World War I Simulation Student Journal: Italy 3

World War I Simulation

Italy 2 1913

Today is the orientation day for the simulation. I am the foreign minister, which means that I have to communicate and negotiate with other countries. Today as Italy we have made two secret alliances with France and the Ottoman Empire. The objectives that we have to complete so far are on time. My president and I will do everything that it takes to complete all of our objectives. Next year may be a little tricky, but we will make it through. France and I need to make a plan so we can succeed together.

Italy 3 1914

Breaking News! Austria Hungary’s archduke has been murdered! The  Serbian Nationalist group “The Blackhand” is taking credit for the killing of him. War will break out, but no one is sure what exactly will happen because of the allies. What exactly will happen? As Italy our plan is to stay neutral until 1915. We would also like to retain our original territory. We made quite a few alliances today with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Great Britain. We don’t know if we will go with the Central Powers or Allied Powers, because we have to stay neutral until next year.

Italy 3 1915

Today Italy has decided to join the Allied Powers! Even though we have alliances with Germany and Austria-Hungary we are going to start moving in on them so we can gain our territory back from them.

Italy moved into Tyrol of Austria-Hungary. Austria- Hungary lost a good amount of troops. Italy was planning on a good win. We moved 1500 to the zone that we wanted. Austria-Hungary had only 1024 troops in the zone, but they had a slightly better rating than us. We tried very hard, but we ended up losing. We made a good attempt to get our territory back. Thinking back now it wasn’t a very good idea for us to do that. We should’ve waited until we had more troops and we should’ve thought it out a little better. We have allied with Serbia and we are making plans with them to move in on Austria Hungary.

Italy 3 1916

Now is the perfect time for Italy to take our territory back in Austria-Hungary. Austria has tried to attack the Northern Parts of Italy, we have maintained our land, but not by much. Through the president and I working together we have been able to hold onto our territory. This will go towards many objectives that we have to maintain.  We only have a few objectives left to reach. Things are starting to tricky with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Italy and Serbia worked together to take Triste from Austria-Hungary. This was one of our objectives.  We may lose it again, since we do not have the troops to back it up. Germany tried to take Triste back, but it was not successful. They lost, but not by much. Now we just need Tyrol. We have already made an attempt to get this back.

Italy 3 1917

Russia and Great Britain tried to help France get their territory back. Russia and Great Britain took out a good number of Germany’s forces. France still hasn’t gotten their lands back. Germany and Austria Hungary just moved 2000 troops into   Italy. Italy only has 1400 troops. We should have thought this through more. We are not prepared for this at all. Our mistake was moving our 22 troops from Triste to Italy’s capital. We should have just left them because then maybe someone would have helped Italy.

Italy 3 1918

Italy is not fully out of the game. Even thought we lost half of Italy we still have half left. I don’t think anyone is going to bring Italy back. The United States helped take Frances Capitol back. It is the last day of the war and I do not think that anyone will bring Italy back. No one is really able to bring us back. Central Powers just barely won WWI. Italy has a tiny army, but we still have all of our Navy. We were able to attempt and reach all of our objectives. We maintained our original territory up until 1917. We wish that we would planned things out a little better. Overall Italy did pretty good.