are outnumbered. We lost to Norway. The Axis Powers have been pretty victorious throughout this whole year, giving us more power and stamina. However, losing Norway to the Allied Powers may cause some issues.

Germany 2 1942

It is now the Neutral Powers movement and war. We have talked to the USSR and they are going to be joining the US and the Axis Powers. We are looking very powerful as of right now. We control almost the whole map. Italy is attacking F3, they are outnumbered so we aren’t feeling confident. Italy lost, so we are now sending our 746 troops into F3 to try and get them again. Japan is now attacking French-Indo China. If they are victorious the Axis Powers will have all taken over all of China. The Allies were victorious. We were victorious in F3 meaning we have taken over all of France. The USSR attacked Finland with 500 troops and was victorious. We moved 1508 troops into Belgium and 1080 troops from P1 into Germany. We moved our troops to Belgium, thinking that they are going to try and take over F3 again. It will be the Allied Powers war and movement at the beginning of 1943. 

Germany 2 1943

To start 1943, it is the Allies War. The Allies are sending 822 troops into Italy, we are expecting Italy to lose because they are outnumbered. The Allies were victorious. The Allied Powers also attacked Japan’s Navy and they were victorious. It is now our war. As Germany we aren’t going to attack anyone, we are just going to move our troops. The soviet union is attacking Iran with 1000 troops. Great Britain sent 100 troops in, and the Soviet Union was victorious. Japan is now attacking French-Indo China with 625. We are expecting them to be victorious because they have a strong number and have them outnumbered. The Axis Powers were victorious. With the victory Japan is now attacking Thailand and they were victorious. The USSR is attacking Sweden and they are victorious. Japan is now attacking Australia with 1014 troops. The United States sent troops in to help defend but we were still victorious. We are now going to go into a movement. As Germany we are going to move 700 troops into Austria, our 1508 from belgium to F1. It is now the Allied War. The allied power didn’t do any war and decided to try and do movement but since we put a 10 minute timer they ran out of time. 

Germany 2 1944

To start 1944 it is our war. The USSR is going to attack Iraq from Iran with 712 troops. They were victorious. Now Japan is attacking the Philippines with 360 troops, I am expecting them to be victorious because they outnumbered them. We were victorious. Japan now controls almost everything. As Germany we are going to attack Italy with 1200 troops from Austria in hopes to gain control back of that region. And we were victorious. We are now attacking the Netherlands with 700 troops from Belgium. The United States sent 450 into the Netherlands, we are not sure if we will be able to pull through. We were victorious! We are looking good as of right now. It is now the Allied War and we put a 10 minute timer on them. Great Britain is going to attack and try and take over the Netherlands again. They are attacking with 450 and we have 186 and we just sent 180 from Germany into there. We are outnumbered but we were still victorious! We only have 86 troops left in the Netherlands. Allied Powers are moving all of the Navy into the South Atlantic Ocean Zone, making me think they are going to try and attack F3. It is now our turn. The Soviet Union is attacking Arabia through Iraq, the Allies can’t do anything to defend, so the Soviets were victorious. Japan is going to have a naval battle against the Netherlands and the United States. Japan was victorious! We are attacking Egypt with our troops with 87 troops. We are outnumbered but we were still victorious. We won with 1 troop left. The USSR is now attacking Syria and they are going to be victorious because they have no troops defending them. As Germany we are moving 500 to Belgium from France and 500 from Denmark into Germany and 300 into Poland. It is now the Allied War. Great Britain is now attacking the Netherlands AGAIN with 450 troops. We had 86 in there but we put 250 from belgium and 250 from Germany into there. We were victorious. They are now doing movements. It will be our turn to start 1945

Germany 2 1945

As Germany, we aren’t going to start any war this year unless we are getting attacked. Other countries in the Axis Powers are planning on attacking and taking over more countries. We feel powerful as it is right now and would like to not have more wars. We let Italy use our one troop to attack the Suez Canal. The USSR is now going to attack Palestine and Trans Gordon to have that whole region totally controlled. Japan is now attacking Alaska with 152 and they were victorious because the Allied Powers decided not to help. With this momentum Japan is now attacking Hawiia with the same 152. The United States only has 50 so as the Axis Powers we are expecting to be victorious. We are going to move 500 troops to Belgium from F1, and 384 from P1 into Germany. We did this so we can be prepared for when they try to take over the Netherlands or Belgium. The Allies are attacking Belgium again with 1000 troops. We are going to send our 300 from the Netherlands, 508 from F1 and 584 from Germany to defend. They are now trying to attack Denmark and the USSR sent troops there to defend. The Axis Powers were victorious. It is now our turn and Japan is attacking the US Navy and they were victorious. Axis Powers only did one battle and then did movement. Great Britain is attacking Belgium with 551 troops and we are looking like we will come out on top. The year is coming to a close and we are looking victorious. We won. The year is coming to an end and the Axis Powers won World War Two. 

WWII Simulation Student Journals: Poland & The Netherlands

Poland 2 1939 WWII Simulation

The war has begun! Germany first move was war on us. Unfortunatley we were unable to stop them and to be able to keep some troops we did not want to move anymore troops in there. Germany has taken over one part of Poland. I believe that there next movement will be to take over the rest of Poland. Sadly we will still not be able to stop them from taking over Poland because Great Britain and France are unable to move troops over to help. Our original plan was to persuade Russia to defend us so that we could have a two-front war on Germany and stop them from expanding land. However Russia back stabbed us and ended up taking over the final part of Poland. 

Netherlands 2 1939 

War has started and Germany is moving into Poland. Great Britain has moved troops into the netherlands to help keep Germany out of there. Our plan is to stand our grand and remain neutral until we possibly can no longer do that. If we are unable to no longer defend the Netherlands we will then run to Great Britain and help them. I think that germanys main focus right now is to continue conquering land and we will try our best to get Great Britain and France to defend us so tht they cannot come through there. 

Poland 2 1940 

The war has escalated. Germany has sarted to move troops in the opposite direction from us They were victorious at the battle in Belgium . Japan has started to take over all areas of China they were victorious on NC China and SE china as well. Germany has not stopped there plan on taking over every country as they started a battle in Norway and were victorious. We no longer have an army and our country is ruled under axis power however we do still have our navy. There was a navy battle between the allied and Germany and we were victorius. 

Netherlands 2 1940

Japan has such a strong army and navy that they are almost unstoppable. Japan had declared war on the Dutch EI which is where all of our resources are coming from. We had to join the Allies in order to help defend our resources. We are no longer neutral and are on edge at this point. Germany is starting to move closer and closer to us. And there wont be much we can do without France moving there troops into belgium. Since Great Britain has already used there navy. 

Poland 2 1941 

The war is stll going, Italy has taken over part of France. Japan is continuing to grow stronger and stronger and have finally brought the US into war with a naval battle at Peral Harbor and Japan was victorious. The US has moved troops into France because Germnay has started another war in France. The axis powers were victorious and Japan continues to move troops and take over all parts of China. We were stuck in the baltic sea because the port was closed. However the allies were able to take over Norway and reopen that. Our navy moved out of there and is now able to help get troops from the allies into other areas in need. 

Netherlands 2 1941

Germany is starting to move closer to the Netherlands. They have taken over Denmark and closed that port and entry through there. My hope is that Great Britain can move troops into Norway and re open the port so we can move our navy through there. The US has moved resources into our land. The US helped move Britains troops into Norway to reopen the port our navy is now able to move. I think this will kep German’ys heads away from the idea of taking over the Netherlands. 

Poland 2 1942

The USSR has joined the axis powers and now the rest of the world is in lots of trouble because they are so powerful there is almost nothing they can do. There is a big war happening in France and our navy was used to help defend. The USSR have taken over Finland and other European countries and now the Axis powers have a lot of power I believe that the allied powers are going to fight and may regain soe land however the axis powers are very strong and it will be a long battle. 

Netherlands2 1942

There was a battle in French Indo-China and our navy was down there. We helped move US troops into Indo-China and we were victorious at battle. We are still standing strong and havent moved any troops and Germany hasn’t moved any troops into the Netherlands. However,  Germany has moved more troops closer to us and into Bulgaria but right now I think that their focus is on france right now. 

Poland 2 1943

The allies have started war in Italy. The allies were victorious but lost many troops. And then there was a naval battle with Russia and the allies were victorious again. Things are looking up for the allies but who knows how long that upward hill will last. The US has moved the troops to the weastern part and unfortunatley without a navy they are not allowed to move any of them. Germany is continuing to move into France and Belgium. 

Netherlands 2 1943 

The Netherlands is still laying low. We have not moved any of our troops and it doesnt seem like anyone is focusing on us. There has been many battles in Asia and down towards Italy. The allies may have a chance however the axis powers will come back stronger and im not sure if the allies have enough to defeat them again. The United states has finally gotten into the battle and I think there plan is to take back over asia however Japan is still really strong. 

Poland 2 1944

To start of the year germany has taken back over Italy from the allies and Germany now controls everything except Great Britain, French North Africa, the United States, and a few other countries. The axis powers have taken controls of the whole world and there isnt much we can do to stop them. I believe the allies are planing to continuously attack the German troops and make them loose as many troops as possible. 

Netherlands 1944

The netherlands has been attacked by Germany. The US has moved 450 troops to help save us but unfortunatley that was not enough to save us the Axis powers were victorious. The netherlands is now under axis rule. Great Britain tired to attack the ntherlands again and regian control but unfortunatley the were defeated by the Germans. The US and us have moved our ships away from japan and the areas over there. However japan has started a naval battle against the netherlands and the US. and they were victorious. The US tried again to take over the netherlands but unfortunately they lost again. I have moved US troops into Norway  with my navy. 

Poland 2 1945

The war is finally starting to die down. There isn’t much going on at the moment. The US have lost two territories. And they have tried to gain control of belgium and have brutally lost many troops. We are using our navy to take over Denmark because Germany isn’t able to do anything there. However we were unable to see that russia had navy to move troops in there and we were defeated in battle against Russia. I have a suspision that the Axis powers are going to move troops into Weastern US and end up being demolish by the 8,000 US troops in Eastern US. Japan has defeated the US navy in East Pacific. 

Netherlands 2 1945 

To start of the new year Japan has attacked hawaii and alaska. Unfortunately there isnt’t much we could do. I do think that japan is going to move into the western US and they dont realize that there is 8,000 troops sitting in eastern US that we could move if they attack the Weastern US. There isn’t much the Netherlands is able to do considering we have no troops. We are trying our best to get the US and Great Britain to attack again and regain contrl but im not sure that thats where their focus is at. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1939 WWII Simulation

First year of this war, and things I feel are going to get heated. Rumania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, our goal is to keep our original territory throughout this whole war. Bulgaria is going to remain neutral until 1941, and then hopefully we can ally with the Axis. We are going to ally with Germany and help them out as best we can for Rumania. Our biggest goal for Rumania is to acquire ⅓ of the territory from the USSR (Ukraine). Our biggest goal for Hungary is to obtain a large portion of Yugoslavia. The bad thing is that the countries we need don’t have any resources. I am hoping we can stay out of conflicts until 1941 for Hungary, but I am a bit nervous. First year of WWII and things are looking pretty good for the Axis powers! So far the axis powers have been victorious in all the battles we have fought, which is really exciting. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1940

Another year of Rumania, Hungary, and Bulgaria just sitting back and watching things happen unless someone needs us. I hope no one will need us because then that will ruin some of our objectives. I am doing really well at staying hidden. I am starting to think that I need to start talking with the Axis powers about allying with them. I am pretty sure they will let me ally with them which is a good thing. I can’t wait for next year because then I can start taking over countries and hoping I will be victorious in them all. This year we are going to try and get as much natural resources as we can. We did get our rubber complete thanks to the help of Japan. Rumania helped Italy with their oil that they needed because we had 15 and we only needed 3. Rumania also helped out Bulgaria and Hungary with their oil. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1941

Finally the year has come. This year, I am hoping we can attack Yugoslavia. One bad thing is that we can’t have Hungary help us out because they have to stay out of conflict until 1941. So what I am planning on is that we have Rumania and Bulgaria help out and then any other countries that are with us. Bulgaria and Hungary can finally start allying with people and start taking over other countries. I am going to attack Yugoslavia and hope we are successful. Italy, Germany, Hungary, and Bulgaria are going to help us attack those countries. That fight was victorious for the axis powers! The USSR/ Ukraine allied with the axis powers. That means we didn’t really conquer them. So we unfortunately probably didn’t get the points for that objective. The good news is that the axis powers are very victorious in all of our battles. We are undefeated! We are moving some troops into Yugoslavia to help Italy battle Greece. We won that war, again! Now we just sit back and wait for things to happen and help anyone that needs help on the Axis power sides. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1942

This year I am going to try and get all of our resources covered so we don’t have to worry about getting them later on. I am also going to move some troops from Rumania into Ukraine so that we can at least try and own ⅓ of that country. I let them move some troops into Rumania without thinking anything over. Even though they are allied with us, I think they still own part of Rumania. These next few years I feel are going to be pretty boring. All don’t really have to do anything unless someone needs our help, or if we are getting attacked. I am hoping people will give us some of their resources that they have extra in. We moved 50 of our troops into Ukraine successfully. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1943

Axis powers are doing so good! We have been successful in all of our wars besides like a few. Rumania, Hungary, and Bulgaria finished all of their objectives. These next few years we are going to try and get all of our resources, so then we will be done with everything, and like I said before, just sit back and wait till someone needs help or if we get attacked. It does not look like we will be getting attacked or anything anytime. Everyone that is on the axis powers, have pretty much all of their objectives done so they are just taking over more land just for fun, and so that there is more yellow on the map. Oh no, Allied powers just took Norway back. That is not good. I think they are going to try and start to take back some of the USSR. I really hope that they don’t go and ally with the Allied powers because then that will not look good for the Axis Powers. I don’t think they will be allying with the Allied powers. I really hope that they will not be successful in anything and then we can still have control over all of those countries. Things just keep looking better and better for the Axis Powers. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1944

Another year of us doing nothing besides trying to get the rest of our resources. So far no one has helped us with our resources. I wish there was something we could do but there really isn’t anything we can do. The Allied powers are trying to get at the Axis powers. Japan lost their navy to the US. They are planning to start taking over things that Japan owns because they will have nothing they can do. Japan moved a lot of there stuff over to the USSR which they shouldn’t have really done because then the US is going to start attacking countries that are with the Axis Powers. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1945

Last year of WWII. We were not able to get all of our resources. The Allied powers are going to try to take over Hawaii from Japan which isn’t good for them. They are going to try and step up and start taking over more of our countries. I think that the US is going to try and take over Australia, but they will have nothing they can do because they lost their navy. I feel that this might not end well. I really hope the Axis powers are going to be victorious at the end of this war. I think that the Allied Powers are going to start taking over our weaker countries where there are not as many troops in them. The Axis powers are not going to have any war because there is really nothing that nay of us can do, so then we are going to just start moving. The allied powers on the other hand have some things in mind about war. The US just took over F3 which is not looking good on the USSR. This is not looking good for any of the Axis powers. They are really attacking everyone that is on the Axis powers. We are starting to lose more battles which is sad. There is not much we can do about any of this. The Allied powers are starting to pick up on their war. When it gets to our turn we just keep doing movement right away so that we have more time hopefully at the end to do whatever we need to do at the last minute. Things are getting heated as the last few minutes of war start to come to an end. Rumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary really have nothing they can do. Oh no, big war. The US is starting a war with Finland. The Allies were victorious. 🙁 They are starting to come towards us I think. I really hope that they don’t try to come for us because I don’t think there will be much we would be able to do. Germany was able to keep F1. I believe we are going to try and take F3 back. We were not victorious. I would have to say that the Axis Powers were Victorious throughout the whole war!!

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Yugoslavia & Belgium

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1938 WWII Simulation

There are rumors about another world war this is filling people with fear. Germany has re-occupied the Rhineland they also annexed Austria and broken the Munich agreement. When they took over all of Czechoslovakia. With Japan taking over Manchuria and parts China. Germany and the USSR signed a Nonaggression Pact. Which terrified the western democracies. With being such a small country with no resources we are tying to strategize now so we don’t get conquered.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1939

We think Yugolovia should try and get our resources from Germany before we cut ties. We think we should wait one more year before we talk to Germany.We also want to regain are original territory by starting with Greece. Belgium is starting to make defensive alliances we already have one with France and Great Britain. We decided it would be smart to make an alliance with U.S. We are trying to get as many as we can. The U.S. also gave Belgium 1 Oil, Iron Ore, and Coal. This is a good start for Belgium for the first year. Hopefully the next year Belgium can make more alliances and not get attacked by Germany. For Yugoslavia we hope to get our resources before we break ties.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1940

Are game plan for Yugoslavia for this year to get some of our resources from germany before we cut ties with them this year. We also need to talk to Great Britain and France about making an alliance with them once we cut ties with Germany. We found out the Netherlands have a lot of rubber so we are going to trying and make an alliance with them to get our resources. That idea was halted quickly when Germany started to attack Belgium. France and Great Britain did everything they could but it wasn’t enough. Belgium got taken over by Germany. Just when we thought we were done Italy attacked Yugoslavia. Their wasn’t much we could do. We sent the 300 troops from Greece to help in Yugoslavia. It wasn’t enough. Now we are out of the war and the Axis powers have taken both of our countries. We no longer have control of our countries. The Axis powers keep taking more and more land. The Allies can barley keep up. Its not looking good for the Allies. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1941

With another year of the war approaching we are all uncertain of what it will bring for the world. With Belgium out of the war and Yugolavia left with Greece but no troops its not looking good. Hopefully we can be liberated. The Axis powers now have a chance on the battle field I think things are going to get worse for the Allies. We are shocked because America was just attacked in Pearl Harbor by Japan. There wasn’t much they could do and they lost. This means America is in the war. Our countries are now out of the war. Greece was attacked by the Axis and no one could help so we lost the battle and are land. The Allies are losing more and more land. I an wonder why the USSR isn’t doing anything to help. Are they planning something with the Axis powers. Their isn’t much left of France. What will France and Great Britain do in retaliation. Will they battle back or are they to weak. I think their just going to do some movement. This has been a long year. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1942

I can’t believe their is another year of war. These past 4 years have been long. How much more pain, suffering and lost will the world take. Will it end soon. Hopefully it does. We are up first this year. We can’t do anything because we have no troops. The USSR seems to be brewing a big battle. The question is what side are they attacking. They have been talking to the Axis powers a lot. This could get worse for the Allies. They attacked Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The USSR won each battle. A large wave of shock covers the world when the USSR joins the Axis powers. With Axis powers have more then 75% of the land on the map. They have won. Its just a matter of time till they take over everything. The Allies are looking defeated I don’t think we can come back from this. France was attacked I think this might be the end for them. The Allies won! This is good they needed that. Axis powers started another battle and lost. This is turning around for the Allies. Then France got attacked again. This is not good France can’t move anymore troops. They moved everything in the last battle. Since they couldn’t move anything they lost it. The Axis also took over Finland and Albania. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1943

I can’t believe there is another year of the war approaching. How much longer will we suffer? It looks like the Axis powers are going to win. They have all of France taken over. The Allie powers are brewing a large battle into Italy. They put over 800 troops into Italy. The Axis powers tried to put as many troops as they could to defend it. The Axis was defeated and the Allies won. This is looking better for Allies. I think there is hope that Allies can win. There was also a navy battle in the East Mediterranean Sea Zone. The Allies won. This means that the Axis powers have less ships so they can’t move as many troops over sea. The Axis powers are probably furious who know what they are planning. They probably want to get Italy back. There was an Axis victory in Indo China. America didn’t want to lose troops and took the loss. This was probably a smart move because they wanted to keep their troops. The Allies have to make big moves to take back some land. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1944

Another year of war. This is unbelievable. This should have ended years ago. Countries are getting weaker. People are struggling. This needs to stop. The Axis powers are ruthless and are never going to stop. The Axis powers are starting a large battle in the the Netherlands. Will the Allies be able to bring in enough troops. The Axis powers were victorious. Thats another loss for Allies. There is isn’t much more we can loss. America and Great Britain is about all the is left. What are the Allies going to do. While they do everything they can or will they fold under the pressure. Great Britain was very upset about he netherlands being taken over so they are send their troops over there to take it right back. But will they have have enough. They sadly didn’t the Axis powers were victorious again. Abria was taken over by the Axis powers. The Allies are looking defected and losses. The Axis powers are trying to get control of as many countries as the can.  The Axis power took over the Netherlands again. How many troops will be lost in the Netherlands. Its smart for America to move some of their troops to Great Britain so Allies can use those troop more. This war has been dragging on for years now.

 Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1945 

Thank goodness this is the last year of the war. This has dragged on for to long. People can’t take this anymore. Are the Axis powers going to take over the rest of the Allies land. Or can the Allies came together and get their land back. Japan is attacking Alaska and Hawaii. America chose to do nothing to save their troops. Which was a smart strategy because there wasn’t much they could do so they would have just lost the troops. The Axis powers were able to take both over. This is big news the Allies are attacking Belgium. We could get our country back. It might not be over for us! We had lost all hope but maybe in the last year there is a chance. Germany is coming back stronger and with more troops. This is going to be an intense battle. All hope is lost again the Axis powers won. The Allies have be planing something big. But even if they are there isn’t enough time. To finish the war the Allies attacked the navy in the Baltic Sea Zone. The war is over and things are bad for the Allies. It shouldn’t have ended like this. The world is a scary place right now. 

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Japan

Japan 4, 1938 WWII Simulation

Our first plans for the start of the war are to take over NC and SC China and also take the Eastern USSR right off the bat. We want to acquire the closest to us and spread out to eventually get all the land we need. 

Japan 4, 1939

We sent 1500 troops from NE China to NC China and successfully took that over. We also decided to send troops from SE China to SC China and that was also victorious SC China also had help from GB and France and still got defeated. Our goal is also to gain these lands to gain the rubber in Burma because we do not have any ruber and we need rubber to make our Navy the highest possible ranking. We also used our navy to move troops from Japan to Korea to get closer to attacking the Eastern USSR. Our last plan for the year is to send troops from SC China to Burma in order to get their rubber to make us stronger. We completed taking Burma and got our Military ranking to a 10. We now have more materials than we need, so we will share with the other Axis powers to make them stronger also. 

Japan 4,1940

This year we started off by giving 9 rubber to Germany, 6 to Italy, 3 to Romania, 1 to Bulgaria, and 1 to hungary. We decided to take initiative to attack and take over the U.S navy. We planned to take out most of the U.S navy this year and ended up getting it fully completed today because the last of the U.S navy ended up attacking us so our objective with the U.S navy is now completed before 1941. We attacked NW China and were victorious and completed taking over all of China. We plan to take French-Indo China and India and invade Thailand because it is not occupied and gain us more land to get further south to eventually take over and make it to Australia. We were victorious in all of our plans for this year. We moved many of our troops Manchucko to eventually be able to attack the Eastern USSR and take over all of Asia. 

Japan 4,1941

We allied the USSR to join the Axis powers and now our plan moving forward this year is to move south to gain all of the land below us. There is not much defense from anyone that could help them or us through battles so Japan has been undefeated. We advanced this year and gained the Dutch East Indies, we also used our navy to attack and gain Australia. We are now wanting to gain more land for the Axis power so we are using a joint effort between us and the USSR and are planning to take over Iran and continue to keep going west. 

Japan 4,1942

This year we started off by taking over Iraq and Syria with the USSR and that was also victorious. We are still planning to move east as we continue. We completed gaining the Philippines and got the rest of that land. We have been warned that GB and the US navys are trying to take over our navy to try to knock us out. They did decide to try to take our navy over but still came out victorious. We now are planning to take troops from the Dutch East Indies over to eventually get Hawaii. 

Japan 4,1943

Things are starting to slow down. Our navy was attacked in 1942 but we still have some left so we are planning to take over Hawaii and complete our objectives. We are also going to continue to move west and take as much as possible this year just to cover more land. We did accomplish taking Palestine and the Suez Canal and we cannot get any further without a Navy. The USSR let us use their navy and took 20 of our troops over to French North Africa however it got defended and we lost 20 of our troops. We used our navy to move troops from Japan to Alaska and took that over. 

Japan 4,1944

These last two years we do not have much to accomplish. We have a good feeling the Allied navy is trying to take over the last of our navy because the 66 of our navy is the only navy the Axis powers have left so we are planning to make them chase us. The GB navy did attack us so we lost more of our navy but were still victorious. However the United States attacked our Navy and we were defeated so we do not have any navy left. 

Japan 4,1945

This is the last year of the war and we have already completed most of our objectives. The axis powers have a majority of the land and it is seeming to look good. The US did take back Hawaii from us because we were outnumbered and could not get back out to Hawaii to defend. The US and Great Britain invaded part of France and Sweden. The axis powers are losing lots of land this year. We are thinking maybe the US and GB are going to attack Finland so we moved troops to Finland and to the coast in China in case there would be any sort of attack on us from the Navy. They did end up taking over Finland and many troops lost from Japan and the USSR. The allied powers are slowly gaining more land but the war is almost over and axis powers seem to still to end well and have a majority of the land. The war was an Axis victory!

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Soviet Union

U.S.S.R. 2 1939 WWII Simulation

After looking over our objectives we decided to take control of Poland P2 which was one of our objectives. While we took P2, Germany took P1 which might not be good for us. We need to be careful of what Germany is planning because they might want to take us over now. If they invade us we will have to join the allies for more support, and make sure to plan accordingly to where to put our troops. Our army is not strong so we will have to get more resources from other countries to allow us to make our army stronger.

U.S.S.R. 2 1940

On day 2 we attacked Finland with 750 troops versus 250 and we lost. One of our objectives was to take over Finland, but they were able to defeat us with a lot less troops. We are still waiting for Germany to attack us and trying to put our troops in the right place. It will be hard for us to take over any land because our army is weak. We have a better advantage of defending against attacks because of our geographical advantage over the other countries. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1941

In 1941 we were still concerned about Germany and Japan. We know that both of these countries want to attack us, and this is part of their objectives. We are going to attack 3 small countries because it is part of their objectives. We want to take over land owned by Egypt because there are resources there. Great Britain has troops down there, and we are still neutral. We are considering joining the axis powers if Germany doesn’t attack us. We want to get resources from Japan because they are gaining a lot in their battles. If we convince them to give some of their resources, the army will get stronger.  

U.S.S.R. 2 1942

In 1942 we joined the axis powers. The reason we joined the axis powers is because Germany didn’t attack us. Another reason for our thinking is if we help them, then Germany won’t attack us. We know we wouldn’t be able to defend against Germany. One of our objectives was to take over Finland, which we were able to do. They were weak from a war against Germany so we were able to defeat them. With us taking over most of the coast it will be hard for the allies to bring enough troops to take over what they have lost. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1943

Since we joined the allies we attacked Iran because Great Britain only had 50 troops in there. Our reason to attack this was because there were resources we could use there. We started to move our troops to help Germany, but didn’t move many because Germany still might attack us. Just to be cautious we wanted to be prepared for Germany to backstab us at any point. We have been able to take over a lot of land because the allied troops are spread out. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1944

Our plan in 1944 was to take over Alaska and Hawaii with Japan. The United States doesn’t have many troops over there, and it focuses all of their attention in the north sea zone. We have taken over Sweden but Norway because there are some American troops in there. We won’t be able to take over Norway because we don’t have enough troops to take down the American troops. Our plan is to continue to keep taking over land towards Egypt. There are no troops there to stop us so all of the land will be ours. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1945

In 1945 we are planning on getting attacked by America. We don’t know where America is going so we put troops in areas where we think they might attack us. We moved troops to P1 of Poland to help Germany out because their troops are low. With this being the last year of war they can’t do much to gain back more territory from them. Great Britain tried to take over Denmark, but we were able to help defend by sending our navy with troops.

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Germany

1938 – Hitler and Moussilini are incredibly powerful as they have allied with each other. Stalin has created a pact with Hitler as well so they do not fight each other. Us and Great Britian need to be patient as to wait for the U.S. to fortify eventually. As soon as we have waited successfully we will try to penetrate Germany. Right now, we need to stand our ground. We need to attain as many allies as we can to strategically weave through the German ideology. The Soviet Union will be at their heels as well. We will need to be strong, and knowing Germany, they will stop at nothing to try and take over any land. 

1939 – During this time, the Italian try to negotiate a Treaty in which they can take North East Africa as long as they do not fight the Allies. This was discussed with us, France. We should’ve taken the deal because now he may try to attack the French. Germany invaded P1 in Poland. Poland was incredibly vulnerable considering the Soviets are Nuetral at this point, so they can’t help out the Polish. At this point, the Axis were attacking everything, but maybe not what the Allies expected them to attack. Japan attacked the Dutch East Indies, which was where some of our rubber came from. Germany decided to attack the other side of Poland as well, P2. Japan attacked French Indo Africa as well. 

1940 – We are under attack! The Germans and Italian attacked us and took a lot of casualties. Italy is still being stubborn but hopefully we can ally with them soon. They should ally with us once we figure out how to weaken the Germans. The Americans are still thinking about joining, but they haven’t been attacked yet. Japan is very strong so we need to find a way to rely on the U.S. to eventually join. At this time, this was Japan’s chance to attack and try to take down China. The Slovakian troops came and fortified the Chinese so it made it harder for the Japanese to penetrate the mainland, but they still did significant damage.

1941 – It was now the Soviet’s turn to make moves. First, they took Manchukuo with an incredible amount of troops. With a low army rating, against the Japanese, they would suffer several several casualties. Then they made their way around Japan to their countries that were undefended and vulnerable. They eventually will try and take more, but its tough against the strong Japanese. The British needs to take the border countries of Egypt, Arabia, etc. The USSR wanted to expand their land, so they attacked Finland. Germany decided they needed to get the Soviets back. They decided to invade Romania, and eventually took it. 

1942 – Albania and Greece were on Italy’s mind during 1942. They wanted to go from the ground up, taking small countries. They took Yugoslavia momentarily. Bulgaria came and helped them out. Germany invaded Denmark as well. The British stunned Germany so they couldn’t fortify and Latvia stunned Germany. The allies moved 1 of Lithuania’s troop to East Prussia to take the territory. The we stunned the German’s mainland so no fortifications as well. China then stunned India so they couldn’t reinforce their fierce Japanese troops. China did the same thing to South Central China as well there Japan had previously invaded. The Netherlands took their troop and attained the West Pecific region of Japan as well. The USA grabbed Burma later, which has most all the rubber in the simulation. 

1943 – At this point, Germany seems to be the most passive country in the Simulation, which is incredibly stupid on Germany’s part. Another dabocle that took place was that Italy was still irritated with the French because they had not accepted their deal they had given the French. They soon attacked the border country of French North Africa, and tried to take the land the French had denied the Italian in their dead deal. The British came in and reinforced, preventing the Italian to take over the land. Italy was pretty much a one man show, and barely had any other troop anywhere else besides their mainland. This was also the year Japan was required in their objectives to attack the U.S. This was great news to the allies because they knew the Americans would join us if their were attacked by the Axis. This was such a good sign for the allies because the Americans were incredibly strong. They were the only country that could mobilize their troops, so eventually, they moved their troop into France through their allied Navies: Great Britian, us(France), and even the Netherlands.  

1944 – This year, Hawaii, the small territory which the Japanese had taken over momentarily, needed to be taken back the U.S., according to the Prime Minister. They  won with a slight edge of 8 to spare. On the other side of the map, the Allies planned an attack to take back Belgium. We first stunned Germany so they were unable to reinforce. There was other stunning going on as well so the allies could fully prevent the Axis from reinforcing anything. We figured that we’d take the American troops that we had in France, which were shipped from the U.S. with the allied Navies, to Belgium accompanying the British and French attacking troop. The Nazis were incredibly outnumbers, having not even 1000 troops to defend. We sent everything we had, and soon enough, we had take Belgium back.  

1945 – This last year, the was a lot of fortifications, and switching sides. First, the Italians decided they should join the allies, because there was nothing for them with the Axis. There was a lot of trading in between battles. First off, the allies took everything they had to Belgium. They stacked everything up, awaiting the stunning, and readiness of the rest of the allies. Soon almost every ally besides the Soviets were making their way into the mainland of Germany. The allies designed the attack to minimalize the German strength. This did that exaxct trick, creating an insane German decrease in troops. An incredible amount of casualties, and the only thing left in the large battler was barely any Germans left. The Axis decided they wanted a little more land before resigning from the turn, so they took small portion of the Eastern Soviet land before refraining from any other war. This ended the turn, and the simulation altogether. World War 2 Simulation

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria



Hungary has an alliance with Germany however we do not wish to be a part of the fighting. We will do our best to stay neutral until it is necessary to aid our allies.


Rumania pledges its allegiance to Germany and its allies. We will do everything in our power to assist Germany. We would give our lives for her. This truly is going to be a war for vengeance. We as a people and as a country cannot wait for the fighting to begin.


Bulgaria wishes to remain neutral, we do not wish to partake in the fighting in Europe. We are too weak to fight anyone on our own and it could lead to our destruction. We will play conservatively and will not join the fighting right away if possible



We are watching as the Russians invade Rumania there is nothing we can do but sit by and watch. We do not wish to fall to the wrath of the allies or the Russians. So long to our friends and allies the Rumanians. We will remember them in the future 


The Russians have invaded. There is nothing we can do. We have done everything possible to defend but they have reached the capitol with over 1000 troops. We did everything we could to defend the Germans and to help our allies but with them being so far away we could not be defended. Our country has fallen and is under Russain control. 


We are Attacked! We have been attacked by the Russians just like the Rumanians. However we fared much better. We must declare our allegiance to the Axis if we hope to survive another attack. We feel awful for not being able to help defend our neighboring country. The hope is that we can regain the territory for ourselves and our allies.



We still do not believe that there is a warrant for us to join any side at the moment. Germany is not in need of our support and we have not been attacked. For now we release our resources to Germany and her allies. This war seems to have no end in Sight. Truly a miserable war.


We have been reinforced by Germany. We Plan to play defensively as long as possible in hopes of keeping our country alive. There is little hope in an offensive attack so for now we wait for our time to strike. We have not forgotten the attack by Russia. It is still fresh in our minds.



We have declared our allegiance with Germany and plan to fight for the recovery of Rumania from the Russians. The fight will be legendary and there is no way we can lose. The Hungarians with the Germans will be unstoppable. We will also call upon the assistance of the Bulgarian government to aid us with troops as well. Victory for Hungary! The Japanese have attacked the United States and they have joined the war on the side of the Allies. I doubt it will have any affect on us in the Balkans!


We are fighting along side the axis on the front lines, I never thought our troops would be pushing into enemy territory. We want to stick it to the Russians for attacking us in 1939 and with this victory we will do just that. Also conquering Rumania back will give us the resources we need to fuel our armies! Yugoslavia is on our radar for capture and with this upgrade to our army will conquer it.



We called upon our Allies in Italy to help with the conquer of yugoslovia but received no answer. They were much to busy with the take over of Greece and Albania. We failed our invasion. We will regroup and with help hope to retake Yugoslavia.


Hungary and us pushed into Yugoslavia with 500 strong but we were barely overpowered. If the italians had not been busy in the lower balkans we would have received more help and victory would have been achievable. However we believe if we are to strike once more the balkans will be completely under the control of the Axis powers.



Our second strike to yugoslavia has conquered the lands. We are victorious. I knew with the help of the Italians we could conquer that land and keep it for ourselves. The Italians had been attacked in Africa and lost some territory and asked if we would be willing to lend assistance in the future. Which we begrudgingly agreed to do so. With so few troops left in our territories however I don’t see how we could be much help.


We took Yugoslavia as planned. It was a victory our troops needed, with this moral boost we offered to retake Africa with Italy. They lost the territory and we planned to retake it for them. With Yugoslavia under our belt we now owned territories we hadn’t previously dreamed of. Things look prosperous from here. Word is the Japanese are taking losses in the Eastern front. We need their resources for our armies, best of luck to them!



We are just waiting for someone to strike, the Italians have called off the invasion of Egypt for another year at least. The allies are not advancing and neither are the Axis. For now we wait in hopes to crush the allies.


Waiting is all we have been doing. The allies are no longer attacking, I wonder what they are plotting… It could be anything, I’ve warned Italy of an Impending attack from the forces in France. They seem very worried and so am I. If their border falls it could mean the End for Germany.



Finally the advancements we have been waiting for. The sheer number of invasions can only mean we are winning. The Germans with our assistance took Ukraine from Russia. We also assisted the Italians with the taking of Egypt in Africa however our troops are beat and need a break. We watched from the sidelines as our allies took Finland, Norway, Northern Russia, & Belarus. Then it happened. The Germans abandoned us and the Italians. This pushed the Italians to the edge and they switched sides! We had no choice but to do the same to protect our country. The allies took Austria and with no way to get reinforcements we had to switch. With over 1000 troops on our borders it was the best course of action.


War takes place across all of Europe. Many countries fell to the might of the Germans. We assisted in the fall of Ukraine and Egypt on our own home fronts. Much of Russia began to fall as well. Germany was unstoppable they took lots of land and kept advancing! Then out of nowhere, Italy and Hungary Switched Sides! Then the Allies make a massive push into the heart of Germany! The Germans fended off an Invasion of 5000 troops! Truly remarkable, and right after they marched into Moscow! With the stronghold that is Japan, which still contained a large number of troops who can push from behind, this can only mean the absolute fall of Russia. Victory is ours! With Russia out of the picture it can only mean the fall of the Allies soon after. WW2 will soon come to an end. World War II Simulation

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

Great Britain 8 1938

I believe that tomorrow is going to be the beginning for most countries but also the end for some.  I believe that initially Germany will instantly invade Poland and take as much as they can. My strategy going into the conflict is to use our incredible amount of surplus of resources to both help allies and try to gain new ones. We will use resources to help France  and try to get the U.S. on our side. We are going to use our strong army and amazing navy to both defend and attack countries that defy the allies in the war. We will work to tak out the Nazi and maybe get the help of the Soviet Union.

Great Britain 8 1939

With the start of the war as we guessed Germany instantly took the capital of Poland. Unfortunately we couldn’t do much to help Poland defend them. Initially I decided we needed to push into Norway and cutoff that land from Germany so that they couldn’t push up and attempt to surround us. We also needed to stop the onslaught of Japan pushing west. The only way we can successfully defend is with the help of the Soviet Union and possibly the United States. Our current plan is to do as much as we can to gain the help of the U.S.S.R. and the United States to help defend off the Nazi army.

Great Britain 8 1940

Lots of negotiating is taking place with the start of 1940. Thankfully the Soviets finally joined the allies along with Yugoslavia and Sweden. With an amazing show of France’s defensive strength against a massive Italian army aided by German forces, Italy may be considering flipping sides. I am still working on getting them to flip and I also am working to get Bulgaria and Hungary to see that staying with the axis is hopeless. I believe that the Germans will soon push into France and take as much land as they could.

Great Britain 8 1941

With continuation of negotiation Italy and now Hungary are really thinking about flipping sides. I believe that Japan is soon going to make a big push for the U.S. seeing that they took Hawaii. Allowing the U.S. to mobilize their troops and side with the allies. Our current plan for coming years is to continue reinforcing the two fronts of France to protect from a full scale attack. We also are going to try and utilize our navy forces to bring more and more troops all throughout allied lands. We also hope the Soviets will help push west and slowly weaken the Germans. The next few years will be all about reinforcing as much as possible.

Great Britain 8 1942

Our plans for this year is to take the empty lands and get American forces to France to help against the Nazi army. With lots of strategic moves and help from allies we managed to push into the Netherlands, East Prussia, and we took back Burma from the Japanese. We are constantly moving troops with our navy and we are still working to convince Italy to join the allies. We get closer by the second. We think that if the Soviets push west and France, Great Britain, and the U.S. all push east to weaken Germany we will be set to win the war.

Great Britain 8 1943

1943 was a bit of a slow year on both sides. Our plan going into the year was to build up large numbers of troops to take regions back that we originally lost. Using the U.S. troops we strengthened France’s power and numbers. We have a massive naval fleet constantly moving more and more troops from the United States into France. Japan is still pushing west so we have teamed up with the Soviet Union to build up forces in Iran to hopefully at some point within the next two years push back into China and weaken Japan. Unfortunately convincing Italy to join the allies came to a halt. They weren’t convinced they had a better chance if they flipped over to the allies. As a consequence when they decided they wanted to take French North Africa we stepped in to help a small and outnumbered French army. We defended against the Italians and pushed into Libya and kept pushing our armies east to enforce Iran. Next year we are going to hopefully take back both China and Belgium. We will work to eventually take out the Axis.

Great Britain 8 1944

This year we made our move to Belgium. We have reinforced and we will push back into Belgium. With a fairly easy win our next objective is to build up our armies to defend against any other attacks and we will try to push back into China and face Japan. The United States also took back Hawaii and now with a small naval fleet that includes Dutch, American, and British boats we will try to push back against Japan and take back the lands with a mass of resources by surrounding them. This year was a success for the allies and we have scared the Axis more than ever.

Great Britain 8 1945 

With the end of the war in sight our plan is to make our push for Germany’s capital and we threatened Italy to join the allies with a mass army that would push into the Italian capital. Italy had to make the move to flip sides to ensure their safety. Which allowed us to put all of our attention on Germany. They ended up barely defending their capital even while being outnumbered they survived with almost no troops left. After the loss they pushed east to take as much land as possible from the Soviets and all we could do was reinforce as much as we could. With the end of the war Great Britain had done all that they could to assist the allies with all conflicts. If we had more time I think we could eventually push farther east and use the numbers from the United States to wipe out the Germans. World War II Simulation

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: Soviet Union

USSR 1938

Talk about straddling the middle! First, I spoke with the Axis leaders, then the Allied, and both make appealing cases for joining their sides. However, both come with their difficulties. Joining the Axis is only possible if they allow me to take Rumania and Finland, and I doubt the Germans want me to have a monopoly on the oil in Europe, plus I don’t fully trust them. On the other hand, I can’t help the Allies against Germany until I’m attacked by Germany, and going to war with Japan will be risky if they get their hands on the southern colonies to increase their rating. At least the Germans have agreed to not supply the Finns when I attack, though I’m still going to use an overwhelming force in case they break the agreement, which wouldn’t surprise me. I am pleased with my foreign minister, we see eye-to-eye on many foreign policy decisions, and he has some helpful input as well. It also seems that Germany may be supplying Finland against our agreement, so we could use that to persuade them to give us Romania.

USSR 1939

I didn’t do much this year, I spent most of my time positioning forces, however we did manage to take P2, and we should be in position to take Finland soon. The Axis Powers appear to be doing better, so perhaps we’ll join them. We have also reached an agreement with the Swedes to transfer 15 of their 17 surplus iron ore to us in exchange for one coal and one oil to improve both of our ratings. I am still having talks with both the Axis and the Allies, the Axis can offer me a greater chance of victory at the moment, but the Allies can offer me resources and are less likely to stab me in the back. But right now, my foreign minister and I are listening to our national anthem as we watch mayhem unfold. This is going to be interesting either way.

USSR 1940

This year wasn’t executed very well on my part. It started off well, with us coming to an agreement with the Germans that I would take Romania for my victory conditions and give them the oil, as well as join the Axis. That went off without a hitch, unfortunately I was unable to join the Axis, and my turn ran out before I could move to take Finland, which will be a job for 1941. Knowing that joining the Allies would be inevitable, I decided it would be better to join them now rather than wait for a German attack, which would throw a wrench in the Axis plans. (I also think Ribbentrop is secretly the one running Germany). Hopefully I’ll still be able to take Finland.

USSR 1941

Victory hinges on one thing: America joining the war. They cannot do this until they’re attacked, which means we have to provoke the Japanese into attacking them. I have been scheming with my allies to make this happen. We have several options: send American troops into crucial zones like F1 and Burma on ‘training exercises’ or ‘courtesy visits’ and have them fight if the zone is attacked by the Axis. If the Axis refuse, that’s great because we still have those zones and don’t even need to defend them unless the Axis want the US in the war. Another thing we can do is move the US Pacific Fleet into the Western Pacific, right next to Japan, put troops in the Philippines, and play chicken with the Japanese. The Germans will inevitably take Rumania and will likely support Finland when I attack. I plan to still go for Finland, but I may move my troops out of Rumania to fight another day. I should also be able to hit Manchukuo and hopefully divert the Japanese from Burma with my Siberian troops. Hopefully that goes well. Update: Well, we got Finland and the Baltics, though we lost Rumania, but managed to pull the rug out from under the Japanese by taking most of their iron and some of their coal in Manchukuo and Korea, in addition to severely weakening their army. I am happy, as although we lost Rumania, we took light casualties in Finland, and will be able to repel whatever forces the Germans can spare to attack us with.

USSR 1942

This year greatly improved our chances of victory. The Soviet Union did little more than tie down German troops in the east and reinforce the British in Iran, but we helped with the strategy. The British Prime Minister is a great ally to have, and together we have led our alliance to attaining a great position for the next round. The Japanese also made the unwise choice of attacking the US. Now, I can understand that it might be one of their victory conditions, but they could have taken what they needed in 1945 against a very weak US, but instead the US is now gearing up for war to help us, and is already sending us resources. My opinion is that we should secure the Middle East and reinforce France in 1943, then push the Germans out of Belgium in 1944 while I move my forces to Belarus to attack P2. Meanwhile, the British and Americans should build up forces in Australia to hit the Dutch East Indies and weaken the Axis’ rubber supply before invading the mainland via the DEI’s connection with Thailand.

USSR 1943

This year was good, I held my positions and received more resources from the Americans. My western troops have more than doubled in rating since the beginning of the game, and I am confident that they can fight off the German troops currently on my border. Meanwhile, I am assisting my Alliance in planning other maneuvers. We have all agreed that taking back the rubber in Burma or the Dutch East Indies is of the highest priority, with making a move against Germany with the troops in F1 coming in second. I wasn’t pleased to lose East Prussia after briefly conquering it, but the territory is of little use or value for the moment. The securing of Africa by conquering Egypt took a lot of stress off me as well, as I was worried about the Italians taking the Suez Canal. I just hope my Siberian troops can hold off the Japanese in the Far East.

USSR 1944

This was the most boring and anticlimactic year so far. The US retook Hawaii and the WAllies took Belgium at a great cost, but other than that we are simply waiting for the Americans to build up a big enough army for us to take down the Germans. The Germans will not be invading the Soviet Union it would appear, but I’m not moving my troops back. Hopefully in 1945 I will be able to launch offensives with my troops in China in coordination with the armies in Iran. The goal is to retake Burma and give our troops better ratings. This is a fairly short entry because there was really nothing to journal about, hopefully 1945 will be more interesting.

USSR 1945

As a result of having an army meant to take over France and the Soviet Union without the Siberian troops, the Germans pushed into the Soviet Union and destroyed our armies while the Siberians were holding the Japanese at bay. As a result of Allied failure in the Pacific, if I had withdrawn those troops I would have lost there too. Overall, compared to Period 3’s map, I feel great about my situation, the Soviet Union is still intact and Germany’s army was shattered taking Central. I was also close to retaking Finland and Norway before the Italians and map glitches killed all of my time. World War 2 Simulation