World War I Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 5

World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire 5 1913

The world is about to break out into a huge world war! The Archduke was murdered and the whole world has their opinion about it. Knowing it was the wrong thing to do, I am in alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany. We have our troops mobilized and are ready to go. Our strategy is mainly to be loyal to our alliance and keep the lines for communication open. We want to help them in any way so that they will help us.

Ottoman Empire 5 1914

Today Bulgaria was attacked by Russia and Serbia. I couldn’t let the Allied Powers gain that country because then there would be no way for me to get to the rest of my alliances. My only choice was to help them defend their territory, so that’s what I did. We sent troops to help them and we won! This was a loss we didn’t want to have to deal with so early in the war, but we made it work. Also by doing this, Bulgaria allied with us and because of that, I had a window in to the rest of the war. After that attack there was kind of a stand-still with the war, everyone focused their energies on strategizing and making a plan for the next year. We were planning on sending Russia to attack Germany the next year.

Ottoman Empire 1915

This was the year, Germany attacked Russia… and took part of it! We thought of this as a great success, but we knew that now our empire would be under attack. We were preparing for a war in our O2, so we moved more troops over there. This also caused the Allied Powers to get a little on edge, so they moved a lot of their troops around in order to have a better chance on attacking in 1916.

Ottoman Empire 1916

As and allied group, we decided to do more movement and not focus on war. We want to be prepared for whatever the Allies are going to throw our way We got attacked by Russia in our O2, even though they had more troops, ours were stronger and we were victorious! However, right after the war was over, we got attacked in our O1 by Great Britain, Italy, and France. This battle was a bigger deal for us, but we still managed to pull through! I was so proud of our troops and how well they fought and worked together. We didn’t completely do it on our own though, Bulgaria came and helped us, repaying the favor from earlier in the war.

Ottoman Empire 1917

This has been a big year for the Central Alliance! We watched as the others in our alliance attacked Serbia and won! We cheered from afar and asked them how else we could help and what else we could/should attack. We watched them fight a big battle in Belgium. It was a close one, but they managed to pull it out. Then, on top of that Germany went into France and took their F1! Their capital! We also supported our alliance in their attack on Montenegro which was a success. And then it was our turn. Along with Bulgaria, we attacked Romania and took control of that country. It was a great way to make the Allied Powers sweat a little.

Ottoman Empire 1918

This year the Central Powers attacked Italy. First we attacked their capital in order to try and take control, but the Allies succeeded in that attack and we lost. But, that didn’t deter us, we then attacked the lower part of Italy and took control. If the war had lasted longer, we may have been able to take control of all of it. The Allies took back Serbia and then we took it back again. We basically allowed the Allies to take back France. We didn’t think it was worth more bloodshed. Also, we were attacked and Great Britain took our capitol. It was a tough loss, but we had no notice of attack before it was too late. The good news is the war is over and the bloodshed is over for everyone.