WWII Simulation

WWII Student Journals: Poland and The Netherlands

1939: Poland 2 WWII Simulation

Though Poland’s efforts to stay strong with the support of Great Britain and France, our reinforcements couldn’t get to us in time for Germany to attack and take over. Our hopes are that we can gain Russia’s support to get Poland out of control of Germany. Our reasoning to Russia to back us up is that if they mobilize troops to Poland, a two-front war could possibly break out, putting Germany at a weak spot. 

1939: The Netherlands 2

The Netherlands were given their reinforcements so we have solid protection against any other outside forces and threats that will soon appear in the future. Now, all we need is our resources. We found that the Dutch East Indies have all the resources they will need. Upon gaining these resources, we will disperse them from The Netherlands to Poland, strengthening us again. 

1940: Poland 2

The resources in the Dutch East Indies have fallen into the hands of the Axis powers. Great Britain is now attacking Germany. Poland and Russia are drawn into this attack as Russia has attacked and taken control of one piece of Poland and Russia is in control of the other. France has just attacked Libya. People are just continuing their conquest to conquer more and more lands. I feel that people are thinking more about conquering more than they are focusing on gaining resources. We also aren’t seeing many new alliances forming, lots of people are sticking with their roots. Axis Powers have seen the most victory throughout this year. Allied victories are sometimes present, but not as common as the Axis. The Allies did see victory in a naval battle against Italy. 

1940: The Netherlands 2

Japan’s navy attacked the Dutch East Indies which we are guaranteed for our resources.  We were being defended by Great Britain, and they helped us defend ourselves against. However, the axis powers were victorious. Now that the Dutch East Indies have fallen, we need to find a new way to gain our resources. We know that Japan is a force to reckon with, and they are very strong. We need to steer clear of further attacks on the Netherlands that could come to action here soon. 

1941: Poland 2

Italy has just taken over a part of France. Japan attacks the United States, causing them to come out of Neutrality and join the Allies. This will strengthen the Allies greatly as we need America’s strong technology and forces. They will hopefully lead the Allies to put a stop to the Axis powers and put a stop to Hitler’s conquests. Germany moved troops from Belgium to France. Though the United States attempted to interfere and provide support, it wasn’t enough for the strong Axis Powers. Japan is continuing to take over China piece by piece, which is seeming quite successful for them. The Allies are attempting to take back Norway at this time. The Allies succeeded in this, which is a very great victory for them as now their Navy can mobilize as they were stuck in the Baltic. 

1941: The Netherlands 2

We know that we have to surrender once Germany comes to attack, and they are coming soon. They are continuing to mobilize closer and closer to the Netherlands which is becoming quite alarming. We have no choice other than to give in to the Axis Powers, which will strengthen them even further than they already are. We want to get our Navy out of the blockage, so by gaining Norway back, we have strength through the seas. As long as we have enough troops, Germany will not be able to get to support Norway. 

1942: Poland 2

It is a new year of war, and Russia has been gained control of by the Axis Powers. Hope of gaining Poland back is lost, there is no possible way to get through Germany safely to gain our country back. Germany is attacking France, and were victorious. The Allies are becoming weaker and weaker and it seems like nothing they do can bring them back up. Even if we started gaining land back, our military strength is no match for Japan and the strong Axis Powers. Finland has fallen to the axis powers, yet another country falling into the hands of the Axis Powers. It appears that their next goal is to gain control of the Philippines, which is an extreme setback to our resources. The United States is getting the majority of their resources from the Philippines, and if they fall to Axis, the Allies are basically cut off. 

1942: The Netherlands 2

Now that we have Norway back, we are at more of an advantage as our navy troops are free from the Baltic where they were trapped. We have a few strategic ideas that we can go for. Southeast China has no backup, it appears. However, Japan could possibly get their navy to back up Southeast China and possibly defeat us since they are only one sea zone away. Another possible solution would be to attack Thailand. We are beginning to feel hopeless and are looking for any possible ideas that could strengthen the Allies. 

1943: Poland 2

The Allies are attacking Italy. They have put in quite a good number into Italy, but time will only tell if the Axis powers are able to provide enough support to defend against the Allies. The success of the Axis powers is becoming quite alarming as they keep conquering lands. A success by the Allies seems out of reach. However, in this battle of Italy, the Allies were successful. This is a great step forward for the Allies. Will they be able to keep pulling off victories? After the Allies are defeating more Axis troops, how will the Axis powers react when it is their turn for war? Japan has taken out US troops in French IndoChina, which will hurt our resources immensely. 

1943: The Netherlands 2

We believe that as the Allied powers, our next move should be to attack Italy. Another goal we have is to gain back France, as they don’t pose much of a threat troop wise. We could get enough troops to overpower France. However, we decided that Italy is going to be our first move of attack in attempts to gain more land back. The United States and France could attack Italy and easily win. We were successful in taking over Italy, and now we are going to work for a naval battle against Russia. 

1944: Poland 2

Japan now has control of mostly everything in Southeast Asia. And now, Germany is beginning their attempts to gain back control of Italy. This is frustrating for the Allies because they have no options to defend themselves. Germany is now trying to attack the Netherlands. It appears that the Netherlands can possibly gain their territory back, but only time will tell. The attempts for support to the Netherlands failed, and the Axis powers were victorious yet again. As time goes on throughout this year all that is happening is more victory by the Axis. 

1944: The Netherlands 2

Germany is coming for us. However, we have the United States to help us out and provide support. We definitely need it. If we don’t have enough support, and we can’t be saved by the United States, then we have no other option but to surrender to the Axis Powers. We have now fallen to the Axis powers. Though we have no control over our country, we still have our navy. Great Britain is coming to our aid. They are going to try and fight Germany to win us back. This plan, though thoughtful, failed. Our hope lies in our navies at this point. We are still putting hope into saving the Netherlands. After we get the Netherlands back, the US can bring more troops in and we can work our way into Germany. By placing some troops into Norway, it’ll only help us have reinforcements in the future. 

1945: Poland 2

Hawaii and Alaska now belong to the Axis Powers. It is unsure at this time if the Allied powers will be able to even keep America out of their reach. There aren’t any options left for the Allies. Any move that they make at this point won’t change the outcome of the war. Great Britain and the United States are going to attack Belgium. Will the Allies see a victory? Though they may not be able to win the war, can they pull through and finish strong? It’s hard to tell at this point. They are reaching yet again for another small battle. There is a strong chance that the Allies can take Denmark. It is more likely than the Belgium attack. However, the odds were not in the Allies favor. There seems to be nothing more that we can do. Now, it’s axis war, and all the Allies can do is wait.

1945: The Netherlands 2 

Hawaii is being attacked by Japan. However, there is nothing that we can do, because our troops will be demolished. Defeat is basically inevitable, but if they gain control of Hawaii, they can move into western United States, which is an alarming situation. The worst case scenario right now would be the United States being taken by Japan. We wish we could get Norway, but seeing that there is little to no more time for war, this won’t be beneficial to our success. At this point, we are just trying to do anything we can, which at this point, is attacking Belgium. However, Germany is reinforcing strongly. It’s a safe bet that we won’t even be able to succeed in this small battle. Great Britain is moving to attack Denmark. Attacking Germany would be beneficial if we saw success. However, it is essentially suicide. Denmark was a failure, and we have no hope left.