WWII Simulation

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Soviet Union

USSR, 4, 1939 WWII Simulation

We can sense the distress around us as the world has split once again. The Axis powers pose a true threat to the wellbeing of our world. Their armies are powerful and merciless. They have already invaded all of Poland this year. Which puts a rut in our plans to invade P2 of Poland. We thought of attacking back but decided not to due to the loss of troops we would have and the official treaty with Germany being broken. We have given Germany oil resources in hopes to keep the peace. We expect an attack from Germany soon though, knowing that they want to spread their territory as wide as possible.

USSR, 4, 1940

Our earliest move was attacking Finland. We were unsuccessful in taking over and lost many troops. I wish our armies were more powerful but it is hard to conquer and grow when our resources are low. We still await Germany’s attack. We plan on taking Finland again and eventually, try to take Rumania. Poland is a dream invasion considering how strong Germany is growing. But the resources they provide would be an improvement to our armies. We have just attacked Estonia with one troop. There are no resources but we could use the land.

USSR, 4, 1941

We have joined the Axis Powers. We believe that their strength will help us and protect us. The Allied Powers seem to be losing more land by the day. I understand that we can only help so much with our weak troops but we plan to help transport and take over in North West Europe. We have successfully invaded Finland and plan to overtake Sweden and Norway with the Allies worried about German forces. The Axis powers have asked us to move our navy and together we plan to take over the Southern resources.

USSR, 4, 1942

The Axis Powers are successfully taking over the Middle East and plan to move to Africa. The USSR has successfully taken all Northern Europe. I worry though that the Allies will have a sudden burst of power. But they have hardly made any dents in the war against us and seem to refuse to move.

USSR, 4, 1943

This year the Allies decided to start moving. They also have lost all of France this year to the Axis powers. We are thankful that we have closed off the Allies’ way through the Southern Canals near Egypt. This helps us with not getting attacked because the Allies can’t use their navy. We actually unknowingly did this but I’m glad that it happened this way. The thing that stresses me out the most is the US and Britain’s interest in Norway and Sweden which he had taken a few years ago. Because of their grasp on Norway it could be easy for them to move Westward and take part of the USSR. We’re hoping that Japan will send their troops in time to help aid us against the Allies.

USSR, 4, 1944

There wasn’t much war movement for us this year. We have moved are forced further North to help defend against the uncoming Allies. Japan troops are growing close. We await the Allie’s attack on our country and plan to defend. I am hoping that this war ends soon. I believe the Axis power’s armies are stretched far. And even with our amount of land owned, I fear the US and Great Britain could still prevail with the right moves. The main thing that the Axis Powers could truly use at this point would be a strong navy. But unfortunely we lack that except for Japan. Our country cannot take much more of this fighting. We are stretching our troops far enough already.

USSR, 4, 1945

My biggest fear for this comming year is an Eastern invasion from the Allies. Their navy is strong enough to transfer armies over to Norway and Sweden. We still have not taken back Norway. We plan to stand our ground and keep Sweden, we cannot afford attacking the Allies with our weak armies. I hope Japan comes soon to our defense. Japan has lost Hawaii, which isn’t a huge loss and doesn’t truly affect us, but still, the Allies are trying to instill fear. The Allies have taken back Norway, Sweden and Finland. Japan’s troops have defended us but still have failed to keep us safe. Our armies are demolished. I now pray that we can make it through this year with our country still intact. The war is over! And the USSR is still entact. We couldn’t be more realived. I hope that this is the end of these great wars. Our country needs to recover.